1640-45 Esau Goeing b est 1640-45 of Talbot Co, MD and Westmoreland Co, Va


John Goane b est 1625-30 (not confirmed)


Thomas Going b. 1660 (Possibly – not confirmed)


Esau Going b. est 1640-45
Thomas Going b. est 1646-50

States and Counties to research: 


Esau Goeing:  On May 31, 1693, Esau Goeing was indebted to Gawin Corbin.  He was no longer in the county, so the sheriff attached a horse belonging to Esau Goeing to pay the debt.  Also noted was a bridle and saddle of Esau Goeing in the hands of Abraham Smith. Mr. James Ellis confirmed the debt of Esau Goeing to Gawin Corbin.  (83).

It appears that this is the same Esau Goeing who appeared in Talbot County, Maryland, in 1672.  In that case, Anne, the wife of Esau Goeing proved rights to land for service provided in Talbot County, Maryland. Esau Goeing assigned his wife’s rights for her service to John Pitt in Talbot County, Maryland.  (26).  (Note:  This transaction tells us a few things a) Anne Goeing was owed for her service – likely this was an indenture, meaning she arrived at least 4 years earlier (1668 or before). Since she was married, and selling her rights to her service, she was now free.  b) Esau Goeing married Anne Goeing, and as her husband, he was selling her rights due to her for her service.  Since he was contracting and married, he obviously was not under any indenture either – no documents have indicated Esau ever was a servant, nor have any documents indicated when Esau Goeing arrived in the Americas.  He may have been born in the Americas.  c) Relationship to Thomas Going – it appears there “may” be some relationship with Thomas Going.  Both Thomas and Esau appear in records in Talbot County, Maryland about 1671/72.  Both then appear in records in Westmoreland County, Virginia in 1693.  This “suggests” they are related in some fashion, but it is unknown how).


24) 1671 May 13: Frances Stannton, recd 500 acres for transp Roger Pate, James BarberFrancis Lloyd, Richard Thompson, John Vincent, Thomas Going, William Ashby, Bartholmew Hayes, Richard Taylour and Elizabeth Miles. Bryan O’Malley of Talbot County, Planter paid Frances Stannton to assign O’Malley the rights title and interest for the 500 acres. Wit. Richard May and Robert Ridgely. Talbot Co, MD.  (Note: was noted being transported to Maryland – unknown his place of origin.  Possibly England, but possibly Virginia as well.   No connection other than name and colony, reconsider if new information is found).



Source: WT:133 Film No: Transported by 1671 ; Transcript: 16:135; MSA SC 4341- http://earlysettlers.msa.maryland.gov/ SERNO: S11. LAND OFFICE (Patent Record)#16, p. 135 Thomas Going, 1671 [MdHR 17,350, 1-23-1-21]. 06/02/92. Tracking No.: 17596. Circ. No.: 6395.   http://msa.maryland.gov/msa/refserv/quickref/html/photodup.html .

26) 1672 Esau Goeing and his wife Ann Goeing are noted in service in Maryland. Source: 17:376 Film No: Husband of Ann, service by 1672;  MSA SC 4341- 1672 Goeing, Ann17:376 Film No: Wife of Esau Goeing, service by 1672;   (Note: was noted being “in service” in Maryland – unknown his place of origin.  Possibly England, but possibly Maryland or Virginia as well.   No connection other than name and colony, reconsider if new information is found).



MSA SC 4341- http://earlysettlers.msa.maryland.gov/

83) 1693 May 31 – Esau Goeing became indebted there to Gawin Corbin,. “Gawin Corbin, Gentleman, obtained an attachment against the estate of Esau Goeing for 815 pounds of tobacco, and the sheriff made return that he had attached one gray horse branded on both buttocks with obscure brands which horse he had in custody and a bridle and saddle in the hands of Abraham Smith. Esau Goeing having absented himself out this county, and for that it appeared by the oath of Mr. James Ellis that Esau Goeing  stands indebted to Gawin Corbin, judgment is granted him for the debt, the horse being appraised at 800 pounds of tobacco. Ordered the sheriff doe deliver him to Mr. Corbin in part of the satisfaction of the debt.” Westmoreland Co Va Court orders 1690-98 p 217.   http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~gowenrf/gowenms002.pdf

Gawen Corbin Gent attachd an attachmt against the estate of Eashaw Goeing for eight hundred and fifty poundsand the sheriff under return that he had it attached one gray horse branded on both buttocks with obscure H brands which a horse has had in custody and a bridle and saddle in the hands of Abraham Smith as being the proper estate of the sd Eashaw Goeing.

Easaw Goeing late of this county being indebted to Mr. Gawen Corbin in the summ of eight hundred and fifteen pounds of tobo by cask as it was said and having absented himself out of the county the sd Corbin obtained an attachment agst the sd Goeingsestate by Corbin of which the Sheriff attached one gray horse branded on both buttocks with an obscure brand being the proper estate of the sd Easaw Goeing as by the estate of the sd attachmt doth appeare. And for that it appeared to this court by the oath of Mr James Ellis that the sd Easaw Goeing stood justly indebted to the sd Gawen Corbin in that sum of amt of tobo by ammt for good judgment is granted him for his sd debt and (sp?) and the sd horse being appraised at Eight hundred pounds of tobo and undemaned awarding (sp?). It is ordered the sheriff orer over him to the sd Mr Corbin in part of satisfaction of his sd debt and such?.

1693 May 31 Westmoreland Co Va orders p 217 Gawen Corbin v Esau Goeing

82)  April 7, 1693, Westmoreland County. At Court: Abraham Smith vs. Thomas Goen.  Defamation.  1693 May 31, In “Abraham Smith vs. Thomas Goen,” Smith appears in court and “withdrew in person” the charge against the defendant May 31, 1693. [John Frederick Dorman, Westmoreland County Virginia Order Book 1690-1698, Part 2, 1962, p. 34]

Westmoreland Co orders p 204 Abraham Smith v Thomas Goen


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