1694 Thomas Watson b. Oct 7, 1694 of Louisa County, Virginia

Thomas Watson b. Oct 7, 1694 of Louisa County, Virginia m. Hannah Henderson



  • Judith Watson b. abt 1730 m. John Rees in 1749 in Louisa County, Virginia



1694 Oct 7 – Theophilus Watson p. 404
Thomas son of Theophilis Watson bapt ye 7 Oct 1694
New Kent County, Virginia, St Peter’s Parish Vestry Book and Register 1684-1786

1719 October 10 – The lands of William Harris, Adam Rotherford, Robert McKoy, William Staples, Thomas Watson, Richard Watson, Mr John Sym, Widdow Rice, John Meeks and Martin Baker, being one precinct, of which William Harris and Adam Rotherford were Overseers, who made this return, the within Order performd. William Harris, Adam Rotherford. p. 203
Vestry Book of St. Paul’s Parish, Hanover County, Virginia, 1706-1786

1725 March 24 – Land grant to Thomas Watson and Richard Watson grantees in Hanover County, Va
Location: Hanover County. Grantee(s): Watson, Richard and Watson, Thomas.
Description: 1725 March 24 … confirm unto Richard Watson and Thomas Watson of Hanover County … land containing 400 acres … in the County afsd … beginning at Mr Alves corner black oak … in Alves’ line … to several marked trees in Alvis’ line … to his corner white oak Lees line (or Leys line) … Signed: Hugh Dreysdale.
Source: Land Office Patents No. 12, 1724-1726, p. 358 (Reel 11).
Part of the index to the recorded copies of patents for land issued by the Secretary of the Colony serving as the colonial Land Office. The collection is housed in the Archives at the Library of Virginia.

1725 March 24 - Land grant to Thomas Watson and Richard Watson grantees 400 acres in Hanover County, Va

1725 March 24 – Land grant to Thomas Watson and Richard Watson grantees 400 acres in Hanover County, Va

1745 William Henderson died on his 400 acres in 1745. Only one fragment remains of William’s will and the settlement of his estate. Richard Henderson was one of the executors; the other was Theophilus Watson Sr., the father of Thomas who was born 1694, and was brother-in-law of Quaker Richard. Elderly Theophilus was probably appointed executor to watch over Richard Henderson whose business sense was less than exact; the fragment shows that Richard could not provide vouchers for some of his expenditures of William’s estate money; the court decided Richard’s accounts were probably true, and his financial statement was admitted to record. Richard lived on Cub Creek near William and appears to have been William’s only son in Louisa county. Son William lived in Goochland and son Thomas had died, leaving heirs. Names of William’s three sons-in-law were listed: James Pyrant, Thomas Watson, and Lawrence Redman.
This seems to be the William Henderson whose partial Will (the last page) was found in Loose Papers, Inventory book 1743-1766, in Louisa County Courthouse. It names one deceased son Thomas, who left heirs, one son Richard who was one of the executors, and three daughters, one unnamed who married James Pyrant, Hannah who married Thomas Watson, and Mary who married Lawrence Redman. He was most likely born in the 1670s.

1745 Jan 21 – The Estate of William Henderson decd … Richard Henderson & Theophilus Watson (Exors).
To funeral expenses 2.10.0 paid Majr William Morris 5.10.6
To paid Ann Wheeler & To paid Angelica McGuire 2/10
To paid Mr William Johnson 15.10. To paid Dr Doran 4.5.0
To paid Edward Ward for picking tobacco. 0.5.0
To paid James Pyrankins acct. 1.9.10
To paid John Jones 8/6 To paid Lawrence Redman 21.10.0
To paid his quit rents of 200 acres of land
To a Legacy left by the Will of the decd to the heirs of Thos. Hen(sp)
James Pyrant his wifes legacy
Thos. Watson his wifes legacy
Lawrence Redman his wifes legacy
To (tobacco) … for selling the estate
To … copy of the inventory
To a Slay & Harness charged in the inventory but cannot be sold
To paid Michael Holland
To paid Isaac Winston
To paid John Snelson
By the appaisement of the Estate as per Inventory 63.9.9
By 2 Iron Pots appraised to 13/10 omitted in the inventory
By Cash recd of George Norell
By cash recd of William Jones.
January 21, 1745. In obedience for an order of the County Court of Louisa. We the subscribers have settled the estate of William Henderson decd so far as is contained in the foregoing accounty, but Richard Henderson one of the executors of the said decd, doth further charge the said estate, for three pounds seven shillings and two pence, which he says he paid to John Snelson, Isaac Winston, & Michael Holland Gent on acct of the said decd, which we presume may be true, but as the same hath not been made appear … by any legal proof, we refer it to the consideration of the Court. Signed: Abraham Venable, Thomas Paulett.
At a Court held for Louisa County on the 24th day of Sept 1745 Richard Henderson & Theophilus Watson ext this day presented the above account in Court & upon their motion the same was admitted to record.
Thos Perkins, Deputy Co Clk.
Will Book 1, p. 6, Louisa County, Virginia

1749 Jan 10 – Judith Watson married John Rees Jan 10, 1749.
The Douglas Register. p. 147. Hanover Co, Va.
Section: Marriages- Not recorded by Rev. Wm Douglas, but indicated by birth right. Female index

1762 Jan 26 – Thomas Watson to Randolph Watson. Deed bk C, p 104 Louisa Co, Va
… between Thomas Watson of the County of Louisa cooper of the one part and Randolph Watson of the samd County planter of the other part … in consideration of the sum of 14 pounds … confirmed unto the said Randolph Watson … land … on the S side of the South Ana River … at Venable’s corner red oak saplin … on the mouth of Juniper Branch … to a corner in Venable’s line … which is part of 400 acres granted to William Henderson by patent bearing date 1733 by estimation 200 acres …
Signed: Thomas Watson
Wit: William Hughes.
… Hannah the wife of the said Thomas Watson … relinquished her right of dower in the above lands…

1766 Sept 5 – Thomas Watson to John Reese. Deed bk D, p 78 Louisa Co, Va
… between Thomas Watson of the County of Louisa planter of the one part and John Reese of the County of Louisa taylor of the other part … in consideration of the Paternal Love & Affection as well as for and in consideration of the sum of 1 pound 10 shillings … confirm unto the said John Reese .. 135 acres … in Louisa County and on the S Fork of Rocky Creek and is part of a greater tract that was granted to the said Thomas Watson by a deed and is however the actual possession of Thomas Watson of the County afsd … bounded … in Buchannons line … thence on Timers line …
Signed: Thomas Watson, Hannah Watson
WIt: Robert Paisley Jr, Mary Paisley, George Holland, David Humphry

1784 Thomas Watson from James Stephenson, bk 8, p 132. Albemarle County, Virginia