1752 Gideon Smith (1752–1783) m. Jean Steen (1755-?)

Gideon Smith (1752–1783) m. Jean Steen (1755-?)



  • Gideon Smith b. abt 1780



County Pages with Smith information or to use for research:

Map of Area in York County, South Carolina – Howards Creek/Branch, Goin Moore’s Creek, Smith’s Ford, all adjacent to Union County, SC – on the east side of the Broad River where the Smith family had land.

Howards Creek w Goin Moors Cr and Smiths Ford in York Co SC where the Smith Family had land

Further out view of Howards Creek and Goin Moore Creek area where the Smiths lived (Click to enlarge):

Howards Creek w Goin Moors Cr and Smiths Ford in York Co SC

Howards Creek w Goin Moors Cr and Smiths Ford in York Co SC

Map of area in Union County, South Carolina – Thicketty Creek and Gilkys Creek area adjacent to York County, SC – on west side of Broad River. Where the Smith family had land. (Click to enlarge):

Thicketty Cr w Gilkys Cr in Union Co SC

Closer view of the Thicketty Creek, Gilkys Creek, Grendal Shoals and Lockharts Upper Shoals – area where the Smith family had land.

Thicketty Cr w Gilkys Cr in Union Co SC closeup

Thicketty Cr w Gilkys Cr in Union Co SC closeup

1777 July 25 – John Smith fr John Moore, bk A, p 133, 56 acres Broad River. York Co, SC
… Deed of sale fr John Moore to John Smith for 56 acres of land …. formerly proven before Abraham Smith Esqr by Daniel Smith ….
… between John Moore of Craven County, SC … and John Smith … grant bearing date April 3, 1752 … NC Grant … unto Gayan Moore … land containing 800 acres … on main Broad River then deemed Anson County NC … fell to John Moore being heir at law to Gayan Moore .. John Moore conveyed …. a moiety or part of 800 acres … that lays on the E and N side of Broad River unto John Smith … now in consideration of 560 pounds … paid by afsd John Smith … confirm unto the said John Smith … land of 56 acres … part of afsd tract of 800 acres … on the E and N banks of main Broad River in Craven Co, SC … at bank of River agt an Island No 89 …
Signed: John Moore
Wit: Daniel Smith, Gideon Smith, James Steen

1783 Aug 23 – Gideon Smith’s Will, No. 18 – Box 87 – Pack 2140: Will dated August 20, 1779 in 96 District. Proven August 23, 1783. In the name of God Amen Whereas I Gideon Smith of the State of South Carolina and district of Ninety Six being in a low condition of health and in perfect mind and memory thanks unto God for His mercies and calling to mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed once for all man kind to die, constitute make and ordain this to be my last will and testament and dispose of all my worldly goods which it has pleased God to Endow me with in manner and form following that is to say principally and first of all I recommend my soul in the hands of God who gave it nothing doubting but at the general resurrection I shall receive the same again My Body I recommend to the Dust from whence I came to be buried in a Christian Decent form at the descretion of my Executors I leave and bequieth and dispose as followeth: I leave unto my beloved wife Jean all my Personal estate after paying all my debts except the land. I leave bequeath to my well beloved son James I leave my Land and the proffits of the Land to be for the maintenance of the child till he becomes of age. And lastly of all I Leave James Steen & John Smith & Abraham Smith my whole and sole executors for to act and do as I was present. Signed Sealed and Delivered in the pressence of us this 20th Day of August – 1779. Witnesses: Robert Lusk, Joseph Jolly, John Jefferies. Signed: Gideon Smith – Original will in Abbeville Court House, Abbeville, South Carolina. Abstract contained in Abstracts of Old Ninety-Six and Abbeville District Wills and Bonds, Compiled by Willie Pauline Young, Liberty, South Carolina, ISBN 0-89308-036-5  Gideon Smith – Box 87, pkg 2140, Abbeville, SC

1779 will of Gideon Smith

1779 will of Gideon Smith

1783 Aug 23 brother John Smith brings copy of Gideon Smith will to prove up in Abbeville SC w Abraham and John Smith to be executors

1783 Aug 23 brother John Smith brings copy of Gideon Smith will to prove up in Abbeville SC w Abraham and John Smith to be executors

1787 Sept 18 – Gideon Smith Jr fr John Steen, bk B, p 22. Union Co, SC
… between John Steen of Union County, SC of the one part and Gideon Smith son of Gideon Smith decd of the County and State afsd of the other part … by a certain grant bearing date the 13th day of Oct 1767 … North Carolina … grant unto John Steen a plantation or tract of land containing 200 acres situated … on Thicketty Creek then deemed North Carolina and the same John Steen conveyed said tract of 200 acres of land to the aforesaid Gideon Smith …. registered in the State of North Carolina as the grant was there duly recorded … the afsd John Steen for and in consideration of the sum of 200 pounds sterling to him in hand … paid by the afsd Gideon Smith … confirm unto the said Gideon Smith … land of 200 acres … on both sides of Thicketty Creek including improvement where Mathew Roberson now lives and the improvement that Gideon Smith deceased made where Samuel Montgomery now lives … beginning at a pine on the south side of the Creek …
Signed: John Steen
Wit: Thomas Wood, John Moore, John Smith, Abraham Smith.
Recorded the 26th day of December 1787

1800 March 26 – Gideon Smith to James Moorhead, bk G, p 308. Union Co, SC.
… I Gideon Smith of the County of Union and State afsd in consideration to me paid in hand by Joseph Morehead of the State and County afsd … sell and release unto the said Joseph Moorhead all that tract or parcel of land containing 29 acres … in the state and county afsd … bounded by land of John Steen on the W … on John Steen’s line … to a post oak joining Gideon Smith’s land … on the N bank of Thickety Creek … on the N side of said Creek divided and laid out by consent of parties by Robert Martin it being part of a tract formerly granted to John Steen Sr …
Signed: Gideon Smith
Wit: John Murry, John Steen

1800 Aug 13 – Henry Smith fr William Rice, bk G, p 444. Union Co, SC.
… this indenture made the 4th day of May … 1803 … between William Rice Esqr Sher of Union Dist … of the one part and Henry Smith of the State of Georgia of the other part … whereas Gideon Smith was seized in … as of fee or of and in some other goods and lawfull estate of inheritance to him and his heirs and assigns forever and possessed of the inheritance of 200 acres of land  … whereas also Farnandis, McBeth & Co, lately, that is to say on or about the 4th day of April 1803 before the Justices of the Court of Common Pleas held at Union Court House … the Dist of Union … entered up against Henry Smith admin of Gideon Smith deceased a decree in the said Court for the sum of 10 pounds 19 shillings and 7 pence also the sum of 2 pounds 2 shillings and 4 pence for their costs and charges … William Rice, Sher of Union Dist did enter … seize upon … 200 acres more or less … on the first Monday in May …. sell and dispose of the said 200 acres of land … unto the said Henry Smith, he at that price or sum being the highest bidder … in consideration of the afsd sum of 205 dollars to him in hand … truly paid … by the said Henry Smith … confirm unto the said Henry Smith .. all that the aforesaid tract of 200 acres … on both sides of Thicketty Creek conveyed to Gideon Smith by John Steen bearing date the 18th of Sept 1787 …
Signed: William Rice, Sher
Wit: Ben Haile, James Madison

1802 Name Gideon Smith (It appears Gideon Smith Jr dies in 1802 in Georgia – he appears to have been living with his uncle Henry Smith who is admin of his estate in Georgia)
Probate Date 1802
Probate Place Elbert, Georgia, USA
Inferred Death Year 1802
Inferred Death Place Georgia, USA
Item Description Estates, Smith, Ella-Smith, Mary J
Georgia, Elbert County, Estate Records; Author: Georgia. Ordinary Court (Elbert County); Probate Place: Elbert, Georgia

1804 Nov 12 – Henry Smith to Abraham Smith bk J, p 68. Union, South Carolina
… I Henry Smith of Franklin County and State of Georgia for and in consideration of the sum of 500 dollars paid by Abraham Smith of Union Dist and State of South Carolina …. release unto the said Abraham Smith all that tract or parcell of land formerly conveyed from John Steen to Gideon Smith decd and conveyed by Sher deed to the said Henry Smith lying in Union Dist and state afsd containing 200 acres … on both sides of Thickety Creek bounded by land of John Steen by Joseph Morehead and by John Lusk including improvements where Gideon Smith Sr formerly lived …
Signed: Henry Smith
Wit: Moses Guyton, Joseph Smith