1777 Nathaniel Going b. abt 1777, living in Patrick Co, Va



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From GRF Newsletter May 1994:

Nathan Going Slain by Hoe
In the Hands of Robert Hall

The plantation of Shadrack Going was the scene of a jury inquest held to determine the cause of death of Nathan Going, regarded as his son, according to Patrick County Will Book 1, page 53. The inquest was dated November 9, 1793, according to Lela C. Adams in “Abstracts of Wills, Inventories and
Accounts, Patrick County, Virginia:”

“Inquisition taken at the plantation of Shadrack Going before Edward Tatum, a commissioner. The body of Nathan Going then and there lying dead. One Robert Hall on Saturday, 21 September last, on the plantation of Jacob Lawson mortally wounded the said Going on the head with a weeding hoe and broke the skull of Going through the rage and passion of Robert Hall.

Jurors: Jonathan Hanby, foreman, Obadiah Hudson, Isaac Pennington, Aaron Rea, Harberd Smith, Warham Easley, William Easley, Thomas Collings, William Collings, Anthony Collings, John Wilson and Richard Davidson.”

Shadrack Going posted bond and was appointed administrator of the estate of Nathan Going December 10, 1793, according to Will Book 1, page 6. The estate of “Nathan Goings” was appraised at 25 pounds, 8 shillings and 10 pense” by Obadiah Hudson, John Rea and James Taylor and returned to the court
May 23, 1794, according to Will Book 1, page 22. The estate consisted of “4 notes amounting to 24.2.3, hammer, gun and rasp, Total: 25.8.10.”