Various Daniel Goings

The following Daniel Going’s have been identified from the 1700s and 1800s and differentiated to help with identification:

(Note:  There are at least 10 different Daniel Goings (Goyen, Goyne, Gowen, Going, Goin, etc) in Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina areas born between 1730 to 1764.   There are probably more, will add as I locate each. Click on the name to follow the link to see each page):

1) Daniel Going b. abt 1657 in Virginia

2) Daniel Going b. abt 1735 son of Alexander Going b. 1715 in Va

3) Daniel Going b. abt 1737 from England possibly

4) Daniel Going b. abt 1748 living in Fairfield Co, SC

5) Daniel Going b. abt 1758 from Bedford Co, Va

6) Daniel Going b. abt 1770 in Fairfield Co, SC

7) Daniel Going b. abt 1774 son of Daniel from England

8) Daniel Going b. abt 1779 son of Benjamin Going in Albemarle Co, Va.

9) Daniel Going b. abt 1790 in Fairfield Co, SC

10) Daniel M. Going b. abt 1828 in Fairfield Co, SC moved to Fla

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