1765 Jonathan Smith (1765–1829) m. Margaret Guyton (1752-1800)

Jonathan Smith (1765–1829) m. Margaret Guyton (1752-1800)



  • Gideon Smith 1780–
  • Hannah Smith 1785–1859
  • Whitaker Smith 1787–1850
  • Aaron Smith 1789–1864
  • Daniel Smith
  • Artimissa Smith
  • Jonathan N Smith
  • William Smith
  • Jesse B Smith
  • David Smith
  • Lettice Smith
  • Amy Smith
  • Catharine Smith



County Pages with Smith information or to use for research:

Map of Area in York County, South Carolina – Howards Creek/Branch, Goin Moore’s Creek, Smith’s Ford, all adjacent to Union County, SC – on the east side of the Broad River where the Smith family had land.

Howards Creek w Goin Moors Cr and Smiths Ford in York Co SC where the Smith Family had land

Further out view of Howards Creek and Goin Moore Creek area where the Smiths lived (Click to enlarge):

Howards Creek w Goin Moors Cr and Smiths Ford in York Co SC

Howards Creek w Goin Moors Cr and Smiths Ford in York Co SC

Map of area in Union County, South Carolina – Thicketty Creek and Gilkys Creek area adjacent to York County, SC – on west side of Broad River. Where the Smith family had land. (Click to enlarge):

Thicketty Cr w Gilkys Cr in Union Co SC

Closer view of the Thicketty Creek, Gilkys Creek, Grendal Shoals and Lockharts Upper Shoals – area where the Smith family had land.

Thicketty Cr w Gilkys Cr in Union Co SC closeup

Thicketty Cr w Gilkys Cr in Union Co SC closeup

1818 Aug 3 – Union County, South Carolina – Probate Records, Loose Papers – Joseph Guyton, Decd
… Last Will and Testament of Joseph Guyton …
…to my son Joseph Guyton all the lands that I am possessed of that I now own recovering to the children of my son Abraham Guyton deed as much of my land as will include the Spring and Still house now occupied by them …
… also reserving to the children of my daughter Betsey Parker that piece of land they now live upon beginning at a pine corner above Isaac Parker’s spring thence along the first line of my land to a stake at the wagon road thence a straight course toward the creek to a walnut corner near the creek by John Parker’s fence …
… also to my son Joseph Guyton I will and bequeath all my farming utensils and my part of our wagon an gear also my negroe man named Catto …
… to my son Aaron Guyton … one feather bed and furniture …
… to my two sons in law John Smith and Jonathan Smith I will to each of the one dollar to be paid to them by my Extr …
… my will is that my negroe woman named Silvy and her children be equally divided amongst my children in the following manner, viz,
… the three children of my son Moses Guyton decd, Hannah Fondrin, Salley Guyton, and Tabitha Guyton one part to be equally divided amongst them …
… also the children of decd daughter Betsy Parker one share to be equally divided amongst them …
… and my children Aaron Guyton, Joseph Guyton, Molley Smith, and Hannah Martin each of them a share by lot agreeable to the appraisement bill and not by sale …
… and the children of my son Abraham Guyton to have one share of the said negroes to be equally divided amongst them as above …. the remainder of my goods and chattle I will that they be equally divided amongst all my children…
… my son Abraham’s children to take one part to be equally divided amongst them …
… and the three daughters of my son Moses Guyton decd above named share to be equally divided amongst them …
… and the children of my decsd daughter Betsey Parker one share to be equally divided amongst them …
… and also to my son Aaron Guyton and my son Joseph Guyton one share equally divided amongst them …
… also my two daughters Molley Smith and Hannah Martin each of them one share as above …
… reserving my saddle which I will and bequeath to my grandson Abraham Guyton by my son Joseph …
… and last all I do hereby constitute and appoint my son Joseph Guyton and my son in law Alexander Martin executors of this my last will and testament … signed this 26th of May 1818 …
Signed: Joseph Guyton
Wit: Nicholas Corry, Gabriel Patty, Sally Patty
Miscellaneous Probate Records, 1777-1866, Index, 1777-1961; Author: South Carolina. Probate Court (Union County); Probate Place: Union, South Carolina. Notes: Probate Records, Box 10, Packages 1-37; Probate Records, Box 11, Packages 1-34. Box 11, package 1.

1828 Nov 17th – Jonathan Smith’s Rev War Pension application in Anderson Co, SC.
To the honorable the members of the Senate and of the House of Representatives of the State of South Carolina.
Your petitioner humbly shewith:
That he volunteered as a Whig in the time of the Revolutionary War at 15 years of age, under Capt Jacob Barnett of Col. Moffits Regmt, which was about 3 days before the Battles at the Cowpen, and from that time continue to serve under Genl. Sumter and others ultimately until the end of the War. In the Whig service, which time he was in several skirmishes but was in no General engagement.
Your petitioner conducted Genl. Sumter after he was wounded in the Battle at Blackstocks, to his Father’s house, where he received several days until he became able to travel, during which he continued to … upon him.
Your petitioner was a poor boy in the time of the War. All the property that he received consisted of three horses and the Tories took them all from him which loss he has never got over.
He is now 66 years of age, and has become very infirm and almost entirely unfit for hard labour, and fear the … of his having had an afflicted wife who has been confined to her bed for the greater part of 6 years, and a child that is about 8 years old that was born in a state of deformity, he has be… poor and in …circumstatces.
All the property that his estate consists of is a plantation … war containing 171 acres worth 400 or 500 dollars, 3 hand of horses worth about 80 dollars, 4 head of cattle and hoggs and has just about such. Houshold furniture as common poor man is possed of and is in debt about 300 dollars the most of which has been accumulated by doctors bills, and at the same time assures you that he has not disposed of any part of his property in order to become a pensioner. Therefore hopes that upon your taking a view of the services that he has rendered his country of his old age of his poverty of the afflicted situation of his family that you will relieve his situation as you have done many of his bretheren in … by permitting of him to be placed upon the pension roll and he will ever bless and pray for you.
Signed: Jonathan Smith
South Carolina Anderson District}
South Carolina Anderson District} This is to certify that I have been intimitely acquainted with the above petitioner Jonathan Smith for about 46 years, during that time he has supported the character of an honest man and a man of … truth. And I am clearly under the impression that the statements made in his petition is the whole …
1828 Nov 17 … hath, and that from various reports I am convinced that he was a good soldier in the war and that he went into it when a boy. I fought with his brother Daniel in the Battle of Stono where he received his death wounds.
And I well remember that said Jonathan Smith’s fathers house was considered as a home for the distressed Whigs during the struggle for independence.
Signed: William Millons JP
P/S Smith’s Ford on Broad River derived from the of Mr Smith alluded}
1828 July 14 – State of Georgia, Franklin County}
Personally appeared before me Henry Smith of said County and made oath that he knew Jonathan Smith of the State of South Carolina and Pendleton District during the time of the Revolutionary War, and that he served in the Whig service a considerable proportion of the war (viz) He served in Captain Jacob Barnett’s Company, in Colonel Muffits Regiment commanded by Genl. Sumpter after the defeat at Blackstocks, and in various other skirmishes – until peace was mad.
He also assisted in carrying Genl. Sumpter when wounded in the shoulder across Broad River at Smith’s Ford, and rendered other services to him for a day or twothereafter.
Signed: Henry Smith
Given under my hand this 17 Nov 1828
Sworn to and Subscribed before me this 14th day of July 1828.
Attest: Henry Freeman, JJC
This is to certify that I have been intimately acquainted with the above named Henry Smith for a number of years, and have always believed him to be a worthy citizen, and a man of strict truth.
Given under my hand this 14th day of July 1828.
Henry Freeman, JJC
1829 Nov 22 – To the Honorable the Members of the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of South Carolina.
Your Petitioner humbly shewith:
That she is the widow of Jonathan Smith of Pendleton District who departed this life on the 14th day of September last, who you had in your wisdom and goodness, on account of the services rendered by him in the Whig cause during the Revolutionary War, placed upon the Pension Roll leaving your petitioner in a state of extreme affliction, with a large family of children one of which is deformed, destitute of the necessary comforts of life.
Your petitioner therefore humbly prayeth that your allow her the portion of the Pension that was due her husband up to the time of his death, and that you permit her to be placed upon the Pension Roll.
And she will ever pray.
This 22 November 1829.
Signed: Elizabeth Smith.
South Carolina Anderson District}
1862 Nov 14 – Elizabeth Smith died on Nov 14, 1862 according to a report filed by Jesse R Smith, admr of her estate, asking for final payment on her pension roll for the estate.
South Carolina Archives Microcopy. Packet #7138-A  http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/ArchivesImages/S108092/S108092013600631000/images/S108092013600631000.pdf