1763 Charles Gowen b. Henry Co., Va.

Charles Gowen b. 1763 in Henry Co, Va married to  Elizabeth “Betsy” Blair


David Going b. abt 1740-45


John Gowen born about 1786
Lucinda Gowen Rose born about 1788 m. Charles Rose
Polly Gowen Bales born about 1790
Garrett Gowen born about 1792
Nancy Gowen Furnish born about 1793
Hannah Gowen Rose born about 1796
Sally Gowen Kidwell born about 1800
George Washington Gowen born in 1802
James Blair Gowen born in 1810


Charles Going
William Going
Jacob Going


Charles Gowen 1833 application in Gallatin Co, KY
70 yrs of age in 1833 – b. 1763
Resident of Henry Co, Va when entered service Sept 1, 1779
Private – 6 months, under Capt Jonathan Hamby
reentered service in May 1781 under Capt Shelton
Born 1763 in Henry Co, Va
Lived in Henry Co, Va until 1797 and then moved to Harrison Co, Kentucky.
In 1815 moved to Gallatin Co, Ky.

In 1855 Charles Gowen age 93 in Gallatin Co, Ky
Has never received warrant of land, asks for one.

Charles Gowens wrote his will June 18, 1847 in Gallatin County. A great-great grandson, Norman Bass Gowens of Waco, Texas retained the original copy of the will in 1975. It read:

“I, Charles Goens of Gallatin County in the State of Kentucky, being sensible from my advanced age and increasing infirmities that the close of my mortal life draws near and being of sound mind and disposing memory, do make and publish this, my last will and testament, hereby revoking any and all wills and testaments by me heretofore made.
First, as I am not indebted to any one, in a pecuniary manner, I shall give my executors no trouble on that subject.
Second, as my wife, Betsey and myself have been living for a considerable time past with our son, James Goens, and as I expect to remain with him during my life and desire him to take care of and provide for us both while we live, I give and bequeath to my said son, James Goens the farm or tract of land in said county of Gallatin, near Providence meeting house, being the same whereon I have lived for many years past, containing about 107 acres, be the same more or less, with all the appurtenances thereof to be his and his heirs forever, upon the conditions as forestated, that the said James shall maintain and comfortably provide for myself and my wife during our natural lives.
Third to my son, John Goens; my son, Garrett Goens, my daughter, Lucinda Rose; my daughter, Polly Bales; my daughter, Nancy Furnish; my daughter, Hannah Rose and my daughter, Sally Kidwell, I give and bequeath each the sum of two dollars to be paid out of my estate.
Lastly, I appoint my said son, James Goens as executor of this, my last will and testament, confidently believing that should my wife, his mother, survive me, that he will not suffer her to want during her life.
In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this eighteenth day of June AD 1847.
Charles [X] Goens
Witnesses: K. I. Abbott, Benjamin Litter”

In an affidavit made July 2, 1853 “Charles Goins, a citizen of Gallatin County, aged 86, states that he is well acquainted with Lucinda Rose, that she is his daughter, that she married Charles Rose.”

On September 20, 1854 Charles Gowens deeded to Lucinda Gowens Rose 127.5 acres of land on Craig’s Creek “for $1 and the love and affection of my daughter,” according to Gallatin County Deed Book O, page 139.

In 1855, at “age 92,” Charles Gowens made application for a land grant and received Bounty Land Warrant No. 26-106 for 160 acres under the Pension Act of 1855. He lived to be 102 years old, dying in Kentucky in 1865, and Elizabeth “Betsy” Gowens survived to 110 years old, according to Sylvester Bernard Gowens, a great-grandson of Lubbock, Texas. “Texas Society DAR Register of Revolutionary Ancestors” gives the date of his death as 1857 in Gallatin County.

Children born to Charles Gowens and Elizabeth “Betsy” Gowens include:
John Gowens born about 1786
Lucinda Gowens born about 1788
Polly Gowens born about 1790
Garrett Gowens born about 1792
Nancy Gowens born about 1793
Hannah Gowens born about 1796
Sally Gowens born about 1800
George Washington Gowens born in 1802
James Blair Gowens born in 1810

1783  Henry Co Va
tithes/ whites over 21/ slaves over 16/ slaves under 16/ horses/ cattle
frame 37,
John Going, Zephaniah Going, Claiborn Going, James Going 42005/14
David Going, William Going, Charles Going, Jacob Going 420068
frame 38,
Going, James 110026
Going, Moses 11

1784 Henry Co Va
frame 86,
Going, Jesse 110025
Going, John & 2 sons 3112006
frame 87,
Going, Moses 110025
frame 88,
David Going, Wm, Chas. & Jacob 43109/13
Going, John 1100022
Going, James 1100210

1785 Henry Co Va
Going, Moses 2200088
frame 158,
Going, James 1100015
Going, John 1100015
David Going, & 3 sons 43100/10/8
John Going, Claiborn Going & Asaiah Going 31200413
frame 159,
Going, Zephaniah 11000010

1787  Henry Co Va
A free tithes 16 and over/ slaves over 16/slaves under 16/ horses/cattle –
frame 253,
Going, John Senr.: Jno & Zephaniah 20011/30
Going, Claiborne 0000
Going, Shadrack 1009/13
Going, Nathan 0001
Going, James 00025
Going, Jno (Mayo River) 10014
Going, David, Wm, Jacob 20010/5
Going, Jno (Dan River) 00015
Going, Charles 0001

1788B Henry Co Va
whites 21+/whites 16-21/ slaves over 16, slaves under 16/horses/cattle
frame 301,
Gowing, David 5009
Going, James, Junr. 1001
Going, Claiborne (Dan River) 1001`
Going, Benjamin 1005
Going, Shadrack 3006
Going, James (Dan River) 1002
Going, John (Mayo River) 1003
Going, Nathan 1001
frame 302,
Going, Charles 1001
Going, John (Black Berry) 4008
Going, Zephaniah 1001

1789A Henry Co Va
Going, Benjamin 1003
frame 314,
Gowing, William 1002
Going, Shadrack 3006
Going, Nathan 1001
Going, Claborne (Dan River) 1001
Going, David 3008
frame 315,
Going, James 1003
Going, John (Black Berry) 6009
Going, Isaiah 1
Going, John (Mayo River) 1001
Going, Charles 1001

1790B Henry Co Va
frame 352,
Gowing, Nathan 1001
Gowing, Charles 1003
Gowing, Isaac 1001
Gowing, David 1006
Gowing, Shadrack 2006
Gowing, Labon 1
Gowing, Benjamin 2004
Gowing, Claborn 1001
Gowing, John (Russell’s Creek) 1001
Gowing, William 1002
Gowing, John (Black Berry) 50011
Gowing, James 1002

1791 Patrick Co Va
frame 150,
Going, Shadrack 2005
Going, Claborn (Dan River) 1001
Going, Labon 1001
Going, Benjamin Senr. 2005
Going, Nathan 1001
Going, Joseph 1202
Gowing, John 1001
Going, Isaac 1001
Going, James (Dan River) 1003
Going, William 2003
Going, Benjamin Junr. 1001
Gowing, David 1006
frame 151,
Gowing, Jacob 1001
Gowing, Charles 1001

1792 Patrick Co Va
frame 163,
Gowing, David 2008
Gowing, Isaac 1001
Gowing, Benjamin Sr. 3006
Gowing, Shadrack 2005
Gowing, Labon 1001
Going, Nathan 1002
Gowing, Claborn 1001
Gowing, James Junr. 1001
Going, Joseph 1201
Going, Benjamin Jr. 1001
Going, Charles 1002
Going, Jacob 1001
Going, John Junr. 1
Going, James 1003

1793 Patrick Co Va
frame 177,
Gowing, Shadrack 2005
Gowing, William 1003
Gowing, Benjamin Junr. 1001
Gowing, Charles 1001
Gowine, Joseph 1102
Gowin, James Senr. 1004
Gowin, James Junr. 1001
Gowin, Labon 1001
Gowin, Shadrack Junr. 1001
Gowin, Claborn 1001
Gowin, Nathan 1
Gowin, John (Mayo) 1
Gowin, David 2006
Gowin, Benjamin 3006

1794 Patrick Co Va
Goin, Shadrack Senr. 2005
Goin, Clabon 1001
Goin, Labon 1001
Goin, James Junr. 1001
Goin, Shadrack Junr. 1001
Going, James Senr. 1003
Goin, Charles 1001
Gowin, Isaac 1001
Goin, William 1006
Goin, Benjamin Junr. 1001

1795 Patrick Co Va
frame 207,
Gowing, David 2007
Gowing, Isaac 1001
Gowing, William 1005
Gowine, Joseph 1102
Goin, Shadrack Sen. 3007
Goin, Shadrack Junr. 1001
Goin, James, Jr. 1001
Goin, Benjamin Junr. 1001
Goin, Charles 1001
Goin, James 1005

1820 KY Gallatin Co US Census Charles Goins

1820 KY Gallatin Co US Census Charles Goins

1820 KY Gallatin Co US Census Charles Goins

1830 KY Gallatin Co US Census Charles Goin

1830 KY Gallatin Co US Census Charles Goin

1830 KY Gallatin Co US Census Charles Goin

In 1832, Charles Gowens applied for his Revolutionary War pension benefits.  The following is an abstract of the documents in that application:

1832 KY Charles Gowens rev war pension app_Page_1

1832 KY Charles Gowens rev war pension app_Page_1

1832 KY Charles Gowens rev war pension app_Page_2

1832 KY Charles Gowens rev war pension app_Page_2

1840 KY Gallatin Co US Census Charles Goins age 71 veteran.

1840 KY Gallatin CO US Census Charles Goins veteran age 71

1840 KY Gallatin CO US Census Charles Goins veteran age 71

1840 KY Gallatin Co US Census Charles Goins veteran info 2 age 71

1840 KY Gallatin Co US Census Charles Goins veteran info 2 age 71

1840 KY Gallatin Co US Census Charles Goins

1840 KY Gallatin Co US Census Charles Goins

1850 KY Gallatin Co US Census Charles Goens age 87
Wife Elizabeth age 80

1850 KY Gallatin Co US Census Charles Goens

1850 KY Gallatin Co US Census Charles Goens

Charles Goins died in August of 1857 in Gallatin County, Kentucky

Find a Grave site:  http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=96138788&ref=acom

Info from Find a Grave:

Birth: 1763
Halifax County
Virginia, USA
Death: Aug., 1857
Gallatin County
Kentucky, USA

Charles was a Revolutionary War veteran. He married Elizabeth Blair of Northumberland County, Va. Moved to Henry County, Va (later Patrick Co.) and raised a large family. About 1800, migrated to Cumberland Gap, then to Harrison Co, KY. Before 1820, removed to Gallatin Co, KY where he settled on Craigs Creek.
Son James married two of George Jackson’s daughter’s. After the death of 1st wife Maryan, married Louisa, then migrated to Iowa and Texas.
Charles and Elizabeth’s daughter’s married into the Swango, Furnish, Rose, Bales, and Kidwell families. Burial ground for Charles, wife Elizabeth, daughter Maryan, and many others has overgrown or was obliterated over time.


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