1760-70 Joseph Going in Patrick Co, Va and Surry Co, NC, and Stokes Co, NC

Joseph Going b. abt 1760-70 in Patrick Co, Va







Compare to others with name of Joseph “Gowen” or similar name:                                   (Click link):       Various people named Joseph Gowen



1763 Oct 11 – David Going was a witness to a deed dated October 11, 1763 in which Abraham Whitworth [no wife] sold to Isaac Whitworth “both of Rowan County” 170 acres on the south side of Dan River for £100. David Going and John Sharp proved the deed in October 1762.

1768 – “John Going, one tithable” appeared in the 1768 tax list of Rowan County in the Dan River District, according to “Some Colonial Tax Lists of Rowan County, North Carolina, 1768-1775” by Jo White Linn, Sherburne Laughlin and Ransom McBride. Their compilation was published in “North Carolina Genealogical Society Journal,” Vol. 8, February 1982.  Rowan co, NC.

1771 – Deed: Daniel Gowin 270 acres to George Deathrage, 1771, Pittsylvania, Virginia, USA. Daniel Gowin of Pittsylvania Co., VA to George Deathrage of Surry Co., NC, 270 acres in Pittsylvania Co., VA., on Russel Cr a branch of Mayo in current Patrick Co., VA (about 61 mi west of Moons Creek and Dan River in Caswell Co., NC). Pittsylvania Co., VA. Deed Book 3, p. 48. Pittsylvania Co., Va.
1771 Dec 30 David Going deed George Deathrage, John Hunter, John Deathrage, David Marley, Thomas Rogers
This Indenture made this 30th day of December One thousand seven hundred and seventy one, Between David Going of the County of Pittsylv’a and Colony of Virginia and George Deathrage of the County Surry and province of North Carrolina Witnesseth that the said David Going for and in Consideration of the sum of fifty Pounds Current money of Virginia to him in hand paid by the aforesaid George Deathrage the Receipt whereof he doth hereby acknowledge and himself therewith fully satisfy & contented and paid hath granted bargained and sold aliened Released and Confirm’d and by these presents for himself his heirs and assigns doth grant bargain sell alien release and Confirm to the said George Deathrage his heirs and assigns forever one certain Tract or parcell of land Containing two hundred and seventy acres (270) lying and being in the County of Pittsylvania on both sides of Russels Creek a branch of Mayo and Bounded as followeth to wit, Beginning at a red oak John Hunters line thence his line south sixtyfive degrees west Crossing the Creek one hundred and sixty six poles to a white oak thence new lines South fifteen degrees East – ninetytwo poles to a great poplar north Eighteight degrees East Crossing two Branches. three hundred and forty poles to a white oak north fifteen degrees West Crossing the Creek one hundred and twentytwo poles to a white oak on a branch north Eighty degrees west one hundred and eighty poles to a possimon tree on a branch south thirty degrees west sixteen poles to the first Station. Together with all houses Gardens Orchards fences Woods Underwoods Waters and Watercourses thereon Standing Groing and being with all profits Comodetys Advantages and appurtenances so the same belonging or any ways appertaining Also the Reversion and Reversions Remainder and Remainders thereof and of every part and parcel thereof, To have and to hold the said Tract of land with all and Singular the appurtenances unto the said George Deathrage his heirs and assigns to the only Proper use and behoof of him the said George Deathrage his heirs and assigns forever and the said David Going for himself and his heirs the said Land and Premises with their and every of their appurtenances to the said George Deathrage his heirs and assigns shall and will Warrant and forever Defend by these Presents against all person or Persons whatsoever having or Lawfully Claiming any right on Title in or to the same or any part or parcel thereof and the said David Going for himself and his heirs doth grant Covenant and agree to and with the said George Deathrage and his heirs in maner and form following Viz. that he the said David Going at the time of the sealing and Delivery of these presents is and Stands (_____) of and Indefensible Estate in fee simple of and in the Premises and that he hath Good and Lawfull right and othority to sell and Convey the same in manner and form aforesaid and that the same shall forever remain to the said George Dearthrage his heirs and assigns freely and Clearly Exonerated and Discharged of and from all manner of former bargains seals Titles of Dowry and all other rights and Estates whatsoever In Witness the said David Going has hereunto set his hand and fixt his seal the day and year above Written
David Going L.S.
Signed Sealed and Delivered In the Presence of
John Deatheradge, David Marley, Thomas Rogers
p. 48 Memorandum That on the 30th Day of December 1771 Peaceable & Quiet Possession and Seizen of the within Granted Land and premises was made and done and Delivered by the within named David Going unto the within named George Deatherage according to form and Estate of the within written Deed (signed) David Going
In Presence of us John Deatherage, Thos Rogers, David Mosley
Pittsylvania Co, Va.
1771 Dec 30 – David Going
DB3, p. 46 – DEATERAGE from GOING – Deed, 30 Dec 1771
David GOING of County of Pittslyv. And Colony of Virginia and George DEATHRAGE of County of Surry and province of North Carolina…..for £50 Current money of Virginia…..270 acres on both sides Russels Creek a branch of Mayo…..John HUNTERS line……Crossing the Creek……crossing two Branches.
Wit: John DEATHERAGE, David X (his mark) MOSLEY, Thomas X (his mark) ROGERS
Rec: 29 May 1773 David GOING L.S.
Extracted from – Pittslyvania County, Virginia Deed Books 1, 2 and 3 – Abstracted and Compiled by Lucille C. Payne and Neil G. Payne
Pittsylvania Co, Va

1786 Joseph Goins was enumerated February 13, 1786 in the state census of Surry County, Capt. Gaines District, page 1:
Goins, Joseph white male over 21 or over 60
white female
white male under 21 or over 60
white male under 21 or over 60
white female
one negro 12-50″
His name was also recorded as “Joseph Goine” in Surry County.

1790 US Census Rowan County, North Carolina – Joseph Goans
1 males over 16, 3 males under 16, 3 females – white. 2 slaves.

1790 US Census Stokes County, North Carolina – Joseph Goans.
Free White Males under 16: 3
Free White Mailes over 16: 1
Free White Persons – Females: 3
Number of Slaves : 2
Number of Household Members: 9

1791 frame 150, Going, Shadrack 2005 Patrick Co Va
Going, Claborn (Dan River) 1001
Going, Labon 1001
Going, Benjamin Senr. 2005
Going, Nathan 1001
Going, Joseph 1202
Gowing, John 1001
Going, Isaac 1001
Going, James (Dan River) 1003
Going, William 2003
Going, Benjamin Junr. 1001
Gowing, David 1006
frame 151, Gowing, Jacob 1001
Gowing, Charles 1001

1791 to 1799 Patrick County land tax on David, William, James, John, Mary, Joseph, Sharack, Gowing – Going – Goin

1792 frame 163, Gowing, David 2008 Patrick Co Va
Gowing, Isaac 1001
Gowing, Benjamin Sr. 3006
Gowing, Shadrack 2005
Gowing, Labon 1001
Going, Nathan 1002
Gowing, Claborn 1001
Gowing, James Junr. 1001
Going, Joseph 1201
Going, Benjamin Jr. 1001
Going, Charles 1002
Going, Jacob 1001
Going, John Junr. 1
Going, James 1003

1793 frame 177, Gowing, Shadrack 2005 Patrick Co Va
Gowing, William 1003
Gowing, Benjamin Junr. 1001
Gowing, Charles 1001
Gowine, Joseph 1102
Gowin, James Senr. 1004
Gowin, James Junr. 1001
Gowin, Labon 1001
Gowin, Shadrack Junr. 1001
Gowin, Claborn 1001
Gowin, Nathan 1
Gowin, John (Mayo) 1
Gowin, David 2006
Gowin, Benjamin 3006

1794 Dec 4: Joseph Goin of Patrick County, Virginia to Abner Eules, for 65 pounds lawful money of Virginia, paid by Abner Eckles, 150 acres on Peters Creek, being part of John Lankford old survey. Wits: Matthew Deathrage and Malcom McCurry. Signed: Joseph Goin. Proved up in open court in the March term 1796 by the acknowldgement of Joseph Goin. Vol 2 p 222. Stokes County, North Carolina.

1795 frame 207, Gowing, David 2007 Patrick Co Va
Gowing, Isaac 1001
Gowing, William 1005
Gowine, Joseph 1102
Goin, Shadrack Sen. 3007
Goin, Shadrack Junr. 1001
Goin, James, Jr. 1001
Goin, Benjamin Junr. 1001
Goin, Charles 1001
Goin, James 1005

1795 – Joseph Gowin received 50 acres. 1791-1799 Patrick County Land Index. Patrick Co, Va

1795 Jan 23: Order to survey land. 1798 Aug 17: Survey done. 1799 Dec 17: Issued. No. 1989. Grant 1926. Entry 705. Book 106 pg 209. Joseph Going recd 50 acres in Surry County, North Carolina, ordered for survey to be on waters of Stony Creek adjoining himself (Joseph Going). Chain Carriers: William Becknel, Johnston Going.  (also spelled Joseph Guine in parts of survey orders). Surry County, North Carolina.

1796 frame 220, Gowing, Shadrack Junr. 1001 Patrick Co Va
Gowing, James 1001
Gowing, Joseph 1003
Gowing, William 1005
Gowing, Labon 1001
Gowing, Shadrack Senr. 3005
Gowing, David 3005

1797 frame 234, Goin, Joseph 1003 Patrick Co Va
Goin, James 2004
Goin, Zelph 1002
Goin, Shadrack Junr. 1
Goin, David 3005
Goin, Shadrack Senr. 2005
Goin, Labon 1001
Goin, William 1005
Goin, Isaack 1002

1797-99 – Joseph Going (Gowing) received 50 acres of Shadrack Barrett . 140 and 251 of Jacob Adams Jr. 1791-1799 Patrick County Land Index
Patrick Co, Va

1799 Nov 28: Joseph Going of Patrick County, Virginia conveys 120 acres located in Stokes County, North Carolina to Abner Eules of Franklin County, Georgia. Land located on Peters Creek . . . of Dan River. Land part of original survey of 350 acres for John Lankford. Wits: George Bland, Hugh Ford. Signed: Joseph Going. Proved up in March term 1800. Vol 3 p 286.  Stokes County, North Carolina.

1800 NC Stokes Co US Census Jacob Going in 6 other free

1800 NC Surry Co US Census Anthony Going in 26 to 44 yrs

1800 NC Surry Co US Census Jesse Going 26 to 44 yrs first one

1800 NC Surry Co US Census Jesse Goings 26 to 44 yrs second one

1800 NC Surry Co US Census William Going 16 to 25 yrs

1800 frame 288, Going, Joseph 2003 Patrick Co Va
Going, Isaac 1003
Going, Benjamin 1001
Going, Labon 1002
Going, Caleb 1001
Going, William 1003
Going, James 2004
Going, Martin 1
Going, Shadrick 0005
Going, Obed 1
Going, Jacob 1002
Going, David 1002

1800 May 8: Entry. 1800 Aug 27: Survey ordered. 1800 Sept 8: Survey. 1803 Dec 21: Issued. No. 2410. Grant No. 2351. Entry No. 876. Book 117 pg 93.  Anthony Going recd 100 acres on Stoney Creek a branch of Stewarts Creek, joining Joseph Going’s land and William Golden’s,  and the Virginia line. Chain Carriers: Nathan Going, Johnston Going. Surveyor: Moore (sp?). Surry County, North Carolina.

1801 Going, Francis 1001 Patrick Co Va
Going, John 1
Going, Obediah 1001
Going, Caleb 1001
Going, Labon 1001
Going, Isaac 1004
frame 315, Going, James 3006
Going, John (Dan River) 2001
Going, Benjamin 1002
Going, William 1003
Going, Shadrick 1004
Going, Joseph 2002

1802 Gowing, Caleb 1 Patrick Co Va
Gowing, Labon 1002
Gowing, Joseph 2003
frame 343, Gowing, William 1003
Gowing, Benjamin 1002
Gowing, Shadrack 0005
Going, John D.R. 2001
Gowing, Benjamin 1

1805 Stokes Co NC “Joseph Goin, of Patrick County, Virginia, yeoman” deeded 150 acres on Peters Creek, “being part of John Lankford’s old survey,” for 65 pounds in Virginia money to Abner Eules[s?],” according to Stokes County, North Carolina Deed Book 2, page 222. The deed was written about 1791.

1805 Feb 6 – Joseph Goins – Page 71
Deed Book C, Page 502
Samuel Wheelor to Wiliam Saterfield, for $250, 70 A adj Charles Winstead, Benjamin McNeill, Wm. Jones. 6 Feb 1805. Wit: R. Long, JOSEPH GOINS.
Person County, North Carolina Deeds 1792-1825
By Katherine Kerr Kendall
Person Co, NC

1805 Feb 7 – Joseph Goins, Thomas Goins – Page 70
Deed Book C, Page 495-6
Richard Atkinson to THOMAS GOINS, for 52 lbs 10/, 100 A both sides Hendley Mill Cr adj Samuel Wheelor, Tillman. 7 Feb 1805. Wit. JOSEPH GOINS.
Person County, North Carolina Deeds 1792-1825
By Katherine Kerr Kendall
Person Co, NC

1810 NC Surry Co US Census Joseph Going 26 to 44 yrs

1810 NC Surry Co US Census Joseph Going 45 yrs or older

1810 NC Surry Co US Census Anthony Going 26 to 44yrs

1810 NC Surry Co US Census Benjamin Going 45yrs or older

1810 NC Surry Co US Census Nathan Going 16 to 25 yrs

1810 NC Surry Co US Census William Going 26 to 44 yrs

1810 Joseph Going, Joseph Going, Sr. and Nathan Going were enumerated as the heads of households in the 1810 census of Surry County, page 178.

1813 Also appearing in the 1813 tax list of Surry County, Underwood’s District were:
Joseph Going 150 acres 1 white poll
Elijah Going 0 acres 1 white poll

Anthony Going appeared as the head of a household in the 1810 census of Surry County, page 162. Anthony Going reappeared as the head of a household in the 1820 census of Surry County, page 58, according to “Index to the 1820 census of North Carolina,” by Dorothy Williams Potter.

Anthony Going appeared as a taxpayer in the 1813 tax list of Surry County in Underwood’s District. He was recorded as “Anthony Going, 150 acres, 1 white poll.”

Nancy Going appeared as the head of a household in the 1820 census of Surry County, page 59 in a location near Anthony Going, according to “Index to the 1820 census of North Carolina.”

Also appearing in the 1813 tax list of Surry County, Underwood’s District were:
Joseph Going 150 acres 1 white poll
Elijah Going 0 acres 1 white poll

1818 William Gowen – probate papers loose
Surry Co, NC
Addtl Page:
1818 Oct 20: Estate Sale of William Goin decd’s property.  Buyers listed: William Fleming, Robert Thompson, Elijah Goin, Nancy Goin, James Fale, Joseph Goin, John Snow, Jr, Anthony Goin, Lewis Goin, J H McCraw, James McCraw, Mitchel Thompson, Samuel McCraw, David Burns, Polly Goin,  Levi Johnson, and George McCraw. Surry County, North Carolina.

1818 NC Surry Co William Going rev war pension app NOTES
William Going married to Mary Going
served as a private
Lived in Surry Co, NC when applied for pension in 1834
Age 72 years in 1834 – b. Sept 13, 1761 in Rockingham Co, Va.
Moved to Henry Co, Va (now Patrick Co, Va) until 10 yrs old.
Then moved to Surry Co, NC – still resides there.
In winter of 1781 or latter part of 1780 he volunteered under
command of Capt Saml. Shaw from Henry Co, Va. They joined troops
of Gen Green in Guilford Co, NC. Had several engagements in SC.
Died on May 28, 1849. Raised a family of children.   Married in 1798 per Mary Going, in Patrick Co, Va. by John Nunn a Baptist minister.   1834 in Surry applied for pension.  1853 Mary Going living in Patrick Co, Va applying for widow’s pension. 78 yrs of age.  Children:
Zart Mourning Goin who died while and infant (would be 55 yrs old in 1853).  Rachael Whish 50 yrs.  Woodson Goin born Jan 2, 1803, living in 1853.  Morgan Goin born July 17, 1805.    Apr 14, 1855 – Mary Going is age 80 yrs. In Patrick Co, Va.  A. Staples had known William Going for 75 years in April 5, 1833.  Rockingham Co (birth) Henry Co, Va (till 10 yrs old) marriage in Patrick Co, Va Surry Co, NC

1824 Feb 17: Entered. 1824 Aug 26: Survey. 1825 Nov 30: Issued. No. 4047. Grant No 3224. Entry No. 326. Book 136 pg 230.  Richard Gowen recd 200 acres on waters of Buffalow Creek, adj Andrew Tucker’s line, and Charlotte Elliot’s corner.  Chain Carriers: Andrew Tucker, William Holeman. Surveyor. John Little (sp?).  Rowan County, North Carolina.

1835 Nov 2: Benjamin Going probate papers: Joseph Forkner v. Thos Pinion and his wife Patsy, Gemima Goings, Malinda Goings, Martin Goings and his wife Jincy, the heirs of Isaac Goings decd, Forkner’s petition alleges Benjamin Goings died in Surry County, NC seized of a tract of land of 180 acres adjoining William Goings and others, and also Richard Going son and heir at law of said Benjamin Going decd. Land was sold at execution by Sheriff and purchased by petitioner Forkner.  Forkner is now a tenant in common with defendants, and wishes court to divide and partition the said land on the waters of Archus Creek. John A Gilmer, Attorney.  Court ordered that F R Armstrong be appointed Guardian for the heirs of Isaac Going decd. Surry County, North Carolina


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