1640 to 1645 Thomas Going transp to Maryland in 1671

Thomas Going born some time between 1640-45

Parents: (Parents of Thomas Going are not confirmed)

John Goane b est 1625-30 (maybe – not confirmed)

Children:  (Note:  The following are related to one another, but unknown which one is the parent. Children not confirmed – based on best guess with documents available currently).

Thomas Gowing b. est 1670
John Gowing b. est 1675
William Gowing b. est 1678
James Gowing b. est 1679

Siblings:  (Note: not confirmed – based on best guess with available documents).

Esau Going b. est 1640-45
Thomas Going b. est 1646-50

States and Counties to research: 


This may be an ancestor (parent or grandparent) of Thomas Going born about 1670 out of Westmoreland County, Virginia, and Stafford County, Virginia – who was ordered to go to Maryland to obtain documents showing he was “free”.  This order may have been referring to his status as an indentured servant – whether he was under an “indenture” or not – since being under and indenture severely limited your rights to do business with others – the court or some official may have wanted proof before approving a transaction of some sort.

1671 May 13 Thomas Going is transported to Talbot Co, MD by Francis Stanton of London, who sold rights to the 500 acres of land to Bryan Omaly of Talbot Co, MD. Source: WT:133 Film No: Transported by 1671 ; Transcript: 16:135; MSA SC 4341-http://earlysettlers.msa.maryland.gov/ SERNO: S11. LAND OFFICE (Patent Record)#16, p. 135 Thomas Going, 1671 [MdHR 17,350, 1-23-1-21]. 06/02/92. Tracking No.: 17596. Circ. No.: 6395.   http://msa.maryland.gov/msa/refserv/quickref/html/photodup.html .

1671 Thomas Going to Maryland

1671 May 13 Thomas Going to Talbot Co MD copy of original marked

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