1637 Richard Hollis b est 1637 of Virginia

Richard Hollis b. abt 1637


John Hallowes b. 1612-15 – d. 1657, married to Restitute Tew




(Verified Siblings – Children of Maj. John Hallowes):
Restitute Hollowes b. abt 1633 and d. abt 1687 m. John Whestone in 1660 (confirmed child – Jan 10, 1655 transaction and other docs)
John Hollowes b. abt 1634 – (confirmed child Jan 10, 1655 transaction)
Samuel Hollowes b. abt 1636 – (confirmed child June 10, 1657 transaction)
William Hollis b. abt 1642 adn d. 1704 – (likely child – is an heir.   After Maj. John Hollis’ death, on Dec 9, 1662, William receivs John Hollis’ 3900 acres in Westmoreland Co, Va)

(Possible Siblings):
Henry Hollis b. 1649 and d. 1688 – (Note: Possible child of Maj. John Hollis – the correct age, and is a servant of John Grammer – likely an apprenticeship. Henry Hollis would have been about 7-8 years old when Maj. John Hollis died. Henry Hollis ends up marrying John Grammer’s widow after he dies, so he must be around the same station in life for her to marry him).
Richard Hollis b. 1637 – possibly child
(Note: No verification he is a child of Maj John Hollis, but he is the correct age, in the correct area of Virginia, and has the same surname, so worth investigating).
Boaz Hollis b. 1648 – possible child (Note: Boaz Hollis would have been about 9 yrs old when Maj John Hollis died. He may be child of Maj John Hollis, but there is no verification)
Lucy Hollis est. birth abt 1640-45 – possible child (Note: Transp to land adj Maj John Hollis by Whetstone husb of Restitute Hollis Jr, having the same surname, being about the correct age, and in Virginia about the same time  likely related, possibly child)

(Other Possible Relatives):
Burr Hollis 1630-38 – possibly related (Note: was paid for his “time” out of John Hallowes estate)
Thomas Hollis est. birth 1626 or before – possibly related (speculative if even related – too old to be his child – age appears more in line with sibling or cousin – need to look at his relationships to see if possible he has any connections to Maj John Hallowes).
Robert Hollis b. 1629 or before – possible relative (Note: No indication of any relation, other than having the same surname, being about the correct age, and in Virginia about the same time)
Edward Hollis est. birth abt 1636-44 – possible relative (Note: No indication of any relation, other than having the same surname, being about the correct age, and in Virginia about the same time)
Ann Hollis est. birth abt 1675 – possible relative (Note: No indication of any relation, other than having the same surname, being about the correct age, and in Virginia – may not be in same time period though).


1637 Aug 18: Same to ROBERT BENNETT, 700 acs. in Upper Co. of New Norfolk, Aug. 18, 1637, Page 458. Near the mouth of Nansamond River, adj. Robert Newman. Due for the trans, of: James Leonard, Peter Rice, Elizabeth Gilbert, Georg Rowles, Robert Raby,  Richard Hales, Phillip Pharin, Geo. Rotherum, John Ford, Jon. Lee, Ann Bussey, Richard Smith, Edward May, Elizabeth Russey. Cavaliers and Pioneers, a Calendar of Virginia Land Grants 1623-1800, V. I. Pg 86.  (Note:  Probably not related to Richard “Hollis”)

1663 Sept 26 – WALTER GRAINGER, 2000 acs. in the freshes of Rappa. Riv, beg. on S.
side of the River about 4 mi. above Nanzimum Towne &c. 26 Sept. 1663, p. 365, (396). Granted to Mr. Thomas Purefoy 13 Mar. 1655, by him assigned to Tho. & Robt. Elliot, sons of Anth. Ellyott & renewed in their names 25 Nov. 1658, by them deserted & granted
sd. Grainger by order of court dated herewith & due for trans, of 40 pers: 20 Negroes; James Trew, Tno. Jordan, Phil. Wright, Roger Phillips, Jervis Salmon, Fra. Plowman, Fra. Fisher, Wm. Mead, Emll. Umpton, Sarah Waite, Tho. Carier, John Card, Step. Rogers,
Charles Smart, Jno. Sims, John Mahew, Richard Hollis, Eliz. Tatlar, Tho. Jones, Jno. Taylor.  Cavaliers and Pioneers, a Calendar of Virginia Land Grants 1623-1800, V. I.

1663 Oct 20 – COL. EDMUND SCARBURGH, 2400 acs. 20 Oct. 1663,bounded on N. by the maine Cr. & branch of a middle cr., lying bet. great & little Matomkins Cr. Trans, of 48 pers: including Richard Hollis

1664 June 21 – COL. EDMUND SCARBURGH, 1000 acs. Accomack Co., 21 June 1664, p. 182, (72). At middle br. of Muddy Cr., beg. at lyne of trees where the fresh water branch begins, on the N. & S. sides of same, extending Ely. to the head thereof. Trans, of 20 pers: Jonah Lord, Jane Grey, Jno. Carter, John Long, Jane Taylor, Jeffry Wallington, Jno. Atterby, Jno. Martin, Jenken Morris, James Lolland, Thomas Locker, Edward Hollis, Roger Froth, Mathew Castleton, Susan Farmer, Francis Murray, Abraham Short, Robt. Loring, Rowland Ashington, Ann Redland.
SAME. Acreage, county & pages the same as above. 20 Apr. 1664. Lying on N. & S. sides of Timber Cr., extend, to head of the main branch thereof. Trans, of 20 pers: Mary Norwood, Rich. Johnson, Tho. Thoroughgood, William Moore, William Owen, Xtopher. Elfrid, Jno. Stelington (or Shelington), Eliz. Rathborne, Mary Roberts, Meredith Morgan, James Cutler, Eliz. Roules, Jno. Hedrington, James Wellington, Tho. Mathews, Ismael Watlins, Tho. Kingston, Wm. Marigold, Edm. Ordorne, James Godfry.
SAME. 150 acs., 17 Aug. 1664. County & pages the same. Bounded on S. parts by Boulmans branch & N. by land of Nathanll. Bradford. Trans, of 3 pers: Jno. Crew, Mary Frost, Sarah
SAME. 3000 acs., 22 June 1664, p. 183, (73). Same Co. At the seaboard side, bounded on E. therewith, S. by Gingotege Cr. & on N. by Swansicutts Cr. Trans, of threescore pers: Owen Morgan, Tho. Luellin, James Harris, Evan Jones, John Lewis, Henry Morris, Hup. Edwards, Joan Redman, Thomas Redman, Jno. Castleton, Edw. Millford, Margerett Jones, Hugh Horsington, James Pedly, Jno. Mort, Henry Outwright, James Tuke, Jeffry Mosse, James Wright, Richard Wells, Mary Smith, Edward Speed, Thomas Read, Rich. Allgatt, Humphry Loyd, Thomas Ford, Edwin Loth, James Hurle, Edward Shelly, Owen Pembroke, Thomas Rosse (or RofTe), Henry Ashton, Wm. Wright, Martha Grimes, Tobias South, Rowland Rivers, Mary Watkins, James Langly, John Moore, Edward Neale, Hump Cooke, Jenkin Jones, Martha Powell, Jane Mathews, JefTery White, Jno. Meares, Henry Swallow, Thomas Herring, Morgan Evans, Mary Moult, Jno. Jenken, Oliver Martin, Wm. Carter, Jno. Thorpe, Thomas Jenkle, Roger Osborne, David Thurle, Joane Taylour, Lewis Farthing, Edward Whally.
SAME. 2000 acs., 10 Sept. 1664, p. 183, (73). Same county & pages. Near Pokomock Riv., being a neck bounded on S. by Crooked Cr., W. by the bay & N. by the Sack Cr., parting this from land of Mr. Robt. Pitts. Trans, of 40 pers: Elfrid Snow, Thomas Oxly, James Allin, George Radder, Ann Scarlett, Lewis Whaly, James Oxford, Miles Wrack, James Hay, Jervis Lock, Tymothy Redly, Michaell Rooke, Sarah Long, Henry Mallard, Ann Smith, Thomas Joy, James Moat, Rebecca Crow, Ismaell Holt, Edward Goslin, Randall Gaines,
Thomas Luck, Mary Wood, Robt. Willoughby, Edward Moore, John Rosse, Roger Isham, Jane Shaw, Randall Willis, Jane Shelly, Mary Winter, Alex. Wallis, Martha Hill (or Hall), JefTery Mosse, John Wood, Joane Fox, John Osburne, Ralph Mew, James Nowell, Martha Arris.
SAME. 2400 acs. 20 Oct. 1663, p. 184, (73). Same Co. At the seaboard side, bounded on N. by the maine Cr. & branch of a middle cr., lying bet. great & little Matomkins Cr. Trans, of 48 pers: James Seabott, Ellinor Roe, Mary Smith, Michaell Watkins, Thomas Ship, Roger Newcom, Jno. Lozen, Richard Hollis, Jeffery Roades, Jno. Holmes, Rowland Mills, James Sanderson, James Tuke, Roger Oheley, Ann Rivers, Henry Spur, Thomas Girdle, Lawrence Roe, Thomas Long, Joane Loftis, Rich. Rooke, Ann Clifton, Martha Fish, Martha Rotoby (or Rokesby), Owen Carlow, Jane Weall, Edwin CrafTt, Wm. Wigg, An Carpenter, Edw. Firbush, Thomas Fly, Mathew Fly, Jno. Marwin ?, Henry Bloie (or Bloir), Margt. White, Sarah Basely, Robt. Rench, Thomas Bush, Jno. Roberts, Jonathan Barloe, Walter Eagle,
James Ellis, James Miller, George Roe, Jno. Stow, Wm. King, Mary Short, Roger Jones.
SAME. 1400 acs., 20 June 1664, in same Co. P. 184, (74). At the seaboard side on E., N. by Stokelyes branch & Cr., S. by Arathusa Cr. & main branch formerly called Kickcotanck Cr. Trans, of 28 pers: JefTery Sadler, Martha North, Lewis Wells, Jenkin Powell, Paul Wintrop, Rich. Wallford, James Richards, Edward Rury, Thomas Wharton, Jone Mellington, James Wrath (or Weath), Thomas Nowell, Rich. Carpenter, James Sands, Ruth Willis, Hen. Whitchurch, Thomas Owen, Mathew Rippon, Edw. Carter, Edm. Harrington, Thomas Williams, Jane Shall, Sarah Blackleech, Owen Makerly, James Thomas, Thomas Murray, Bartho. Edwards, Xtoper. Croply.  Cavaliers and Pioneers, a Calendar of Virginia Land Grants 1623-1800, V. I.

1677-1678 Old Rappahannock County, Virginia Deed & Will Book 6, Part 1; [Antient Press]; Page 46-47
DART, THOMAS, (Nuncupative Will),
The deposition of Barnaby Wells aged 40 years or thereabouts Examined & Sworne Saith that yor depont being in the Company wth: Thomas Dart at ye House of Mr Donathan about ye Month of March last was twelve-month did ask ye sd Dart if You should die in ye Condition You are in now who will you give yor Estate to the sd Dart Replied that he freely Gave all his Estate he had in ye world to John Bowen Excepting onely one Cow Calfe well: said he I give to my God Son but yor depont is ignorant who that Godson is & not long after yt sd Dart was Murthered by Indians these or ye like words is ye whole Trueth to ye best of yor depont: Judgmt & further Saith not
BARNABY WELLS Sworn to in Court August 1, 1677.
The deposition of Richard Hollis, aged 40 years or thereabouts, Examined & Sworne, Saith That yor depont Living at ye house of John Bowin did heare one Thomas Dart (who put in at ye House as he was Going to Mr Donathans, Say that if he was killed by ye Indians he freely gave all his Estate to ye said John Bowen & some after ye said Dart was Murthered by Indians these or like words is ye Whole Truth to ye best of Yor Deponts knowledge & further Saith not
Sworn to in Court August 1, 1677. Richard Hollis
Probated 5 die 7brts Ano 1677. Page 46.

St. Mary’s County, Maryland

Aft 1677
Old Rappahannock County, Virginia
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17 Jun 2016
John ‘Hollis’ Hallowes,   b. 1613, England ,   d. 1658, Westmoreland County, Virginia   (Age 45 years)


Female MNU Hallowes,   b. Abt 1617,   d. Bef 1639, St. Mary’s County, Maryland   (Age ~ 21 years)


Abt 1633
St. Mary’s County, Maryland
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Wills of Rappahannock County, Virginia, 1668-1692

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