Various Hollis families to consider

This is a list of other people with the Hollis name who lived in areas that are worth investigating to see if related to John Hollis b. 1700, Moses Hollis b. 1728, or James Hollis b. 1730 (Fairfax County, Virginia; Orange County, North Carolina, Fairfield County, South Carolina).

William Hollis – In 1715 transported to Virginia by George Hamilton in Prince George County, Virginia.

James Hollis – In 1735 wrote his will in Albemarle County, North Carolina

Henry Hollis – In 1740 was living adjacent to George Byrn in Prince William County, Virginia.

George Hollis and Jame Hollis – In 1761 James Hollis 2 and George Hollis receive grants in Augusta Co, Va.

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