1745 Sarah Chisolm b. est abt 1745 of Charlotte Co, Va and Elbert Co, GA

Sarah Chisolm b. est abt 1745 of Charlotte Co, Va and Elbert Co, GA (No records showing any marriage or children).



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State and County Pages to Review:


1789 Jan 24 – William Chisolm’s last will and testament – Will book 2, p 24. Charlotte County, Virginia
… I William Chisholm of the County of Charlotte and State of Virginia …. do make and establish this to be my last Will & Testament …
… I give to my son William Chisolm my negro man Amos, whoe he now has in possession.
… I give to my son John Chislom’s children, Janesy, William, John, Alexander, and Andrew my negro man Jack.
… I give my daughter Margaret Davis the following negroes viz: Fann a woman, Tom a man, and Ned a man, which negroes she has now in possession.
… I give to my daughter Sarah the following negroes viz: Phillidia a woman and her increase whom she has now in possession, and Moses a man whom she is to have after the death of my wife Debrah.
… I give to my daughter Anna my negro woman Lucy the mother of my negro woman Fann, whom she is to have possession of after the death of my wife Debrah, but as the said negro is not equal in value with the portions of the rest of my children, I desire that the woman Lucy may be valued and the deficiency made up by the other legatees of this will, she is to be valued at the death of my wife.
… I give to my daughter Mary Easter 30 pounds to be laid out in buying a negro girl, which money is to be paid out of the money arising from the sale of the land sold Langston Bacon and John Petty. But if the said negro when purchased is found of less value than the portions of the other legatees of this Will I desire that she shall be made equal by the legatees of this will.
… I give to my wife Debrah during her life the following negroes, viz: Jack a man, Lucy his wife, and Nate a man and after the death of my wife its my will that the said negroes, Jack, Lucy & Nate shall be equally divided among my children, William, Margaret, Sarah, John Chisolm’s childrenJincey, William, John, Alexander, and AndrewAnna my daughter, Mary Easter and Elizabeth Terrill.
… Lastly I do appoing my friend Edward Almond, executor of this my last Will & Testament as witness my hand & seal this 24 day of January 1789.
Signed: William Chisholm
In presence of John James, Burnley Callicott, Bartlett James.
At a court held for Charlotte County the 4 day of June 1792 this last will and testament of William Chisolm decd was presented in court and the same was proved by the oath of Burnley Callicott and Bartlett James and ordered to be recorded and Edward Almond the executor herein named renounced in open court the burthen of execution of the said will. Teste Thomas Read.

1796 Sept 5 – Sarah Chisolm to Margaret Davis, Deed Bk D, p 77. Elbert County Georgia.
… I Sarah Chisolm of Georgia Elbert County of my own will and accord do give … to Margarett Davis of the County and State aforesaid one negroe woman named Filidy and all her increase and one bed and furniture … transferring any right to the said Margaret Davis as full as I could do …
Signed: Sarah Chisolm, Margaret Davis.
Wit: William C Davis, Rebeckah Davis.
(Registered 16 day of August, 1797).