1747 John Chisolm b. est 1747 m. Elizabeth Muse  married on Feb 18, 1772

John Chisolm b. est 1747 m. Elizabeth Muse married on Feb 18, 1772 lived in Lunenburg & Charlotte Co, Va and moved to Wilkes Co, Georgia where he died August 28, 1788.




State and County Pages to Review:


1768 Feb 3 – John Chisolm and William Chisholm Jr from John Bevers, Deed bk 11, p 197. Lunenburg Co, Va
… between John Beaver of the County of Mecklenburg … of the one part, and William Chisholm Jr and John Chisholm his brother of the County of Lunenburg and Parish of Cumberland of the other part … in consideration of … 76 pounds … paid by the said William Chisholm and John Chisolm … confirm unto them the said William and John Chisolm … land lying and being in the County of Lunenburg on the South side, the S fork of Falls Creek and North side of Little Hound and bounded … at a beech on Fall Creek … to a gum on Little Hound …
Signed: John Bevers

1770 June 20 – John Chisholm and William Chisholm Jr to Daniel Winn, Deed bk 11, p 404. Lunenburg Co, Va
… between William Chisholm Jr and John Chisolm both of the County of Lunenburg of the one part and Daniel Winn of the same County of the other part … in consideration of 20 pounds … paid according to Bond by the said Daniel Winn … sell … unto the said Daniel Winn … land lying and being in the aforesaid County containing 329 acres … lying upon Little Hound and Falls Creek and bounded … at a beech on Fall Creek … to a gum on Little Hound Creek …
Signed: William Chisolm Jr, John Chisolm
Wit: John Graham, William Chisolm Sr.

1772 Feb 18 – John Chisholm m. Elizabeth Muse in Lunenburg Co, Va. 

1774 Tithe Lists of Lunenburg Co, Va:
William Chesolm …………………………………….. 5
John Chisolm ……………………………………….. 2

1775 Tithe Lists of Lunenburg Co, Va: 
William Chisolm, list
John Chisolm ……………………………………… 5

1781 April 16 – Thomas Flourney to John Chisolm p 433. Deed Book 6 1778-1783 Prince Edward Co, Va
… between Thomas Flourney of the County of Prince Edward of the one part and John Chislum of the same County of the other part … in consideration of the quantity of 6210 pounds of tobacco … paid by the said John Chislum … deliver and confirm unto him the sd John Chislum … land situate … in the County afsd on the branches of Bush River and Brysy River containing 217 acres … beginning at an ash on a branch of Bush River in McGehee’s line …
Signed: Thomas Flourney
Wit: Vencent Wren, Caleb Baker, William Carter, John Watkins

1783 May 19 – John Chisolm to William Hines p 521. Deed Book 6 1778-1783 Prince Edward Co, Va
… between John Chisolm of Prince Edward County of the one part, and William Hines of the same county of the other part … in consideration of 100 pounds currt money … sell unto him the said William Hines … land situate … in the County of Prince Edward afsd containing 217 acres on the Branches of Bush River & Brier River bounded … on a branch of Bush River in McGehee’s line …
Signed: John Chislum

1784 Jan 4 – Entries of Headrights
Adam Wiley his own
John Chisholm his own
Wilkes County Land Court Minutes, 1784

1784 – John Chisolm grant for 230 acres in Washington Co, GA
… Grant for 230 acres on Crooked Creek in Washington Co, GA.
Georgia Colonial and Headright Plat Index, 1735-1866. Vol F, p. 63

1784 May 17 – John Chisholm 230 warrant dated 17th May 1784
Executed 27th November 1784. Crooked Creek runs through the center of the land with the land on both sides of the creek.
Washington County Surveyor Records, 1784 – 1786. Book A, p. 267-268. Washington County, Georgia

(RECORD LOSS): 1855 The town and courthouse at Sandersville burned on 24 March. The courthouse records were moved ahead of the fire, but that building was also destroyed. County courthouse records were a total loss.
1864 During the American Civil War the courthouse was burned on 27 November. Superior Court records were destroyed; however, the probate records were saved.

1784 Survey for John Chisholm 230 in Washington Co, Ga

1784 Survey for John Chisholm 230 in Washington Co, Ga

1784 Surveys for land surrounding John Chisholms land in Washington Co GA

1784 Surveys for land surrounding John Chisholms land in Washington Co GA

1786 David Hillhouse of Wilkes Co, to Tynixon Tuft merchant of Savannah, one lot in Washington, between Frederick Lipham and John Chisholm, and 150 acres on Williamson’s Creek, formerly the property of George Murray.
Teste: E White & John Whitfield
Deed Book CC, p. 121. Wilkes County, Georgia

1788 – Index to Wilkes County, Will Book DD supposed to have been burned in the office of a lawyer who had borrowed it. The earliest date in the Book is before 1779, and includes up to the year 1792.
Index page 165 – Will of John Chisalem.
Will Book DD. P. 165. Wilkes County, Georgia

1788 Oct 1 – John Chisolm deceased, bond filed. Elizabeth Chisolm and William Chisholm executors. A Jackson security. Bond for 600.
Name John Chisolem
Probate Date 1 Oct 1788
Probate Place Wilkes, Georgia, USA
Inferred Death Year 1788
Inferred Death Place Georgia, USA
Item Description Will Books, 1791-1819
Wills; Author: Georgia. Court of Ordinary (Wilkes County); Probate Place: Wilkes, Georgia. Will Books, 1791-1819. pg. 3.

1789 Jan 24 – William Chisolm’s last will and testament – Will book 2, p 24. Charlotte County, Virginia
… I William Chisholm of the County of Charlotte and State of Virginia …. do make and establish this to be my last Will & Testament …
… I give to my son William Chisolm my negro man Amos, whoe he now has in possession.
… I give to my son John Chislom’s children, Janesy, William, John, Alexander, and Andrew my negro man Jack.
… I give my daughter Margaret Davis the following negroes viz: Fann a woman, Tom a man, and Ned a man, which negroes she has now in possession.
… I give to my daughter Sarah the following negroes viz: Phillidia a woman and her increase whom she has now in possession, and Moses a man whom she is to have after the death of my wife Debrah.
… I give to my daughter Anna my negro woman Lucy the mother of my negro woman Fann, whom she is to have possession of after the death of my wife Debrah, but as the said negro is not equal in value with the portions of the rest of my children, I desire that the woman Lucy may be valued and the deficiency made up by the other legatees of this will, she is to be valued at the death of my wife.
… I give to my daughter Mary Easter 30 pounds to be laid out in buying a negro girl, which money is to be paid out of the money arising from the sale of the land sold Langston Bacon and John Petty. But if the said negro when purchased is found of less value than the portions of the other legatees of this Will I desire that she shall be made equal by the legatees of this will.
… I give to my wife Debrah during her life the following negroes, viz: Jack a man, Lucy his wife, and Nate a man and after the death of my wife its my will that the said negroes, Jack, Lucy & Nate shall be equally divided among my children, William, Margaret, Sarah, John Chisolm’s childrenJincey, William, John, Alexander, and AndrewAnna my daughter, Mary Easter and Elizabeth Terrill.
… Lastly I do appoing my friend Edward Almond, executor of this my last Will & Testament as witness my hand & seal this 24 day of January 1789.
Signed: William Chisholm
In presence of John James, Burnley Callicott, Bartlett James.
At a court held for Charlotte County the 4 day of June 1792 this last will and testament of William Chisolm decd was presented in court and the same was proved by the oath of Burnley Callicott and Bartlett James and ordered to be recorded and Edward Almond the executor herein named renounced in open court the burthen of execution of the said will. Teste Thomas Read.

1789 May 14 – William Chisolm and Elizabeth Chisolm (re estate of John Chisolm decd). Wilkes County, Georgia
… The petition of William Chisolm and Elizabeth Chisolm admin and admix of all and singular the goods, chattles rights and credits which were of John Chisolm late of said County decd.
… on the 1st day of April in 1789 inn the County of Wilkes and said State … John Rorie of said County sold and delivered to your petitioners a certain negroe girl named Bridget … in consideration of 50 pounds … about the 1st day of May in 1789 the above named negro girl named Bridget was in the possession and service of John Rorie of Wilkes County who absolutely refuses to deliver her to your petitioners …. the petitioners are damaged in the amount of 300 pounds.
Wilkes County Court Records, ac. 1978-0528M, Georgia Archives. Record ID: 78-528m_01600

1790 July 27 – William Chisolm and the Estate of John Chisolm decd v. Benjamin Porter, Wilkes Co, Georgia
1789 June 23 … Commanded that of the goods chatttles lands and tenements of the admins of John Chisolm decd you cause to be made as well the sum of 200 pounds sterling … was adjudged to Benjamin Porter for his damages … of not performing certain promises and undertakings made by the said admin … to the said Benjamin Porter …
1789 June 23 … Commanded that of the goods and chattles lands and tenements of Benjamin Porter you cause to be made as well the sum of 200 pounds … which in the Superior Court of said County … was adjudged to the admins of John Chisolm decd for their damages which they had sustained by occasion of not performing certain promises and undertakings made by the said Benjamin Porter to the said admins …
(Oddly both were identical amounts and both amounts collected against eachother – a wash it seems)
Wilkes County Court Records, ac. 1978-0528M, Georgia Archives. Record ID: 78-528m_01709-01710

1790 July 26 – Elizabeth Chisholm and William Chisholm admrs of John Chisolm decd estate v. John Rorie, Thos Wootten and David Creswell, suit on a note. Wilkes Co, Georgia.
We John Rorie, Thomas Wootten and David Creswell do promise to pay or cause to be paid unto William Chisolm and Elisabeth Chisolm adms of John Chisolm decd the full and just quantity of 5000 pounds weight of … inspected tobacco at Calls Warehouse in Augusta clear of all expense to be paid on or before the 5th day of Dec next being the value received … Signed: John Rorie, Thomas Wooten.
Wit: Joshua Askew, Joham Chaffin
Wilkes County Court Records, ac. 1978-0528M, Georgia Archives. Record ID: 78-528m_12091 – 12092

1791 May 4 – Robert Singleton of Elbert County, Georgia, planter. Wilkes County, Georgia.
… Humbly shewith … John Chisolm of Wilkes County carpenter decd on the 1st day of Aug 1788 made his note in writing subscribed with his own hand … “On or before the 10th day of April next …. 1789 … to pay Robert Singleton … the just sum of 50 pounds … Signed: John Chisolm… and Elizabeth Chisolm his widow became and now is admx together with William Chisolm admr …
Wilkes County Court Records, ac. 1968-0162M, Georgia Archives. Record ID: 68-0162m_0598

1793 June 9 – Levie Liles and wife v. The admns of John Chisolm decd. Wilkes Co, Georgia
… Petition of Levie Liles and Jane his wife … about the 13 day of Aug 1788 John Chisolm of the County of Wilkes, (the father of the wife of your petitioner) died intestate possessed of a considerable property consisting of negroes, norses, household furniture, debts outstanding etc to the amount of 600 pounds sterling leaving at the time of his decease the wife of your petitioner and several other children (Towit) William, John,, Alexander &etc, as the heirs … after the decease of him the said John letters of admin were obtained by and grant to William Chisolm and Elisabeth Chisolm the widow of the said John (who has since been remarried to a certain Adam Willie) and since her said marriage is known by the name of Elisabeth Wilie… William Chisolm and Adam Wilie and Elisabeth his wife as admins … of the said John decd, did take into their possession the estate of him the said John … became liable to pay and apportion to your petitioner within a reasonable time … doth aver to be worth 200 pounds sterling … the said Adam & Elisabeth his wife and the said William notwithstanding …have not yet paid to your petitioner the said distributive share of the estate …
Wilkes County Court Records, ac. 1978-0528M, Georgia Archives. Record ID: 06-09-1793

1804 Aug 7 – petition of William Chisholm and Adam Wylie, Administrators of John Chisholm deceased, to sell land originally granted to Jeremiah Cloud, to pay debts of the deceased.
Minutes of the Inferior Court, 1803-1804. p. 52. Wilkes County, Georgia

1807-1809 – Administrators of John Chisholm allowed to sell house and lot in Washington, known as Number 19.
Minutes of the Inferior Court, 1807-1809. p. 8. Wilkes County, Georgia