1774 Daniel Going in Burke Co, NC and Jefferson Co, TN son of Daniel from England

Daniel Going b. abt 1774 son of Daniel Going b. 1737 from England
b. in Burke Co, NC
Lived in Jefferson Co, TN (father died in 1810, so anyone after is possibly this Daniel Going).


Daniel Going b. 1737 married to Susannah Inman born about 1744




Daniel Goin, Jr.           born in 1774
Ezekiel Goin                born about 1776
William Goan               born about 1779
Hannah Goan               born about 1782
Sarah Goan                    born about 1785
Fanny Goan                   born about 1788
Shadrach Goan              born in 1790
Meschack Goan             born about 1793
Abednego Goan             born about 1797


To refer again to the letter by Nancy Lavenia she says that “Daniel Goans and Anna Goans sons and daughters were Ezekiel, William, Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, Abednigo, Jane, Sarah & Daniel. We know of Shadrach and Francis as mentioned in the will of Susannah. (11)
Daniel Gowin’s estate is administered by his wife Susannah Goin and the inventory returned 6 Sep 1810. (12) Thus Daniel died some time before that date.
Again, one can only conjecture as to the date of Daniel’s birth. If the item is correct involving Samuel Doak then Daniel could have been born in 1735. Susannah’s birth is only conjecture. We know her brother Shadrach was born 27 Jan 1747 and Abednego 1 July 1752. I would probably put Susannah’s birth as about 1744. Daniel II is listed as the last child in Nancy Lavenia’s letter.

1800 Goins in Jefferson Co, Tenn
Daniel Goen – 1 white poll
Ezekial Goen – 1 white poll, 100 acres
William Goen – 1 white poll
Daniel Goen – 1 white poll, 100 acres

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