2G Grandparents and 3G Grandparents

The following are my grandparents starting 2G grandparents, and then 3G grandparents – paternal on left, maternal on right.  I’ve included links and pictures where I have them.

2G Grandparents

Paternal 2G Grandparents

Maternal 2G Grandparents

John Bell Goyen b. 1860  (Ancestry.com page) (FamilySearch.org page) married to Ella Green Parker b. 1864 (Ancestry.com page) (FamilySearch.org page) – 2G grandparents

John Bell Goyen family in Gilmer, Upshur Co, Texas in 1898 – click to enlarge

Francis Asbury Eubanks b. 1836 (Ancestry.com page) (FamilySearch.org page) married to Narcissa Jane Merritt b. 1844 (Ancestry.com page) (FamilySearch.org page) – 2G grandparents

Francis Asbury Eubanks after Civil War – click to enlarge

Narcissa Jane Merritt photo fr Hutchings Studio in St Louis – click to enlarge

William C. Stayton b. 1870 (Ancestry.com page) (FamilySearch.org page) married to Mary E. Threldkeld b. 1876 (Ancestry.com page) (FamilySearch.org page) – 2G grandparents (no pictures)

John B. Hudson MD b. 1851 (Ancestry.com page) (FamilySearch.org page)  married Mary Etta Kidd b. 1861 (Ancestry.com page) (FamilySearch.org page) – 2G grandparents

Frances Eubanks, Alleine Hudson, Mary Etta Kidd, and Sarah Green 4 generations daughter to mother left to right – click to enlarge

John B Hudson and Mary Etta Kidd 4th from left – click to enlarge

Arthur Amos Foote b. 1865 (Ancestry.com page) (FamilySearch.org page) married Katherine G C Mueller b. 1860 (Ancestry.com page) (FamilySearch.org page) – 2G grandparents

Katherine Gertrude Chalotte Mueller Foote. 7 years of age time of emigration from Germany to NY – click to enlarge

Theodore Henry Minor b. 1845 (Ancestry.com page) (FamilySearch.org page) married Mary Jane Hunter b. 1847 (Ancestry.com page) (FamilySearch.org page) – 2G grandparents

Theodore Henry Minor with sons John Minor and Harry Garfield Minor and their families.  Theodore Henry Minor is on right with hat and jug in left hand smiling – click to enlarge

George Cohen Harrison b. 1857 (Ancestry.com page) (FamilySearch.org page) married Mary Pleasant Chandler b. 1867 (Ancestry.com page) (FamilySearch.org page) – 2G grandparents

Mary Chandler Harrison at 16 yrs – click to enlarge

David Bentley b. 1847 (Ancestry.com page) (FamilySearch.org page) married Euphemia “Effie” Bell b. 1853 (Ancestry.com page) (FamilySearch.org page) – 2G grandparents

David Bentley portrait – click to enlarge

Effie Bell at 21 years – click to enlarge


3G Grandparents

Paternal 3G Grandparents

Maternal 3G Grandparents

William W. Goyen b. abt. 1829 (Ancestry.com page) (FamilySearch.org page) married Sarah Martha Bell b. abt. 1829  (Ancestry.com page) (FamilySearch.org page) – 3G grandparents

William W Goyen portrait before Civil War – click to enlarge

Sarah Martha Bell on far left living with son John Bell Goyen’s family in Gilmer, Upshur Co, Texas in 1898 – click to enlarge

Joseph Eubanks b. 1800 (Ancestry.com page) (FamilySearch.org page) married Harriet H. Dutart b. 1809 (Ancestry.com page) (FamilySearch.org page) – 3G grandparents (no photos)

George W. Parker b. 1819 (Ancestry.com page) (FamilySearch.org page) married Mary Catharine Miller b. 1822 (Ancestry.com page) (FamilySearch.org page) – 3G grandparents

George W. Parker and Mollie Therrel Parker (2d wife). This photo was taken from the book, “Calhoun County Mississippi A Pictorial History”. – click to enlarge

Harvey Milton Merritt b. 1812 (Ancestry.com page) (FamilySearch.org page) married Mary A. Townsend b. 1823 (Ancestry.com page) (FamilySearch.org page) – 3G grandparents

Mary Ann Townsend fr Hutchings Studio St Louis – click to enlarge

William D. Stayton b. 1842 (Ancestry.com page) (FamilySearch.org page) married Elizabeth M. Labauve 1843 (Ancestry.com page) (FamilySearch.org page) – 3G grandparents

Below are pictures of the parents of Elizabeth M. Labauve:  

Dominique Joseph Lebauve – father – click to enlarge

Marie Marcelite Hebert – click to enlarge

Hudson – deadend – unk parents of John B. Hudson (No Info)

John W. Threlkeld b. 1831 (Ancestry.com page) (FamilySearch.org page) married Mary A. Thompson b. abt 1847 (Ancestry.com page) (FamilySearch.org page) – 3G grandparents

Thomas M. Kidd b. 1833 (Ancestry.com page) (FamilySearch.org page) married Sarah A. Green b. 1841 (Ancestry.com page) (FamilySearch.org page) – 3G grandparents

 Frances Eubanks, Alleine Hudson, Mary Etta Kidd, and Sarah Green 4 generations daughter to mother left to right – click to enlarge

Edmund B. Foote b. 1837 (Ancestry.com page) (FamilySearch.org page) married Rebecca Ann Hoff b. abt. 1840 (Ancestry.com page) (FamilySearch.org page) – 3G grandparents

Samuel Minor b. 1800 (Ancestry.com page) (FamilySearch.org page) married Louisa Keller b. 1806  (Ancestry.com page) (FamilySearch.org page) – 3G grandparents

Rudolph Miller b. 1832 (Ancestry.com page) (FamilySearch.org page) married Catherine Weber b. 1840 (Ancestry.com page) (FamilySearch.org page) – 3G grandparents

Hunter – deadend – unk parents of Mary Jane Hunter (No Info)

Harris Kollock Harrison b. 1827 (Ancestry.com page) (FamilySearch.org page) married Sarah Elinor Elkins b. 1829 (Ancestry.com page) (FamilySearch.org page) – 3G grandparents

Harris Kollock Harrison – click to enlarge

Caleb Gillett Bentley b. 1794 (Ancestry.com page) (FamilySearch.org page) married Harriet Montross b. 1813 (Ancestry.com page) (FamilySearch.org page) – 3G grandparents

George Lewis Chandler b. 1838 (Ancestry.com page) (FamilySearch.org page) married Elizabeth R. Henderson b. 1846 (Ancestry.com page) (FamilySearch.org page) – 3G grandparents

Elizabeth Rebecca Henderson - click to enlarge

Elizabeth Rebecca Henderson

Hugh Bell b. 1822 (Ancestry.com page) (FamilySearch.org page) married Catherine McKinnon b. 1826  (Ancestry.com page) (FamilySearch.org page) – 3G grandparents

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