Mississippi – Lowndes County



Link to Lowndes Co, MS map: LOWNDES CO, MS – Columbus, MS plat map

Link to Lowndes Co, MS map:  Lowndes Co, MS plat map

1830-36 – No Going type surnames found on taxrolls in Lowndes Co, MS for these years
1830 Lowndes Co MS taxroll – No “Going” type surnames found
1831 Lowndes Co MS taxroll – No “Going” type surnames found
1832 Lowndes Co MS – no taxrolls for this year
1833 Lowndes Co MS taxroll – No “Going” type surnames found
1834 Lowndes Co MS taxroll – No “Going” type surnames found
1835 Lowndes Co MS taxroll – No “Going” type surnames found
1836 Lowndes Co MS taxroll – No “Going” type surnames found

1837 Lowndes Co MS taxroll
Goowin & Phister

1837 May 1: Deed: John S Washington to Edward G Goins
Town of Columbus
State of Mississippi
Lowndes County
John Washington for sum of $6500 paid by Edward G Goins … sell to said Edward G Goings … a tract of land situated in square number 4 in the plan of the Town of Columbus in the said State (Mississippi) … namely commencing at the corner of Washington and Market Street in said square, and runing from said corner sixty six feet east on Washington Street and from thence sixty four feet in a direction north from thence sixty six feet west to Market Street and from thence south sixty four feet to said corner of Market and Washington Streets … term of 99 years from the first day of August 1821 renewable forever the said Edward G Goings shall annually pay the rent accruing on said base and ground to the Trustees of the Franklin Academy of said Town and the said John S Washington hereby warrants the title to said premises … Wit this 1st days of May 1837 by Argyle Campbell, Salomon W Stewart. Signed: John S Washington. Proved up on June 5, 1837.
Clerk of Probate Court, Robert Haden, attested that the deed was deposited in his officer on June 5, 1837, recorded in book 7, p 361. Lowndes County, Mississippi.
https://www.familysearch.org/search/catalog/250537?availability=Family%20History%20Library (Index)  1837 June 6: Edward G. Goings to Charles M Stewart.   Edward G Goings turned around and sold this same tract of land listed above in the Town of Columbus on June 6, 1837 to Charles M Stewart.
https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3Q9M-C3QC-49W6-J?i=212&cat=250537, bk 7, p 377 https://www.familysearch.org/search/catalog/250537?availability=Family%20History%20Library (Index)

1838 Lowndes Co MS taxroll
James Goin

1839-1842 – No Going type surnames found on taxrolls in Lowndes Co, MS for these years.
1839 Lowndes Co MS taxroll – No “Going” type surnames found
1840 Lowndes Co MS taxroll – No “Going” type surnames found
1841 Lowndes Co MS taxroll – No “Going” type surnames found
1842 Lowndes Co MS taxroll – no taxlist found for this year

1840 Nov 7 T B Goyn with a letter to pick up at Columbus MS Post Office in Columbus Democrat paper in MS. Columbus Democrat., November 07, 1840, Image 3. About Columbus Democrat. (Columbus, Lowndes Co, MS) 18??-18??

1841 Dec 25 Thos B Goyne with two letters to pick up on Columbus Democrats List of letters remaining in the Post Office in Columbus MS. Columbus Democrat., December 25, 1841, Image 4. About Columbus Democrat. (Columbus, Miss.) 18??-18??

1843 – Lowndes County, Miss – County Tax rolls –
a) Page 21 lists – E B Goins – tax of 50
b) Page 22 lists – Thos B. Goyen – tax of 25

1844 – Lowndes County, Miss – County Tax Rolls:
a) Page 21 lists – http://www.mdah.ms.gov/arrec/digital_archives/taxrolls/Lowndes/1844/Personal/21
i) Goyne f Turner – tax of 60
ii) Thomas B. Goyne – tax of 25
Digital Taxrolls: http://www.mdah.ms.gov/arrec/digital_archives/taxrolls/

1845 – Lowndes County, Miss – County Tax Rolls:
a) Page 26 lists – Drury B. Goyne, Thos B. Gowyne, and Gowyne f Turner  http://www.mdah.ms.gov/arrec/digital_archives/taxrolls/Lowndes/1845/Personal/26
i) Drury B. Goyne – tax of 91
– Page 80 – has Drury Goings with 5 males, 6 females – total of 11 in household – http://www.mdah.ms.gov/arrec/digital_archives/taxrolls/Lowndes/1845/Personal/80
ii) Thos B. Goyne – tax of 41
– Page 80 – has Thos Goings with 1 male – total of 1 in household – http://www.mdah.ms.gov/arrec/digital_archives/taxrolls/Lowndes/1845/Personal/80
iii) Goyne L Turner – tax of 300
b) Page 42 lists – http://www.mdah.ms.gov/arrec/digital_archives/taxrolls/Lowndes/1845/Personal/42
i) A K McLuny – tax of 235
Mississippi Digital Archives Taxrolls: http://www.mdah.ms.gov/arrec/digital_archives/taxrolls/

1846-1849 Lowndes Co, MS – no taxrolls found for these years.

1846 Feb 1: Charles W Hoskins of first part, Richard M Turner and Thomas Goyne of the 2d part, all of Lowndes Co, MS. Charles W Hoskins was paid $200 by Richard M Turner and Thomas Goyne .. sell to them title of lots of land .. lots number 2 and 3 in fractional block no 31 (or lot 1), lot number 7 in fractional block number 31, lot number 3 in block no 2, lot no 8 in block 39, lots no 7 and 9 in block 37, Lots 6 and 7 in Block no 4, Block no 13, lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, in fractional block no 15, blocks no 17 no 21, no 23, no 43, and no 58, ten acres, lots no 6, and no 21 and the undivided half of lots 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 in block 5, the undivided half of block no 6 situated lying and being in Lowndes Co, MS according to the plan of the Town of West Port … bk 22, p 186. Lowndes Co, MS.
1846 April 15: Charles W. Hoskins to Thomas B. Goyne and Richard M Turner. Lowndes Co, MS…
Two notes … one dated Jan 1, 1846 and payable the 1st day of April 1846 for $100 dollars and the other dated 1 day of March 1846 and payable the 1st day of Jan 1847 for $100 dollars … Charles W Hoskins … assigned and dlivered unto Thos B Goyne one two-horse buggy with two sets of harness oneay horse, on sorrell three year old colt and 15 hogs of the said Charles W Hoskins togeteher with every character of claim appertaining to the same in trust and to the intent and purpose that he Thos Goyne shall sell and dispose the said property and appropriate the moneys arising therefrom to the payment of the above specified notes … Wit: Martin L Gilder. Signed: Charles W. Hoskins, Thomas B. Goyne, R. M. Turner.
Proved up April 18, 1846. Recorded April 18, 1846. Lowndes Co, MS. bk 22, p 187.
https://www.familysearch.org/search/catalog/250537?availability=Family%20History%20Library (Index)

West Port Mississippi on Tombigbee R outside Columbus MS

1846 Oct 20: Richard M Turner and Thomas Goyne of the first part, and Harrison Hale and Abraham Murdock merchants and partners under the name of Hale & Murdock of the 2nd part … Turner and Goyne in consideration of one thousand dollars to them secured by the said Hale and Murdock draft of even date herewith one Toomer Gay H of Mobile, Ala for three hundred and thirty three and 35/100 dollars due March 15, 1847 and the said Hale and Murdock two notes of even date herewith each for $333.33 dollars one due 1st March 1848 and one due first March 1849 each payable to the said Turner and Goyne … who granted to said Hale and Murdock the following parcels of land in Westport, County of Lowndes, MS … lots 2, 3, block 1, lot 7, block 31, lot 3, block 2, lot 8, block 39, lots 7, 9 in block 37, lots 6 and 7 in block 4, all of block 13, all of fractional block 15, all of blocks 17, 21, 28, 43, 58, also all of fractional blocks 14, 16, also an equal undivided half of block 6, lots 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 in block 5. … signed: R M Turner, Thomas B. Goyne. bk 22, p 442. Lowndes Co, MS.

https://www.familysearch.org/search/catalog/250537?availability=Family%20History%20Library (Index)

1849 Feb 10 – Thos B Goyne and John E Goyne with post to pick up in Columbus MS
Columbus Democrat., February 10, 1849, Image 2
About Columbus Democrat. (Columbus, Miss.) 18??-18??

1849 Feb 17 – Thos B Goyne and John E Goyne with post to pick up in Columbus MS
Columbus Democrat., February 17, 1849, Image 3
About Columbus Democrat. (Columbus, Miss.) 18??-18??

1849 Aug 11 – T B Goyne’s dry goods and grocery store destroyed by fire. “Fire at Westport, Miss. – We learn from a postscript in the Columbus (Miss.) Democrat of
the 1st inst., that a fire occurred at Westport, on the opposite side of the river, a mile or two above town, on the night of the 31st ult., which completely consumed the dry good and grocery stores of Messrs. G. W. Randolph and T. B. Goyne. The loss of Mr. Randolph is very heavy – nearly all of his goods were consumed. Mr. Goyne’s store, we learn, was ensured. There were two kegs of powder in Mr. Randolph’s store, which exploded with terrific reports, doing no injury, however, to any of those who were engaged at the time in removing the merchandise. The Daily Picayune, New Orleans, LA. August 11, 1849. http://nl.newsbank.com/nl-search/we/Archives/?p_product=HA-TP&p_theme=histpaper&p_nbid=&p_action=doc&p_docid=1289DB1DD610440D&s_lastnonissuequeryname=3&d_viewref=search&p_queryname=3&p_docnum=17&p_docref=v2:1223BCE5B718A166@HA-TP-1225DAD6DF4A9308@2396616-12241B3D097422B0@1-1289DB1DD610440D@Fire%20At%20Westport%2C%20Miss&s_trackval=&s_subexpires=03/29/2017%206:51%20AM&s_dlid=DL0117032811033315912&s_accountid=AC0114060620555301780&s_referrer=&s_siteloc=&s_orderid=NB0117032810512415312&s_docsleft=47&s_docstart=50&s_docsbal=docs%20remaining:%2047&s_subterm=Subscription%20until:%2003/29/2017%206:51%20AM&s_ecproduct=SBK-D50&s_docsread=3&s_ecprodtype=TEST&s_upgradeable=no&s_username=Goyen1

1850 Lowndes Co, MS Landroll (not in alpha order – need to review)

1850 – Lowndes County, Mississippi – US Census – showing William Goen, 21 years old, living with Dailey family as a student – there are 4 students ages 17, 18, 19, 21 living with the Daileys at that time. Only one of those students with last name of Dailey.

1851 Lowndes Co MS taxroll – No Going type surnames found

1852 Lowndes Co MS taxroll – No Going type surnames found

1853 Lowndes Co MS Landroll – (Not in alpha order – need to review)

1854-1856 Lowndes Co MS – no taxrolls found for these years

1855 abt – Charles Gayane to S A Buchannon bk 29, p 108  (Possibly Gayare – need to check when rec becomes available)
https://www.familysearch.org/search/catalog/250537?availability=Family%20History%20Library (NOT AVAILABLE YET)

1857 Lowndes Co MS taxroll
Elbridge H Goyne

1858 Lowndes Co MS – no taxroll found for this year

1859 Lowndes Co MS taxroll
Elbridge H Goyne

1860-1867 Lowndes Co MS taxrolls are missing

1867 abt – Jno R Gawin to Munroe bk 34 p 8 (Likely Garvin – need to check when available)
https://www.familysearch.org/search/catalog/250537?availability=Family%20History%20Library (NOT AVAILABLE YET)

1868 Lowndes Co MS taxroll – No Going type surnames found on taxroll

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