1810 Burrell Eubanks

Burrell Eubanks b. abt 1810


William Eubanks 1763–1840 m. Barbara Miller




George Eubanks 1782–
Lemuel Eubanks 1795–
Burrell Eubanks 1808–
Permely Eubanks
Matilda Eubanks
Jackson Eubanks
Alfred Eubanks
Evan Eubanks
Littleton Eubanks
William Eubanks
Charles Eubanks
James Eubanks


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1830 Greene Co MS taxrolls with Sterling Dupre, William Eubanks, and Burrell Eubanks.

1830 US Census:  Name: Burrel Eubanks
Home in 1830 (City, County, State): Jackson, Mississippi
Free White Persons – Males – 20 thru 29: 1 (b. btw. 1801-1810)
Free White Persons – Females – 70 thru 79: 1 (b. btw. 1751-1760 – mom?)
Free White Persons – 20 thru 49: 1
Total Free White Persons: 2
Total – All Persons (Free White, Slaves, Free Colored): 2

1830 Greene Co, MS taxrolls – Burrell Eubanks, William Eubanks, and Sterling Dupre
Series 1202: County Tax Rolls, 1818-1902
Greene MS
1830 – Combined

1831 Greene Co MS taxrolls with Burrell Ewebanks, and William Ewebanks, and Sterling Dupre.

1835 Sept 21 – Patent for Land:  MS0250__.317 Patentee EUBANKS, BURREL9/21/1835 8882 MS Choctaw 005N – 002W S½W½SW¼ 8 Hinds

1835 Sept 21 – Patent for Land:  MS0250__.318 Patentee EUBANKS, BURREL9/21/1835 8883 MS Choctaw 005N – 002W N½E½NE¼ 18 Hinds

1836 Hinds Co MS taxrolls with Burrell Eubanks.

1836 Hinds Co, MS taxrolls – Burrell Eubanks
Series 1202: County Tax Rolls, 1818-1902
Hinds MS
1836 – Combined

1837 Hinds Co, MS taxroll has Lemuel Eubanks, and Burrell Eubanks.

1837 Hinds Co, MS taxrolls – Burrell Eubanks, Lemuel Eubanks
Series 1202: County Tax Rolls, 1818-1902; Hinds MS
1837 – Combined

1838 Hinds Co MS taxrolls with Burrell Eubanks and Joseph Eubanks.

1838 Hinds Co, MS taxrolls – Burrell Eubanks, Lemuel Eubanks, Joseph Eubanks, and James Eubanks
Series 1202: County Tax Rolls, 1818-1902
Hinds MS
1838 – Combined

1840 Hinds Co MS taxroll with Burrell Eubanks

1840 Hinds Co, MS taxrolls – Burrell Eubanks
Series 1202: County Tax Rolls, 1818-1902
Hinds MS
1840 – Combined

Name: Burrel Eubanks
Home in 1840 (City, County, State): Hinds, Mississippi
Free White Persons – Males – 30 thru 39: 2  (1801-1810)
Free White Persons – Females – Under 5: 2
Free White Persons – Females – 5 thru 9: 1
Free White Persons – Females – 20 thru 29: 1
Slaves – Females – 24 thru 35: 1
Persons Employed in Agriculture: 3
Free White Persons – Under 20: 3
Free White Persons – 20 thru 49: 3
Total Free White Persons: 6
Total Slaves: 1
Total All Persons – Free White, Free Colored, Slaves: 7

1846 Jan 14 payment date, proven on 1860 Oct 8 receipt for payment to Burrel Eubanks, witnessed by Alfred Eubanks. Paid by William Eubanks admin of the Estate of William Eubanks. Perry Co, AL.

1850 Name: Burwell Eubank
Age: 42
Birth Year: abt 1808
Birthplace: Mississippi
Home in 1850: Hinds, Mississippi, USA
Gender: Male
Family Number: 258
Household Members:
Name Age
Burwell Eubank 42
Margaret Eubank 25
Sarah A Eubank 16
Harriett C Eubank 12
James R P Eubank 5
William A Eubank 1
Joel Allison 27

1850 US Census:  Name: Littleton Eubanks
Age: 36
Birth Year: abt 1814
Birthplace: South Carolina
Home in 1850: Marion, Perry, Alabama, USA
Gender: Male
Family Number: 46
Household Members:
Name Age
James T Pack 30
Rachel W Pack 36
William A Pack 16
Junious E Pack 14
Martha F Pack 8
Naomi A Pack 6
John J Pack 4
James T Pack 2
William H Breaker 20
Charles J Malone 13
John K White 20
Justine Eskridge 15
Littleton Eubanks 36
Burrell Eubanks 27  (Birth year 1823)
Alfred Eubanks 24
Jackson Eubanks 22
Permelia Eubanks 19

1855 Burrell Eubanks in the Alabama State Census, 1820-1866
County: Perry Co, AL
Census Year: 1855

1860 Sept 10 Perry Co AL Probate Ct addressed a notice to Burwell Eubanks, A J Eubanks, Alfred Eubanks, James Eubanks, Evan Eubanks, Littleton Eubanks, Lemuel Eubanks, Matilda Massey, Oren A Massey, and George Eubanks. Notice thatWilliam Eubanks Jr admin of Estate of William Eubanks Sr decd filed receipt showing full payment of the final settlement of the Estate. Perry Co, AL

1860 Sept 10, William Eubanks Jr filed notice of paying the full estate, and gives notice to the heirs listed as:  William Eubanks Jr (writing the notice)
Burrell Eubanks
A J Eubanks
Alfred Eubanks
James Eubanks
Evan Eubanks
Littleton Eubanks
Lemuel Eubanks
Matilda Eubanks
Oren A Massey and
George Eubanks

1860 US Census in Perry Co, AL
Name: Burrel Eubank
Age 48
Birth Year abt 1812
Gender Male
Birth Place South Carolina
Home in 1860 Marion, Perry, Alabama
Post Office Marion
Family Number 603
Household Members
Name Age
Burwell Holly 63
Frances Holly 50
Martha A Holly 30
Bluford W Holly 29
Louisa Holly 27
Elizabeth Holly 19
Wm Holly 16
Sarah A Holly 12
Burrel Eubank 48

1861 Sept 16: Alabama Civil War Muster Rolls, 1861-1865
Name: Burrell Eubanks
Estimated Birth Year abt 1816
Military Unit 20th Alabama Infantry Regiment
Military Unit – Company F
Muster Roll Date 1861 – 16 Sep
Enlistment Date 16 Sep 1861
Age 45
Place of Enlistment – County Montgomery
Place of Enlistment – State Alabama
Roll # 218
Archive Collection # SG025030-3

(There was likely an age limit of 45 years of age at the time Burrell Eubanks enlisted.  At the time of the Civil War, documentation of age was not the same as today.  Likely, Burrell Eubanks just walked up and said he was 45 years of age.  His US Census reports indicated he was actually closer to 49-53 years of age when he enlisted in 1861)

1861 Confederate Soldiers: Burrell Eubanks
Content Source:The National Archives Publication Number: M374
Publication Title: Index to Compiled Service Records of Confederate Soldiers Who Served in Organizations From the State of Alabama
Content Source: NARA
Content Partner: NARA
Source Publication Year: 1962
Fold3 Publication Year: 2012
Record Group: 109
National Archives Catalog ID: 595144
National Archives Catalog Title: General Index to Compiled Service Records of Confederate Soldiers, compiled 1903 – 1927, documenting the period 1861 – 1865
Fold3 Job: 12-047
Language: English
Country: United States
State: Alabama
Short Description: NARA M374. Alphabetical card index to the compiled service records of volunteer Confederate soldiers belonging to units from the State of Alabama.
Roll: 0014
Military Unit: 20th Infantry
Given Name: Burrell
Surname: Eubanks
Company: F
Enlistment Rank: Private
Discharge Rank: Private

1862 April 21 – Burrell Eubanks was sent to hospital for wounds received in the Civil War to Loudon Hospital.  https://www.fold3.com/image/9167159

1862 May 1 – Burrell Eubanks was noted to have died from his wounds in the Civil War.  https://www.fold3.com/image/9167160

1862 Aug 4 Estate of Burrell Eubanks a return of appraisement of the estate that was done by Johnson McCauly, Wm B Curiton, and Jacob Kynard. Included in the appraisal are notes owed to the estate by E. A. Blunt, Johnston McCauley, William Eubanks, G P Massey, W C Curbe, Robert Colburn, O S Massey, B. Holley, and A J Kynard, and Robert T Jones. Signed by O S Massey admin. Perry Co, AL

1863 Jan 6O S Massey admn of Burrell Eubanks’ estate is noted in Register of Claims of Deceased Officers and Soldiers which were filed for settlement in the Office of the Confederate States Auditor for the War Department.  https://www.fold3.com/image/9167161

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