1826 Eliza Douglas Minor

Eliza Douglas Minor 1826–1902
BIRTH 2 MAR 1826 • Uniontown, Fayette Co., PA
DEATH 13 SEP 1902 • Geneva, NE
3rd great-aunt of writer


Henry Hedden 1822–1904


Samuel Minor 1800–1878, married
Louisa Keller 1806–1848


Samuel Hedden 1850–1941
Isaac Hedden 1852–1907
James William Hedden 1856–1933
Theodore Keller Hedden 1859–1934
Louisa Jane Hedden Van Syoc 1862–1883
David Randolph Henry Hedden 1869–1945


Eliza Douglas Minor 1826–1902
Louisa Minor 1827–1879
Daniel Keller Minor 1829–
Isaac Minor 1830–1915
Sarah Ann Minor 1833–1856
Samuel Minor 1835–1863
Rachel Minor 1839–1870
David Wilson Minor 1839–1920
William Hazlett Minor Sr 1843–1893
Theodore Henry Minor 1845–1932


Ancestry.com page:  https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/69705632/person/34215558473/facts

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