1718 Matthew Watson b. abt 1718 of Louisa County, Virginia

Matthew Watson b. abt 1718 of Louisa County, Virginia m. Elizabeth



  • Matthew Watson Jr b. abt 1741 (1778 will in Prince Edward Co, Va)
  • William Watson b. abt 1742 m. Sarah
  • Mary Watson b. abt 1745 m Rawlins
  • Elizabeth Watson b. abt 1747 m. Benjamin Wimbish and then m. Barksdale
  • Sarah Watson b. abt 1750 m. Coleman
  • Judith Watson b. abt 1752 m. John Weaver
  • Lucy Watson b. abt 1754 m. Holt
  • Anna Watson b. abt 1757 m George Jude



1711 Nov 26 – The land of William Harris, Adam Rotherford, Thomas Casey, Thomas Hurden, Widdow Watson, George Alves, Thomas Rice, John Meeks & Martin Baker being made one precinct, whereof the said William Harris and Adam Rotherford were appointed Overseers, made this return, viz. ye above order complyd with according to Law, by the above mentioned persons, Nov 26, 1711. John Meeks, Thomas Rice, Martin Baker, William Harris, Thomas Casey, Matthew Watson, Adam Rotherford. p. 188.
Vestry Book of St. Paul’s Parish, Hanover County, Virginia, 1706-1786 (Note: This Matthew Watson is too old to be the Matthew Watson of this page, but should be taken note of as could be related – Hanover County records have mostly been lost or destroyed, so may be difficult to determine relationship)

1740 Ashford Hughes of Goochland to Matthew Watson, of Parish of St Martins, Hanover County, conveying land on Beaver Dam Fork of Muddy Creek, a south branch of James River in Goochland County. Goochland DB3, p. 306. Goochland County, Virginia

1745 May 30 – By cash fo: 116 for a debt due to Do by Matthew Watson 3/5/10
1745 July – By Theophilus Watson for a debt due to Do 7/0/8
Merchants Account Book 36. v2 p 109 Hanover County, Virginia

1745 Aug 27 – Matthew Watsons negro judged p 165 Louisa Co, Va
Jenny a negro girl belonging to Matthew Watson of this County is adjudged by the Court to be 11 years of age.

1745 Sept 24 – Nathan Watson to Matthew Watson p 167 Louisa Co, Va
An indenture between Nathan Watson of the one part and Mathew Watson of the other part with a memorandum of livery of seisin and receipt for the consideration money hereon indorsed were acknowledged by the said Nathan (also Ann the wife of the said Nathan being first privily examined as the law directs did in open Court relinquish unto the said Matthew the right of Dower which she hath in the lands) and admitted to record.

1745 Sept 24 – Nathan Watson deed to Mathew Watson bk A, p. 195 Louisa Co, Va
… between Nathan Watson planter … and Mathew Watson carpenter … 15 pounds consideration … confirm unto Matthew Watson … land … Southly side of the South Anna in Fredricksveel Parish County of Louisa containing … 50 acres … to the mouth of Beaver Creek … dividing line between the said Nathan Watson and Mathew Watson …
Signed: Nathan Watson
Wit: Thomas Paulett, William Rice
… Anne the wife of the said Nathan … relinquish unto Matthew Watson the right of Dower …

1745 Sept 29 Mr Matthew Watson in Louisa
4 bushels salt 0/14/0
1745 Contra by balance 0/14/0
Merchants Account Book 36. v4 p 319 Hanover County, Virginia

1745 Oct 1 – (Folio 169) Sundries Dr to balance to ballance, being a compleat list of all the debts due to the Cargo NB under the management of Francis Jerdone belonging to the executors of Neill Buchanan Esqr decd this 1st day of Oct 1745.
Alexander Watson
James Watson
John Watson
Theophilus Watson
Matthew Watson
Merchants Account Book 38. v2. p. 125 Hanover County, Virginia

1749 Ashford Hughes of St James Parish, Goochland. Deed to Matthew Watson of Frederickville Parish, Louisa County, conveying land on Beaver Dam Fork, Muddy Creek, a south branch of James River, in Goochland. Goochland DB5, p 539. Goochland County, Virginia

1754 July 23 – Matthew Watson & wife to Joseph Wyatt, Deed bk B, p 7 Louisa Co, Va
… between Matthew Watson of the County of Louisa and Elizabeth his wife of the one part and Joseph Wyatt of the County afsd of the other part … in consideration of the sum of 90 pounds …

1778 Dec 7 – p 200. Will of Matthew Watson Jr.; mother Elizabeth Watson; brother William Watson; sisters Mary Rawlins, Elizabeth Winbush, Sarah Coleman, Judeth Weaver, Lucy Holt, Anna Jude; Ex: brother William Watson, John White Holt; Wit: William Soblet, Thomas Tiller, Edmond Ayers. d. 17 March 1778. R. 7 Dec. 1778. Prince Edward Will Book 1754-1784.