1806 Thomas Baxter Going m Elizabeth Vinson

Thomas Baxter Going was b. in 1806 and died 1896.  He was married to Elizabeth Vinson on Aug 21, 1804 and they lived in Union Co, SC.


Isaac Going b. 1775 – married – August 21, 1804 to Rebecca Palmer


Winnie Adeline Going born July 17, 1827
James McIsaac Going born January 4, 1832
Lucinda Christina (Atnas?) Going born January 8, 1836
Eunice Going born in June 1839


Thomas Baxter Going  born May 13, 1806
Sarah Palmer Going born July 13, 1808
John Madison Going born July 14, 1810
Elijah Bobo Going born January 15, 1813
Drury Dobbins Going born November 24, 1815
Isaac McKissick Going born September 2, 1818
Rhoda Going born August 24, 1821
William George Washington Going born July 17, 1824
Amasa Vernon “Mace” Going born January 30, 1827
Elisha Palmer Going born December 22, 1829
Martha Kerenhappuch Going born July 4, 1835

Facts and Info: 

(NOTE:   There are at least 3 Thomas B Going or Goyne individuals, closely related, who are either the son of or grandson of Drury Going b. 1749. It is believed the “B” is for “Baxter” for all 3.  They are:

1) Thomas B Goyne b abt 1789-1795 – son of Drury Going b. 1749 (Appears to have moved to Tuscaloosa Co, AL).
2) Thomas B Going b. 1806 – son of Isaac Going b. 1775 (making him grandson of Drury Going b 1749). (Appears to have moved to Etowah Co, AL some time after 1866).
3) Thomas B Goyne b. abt 1820 – likely son of either Thomas B Goyne b. 1789 (making him grandson of Drury Going b 1749), or son of James Goyne b. 1777 (making him grandson of Drury Going b 1749). (Appears to have lived in Tuscaloosa Co, AL, then moved to Lowndes Co, MS and Columbus, MS, from there to the Cass County, Texas area around 1850).

When looking for records – it is helpful to keep this in mind to differentiate the 3 men).

Thomas Baxter Going, son of Isaac Going and Rebecca Palmer Going, was born May 13, 1806 in Union District.  He was married February 20, 1825 to Elizabeth Vinson, his childhood sweetheart, according to Essie Clarice Joiner Oswalt, a descendant.  She was born February 4, 1804 in Union District, according to Fredrick M. Tucker.

“Thomas B. Gowing” was enumerated in the 1830 census of Union County, page 183:

“Gowing, Thomas B.           white male             20-30
white female          20-30
white female            0-5”

“Baxter Goings” was listed as the head of a household in the 1840 census of Union County, page 211, adjoining his brother “Drury Goings” and near “Nancy Goings,” “John Goings” and his father “Isaac Goings, Esquire.”

The head of the household was recorded as a “teacher and a
farmer.”  The family was composed of:

“Goings, Baxter    white male             30-40
white female          30-40
white female          10-15
white male               5-10
white female            5-10
white female            0-5”

In 1855 Thomas Baxter Going was “acting deacon and clerk” of the Baptist Church, according to a letter written by his father.

“Baxter Going” was enumerated as the head of a household in
the 1860 census of Union County, page 226.  He was mentioned as a resident of Union District in the probate application of his brother, Amasa Vernon “Mace” Going filed there November 23, 1866.

Elizabeth Vinson Going died in Union District July 18, 1865, according to Fredrick M. Tucker.

After her death, Thomas Baxter Going joined William M. Dabbs and Jim Inman in a wagontrain to remove to Huntsville, Alabama, according to Essie Clarice Joiner Oswalt.

“When they reached Walnut Grove, Alabama, they were forced to stop because a snow storm was in progress.  They never reached Huntsville.  They thought Walnut Grove was the Garden of Eden.

Being well-educated, Thomas Baxter Going organized a private school and taught the children from the ‘Blue Back Speller.’  He bought land and farmed, but he never recovered in all his 90 years from the loss of his beloved Beth who had died at Skull Shoals just before their departure.”

Thomas Baxter Going wrote a letter to his brother, William George Washington Going March 16, 1879:

Walnut Grove, Etowah County, Ala.
March 16, 1879
Dear Brother,

By the Divine Providence of God, I am again permitted to write to you in answer of yours and also to send your request.  We are today enjoying common health and also Dabbs and Inman are well as far as I know.  We have had a very cold, wet winter with heavy freezes, but little snow.  Gentle spring has come in with mild and pleasant weather.  The farmers are busy engaged in preparing for another crop.  There will be more guano used this year than has been any year previous.  By that you can guess respecting the indebtedness of the people.

According to your request, I with pleasure send you a true list of ages as recorded in Father’s Bible.  I will begin with father and mother’s.  Isaac Going was born 28th day of April, 1775.  Mother, Rebecca Palmer was born 1st day of February 1789 and was married the 21st day of August 1804.  Father was baptized in the May meeting of the Pacolet Church in 1803, and also the same year joined the Masonic fraternity.

Thomas Baxter Going was born the 13th day of May 1806.
Sarah Palmer Going was born the 13th day of July 1808.
John Madison Going was born the 14th day of July 1810 and died the 25th day of July 1844.  He lived 34 years and 10 days.
Elijah Bobo Going was born on Friday, 15th day of January, 1813 and died the 16th day of February 1827.  He lived 14 years and 32 days.
Drury Dobbins Going was born on Friday, 24th day of November 1815.
Isaac McKissick Going was born Wednesday, 2nd day of September 1818.  He died in Pickens County, Alabama the 10th day of August 1840; he wanted 23 days of being 22 years old.
Rhoda Going was born Friday, 24th day of August 1821
William George Washington Going was born on Saturday, 17th day of July  1824 at 35 minutes past 8 o’clock in the morning.
Amasa Vernon Going was born Tuesday, 30th day of January 1827, 45 minutes past 6 o’clock in the evening.
Elisha Palmer Going was born on Tuesday, 22nd day of December 1829, ten minutes past 6 o’clock in the evening.
Martha Kerenhappuch Going was born Thursday, 4th day of July 1835.

The death of Father and Mother stands recorded thus–Rebecca Going departed this life the first day of August 1855, aged 66 years and 6 months.  Isaac Going departed this life the 27th day of January 1861, aged 85 years and 9 months and one day.

Drury Going departed this life the 22nd day of February 1796 in the 47th year of his age.  He died on the road coming home from Charleston with his wagon and team.  He lacked 3 days drive of reaching home when he died.  He was hauled home and buried at home.  Sarah Going departed this life 22nd day of April 1820 in the 69th year of her age.

Patty or Martha Palmer departed this life 19th day of August 1813 in the 59th year of her age.  John Palmer departed this life 28th day of January 1828.

In looking over I find the date of Elisha P. Going’s death as 16th day of July 1864 by a cannon ball near Fussels Mill in the New Market fight, Henry County, Va.  Now, dear brother, you can record the dates I have given you in your large family Bible so that your children and grandchildren may hand down their fore father’s posterity.  The Going is of Irish on Mother’s side English and Dutch. (Sarah Baxter is English and Dutch)

I was pleased to hear of the well doing of your children.  I have not heard a word about Eva.  Is she dead?  Eunice sent her likeness to her.  Eunice says she would like to enjoy Eva’s company again.  I am getting old and feeble near 73 years old.  I have not had good health since last July.  When I feel able, I go out and work a little.  I feel better with exercise.  I gain, but the least cold throws me back.

I am what is called a Licentiate Preacher.  I don’t go about much, but if it is the Lord’s will, when the weather becomes warm I wish to visit the churches around.  Religion is at a very low ebb at this time owing to so many divisions of profession–three kinds of Baptists, Missionary, Primitive or commonly called Hard Shells.  Two years ago they divided and called it  The Church of Christ being wonderfully opposed to all  benevolent institutions of the day, especially the Masonic fraternity and Sabbath Schools.  Their chief doctrine is that of Election and reprobation and non-fellowship with all who do not coincide with their Views.  There are two kinds of Methodists–North and South.  They divided during the war–they have no fellowship with each other.  Then there are the Seventh Day Adventists and Soul Sleeping Baptists.  I could not give a full history of their doctrines in the space I have to write.  They make proselytes owing to the unlearned and unread of many of the people.  I hope you and all the boys that have grown up have made to rejoice in Jesus Christ the Savior.  Let us pray for each other as all are dead of father’s family that if we never meet again, we will try to meet together with our friends in Heaven.

Thomas B. Going
To W.G.W. Going and children
All write soon.

P. S. I received a letter from James DuPre a few days ago who says these are hard times.  All well.  Intends moving back to Alabama next fall from Georgia.  What has become of Walter Morehead?

He died May 9, 1896 in Blount County, Alabama, according to the “Weekly Union Times.”  He was buried in Harmony Cemetery near Altoona, Alabama.

Four children were born to them:

Winnie Adeline Going                                                        born July 17, 1827
James McIsaac Going                                                        born January 4, 1832
Lucinda Christina (Atnas?) Going                                   born January 8, 1836
Eunice Going                                                                        born in June 1839

Winnie Adeline Going, daughter of Thomas Baxter Going and Elizabeth Vinson Going, was born July 17, 1827.  She was married to John Inman, Jr. of Union District, South Carolina about 1845, according to Terry Jackson.  She died June 25, 1909.

James McIsaac [McKissick?] Going, son of Thomas Baxter Going and Elizabeth Vinson Going, was born January 4, 1832.  A “James Going” was in the Seventh South Carolina Confederate Cavalry Regiment in the Civil War with his uncle, William George Washington Going.  He died in July 1908.

Lucinda Christina Atlas (Atnas) Going, daughter of Thomas Baxter Going and Elizabeth Vinson Going, was born January 8, 1836 in Union District.  She was married to William Dabbs February 28, 1856 in Union District.  He was born there August 29, 1827.  He died in 1908 at Kelton, South Carolina, and she died at Marietta, Georgia on June 23, 1914.

Children born to William Dabbs and Lucinda Christina Atlas (Atnas) Going Dabbs include:

Mariah Sims Dabbs                                                                             born April 12, 1857

Mariah Sims Dabbs, daughter of William Dabbs and Lucinda Christina Atlas (Atnas) Going Dabbs, was born April 12, 1857 at Pa-colet, South Carolina.  She was married January 1, 1874 to Coleman Haynes who was born February 29, 1851 at Flat Creek, Georgia.  She died at Walnut Grove, Alabama December 24, 1890, and he died there January 14, 1913.

Children born to them include:

Ara Atlas Haynes                                                                                born February 23, 1883

Ara Atlas Haynes, daughter of Coleman Haynes and Marian Sims Dabbs Haynes, was born February 23, 1883.  She was married November 11, 1900 to Rev. Charles William Joiner who was born August 15, 1879 at Cullman, Alabama.  He died January 30, 1951, and she died June 29, 1956 at Cullman.

Children born to them include:

Essie Clarice Joiner                                                                              born January 5, 1908

Essie Clarice Joiner, daughter of Rev. Charles William Joiner and Ara Atlas Haynes Joiner, was born January 5, 1908 at Boaz, Alabama.  She was married October 19, 1930 at Cullman to Loyd Clifton Oswalt.  She affiliated with D.A.R. in 1965 on the basis of the Revolutionary service of Drury Going.

In 1992 and in 1996 Essie Clarice Joiner Oswalt lived in Tuskeegee, Alabama.  She died October of 1996.

Eunice Going, daughter of Thomas Baxter Going and Elizabeth Vinson Going, was born in June 1839 in Union District.

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