1740 Phillip Gowen

(Below are different Going, Goyen, Gowen related sources for those people were in the Virginia, North Carolina, or South Carolina areas in the early 1700’s to early 1800’s)

Map of North Carolina and Virginia border area and locations of families living in those areas (click to enlarge)

Virginia Counties along or near southern border with North Carolina:

North Carolina Counties along or near Virginia’s southern border:


1777 – Halifax County, Va – Phillip Gowen – in re David Haton being bound to defendant, bk 9, p 193

1777 – Halifax County, Va – Shadrach Going, etal v. William Davis, bk 9, p 219, judgment rendered

1778 In the case of “Aron Going vs. Philip Going” held in 1778, the defendant “confessed judgement £100 pounds current money,” according to Halifax County Court Minute Book 9, page 304.  (See Gowen Manuscript).

1778 – Halifax County, Va – Philip Going v Aaron Going, bk 9, p 304. Confessed judgment

1789B Henry Co Va
frame 328,
Going, Philip 1002

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