1700 abt Joseph Gowen of Somerset Co MD and Chowan Precinct NC

Joseph Gowen b. abt 1700 in Chowan Dist, NC







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1725 Aug 2: Joseph Gowen “alias Smith” of Chowan Precinct was indicted August 2, 1725 for larceny. He was charged by Patrick Ogilby of Edenton, North Carolina in the theft of a pair of shoes, according to “Colonial Records of North Carolina,” Volume 2, page 591. The indictment read:
“William Little, Esq: Attorney General comes to prosecute the Bill of Indictment found by the Grand Jury against Joseph Gowen, alias Smith of Chowan Precinct, Mariner for Larceny in these words, viz:
The Jurors of Our Sovereign Lord the King on their Oath doe present that Joseph Gowen alias Smith, not having the fear of God before his Eyes, but moved by the instigation of the Devill in the precinct of Chowan aforesaid on or about the seventeenth day of this instant July in the year of our Lord One Thousand seven hundred & twenty-five by force and armes did fradulently and feloniously Steal, take, and carry away from the house of Patrick Ogilby of Edenton of the Precinct of Chowan aforesayd one payr of shoes of the value of eleven pence against the peace of Our Sovereign Lord the King that now is his Crown and dignity etc.
Upon which Indictment the said Joseph Gowen alias Smith was arraigned and upon his arraignment pleaded [Not Guilty] and for tryall thereof put himself upon God and the Country and the said William Little on the behalf of our Lord the King likewise.
Whereupon the Marshall was commanded that he should cause to come twelve good and honest men etc…and there came viz: Capt, John Pettifer, Mr. Thomas Luton, Junr, John Harlee, Thos. Matthews, J. Pratt, Const. Luton, John Lewis, William Benbury, John Adderly, Thos. Stubbs, Edward Patchett and John Ward who being impannelled and sworn etc…do say upon their Oath, ‘Wee of the Jury find the Prisoner Guilty.’
Then the sayd Gowen alias Smith being asked if he had anything to say why sentence should not pass against him as the Law in that Case has provided and he offering nothing in avoydance thereof, It was then and there Considered and Adjudged that he should be carried to the publick Whipping post and there receive twenty-one lashes on his bare back well layd on & to remain in custody till fees are payd.” http://docsouth.unc.edu/csr/index.html/document/csr02-0279

1725 Dec 29: Joseph Gowen was a witness to the will of Elias Taylor December 29, 1725 in Somerset County, according to Somerset County Probate Volume 18, page 506. This information was published in “Maryland Calendar of Wills” Volume 5, page 226, by James Baldwin. Maryland.