1680 Edward Gowing born abt 1680

Edward Gowing b. abt 1680 – unk spouse







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There are no known documents that connect this Edward Gowen b. abt 1680 to any family members.   Other Gowen’s in Gloucester County, Virginia are:

1)  Christopher Gowen is married to Anne about 1678 in Gloucester Co, Va.   Christopher would likely be at least 20 years old, or close to it, and possibly older if this was a later marriage or 2nd marriage.  So his birth year range would be about 1643-1658.
2)  Michael Gowen born January 1679 – son of Christopher Gowen and Anne in Gloucester Co.
3)  Daniel Gowen receives a patent for land about 1679 and another in 1698 in Gloucester Co.  Daniel would likely be at least 25 years of age when receiving the first patent, possibly older.  Date of birth range would be 1639-1654 for Daniel.
4)  Edward Gowen is listed on Quit Rents of Virginia in 1704 in Gloucester Co.  He likely would be at least 25 years old if he owned land, and possibly older.  An estimate of his birth year range is likely 1664-1679.

Its possible that Daniel and Christopher are brothers – they are close to the same age.  Edward is likely the son of one of them, and Michael Gowen b. 1679 could be his brother – as he is close to the same age as Edward.

In 1673 a Christopher Gowin starts indenture in York Co, Virgiina – born about 1649. Source Citations: Benjamin B. Weisiger, York County, Virginia Records 1672-1676 (n.p.: n.p., 1991), 60, quoting York County, Virginia Record Book 5:49.  http://www.pricegen.com/immigrantservants/servant/show.php?servant=7908

1704 Edward Gowing is listed on Quit Rents of Virginia – on 100 acres, Kingston, Gloucester Co, Va



http://www.ancestraltrackers.net/va/resources/english-duplicates-lost-virginia-records.pdf (p. 143).

1702 July 4 – “Michael Gowin” and his brother “Phillip Gowin” were serving in the militia in nearby New Kent County. They were serving under Col. John Lightfoot. Created in 1654, New Kent County then encompassed territory included in the present counties of King William, King and Queen, Hanover, and New Kent. Va Miltia – New Kent County.https://books.google.com/books?id=0RpcjJQBm6AC&pg=PA219&lpg=PA219&dq=James+Gowing,+John+Gowing,+William+Gowing,+dragoons&source=bl&ots=aUYdKZese1&sig=1y0EvkT1Z-TVNYDRCyOxHMcXFQU&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0CB4Q6AEwAGoVChMIz9iSs5GZyQIVhiomCh3KLA1E#v=onepage&q&f=false

1704 Christopher Gawin Jr is listed on the Quit Rents of Virginia – on 20 acres, Nanesmond Co, Va

1704 Apr 26 – Christopher Gewin recd 900 acres on the Dragon Swamp. Adjoining the land of Bryant Oquins. Nansemond County, Va.
http://www.ancestraltrackers.net/va/resources/english-duplicates-lost-virginia-records.pdf (pg 198).


1704 Oct 20 – John Harrold recd 230 acr near a swamp called the Dragon Swamp. Beg.g at a pine a line tree of Christopher Gewins land. Nansemond County, Va.

1714 June 16 – Christopher Gowin – Adam Harrold 112 acres near the Dragon Swamp. Adjoining the land of Edmond Bemond and Christopher Gowins. Nansemond County, Va.

1720 July 14 – “Michael Gowing” is mentioned in an entry dated July 14, 1720 in the “Vestry Book of St. Pauls Parish, Hanover County, Virginia, 1706-1786:” “In obedience to an order of New Kent County, July 14, 1720, it is ordered that the precinct whereof Jere: Parker is Surveyor be divided into two precincts and that Peter Harrilson be Surveyor of the lower precinct, beginning at Ash Cake Road, thence up the road to Magirts path and that he haveMichael Gowing‘s male tithables, Mrs. Mary Anderson’s tithables at the Quarter adjoining to that, those of George Butler, Henry Taylor and his own tithables to assist him in the clearing & keeping that road in good order.”
Hanover Co, Va http://interactive.ancestry.com/28794/dvm_LocHist012613-00315-1?backurl=http%3a%2f%2fsearch.ancestry.com%2fsearch%2fdb.aspx%3fdbid%3d28794%26path%3d&ssrc=&backlabel=ReturnBrowsing#?imageId=dvm_LocHist012613-00057-1 (pg 93)

1728 March 25 – Christopher Gowen, Jr. purchases 150 acres “on the north side of Roanoke River” in Bertie County, North Carolina, March 25, 1728, according to Bertie County Deed Book C, page 23. Bertie Co, NC

1734 June 7 -“John Gowin” leased land from “Shurley Whatley” in St. Martins Parish in adjoining Hanover County, Virginia on June 7, 1734, according to “The Valentine Papers.” Volume 3, page 71. Hanover Co, Va

1737 May 21 – Mr. Michl Going (pd Danl. Patrick Jr., carried to D p. 23) Credits: May 21, 1737 (1 Note as Merryweathers).  Accounts from the Store of Thomas Partridge and Co. Hanover Co, Virginia, 1734-1756.  1737 in Hanover Co a Michael Going owing on a store acct. Hannover Co, Va


1738- (nd) (Bal from B 171). 1738 Michael Going in Hanover Co owes on store acct. Hannover Co, Va.

1744 June – Edmund Goin, 1 tithe King William Parish, Henrico Co or Goochland Co, Va

1743-1744 merchant acct book with Michael Gowing Jr and Michael Gowing Sr, David Gowing, and Edward Gowing in Hanover Co
A Merchant’s Account Book. Hannover County, Va

1744 1745 merch acct book w Michael Gowing Jr and Michael Gowing Sr, David Gowing plus Edward Gowing in Hanover Co. A Merchant’s Account Book. Hannover County, Va

From the Gowen Manuscript:  http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~gowenrf/gowenms001.htm


Edward Gowen, [William2, Mihil1] suggested as a son of William Gowen by Paul Heinegg, was born about 1681. In 1704 he appeared on the tax rolls of Gloucester County, paying tax on 100 acres in Kingston Parish, according to “The Quit Rents of Virginia, 1704.”

Edward Gowen is suggested as the father of:

Edward Gowen, Jr. born about 1702 (Note:  Complete Speculation – no evidence this is the same Edward Gowen).

Other possible info for this Edward Gowing from Gowen Manuscript:

GM: Edw Gowen appeared as a “taxable” on the 1720 tax list of Northampton County, Virginia located across the Chesapeake Bay from Gloucester County.
GM: “Edward Going” was settled in Charles City County in 1739, according to Charles City County Order Book, page 109.
GM: “Edward Goeing” received a deed in Charles City County from John Goodall “and Mary, his wife” which was recorded in the July court session of 1743, according to “Charles City County, Virginia Records, 1734-74.”
GM: “Edward Going” gave a deed to John Shell in Charles City County which was recorded in the May 1746 court session, according to “Charles City County, Virginia Records, 1734-74.
GM: “Edward Going of Brunswick County” was mentioned in “Brunswick County, Virginia Deeds, 1745-1749:” Page 444 “June 2, 1748, From John Roper of Charles City County to Edward Going of Brunswick County for £5 one certain tract of land of about 100 acres in Brunswick County on the south side of Mill Creek, bounded by Simmons’ corner and old line, the south fork, being part of a larger tract of 1601 acres which was patented to the said John Roper on August 2, 1745. Witnessed by: John Roper Thomas Twitty William Linsey John [X] Roberts Recorded June 2, 1748.

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