Tennessee – Shelby County

From Gowen Manuscript:  http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~gowenrf/Gowenms114.htm


John Fortson was listed as a worker employed by E. S. Goens residing at 99 Hernando in the 1891 Memphis city directory.
No families of Gowen [or spelling variations] appeared in the 1850 census of Shelby County or in the 1866 city directory of Memphis.
Oliver Gawin, negro was enumerated as the head of a house­hold in the 1990 census of Shelby County, Enumeration Dis­trict 90, page 11, 5th Civil District located at 170 Auction Street in Memphis:

“Gawin, Oliver 50, born in 1850 in NC
Sarah 50, born in 1850 in TN
Lucas, Ruth 18, born in May 1882 in TN, step-
Sam Gawan, “negro, 40, born in January 1860 in Illinois” was recorded as a lodger with William Booth at 82 Front Street, Memphis in in the 1900 census, Enumeration District 61, page 21.
M. Goin was enumerated as the head of a household in the 1900 census of Shelby County, Enumeration District 97, -page 8 living at 95 St. Paul Street, Memphis:

“Goin, M. 30, born in May 1870 in AL
Augusta 28, born in October 1871 in AL
James S. 7/12, born in April 1900, in TN”
Sam B. Going, was born in “MS”, assumed to be Mississippi in 1838. He was married about 1860, wife’s name unknown. Col. Sam B. Going lived on West Main Street in Mem­phis in 1878. Col. Sam B. Going, “white male, age 40, married” died in the yellow fever epidemic in Memphis September 9, 1878.
Everett Goings was born in Memphis December 22, 1919. He was married in 1945 at Hobbs, New Mexico to Theora McKen­zie, who was born at Pine Island, Minnesota February 19, 1905, according to Lea County, New Mexico Marriage Book 13, page 7785. The groom, age 26, was sta­tioned at Hobbs Army Air Field, and the bride, age 41, was a resident of San Antonia, Texas.. Of Everett Goings and The­ora McKenzie Goings noth­ing more is known.
Demas C. Gowan was born in 1848. He died in Shelby County in 1853.
Fred A. Gowan was a resident of Memphis in 1959 and also in 1971, according to the telephone directory.
Gladys M. Gowan lived at 1129 Hale Road, Memphis, in 1971, according to the telephone directory.
Granville L. Gowan lived at 4939 Knight-Arnold Road, ac­cording to the 1971 Memphis telephone directory. He main­tained an office in the National Bank of Commerce Building at that time.
Gowan Hardware Store was located at 3170 Barron in 1959, according to the Memphis telephone directory.
Kenneth K. Gowan, Jr. lived at 6009 Farmington Cove, ac­cording to the 1971 Memphis telephone directory.
Mrs. Maggie Cox Gowan, daughter of S. N. Cox and Margaret Humus Cox, was born in Mississippi March 3, 1885. In 1919 she was a resident of Raleigh, Tennessee. She died September 25, 1919, at age 34 “of carcinoma of breast, liver and stomach,” at Baptist Hospital in Memphis, according to Tennessee BVS Death Certificate No. 50463 signed by Newman Taylor, M.D. She was buried in Egypt, Tennessee, according to I. B. Gowan, informant of Raleigh.
Move to James Burns Gowen, Goochland Co, VA

Marcus V. Gowan lived at 2143 Shelby Drive, according to the 1959 telephone directory of Memphis. In 1971 he main­tained a real estate office at 1457 Madison, Memphis and continued to live at 2143 Shelby.
Ottice M. Gowan, Jr. lived at 3493 Mayflower Avenue, ac­cording to the 1959 telephone directory of Memphis.

On January 23, 1961 he was mentioned in the following news­paper story which appeared on the United Press wire:

“Man Builds Penthouse
For `Rooftop’ Cats

Memphis, [UPI] Mrs. O. M. Gowan’s cats live in a penthouse.

“The cats love to scamper about on top of the roof so much that Mrs. Gowan’s husband finally built them a “trash can” house there.”

Ottice M. Gowan in 1971 lived at 4035 Conrad Cove, the ad­dress given by Condred Gowan, according to the telephone di­rectory.
Mrs. Reba Grant Gowan lived at 3697 Lamar Avenue, ac­cording to the 1971 telephone directory of Memphis.
C. A. Gowen was a resident of Memphis, 352 Carroll Street, when he corresponded with Marcus Vincent Gowen (G2/9.5) of Lawrenceburg, Tennessee December 12, 1942.
Frank Gowen of Union Planters Bank of Bartlett, Tennessee is reported to be a descendent of William Gowen.
The death records of Shelby County indicate that G. H. Gowen, male, age 25, died from typhoid fever October 25, 1853.
George A. Gowen was president of the Bristol-to-Memphis highway in Tennessee.
Henry S. Gowen, an extensive land owner, appeared in the Shelby County census [or Davidson County ?] of 1860 as the head of household 802-826. The household was enumerated as:

“Gowen, Henry S. 54, born in North Carolina, $9,000
real estate
Annie G. 40, born in Kentucky
James 11, born in TN
Henry 7, born in TN
Lizzie 9, born in TN”
Mamie L. Gowen, “10, born in Tennessee in October, 1889” was enumerated as a sister-in-law to James F. Bledsoe, house­holder in the 1880 census of Shelby County, Enumeration Dis­trict 37, page 2, 7th Civil District.

Oby Gowen [perhaps Obadiah Gowen] appeared in the 1860 census of Shelby County as the head of household 694-673. He was born in Pennsylvania, his wife was born in Maryland, and their three-year-old daughter was born in Tennessee, in­dicating that they had moved to Shelby County prior to 1857. The household was rendered as:

“Gowen, Oby 39, born in Pennsylvania
Elizabeth 31, born in Maryland
Marie 3, born in TN”
Oswalt Thomas Gowen, who in February 1972 resided on Thomas Road in Memphis area was reported to be a descen­dant of William Gowen.
James Gowens was listed as a laborer residing at 508 Mississippi Avenue in the 1891 Memphis city directory.
Willie Gown, “25, born in Texas in May 1875” was enumerated in the 1900 census of Shelby County boarding with Mamie Sharp at 10 Johnson Alley in Memphis. The household was recorded in Enumeration District 99, page 33, 14th Civil Dis­trict.
Meshac Gowing was a taxpayer in Civil District 10 of Shelby County in 1837, paying a tax on “1 poll,” according to the research of Frances Fleming, Foundation member of Carthage, Missouri.

“Meshack Goin” appeared in the 1841 Mississippi state census of Chickasaw County. he was enumerated as:

“Goin, Meshack white male 21-45
white male 0-18”

He appeared on the Chickasaw County tax roll from 1841 through 1845. He also appeared on the “personal roll” for 1845 and the “land roll” in 1845, but did not appear in the deed records.


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