1705-15 James Gowing b. abt 1705-15 of Henrico Co, Va

James Gowing b. abt 1705-15 of Henrico Co, Va







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James Gowing first shows up in Henrico Co, Va receiving a 100 acre deed from Abraham Childers. A later deed indicates that he was deceased and that his estate had conveyed this land to a John Williamson. John Williamson then conveys the land to a John White of Hanover Co, Va.

Unfortunately the Court Records between 1738-1743 are missing in Henrico County, Va – which is when James Gowing’s estate must have conveyed his deed by will to John Williamson. So it appears safe to assume that James Gowing died some time between 1738 and 1743.

Because James Gowing’s will, estate, and conveyances are missing due to this missing book, it is unknown if he had children. If his will conveyed this piece of land to John Williamson, this may have been a son-in-law (husband of a daughter). So far, this has not been confirmed.


1736 April 14 – Abraham Childers to James Gowing p. 546, 547 Henrico County, Va. County Records 1725-1737
… in consideration of 10 pounds current money … unto the said James Gowins …. 100 acres .… in Henrico County… beginning at a corner pine of Robert Mosely thence on the said line east … to a corner white oak standing in the said line thence … to a corner butterwood standing in the side of the upper Brook thence down the west side of the said Brook … to a corner pine of John Childers standing on the East side of the said Brook… Signed: Abraham Childers. Wit: Hutchins Burton, George Freeman. Proved up on May 3, 1736 …
… Know all men by these presents that I Abraham Childers of Henrico County do owe and stand justly indebted unto James Gowin … the full and just sum of 50 pounds current money … to be paid to the said James Gowin …
The condition of this obligation is such that if the within bounded Abraham Childers …

1737 May 13 – Abraham Childers to Thomas Bates p. 632 Henrico County, Va. County Records 1725-1737
… confirm unto the said Thomas Bates … land containing 200 acres … in Henrico County … part the the same tract whereon the said Childers now liveth granted by patent to the said Childers and the said 200 acres of land is bounded … a corner of the tract of land which the said Abraham Childers sold to James Going and running thence along the said Goings line …..Signed: Abraham Childers, Elizabeth Childers. WIts: William Street, Richard Cotrall.

1750 Feb 4 – John Williamson Gent of Henrico to John White of Hanover, land recd by the Last Will and Testament of James Gowing decd who bargained with James Young for the same . . . the said Young transferred to John White by deed in Henrico Co for 100 acres . . . Signed: John Williamson. Wits: John Willliamson Jr, Julius Allen, John Bryan. County Records 1750-67. pg. 46. Henrico Co, Va