1756 Sarah Smith (1756– ?) m. John Ramsey (1747-1825)

Sarah Smith (1756– ?) m. John Ramsey (1747-1825)



  • Jane Ramsey 1798–1871
  • Alexander Ramsey 1798–1874



County Pages with Smith information or to use for research:

Map of Area in York County, South Carolina – Howards Creek/Branch, Goin Moore’s Creek, Smith’s Ford, all adjacent to Union County, SC – on the east side of the Broad River where the Smith family had land.

Howards Creek w Goin Moors Cr and Smiths Ford in York Co SC where the Smith Family had land

Further out view of Howards Creek and Goin Moore Creek area where the Smiths lived (Click to enlarge):

Howards Creek w Goin Moors Cr and Smiths Ford in York Co SC

Howards Creek w Goin Moors Cr and Smiths Ford in York Co SC

Map of area in Union County, South Carolina – Thicketty Creek and Gilkys Creek area adjacent to York County, SC – on west side of Broad River. Where the Smith family had land. (Click to enlarge):

Thicketty Cr w Gilkys Cr in Union Co SC

Closer view of the Thicketty Creek, Gilkys Creek, Grendal Shoals and Lockharts Upper Shoals – area where the Smith family had land.

Thicketty Cr w Gilkys Cr in Union Co SC closeup

Thicketty Cr w Gilkys Cr in Union Co SC closeup

1774 April 20 – Henry Hildebrand to Adam Smith 300 acres, p 135, Deed Book 8, Tryon County, NC
… between Henry Hildebrand of the County of Rowan in the province of North Carolina of the one part and Adam Smith of the County of Tryon in the said province of North Carolina of the other part … in consideration of the sum of 25 pounds …. sell unto the said Adam Smith … land … in the County formerly Mecklenburg now Tryon in the Province afsd on both sides Howards Creek below Nicholas Friday’s land including the sholes on said creek … on the E side of said Howards Creek … containing by estimation 300 acres granted unto a certain Deter Havener … 29th April 1768 … conveyed unto the said Henry Hildebrand as appears by a deed of bargain and sale … the 21st day of October 1768 …
Signed: Henry Hildebrand
Wit: Jesse Williamson, David Ramsay
(Note: This has to be Abram Smith – the clerk must have made a transcription error when they entered it into the books – there is no Adam Smith in this area – Abram/Abraham Smith made multiple transactions on or near Howard’s Creek).

May Court 1791. York Co, SC.  Page 305. Will of Henry Smith deceased was proven by Nathaniel Guyton, an evidence thereto & ordered to be recorded.

1791 – WILL OF HENRY SMITH – written 11 July 1790
He died in 1791, likely in York County, SC
In the Name of God Amen. I Henry Smith of York County State of South Carolian [sic] being weak in body & much distressed by pain, yet through the Assistance of Divine Providence of sound Judgment of memory. Do make this my last Will of Testament, hereby excluding all others hithertofore made by me. Commending my Soul to God who gave it to be received by him through the merits of Jesus Christ. And my Body to the dust to be decently Buried at the expence of my Executors.
…And first I will that my beloved Wife do hold & possess all my Estate real & personal during her life or widowhood, and then to be disposed of in the following manner.
… And first to my eldest son Abraham I will & Bequeath my second volum [sic] of Pools Anotations [sic]
… To my son David I will the plantation where on I live to Hold the same in Fee Talc. And in case he dieth without heir of his body, to be sold & divided amoungst the rest of my children male & female.
… To my son John I Bequeath fifty Acres of Land.
… And to my son Henry one hundred acres the which they are already possessed of and also to my son Henry my Negro fellow named Sam together with one half of the fishery in his Brother John’s division. x x x x x x
… To my son Jonathan I will my Negroe Wench named Rosse reserving at the same time forty pounds to be paid by him to his Brother William in trade. & her first child if she has any to my Daughter Sarah Ramsey.
… To my grandchild Henry Jolley I Bequeath a mare worth ten pounds together with two milch Cows to his mother to be paid by my Executors.
… And the Remainder of my Estate to be divided equally amoungst my Daughters married & single.
… Appointing my beloved Wife Amy two sons John & William Executors of this my last Will and Testament.
Sign,d & Seal,d this Eleventh Day of July in the year of our Lord One thousand seven hundred & ninety.
Signed Henry Smith [scrawled seal]
In Presence of Nathan N. Guyton (his mark). Nicholas Correy
York County, South Carolina Wills Vol. A-12 Page 65 Will No. 37. (FHL film: 229694)

1829 Dec 4 – Alexander Ramsay extr of John Ramsay decd to Jos G Smith, bk L, p 306, 42 acres. York Co, SC
… I Alexander Ramsay of the state of North Carolina Rutherford County one of the executors of the Estate of John Ramsay Sr Decd in consideration of the sum of 23 dollars paid by Joseph G Smith of the State and Dist afsd … sell and release unto the said Joseph G Smith … land containing by estimation 42 acres … share of Abraham Ramsay decd which was left to him by the will of John Ramsay Sr decd and by said Abraham Ramsay in his life time to David Ramsay and by the said David Ramsay to Joseph G Smith … bounded E by Ramsay land on the N by Powels land on the W side by Jesse Sandlings land and on the S by Joseph G Smith land … formerly belonged to David Ramsay …
Signed: Alexander Ramsay Extr of John Ramsay decd
Wit: Abraham Childers, Daniel Smith

1829 Dec 11 – Sarah Smith to Jos G Smith, bk L, p 306, 61 and 1/3 acres. York Co, SC
… I Sarah Smith widow of Andrew Smith decd and State afsd and Dist of Union in consideration of 62 dollars and 50 cents paid by Joseph G Smith … sell deed and release unto the said Joseph G Smith 1/3 part of a tract of land it being my distributive share of my husband Andrew Smith decd’s containing by estimation 61 and 1/3 acres …. on the banks of Broad River … Ramsay’s corner …
Signed: Sarah Smith
Wit: John Moore, Isaac Peeler

1845 Sept 23 – John J Smith to John Bowlin, bk O, p 200, 189-35 acres Howards Br. York Co, SC
… I John Smith … for and in consideration of the sum of 521 dollars … paid by John Bowlin … sold unto the said John Bowlin … land containing 189 acres …. formerly belonging to Henry Smith decd to him by John Champion, then deeded to me by A J Smith Exr of the said Henry Smith’s estate … lying on the waters of Howards branch … also another tract or parcel of land granted to David Ramsey by John Ramsey granted to Joseph Smith by David Ransey then to me by Joseph Smith said land lying on the head waters of Howards branch … bounded E by Sarah Ramsey land on N by Powels land on W by Jery Sandlin on the S by Joseph J Smith said tract of land containing 35 acres …
Signed: John J Smith.
Wit: Major Whitesides, Lewis Bowlen
… Sarah Smith the wife of the within named John Smith … relinquished her dower …