Tennessee – Carroll County

From Gowen Manuscript:  http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~gowenrf/Gowenms108.htm


Ava Allen Gowan died in 1910 in Carroll County according to “Tennessee Deaths,” Death Record No. 6263.
Miss M. A. Gowan was married to George F. Wood January 6, 1874 in Carroll County. He was born about 1854 to George Wood and Mary Rollins Wood.
Miss M. J. Gowan was married to J. T. Turner February 18, 1873 in Carroll County.
William A. Gowan, “age 19, born in May 1881 in Tennessee,” was enumerated in the 1900 census of Carroll County, Enumeration District 122, page 13, as a “servant of Enoch G. Poe.”
William G. Gowan was married January 14, 1839 to Evaline Wood, according to “Carroll County, Tennessee Marriages, 1831-1880.”
David C. Gowen was married October 26, 1854 to Priscilla H. Fuller, according to “Carroll County, Tennessee Marriages, 1831-1880.” Children born to David C. Gowen and Priscilla H. Fuller Gowen are unknown.
Lillie Gowen, “age 24, born in December 1875 in South Car­olina” and “Margurite Gowen, “age 6, born in March 1894 in Indiana” were recorded as lodgers with Susan Ellen Fryer in the 1900 census of Carroll County, Enumeration District 138, page 8.
Mary F. Gowen was married to J. C. C. Thompson February 14, 1865, marriage license given on February 12, 1865, in Carroll County, according to “Early West Tennessee Marriages” by Byron and Barbara Sistler.
A negro, William Gowin, age 18, a servant born in Tennessee, whose parents were born in Tennessee, was living in the household of Mary A. Johnson in the 1880 census of Car­roll County, Enumeration District 18, page 5.


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