Various people named Joseph Gowen

This page is for the various people named Joseph Gowen born in the 1700s that I could find.  There may be others, but this is the list I have so far:

1) Joseph Gowen b. abt 1700 in court in the Chowan District, NC in 1725
2) Joseph Gowen b. abt 1730 of Lunenburg, Goochland, and Fairfax Co, Va
3) Joseph Gowen b. abt 1730-38 of Granville, NC – (this is the mulatto Joseph in Granville, about same age as white one).
8) Joseph Gowen b. abt 1761 of Henry Co, Va, Surry Co, NC, Person Co, NC and Stoke Co, NC (possible son of mulatto Joseph #3 above of Granville – not confirmed)
4) Joseph Gowen b. abt 1730 of Granville, NC – (the white Joseph in Granville about same age as mulatto one), and then Spartanburg, SC, then Rowan NC, then Davidson/Rutherford, TN
5)  Joseph Gowen b. abt 1780. (Appears to be a son of #4 above, not confirmed)
6) Joseph Gowen b. about 1742 of Loiusa Co, and Gloucester Co, Va
7) Joseph Gowen b. abt 1760 of Albemarle Co, Va (possible son of Joseph #6 above – not confirmed).
9) Joseph Gowen b. abt 1780 mulatto of Loudon Co, Va (unknown parent)
10) Joseph Gowen b. abt 1760 of Bedford Co, Va
11) Joseph Gowen b. abt 1750-70 of Berkeley Co, WV.

Click on the links above to see their pages.


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