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From Gowen Manuscript:

Mack Gowan, alias Mack Blythe, was held culpable in the death of Andrew Anderson in January 1881 in a Pickens County coroner’s inquest, according to “A Collection of South Carolina Genealogical and Family Records. ”

The inquest report, filed in Clerk of Court Office, Pack 546, No. 3 stated:

“Pickens, South Carolina: An inquest was held January 5, 1881 before Thomas Parkins, Coroner to view the death of Andrew Anderson, where and by what means did he come to his death and upon the jury oath do say: That the blow given by Mack Gowan, alias Mack Blythe, upon the head of deceased in the kitchen of Major James H. Amber on last Sunday night 3 weeks was the cause of his death.

Jacob Lay, sworn, says, ‘I know the decd. On Sunday Dec. 1880 I was at Major Ambler’s kitchen. Mr. Anderson went in and called for me & when he got me, caught me by the hair of the head, says where is that God dam nigger & struck Mack Gowan on the shoulder. Mack moved his chair, but said nothing, reached over and got a piece of pine and struck Mr. Anderson who fell on the floor. Struck him on the forepart of his head. Mr. Anderson lay about a second or more and trying to get up, caught the door, and it gave away so he fell out at door backward on his head. Door about 3 feet high. Was a rock & block at door, but do not know if he struck either. Have seen him several times at his house since that. About three weeks since he was struck.’

Alfred Price, sworn, says ‘I live in Pickens County with Mr. Ambler. Have known the decd. for 6 or 7 years. I was in Mr. Ambler’s kitchen on Sunday night about 3 weeks ago, and Mr. Anderson came in and got after Mack Gowan for some money he owed him. Mack told him he did not have it. He came into the kitchen the 2nd time, and after taking hold of Jacob and me, he asked for the damned nigger and says ‘Here he is’ and struck Mack on the shoulder.’

Mrs. Rosa Anderson, sworn, says, ‘the decd is my husband.'”
Robert Gowan, negro, headed a household in the 1880 census of Pickens County, Enumeration District 134, page 5, Pumpkintown township:

“Gowan, Robert 45, born in South Carolina
Darkis 24, born in South Carolina
Lena 15, born in South Carolina
Louisa 11, born in South Carolina
Ella 9, born in South Carolina
Margaret 7, born in South Carolina
Estella 5, born in South Carolina
Robert 3, born in South Carolina
Hattie Gowens was married January 23, 1901 by Magistrate A. L. Edens to Sim Miles “at the residence of Baylus Gowens, all colored,” according to “Pickens, South Carolina, 1894-1903 Historical & Genealogical Abstracts” by Peggy Burton Rich and Mareion Ard Whitehurst.

The volume also records that “Luke Gowens, son of R. P. Gowens” was married December 15, 1901 to Miss Margaret Miles by Magistrate Edens. Children born to Luke Gowens and Margaret Miles Gowens are unknown.


Pickens Co SC FamilySearch notes

Church minutes, 1795-1938
Secona Baptist Church (Pickens County, South Carolina) (Main Author)
(Available online)

Equity records (original loose papers), ca. 1800-1870
South Carolina. Court of Equity (Pickens District) (Main Author)
(Online but not ready yet)

Pickens County, South Carolina wills & misc. records
Statement of Responsibility:
Willie Pauline Young
(Available online)


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