1839 David Wilson Minor

David Wilson Minor 1839–1920
BIRTH 23 DEC 1839 • Uniontown, Fayette Co., PA
DEATH 7 MAY 1920 • Arcata, Humboldt Co., CA
3rd great-uncle of writer


Esther Ann Jefferis (Jeffries) 1846–


Samuel Minor 1800–1878, married
Louisa Keller 1806–1848


None known


Eliza Douglas Minor 1826–1902
Louisa Minor 1827–1879
Daniel Keller Minor 1829–
Isaac Minor 1830–1915
Sarah Ann Minor 1833–1856
Samuel Minor 1835–1863
Rachel Minor 1839–1870
David Wilson Minor 1839–1920
William Hazlett Minor Sr 1843–1893
Theodore Henry Minor 1845–1932


Ancestry.com page:  https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/69705632/person/34215558468/facts

David W. Minor was born in 1840 and died in Arcata in 1920. He was married to Esther A. (maiden surname unknown) and both are buried in Isaac Minor’s Mausoleum at Arcata’s Greenwood Cemetery. Esther was born in 1846 and died in 1926.

Some of the information on David comes in a letter written in 1864 by the senior Samuel, father of the four Minor brothers, to William who was then serving in the Civil War. In the letter, the father said he had not heard for quite awhile from Isaac or David.

This could imply that the father knew that his son, Samuel, had been killed and also that David was in Arcata with Isaac prior to 1864. The writer remembers that as a young boy of five or six years of age, he accompanied his parents for several visits to Uncle David and Aunt Esther in their Arcata home.

The following information has been gleaned from these visits and from verbal information from the writer’s parents, James M. and Mary Millard Minor:

David did some gold mining and had several gold nuggets on display in his home. At various times he worked for his brother, Isaac, in his lumber business. David had the distinction of being the first R.F.D. (Rural Free Delivery) mailman in Arcata. David and Esther had no children, but did have an unofficially adopted daughter who lived with them.

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