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Amherst County map of counties

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Amherst County location map

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1761 Oct 24 – Alexander Chism from William Ross, Deed bk A, pg. 30. Amherst County, Virginia
William Ross to Alexander Chism … 10 pounds for 394 acres. Lines: James Lewis – near Hickory Creek; John and William Burns.
Witnesses: George Blene and George Blene Jr; Alexander Blene.

1761 Oct 24 – Alexander Chisam to George Blane 122 acres, bk 3, p 131. Albemarle Co, Va
… between Alexander Chisam of the County of Amherst of the one part and George Blane of the County of Albemarle of the other part and both of the Colony of Virginia … whereas by one pattent …. bearing date the 12 day of May 1759 and a deed bearing date the 13th day of March 1755 … granted unto Alexander Chisam one certain tract or parcel of land containing 100 acres of land and one small tract of 22 acres joyning the afsd tract by virtue of a deed in record … both being in the County of Albemarle in the Rich Cove …. the said Alexander Chisam … in consideration of the sum of 40 pounds 10 shillings … paid by George Blene … sell unto the said George Blene … 122 acres of land bounded … at Lewis old line …. on Alexander Blene’s line …
Signed: Alexander Chisam
Wit: Alexander Blane, George Blene Jr, William Ross.

1761 Dec 7 – Miller to Montgomery. Amherst County, Va. Deed bk A, pg 14.
Samuel Miller, Amherst County, to James Montgomery blacksmith, Ameherst County, 24 pounds … 200 acres which Samuel Miller purchased of John Burns by deed of April 10, 1755. South side of and joining Cove Creek and part of 222 acres by patent to John Burns on Apr 24, 1753. 22 acres sold by John Burns to Alexander Chism and to avoid mistakes this is included in descriptions. Lines: James Lewis’ corner; Cove Creek; Capt Charles Lewis; Alexander Chism. Turf and twig parcel “in lieu of the whole.” Court held at Henry Key’s Dec 7, 1761.

1763 February 25 – Warwick to Tiller. Amherst County, Va. Deed bk A, pg 95.
Abraham Warwick, AC, to William Tiller, AC, 25 pds for 100 acres and part of tract which Abraham Warwick bought from David Crawford, Lines: Alexander Chisholm; Terisha Turner; John Lyon, X of Warwick.

1764 May 7 – Tiller to Lyon. Amherst County, Va. Deed bk A, pg 199.
William Tiller, AC, to John Lyon, AC, 35 pds for 100 acres, Lines: Alexander Chisum; Terisha Turner; Abraham Warwick.

1765 Jan 11 – Chisem to Dawson. Amherst County, Va. Deed bk B, pg 7.
Page 7., —-Jan. 11, 1765, Alexander Chisem, AC, to John Dawson, AC, 89 pds. 3914a. -Rich Cove near Rockfish -Lines: Jas. Lewis (‘3); near Hickory crk.; John Burns; Wm.Burns. Wit.: Wm.Tiller; Jas. Lyons, John Chisam (X); William Chisam (X).

1765 April 1 – Warwick to Dawson. Amherst County, Va. Deed bk A, pg 328.
Abraham Warwick, AC, to John Dawson, AC … 35 pds for 100 acres … Rich Cove near Rockfish,… Lines: John Crawford; Cove Creek; Alexander Chisam; John Lyons. Witnesses: Ambrose Porter; Richard Tankersley; Harris Toney,

1769 Dec 1 – Montgomery to John Lyon. Amherst County, Va. Deed bk C, pg 32
Page 32 Dec.l, l769 Jas. Montgomery, AC, blacksmith, to Jno.Lyon, AC p1anter. (Original del. to Jno. Bailey by Lyon’s order Oct. 16,1783) L 50 200 acres -land Saml. Miller bought of Jno. Burns, Ap.lO, l755, and by Mil1er conveyed to Jas. Montgomery Dec.7, l76l. South of and adjoining Covecreek. Part of a larger tract of 222 a. pat. to Jno .Burns Ap. 24, l753. Lines: Capt. Chas. Lewis and observed that the whole 222 a – described, but 22 a sold to Alexander Chisum by Burns. Lines: side of a mt.; Jasmes Lewis. Twig and parcel delivery.