0001 Going, Gowen, Goyne, Goyen general information 1761-1775

Pages with information about “Gowen” names mostly in the Southern US.

1) Going, Gowen, Goyne, Goyen general information 1600s to 1720
2) Going, Gowen, Goyne, Goyen general information 1721 to abt 1760
3) Going, Gowen, Goyne, Goyen general information 1761-1775
4) Going, Gowen, Goyne, Goyen general information 1776 to abt 1789
5) Going, Gowen, Goyne, Goyen general information 1790 to abt 1830ish

Dates and Connections – Going, Gowen, Goyne, Goyen, etc, in the South (1761-1775)

Chronological Order List – FACTS and EVENTS:

1) 1761 whites/Blacks male/Blacks f/ Blacks 12-16
List of John Pope
Thomas, Moses Gowin. Refuses to List his wife 2 tithes
Michael Gowin, John Wilson. Refuses to list his wife 2
Joseph Gowin. Refuses to list his wife 1
List of Robt. Harris for Granville Parish
Edward Going sons Edwd. Reeps 0 white/3black males
Country Line District by Larkin Johnston
William Gowin, James Gowin 2
William Gowin Junr, Jesse Chandlor 2
Granville Co, NC
http://lumbeeindiansandgoinsfamily.blogspot.com/2007/12/granville-county-nc-early-records.html ; http://www.freeafricanamericans.com/Granville.htm

2) 1761 frame 155, Moses Goeings list of tiths 1 Goochland Co Va
frame 156, Aaron Goings list of tiths 1
frame 160, William Going 1
Geo. Going 1

3) 1761 and 1762 “John Gowen planter,” appeared in the legal records of Granville County.  Granville Co, NC

4) 1761 William Goings was involved in a court case in 1761 in Bedford County, Virginia, May Court 1761: Haisty vs. Goings – dismissed

5) 1761 Joseph Gowing to Thos Person in Granville Co NC index (Book D Letter G p. 253)

6) 1761 – Cornelius Keath – 480 acres + 470 acres – Johnston Co, NC

7) 1761 – Cornelius Keith – 579 acres: Title: Keith, Cornelius. Johnston Co. Years: 1761; Creator: Office of Secretary of State; Granville Proprietary Land Office; Call Number: SSLG 74K; Location: Archive Stacks; MARS Id: (Folder)
Scope / Contents: January 10, 1761 579 acres Location: Beginning at a white oak in his line 2 copies Deed #65. Index Terms: Personal Names: Keath, Cornelius; Keith, Cornelius; Geographical Names: Johnston County
Note: See also http://mars.archives.ncdcr.gov/

8) 1761 Ann Gowen was living in nearby Cumberland County, North Carolina in November 1761 when the County Court ordered her to “keep in her possession a mulattoe boy which she now has in order that she may have him here next court. Paul Heinegg suggests that she may have been the “Ann Goin” who received 100 acres “on Broad River and both sides of Fannin’s Creek” in District 96, South Carolina September 23, 1786. When Union County, South Carolina was created in 1798 the land lay in that county, according to Union County Deed Book B, page 112.

9) 1761 Jan 19 – Title: Moore, John. Granville Co. Provenance: Class: State Records [Collection]; Group: Secretary of State Record Group; Series: Granville Proprietary Land Office: Land Entries, Warrants, and Plats of Survey; Box: Granville County, Mas-My; Years: 1761, 1762; Creator: Secretary of State, Office of Granville Proprietary Land Office Secretary, Office of the; Call Number: S.108.270—S.108.283; Location: MFR; MARS Id: (Folder); Genres / Forms: Land entries, Warrants, Deeds; Scope / Contents: Land Entry: 1761 January 19. 700 acres. Descriptive references for land: Jonathan Creek, William Gowing Warrant: 1761 January 19. 700 acres. Descriptive references for land: Jonathan Creek, Drewry Smith. William Gowing Deed: 1762 January 4; Granville Co, NC.

10) 1761 Feb 6 – Title: Matthews, John. Dobbs Co. Series: Granville Proprietary Land Office: Land Entries, Warrants, and Plats of Survey; Box: Dobbs County, B-W; Years: 1761, 1763; Creator: Secretary of State, Office of Granville Proprietary Land Office Secretary, Office of the; Call Number: S.108.270–S.108.283; MARS Id: (Folder); Genres / Forms: Warrants, Deeds, Plats; Scope / Contents: Warrant: 1761 February 6. 700 acres.Descriptive references for land: White Oak Swamp, Benjamin Sherrod, John Going. Deed: 1763 April 1. Geographic Names: Dobbs County; White Oak Swamp
Personal Names: Matthews, John; Sherrod, Benjamin; John Going; Dobbs Co, NC

11) 1761 Feb – Deed: proof 600 acres, Feb 1761, Orange, North Carolina, USA.  Alexander Going 600 acres recd – Orange Co, NC – sale from Earl of Granville ’96 deed proved Feb Court 1761 p. 48  http://ourberryfamily.com/berry/pictures/1761_alex_600_ac_from_granville_proved.jpg   1761 Feb 13 – Page 16,  Alexander Gowing recd 600 acres in Orange Co, NC.  Earl of Granville to ALEXANDER GOWING, 600 acres.  Wit William Churton Register of Orange County, North Carolina Deeds 1752-1768 & 1793.  By Eve B. Weeks

12) 1761 Feb 14 – John Gowin – 400 acres beginning at William Hills corner on the Reedy Branch adjoining Ruffins line.  Lunenburg County, Va. http://lva1.hosted.exlibrisgroup.com/F/NUXGTGU21PJDCXUBKG3PDBV219M4QEL55EPI2E853P1FEJACEA-26912?func=full-set-set&set_number=005392&set_entry=000011&format=999

13) 1761 Feb 14 – John Gowen is granted 200 acres of land on Reedy Branch of Ruffin’s Creek February 14, 1761, accord­ing to Lunenburg County deed records.  Jack Harold Goins, Foundation member of Rogersville, Tennessee made a trip in September 1995 to Lunenburg County to locate the farm of John Gowen.  He wrote, “My best estimation is that the farm of John Gowen was located about 10-15 miles west of present-day Lunenburg, Virginia which is located in the center of the county.”  John Going’s father, John Gowing Sr, was issued Patent No. 34 February 14, 1761, according to “Virginia Patents,” page 809.  The patent read, “John Gowin, Lunenburg County, 400 acresbeginning at William Hill’s cor­ner on Reedy Branch, adjacent Ruffin’s line.”  Later, John Gowing Sr gave 100 acres to John Gowing Jr, and 100 acres to William Gowing – both his sons as noted on the conveyances.


John Gowen and Mary Keife Gowen transfer part of the 200 acres on June 10, 1761 to his two sons.

14) 1761 Feb 17 – Court – Page 64.  Grand Jury impaneled and sworn-to wit:
Thomas Stagg, Benjamin Carter, Moses Hollis, Richard Simpson, Joseph Atkins, Hugh Porter, Jesse Brashear, John Hunter, Ephraim Gold, Henry Reynolds, Wm Willson, Phillip Preather, Nathaniel Reynolds, ALEXANDER GOING, Thomas Willson.  Orange County, North Carolina Abstracts of the Minutes of the Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions of Sept 1752 – August 1766.  By Ruth Herndon Shields.  http://lumbeeindiansandgoinsfamily.blogspot.com/2008/02/orange-county-nc-early-records.html

15) 1761 Feb 23 – “John Gowen of Lunenburg County, Virginia” receives a deed to “100 acres on Dodson’s Branch at Hargrove’s old line” from William Stroud February 23, 1760 for £30, according to Granville County Deed Book C.

16) 1761 March 4 – Title: William Gowin. Granville Co. Provenance: Class: State Records [Collection]; Group: Secretary of State Record Group; Series: Granville Proprietary Land Office: Land Entries, Warrants, and Plats of Survey; Box: Granville County, Go-Har; Years: 1761, 1762; Creator: Secretary of State, Office ofGranville Proprietary Land OfficeSecretary, Office of the; Call Number: S.108.270—S.108.283; Location: MFR; MARS Id: (Folder); Genres / Forms: Land entries, Warrants, Plats, Deeds; Scope / Contents: Land Entry: 1761 March 4. 700 acres. Descriptive references for land: William Allen, Drewry Allen, James; Smith, Jonathan Barret Warrant: 1761 March 4. 700 acres.
Descriptive references for land: William Allen, Drewry Allen, James; Smith, Jonathan Barret. Plat: 1761 August 27. 640 acres. Descriptive references for land: Spewmarrow Creek; Chain carriers: John McCargan, William Allen, Jr. Surveyor: Thomas Person Deed: 1762 February 6. Granville Co, NC

17) 1761 May 19 – Page 11, John McMillion warrant, 700 acres (694 acres) on Hogn’s Creek, begin at ALEXANDER GOWING’S line, includes his own and Stephen McMillion’s improvements, executed 17 Aug. 1761, issued 6 Oct. 1761.  Orange County, North Carolina Records, Vol. III.  Book 12, pg 7. Grant 46.  Granville Proprietary Land Office.  Miscellaneous Records; By William D. Bennett, C.G.  http://lumbeeindiansandgoinsfamily.blogspot.com/2008/02/orange-county-nc-early-records.html , http://www.nclandgrants.com/grant/?mars=

18) 1761 June 10- John Going, Sr. and wife Mary Going, of Lunenburg County deeded to son William Going of Lunenburg County, “for love and affection, 100 acres, part of 400 acres by patent to said Going Sr, on both sides of the Great Branch [of Allen’s Creek] where said William Going now lives, adjacent John Ruffin.” The signature [or mark] of John Going, was a vertical line, with three cross lines. Mary signed with a “M.” The deed was witnessed by Sarah Going, and others, according to “Lunenburg County, Virginia Deed Book 6. 1760-1761” by June Banks Evans. Lunenburg Co, Va.

19) 1761 On June 10 – John Going Sr, John Going Jr., Sarah Going and Elizabeth Going. On the same date, son John Going, Jr. was deeded 100 acres of his father’s 400 acres with the same description. It was witnessed by Sarah Going and Elizabeth Going. [ibid], Lunenburg County, Virginia.

20) 1761 July Ct John Gowing Sr deed gift to William Gowing in Lunenburg Co Va Lunenburg County Court Order Book v7 p 71

21) 1761 July Ct John Gowing Sr deed gift to John Gowing Jr in Lunenburg Co Va
Lunenburg County Court Order Book v7 p 71

22) 1761 July Court: John Going Pltf v. John Wilson Deft – On a Petition. On fully hearing the arguments and debates of the parties on both sides by their attorneys, it is considered by the court that the said Plaintiff recover against the said defendant the sum of two pounds two shillings and three pence current money. Together with his costs by him in this behalf expended.
On the motion of William Glading a witness for John Gowin in his suit against John Wilson, it is ordered that the said Gowin pay him for one days attendance and coming and returning sixty miles rounding to Law and two shillings for Tiniaps(?).
On the motion of John Cardin a witness for John Gowin in his suit against John Wilson, it is ordered that the said Gowin pay him for one days attendance according to law. Lunenburg County Court Order Book v 7 p 80.

23) 1761 July 7 – The first deed, recorded July 7, 1761 in Lunenburg County Deed Book 6, page 379, reads: “To all people to whom this prasement writing shall come, I John Going, Sr. and Mary his wife for and in consideration of the natural affection and love which we have and bear unto our well beloved son, John Going, Jr. of the county aforesaid convey unto said John Going, Jr. land containing 100 acres more or less, this being part of 400 acres granted by patent bearing date February 14, 1761 which was granted by our Honorable Lt. Gov. Francis Farquhier.  The aforesaid 100 acres lying on both sides of the Great Branch and being the land that the aforesaid John Going, Jr. lives on . . . This 10th day of June the year of our Lord God One Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty-one.  John  [X] Going, Sr. Mary [X] Going.  Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of Rich Brown    Isaiah Going    Elizabeth [X] Going” The Court held for Lunenburg County the 7th day of July 1761, the written deed of gift now acknowledged by the said John Going, Sr. and the same ordered to be recorded.” Lunenburg County, Virginia.

The other deed reads:

24) 1761 Feb 14 – “John Gowing, Sr. of Lunenburg County, Virginia and Mary, his wife, for the natural love and affection which we bear our beloved son, William Gowing of this county aforesaid–also for divers other causes and con­siderations, part of 200 acre tract granted by patent aforesaid to John Gowing, Sr., bearing date February 14, 1761 by Gov. Francis Farquier, land on branch called the Great Branch, and the land that the aforesaid William now lives on.” John Gowen and Mary Keith Gowen sign the deed in the presence of Pinckney Brown, Susie Hubbard and Sarah Gowen, believed to be their daughter-in-law.  Susie Hubbard is regarded as their daughter, Susannah Gowen Hubbard by Jack Harold Goins, Editorial Boardmember of Rogersville, Tennessee.  On the same day they convey a similar portion of land to their son, John Gowen, Jr, according to Lunenburg County Deed Book 6, page 378-379.  Witnesses to the transaction are “Richard Brown, Sarah Going and Elizabeth Going” [believed to be the wife of John Gowen, Jr.].

25) 1762 Aug 1: 2845 pg 107: Ebenezer Wilson. 656 acres in Granville County on the S side of Tar River, joining Nelsons line and Stoney Hill near the bank of the sd river OR: /s/ (mark) Wit: Jno Linton. surveyed 23 March 1762 SCC: David Nelson, James Gowin, Thomas Person Surveyor.  Granville County, South Carolina.

26) 1761 Aug 11: Joseph Gowing of Granville County, North Carolina to Thomas Person of same, conveys 680 acres located on both sides of Taylors Creek, bounded by lands of Neville, Mill, Ballinger, McGeher, and Parker.  Wits: Ben Person, James Pierce. Signed: Joseph Going. Proved up by Benjamin Persons on Aug 11, 1761.  Deed Book D, page 253.  Granville County, North Carolina.
https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3QSQ-G9C5-D9Q5?i=199&cat=360398 – Joseph Gowen sold his land August 11, 1761, according to Granville County Deed Book D, page 253.   Joseph Gowen, born in Stafford County, son of John and Mary Gowen, is also shown as the owner of this land.  Granville Co, NC

27) 1761 November – Ann Gowen was living in Cumberland County, North Carolina in November 1761 when the County Court ordered her to “keep in her possession a mulattoe boy which she now has in order that she may have him here next court”. [Minutes 1759-65, 75]. Cumberland County, North Carolina

28) 1761 Nov 21 – Aaron Going was married November 21, 1761, wife’s name Mary.

29) 1761 December 7 – John Goin sold his remaining 200 acres of land located on both sides of Long Branch in Lunenburg County to William Sandifur. Mary Goin relinquished her dower.  Lunenburg Co, Va.

30) 1761 December 30 and 1762 July 6 – Other records show that William, son of John Going, moves from Lunenburg County to Orange County, North Carolina between December 30, 1761 and July 6, 1762. This is proof that William Going of Orange County was the son of John Going and Mary Keith Going of Lunenburg County, Va.

31) 1762 Bare Swamp District; List of John Pope for St. Johns Parish
Michael Gowin, Mulattoe, John Willson 2 tithes
Thomas Gowin, Moses Gowin 2
Edward Gowin Senr. Mulla., Reps Gowin, Edward Gowin 3
Fishing Creek District
James Gowing, Son William, Refs. to list his wife
2 whites, 0 blacks, 2 males, 0 females, 2 over 16, 2 total
Country Line District
William Gowin Junr 2 white
Granville Parish by Robert Harris
Joseph Going Mulato not listed his wife
List of insolvents
Gowen, James 2
Going, Michael 2
Going, Edward 2
Going, Jos. 1
Granville Co, NC
http://lumbeeindiansandgoinsfamily.blogspot.com/2007/12/granville-county-nc-early-records.html ;  http://www.freeafricanamericans.com/Granville.htm

32) 1762 frame 175, Moses Going List 1 Goochland Co Va, frame 226, William Going List 2  http://www.freeafricanamericans.com/goochcolonial.htm

33) 1762 – James Gowen received a land grant in Brunswick County in 1762, citing Virginia Land Office Book 15.  Brunswick Co, Va.

34) 1762 Jan 20 – Cornelius Keith – 700 acres; Title: Keith, Cornelius. Johnston Co. Years: 1762, 1763; Creator: Office of Secretary of State; Granville Proprietary Land Office. Call Number: S.108.270 – S.108.283; Location: MFR ( Archive Stacks); MARS Id: (Folder); Scope / Contents: Warrant: 1762 January 20. 700 acres; Descriptive references for land: Richland Creek, Neuse River Deed: 1763 April 1; Index Terms: Personal Names: Keith, Cornelius; Geographical Names: Johnston County; Neuse River; Richland Creek; Note: For deed see http://mars.archives.ncdcr.gov/

35) 1762 Jan 25 – Indenture made the 25th dayof January, 1762, between Theophilus Field of Prince George County, and John Sims, for 200 pounds, conveying 275 acres on North side of the Little Creek, adjoining land of Ralph Jackson, and purchased of Thomas Jones and Anne, his wife, by two deeds, the first dated the 3rd day of March, 1748, and the other dated the 6th day of October, 1748. Witnesses were Gray Briggs, John Thornton, Theophilus Field, Junr., and James Walker. Indenture was proved in Court on June 28, 1762, by the oaths of Gray Briggs, John Thornton, and Theophilus Field, Junr. Deed Book 7, Page 122. Va. Land Trans – Brunswick Co. http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~vabrunsw/deeds/brundb7.htm

36) 1762 Feb Ct William Gowin and William Hatchell identure in Lunenburg Co Va
Lunenburg County Court Order Book v7 p 203

37) 1762 Feb Ct John Gowin and William Gowin indenture in Lunenburg Co Va
Lunenburg County Court Order Book v7 p 203

38) 1762 Feb – Deed: proof 80 acres, Feb 1762, Orange, North Carolina, USA.  Deed of sale Moses Hollis to Nortley Hollis 80 ac proved by Alexander Going Feb Court 1762 p.54. Orange Co, NC. http://ourberryfamily.com/berry/pictures/1762-alex_proves_hollis_deed.jpg

39) 1762 Feb 6 – William Gowen receives 640 acs on both sides of Spew Marrow Creek adjacent to Allen’s line in Granville County, NC. 1762 Feb 6 – Title: File No. 298, William Gowen; Parent Records: State Records; Secretary of State Record Group; Land Office: Land Warrants, Plats of Survey, and Related Records; Granville County; Years: 1762; Call Number: S.108.717; Frames:697; Site: Archives Search Room (Raleigh); MARS Id: (Folder); Land Grant Info: Acres:640; Grant Number: 28; Issued: Feb. 6, 1762; Book, Page: 11:368; Location: On both sides of Spew marrow Creek; Granville Co, NC.   1762 Feb 6 – Title: Gowen, William. Granville Co. Provenance: Class: State Records [Collection]; Group: Secretary of State Record Group; Series: Granville Proprietary Land Office: Granville Grants of Deed; Box: Granville Co. Years: 1762.  Creator: Secretary of State, Office of Granville Proprietary Land OfficeSecretary, Office of the; Call Number: SSLG 40A;  Location: MFR; MARS Id: (Folder); Genres / Forms: Deeds, Plats, Indexes; Scope / Contents: February 6, 1762 640 acres Location: Both sides of Spewmarrow Creek 2 copies Deed #28; Granville Co, NC
http://lumbeeindiansandgoinsfamily.blogspot.com/2007/12/granville-county-nc-early-records.html    1762 Feb 6 – William Gowen – Granville County, NC – 640 acs on both sides of Spew Marrow Cr, Adj: Allen’s line, Granville County, NC.  http://www.nclandgrants.com/grant/?mars=

1762 land grant for WIlliam Gowen for 640 acres

40) 1762 Feb 9 – Deed: proof 80 acres, Feb 1762, Orange, North Carolina, USA.  Deed of sale Moses Hollis to Nortley Hollis 80 ac proved by Alexander Going – Orange Co, NC – Feb Court 1762 p.54
http://ourberryfamily.com/berry/pictures/1762-alex_proves_hollis_deed.jpg  1762 Feb 9 – Page 19, Feb. 9, 1762; Moses Hollis to Nortley Hollis, 80 acres; Deed of sale, witness ALEXANDER GOING; Register of Orange County, North Carolina Deeds 1752-1768 & 1793; By Eve B. Weeks. Orange Co, NC.

41) March 20, 1762 William Going receives 240 acres of land in Bedford County, Virginia.  The deed is not recorded until 1780, (Note: which is not uncommon.  When I called the South Carolina Archives about another Gowen, when trying to find deed records and transactions, they informed me that often people would never record their deed at all.  They would receive the deed, live on the land a few years, then sell it to the next person who may do the same.  Eventually someone would record the deed, but there may be several buyers and sellers between who don’t record it.  The fact that William Gowen waited until 1780 to record may mean he possibly had a dispute (trespass lawsuit or threat of a trespass lawsuit, over boundaries, etc.) where he wanted the court to be clear he was the owner.  Or possibly he was considering selling to someone who wanted the deed recorded):

1762 Bedford Co, Virginia 240 acres granted to William Going p1

1762 Bedford Co, Virginia 240 acres granted to William Going p1

The transaction was not recorded until 1780 Va Bedford Co Goen, William 20 Jul 1780
240 acres on both sides of Island Creek.  Land office Patents E, 1775-1776, 1780-1781 (v.2 p. 463-930), p. 178 (Reel 46).  Bedford County, Virginia.

42) 1762 March 22 – Indenture made the 22nd day of March, 1762, between Edward Roberson and Anne, his wife, parties of the first part, and Joseph Peoples. for 60 pounds, conveying 297 acres, adjoining land of Ralph Jackson, which was conveyed to William Roynolds by Letters of Patent dated September 28, 1728, and thence conveyed by William Roynolds to Ralph Jackson and then conveyed by his Last Will and Testament to the said Edward Roberson. Signed by Edward Roberson (his mark) and Anne Roberson. Witness was Lemuel Lanier. Indenture and Memorandum of Livery of Seizin were acknowledged in Court on March 22, 1762, by Edward Roberson and Anne, his wife, appeared and relinquished her right of dower. Deed Book 7, Page 77. Brunswick Co., Va. http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~vabrunsw/deeds/brundb7.htm

43) 1762 April Ct John Clarke v John Gowin Jr charge of assault and battery is dismissed with costs to Pltf in Lunenburg Co Va.  Lunenburg County Court Order Book v8 p 2.

44) 1762 April 7 – William Gladden granted 311 acres to Alexander Going. William Gladden had been granted the land on 1761 June 7. This is recorded in Deed recorded on 1775 Nov 5 – granting John Dismaker and Samuel Paul this land – both sides of Moon Creek. This is part of the larger tract granted to Gladden and Going. Deed: acquired 311 and a half acres on Moons Creek, 7 Apr 1762, , Orange, North Carolina, USA. 7 Apr 1762 Wm Gladden sold 311 acres land on Moons Creek to Alexander Gowen — next record 25 Nov 1775 Dismurker to Paul — conflicting information in deed 22 Mar 1779 says land was Gladden to William Gowing’s. Orange Co, NC. http://ourberryfamily.com/berry/pictures/1775_saml_paul_buys_dismukes_land_that_was_alex_going’s_1775_p_1y2_311_acres_moon’s_ck.jpg
____ ? date – Deed: 311 acres on Moons Creek, 22 Mar 1779, Caswell, North Carolina, USA. 22 Mar 1779 James Roberts of Pittsylvania, Va. to John Ingrim of NC for L100 sold tract of 311 acres on both sides Moone Creek in Caswell Co., NC., being part of a tract of 622 acres of John Earl Granville deed to William Glading, who had sold to William Gowing, and by Gowing to John Wood, and by Wood to James Roberts and by Robers to John Ingrim. Caswell Co, NC. http://ourberryfamily.com/berry/pictures/1779_roberts_to_ingram_1779_land_that_was_william_goings_from_gladen_311_acres.jpg
COMPARE again to
1762 April 7 – Deed: 311 acres on Moons Creek, 18 Sep 1779, Caswell, North Carolina, USA. 18 Sep 1779 Samuel Paul of Caswell Co, NC sold to William Leek of Caswell Co for L300 230 acres on both sides of Moon Creek part of larger track granted to William Gladdin 7 Jun 1761 and the part which Gladden sold to Alexander Gowen on 7 Apr 1762. Caswell Co, NC. http://ourberryfamily.com/berry/pictures/1779_samuel_paul_deed_formerly_alex_going_land_from_glading_1762.jpg
COMPARE again to
1762 April 7 – Deed: 311 acres on Moons Creek, 22 Mar 1790, Caswell, North Carolina, USA. 22 Mar 1790 William Leek of Caswell NC sold to Charlton Ingram of Caswell for L300 230 acres on both sides of Moons Creek being part of a larger tract granted to William Gladden on 7 Jun 1761 which Gladden sold to Alexander Gowen on 7 Apr 1762. Caswell Co, NC

45) 1762 June 20 – Ann Going – born, Father: Joseph Going, Mom: Priscilla; Christened: Kingston Parish, – Baptized on July 4, 1762. Gloucester Co, Va. https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:VRRC-YH6

46) 1762 July Ct indenture memorandum fr William Gowing to Francis Nowell in Lunenburg Co Va.  Lunenburg County Court Order Book v8 p57

47) 1762 July 6: William Going, son of John and Mary Keith Going of Lunenburg County, Virginia, moved to Orange County, North Carolina by July 6, 1762. William had previously sold his 100 acres, gift of his parents, while still living in Lunenburg County. William had bought the 100 acres deeded to his brother, JOHN JR, by their parents for 40 pounds, and sold it in the following transaction.  1762 July 6 – William Going in Orange County, North Carolina sold 100 acres in Lunenburg County, Virginia on Great Branch of Allen’s Creek adjacent to William Sandifur. Lunenburg Co, Va.  “July 6, 1762, William Going of Orange County, North Carolina to Francis Norvell of Lunenburg County, Virginia, 45 pounds, 100 acres, Lunenburg County, Great Branch of Allen’s Creek, adjacent Wm Sandefur. Signed: William [W] Going. Recorded: 6 July 1762. Deed Bk. 7, pp. 302-04. [June Banks Evans, “Lunenburg County, Virginia, Deed Book 7, 1760-1761, Bryn Ffyliaid Publishers, NO, La., 1990] http://archiver.rootsweb.ancestry.com/th/read/GOWEN/2001-08/0996862999

48) 1762 October 4 –”William Gowen sells 640 acres of his land October 4, 1762, according to Granville County Deed Book F, page 382, in Granville Co, NC  1762 October 4 – Land: sold 640 acres, 4 Oct 1762, , Granville, North Carolina, USA. “William Gowen sold 640 acres of his land October 4, 1762, according to Granville County Deed Book F, page 382. Granville Co, NC.

49) 1762 December 11 – John Going Sr., receives title to 700 acres of land on Moon Creek near the Dan River in Orange County, North Carolina – just on the other side of the border from Virginia to North Carolina.  The land is adjacent to land owned by William Gladin– 505 acres of the land received appears to be from William Gladin’s plat.  His son, William Going is the chain carrier for the transaction (measurement device used).  1762 Dec 11 – Page 13, GOING, JOHN, SENIOR. Warrant 11 Dec. 1762, 700 acres on Moon’s Creek, adjoins Samuel Pool and William Glading. Orange County, North Carolina Records, Vol. III; Granville Proprietary Land Office; Miscellaneous Records; By William D. Bennett, C.G. Orange Co, NC

1762 Dec 11 John Going 700 acres Orange Co

50) On December 15, 1762 John Going Sr. records the deed for 700 acres. Orange Co, NC.

1762 Dec 15 John Going Sr 505 acres Orange Co NC

51) 1763 List of Insolvents
James Gowen 2
Edward Going 2
William Going 1 Rong listed 1
Granville Co, NC

52) 1763 frame 252, Moses Going’s list } 2 Goochland Co Va, frame 258, Mowses Gouins 2

53) 1763 – “Philip Going” was taxed in adjoining Hanover County in 1763 on 220 acres. Hanover Co, Va.

54) 1763 – Alexander Gowin born; 1780 Sept 1 – 17 year old Alexander Gowin enlisted at Chesterfield Va. States he lives in Westmoreland Co, Va., and was born in Westmoreland Co, Va. Westmoreland Co, Va.

55) 1763 Jan 1 – Cornelius Keeth – 480 acres on north side of Neuse River, in Johnston County, NC. http://www.nclandgrants.com/grant/?mars= ; Title: Keith, Cornelius. Johnston Co.; Years: 1763; Creator: Office of Secretary of State; Granville Proprietary Land Office; Call Number: SSLG 74K; Location: Archive Stacks; MARS Id: (Folder); Scope / Contents: January 1, 1763 480 acres Location: North side of Neuse River 2 copies Deed #79; Personal Names: Keath, Cornelius; Keith, Cornelius; Geographical Names: Johnston County; Neuse River; Source / Donor: http://mars.archives.ncdcr.gov/

56) 1763 Feb 2 – Title: Harrison, Robert. Granville Co. Provenance: Class: State Records [Collection]; Group: Secretary of State Record Group; Series: Granville Proprietary Land Office: Land Entries, Warrants, and Plats of Survey; Box: Granville County, Go-Har; Years: 1763; Creator: Secretary of State, Office ofGranville Proprietary Land OfficeSecretary, Office of the; Call Number: S.108.270—S.108.283; MARS Id: (Folder); Genres / Forms: Warrants, Plats, Plats.  Scope / Contents: Warrant: 1763 February 2. 700 acres. Descriptive references for land: William Gowin, Charles Harris, William Royster Plat: 1763 May 24. 700 acres. Descriptive references for land: Jonathans Creek, Charles Harris,  William Gowin; Chain carriers: John James, John Pendergrass; Surveyor: Thomas Person Grant not ripened. Granville Co, NC.   http://lumbeeindiansandgoinsfamily.blogspot.com/2007/12/granville-county-nc-early-records.html

57) 1763 April – Moses Going sued James Moseley in April 1763 but the case was also dismissed on agreement. Goochland Co, Va. http://www.freeafricanamericans.com/Gibson_Gowen.htm

58) 1763 April – Moses Going sued in Goochland County by William Hudnell in April 1763. Thomas Riddle posted his bail. The suit was dismissed on agreement between the parties. Goochland Co, Va. http://www.freeafricanamericans.com/Gibson_Gowen.htm

58a)  1763 May 19 Aaron Gowing of Louisa and Thomas Underwood of Hanover, that Aaron Gowing for 36 pounds 8 shillings and 5 pence farthing current money of Virginia paid by Thomas Underwood . . . doth deliver unto Thomas Underwood all those goods and chattles belonging to him the said Aaron Gowing as by inventory thereof, . . . the sd Aaron Going shall pay repay before the 25 instant to Thomas Underwood. Goods include one mair branded on the rear buttock M and the shoulder P, one bay mair branded on the shoulder M and on the rear buttock W paces slow is abt 10 or 11 years old and all his household stuff. Signed: Aaron Going. Wits: John Stevens, George Underwood. Proved up Sept 18, 1764. v 8 p 422. Goochland County, Virginia.

59) 1763 May 23 – James Gowin – 376 acres adjoining the land of Brewer, Perry, Cook &c., and being on Carter’s Creek. Brunswick County, Va.  1763 May 23 – “James Gowin” received a grant of 376 acres “adjoining land of Brewer, Perry, Massey, and Cook on Carter’s Creek” May 23, 1763, according to Brunswick County deed records. . . beginning at Brewer’s corner . . . Terry’s line . . . Cook’s line . . . Massey’s line. Brunswick Co, Va.

60) 1763 June 11 – Page 14, GOING, JOHN, SENIOR. Survey 11 June 1763, 505 acres on Moon’s Creek of Dan River joins Gledden: WILLIAM GOING and William Land, SCC. (2 copies); Orange County, North Carolina Records, Vol. III; Granville Proprietary Land Office; Miscellaneous Records; By William D. Bennett, C.G. Orange Co, NC.

61) 1763 July 31 – Aaron Going and his wife Mary had a child named John Going, born 31 July 1763 and baptized 28 August the same year [Jones, The Douglas Register, 65]. Goochland Co, Va.  http://www.freeafricanamericans.com/Gibson_Gowen.htm

62) 1763 Aug – Page 90, Court – Richard Finch v. Alexander Going – Orange Co, NC
T.A.B. (personal quarrels).  Orange County, North Carolina Abstracts of the Minutes of the Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions of Sept 1752 – August 1766.  By Ruth Herndon Shields

63) 1763 Aug – Moses Going sued Charles Murler for a 16 pound, 12 shilling debt in August 1763; Goochland Co, Va. http://www.freeafricanamericans.com/Gibson_Gowen.htm

64) 1763 Aug 28 – John Going born; Father: Aaron Going; Mom: Mary. St James Northam Parish, Goochland Co, Va.  https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:VRRW-BMW

65) 1763 Oct 11 – David Going was a witness to a deed dated October 11, 1763 in which Abraham Whitworth [no wife] sold to Isaac Whitworth “both of Rowan County” 170 acres on the south side of Dan River for £100. David Going and John Sharp proved the deed in October 1762. Deed bk 5, pg 360.  Rowan Co, NC.   https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3QSQ-G98Q-QSVL?i=374&cat=328774

66) 1763 Nov – In November 1763, William Going and Alexander Going  were sued in the same Orange County, North Carolina Court. William’s case is filed in Debt Folio 116 and Alexander’s in Case Folio 123. [Ruth Herndon Shields, op cit]   1763 Nov Page 94; Court – James Lesslye v. Alexander Going – Orange Co, NC.  Orange County, North Carolina Abstracts of the Minutes of the Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions of Sept 1752 – August 1766.  By Ruth Herndon Shields

67) 1763 Nov – Page 116; Court of Nov. 1763; George Lumpkin vs WILLIAM GOING – Debt; Orange County, North Carolina Abstracts of the Minutes of the Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions of Sept 1752 – August 1766; By Ruth Herndon Shields
Orange Co, SC. http://lumbeeindiansandgoinsfamily.blogspot.com/2008/02/orange-county-nc-early-records.html

68) 1763 Nov 8 – Page 27;  Alexander Going sells 311 1/2 acres to John Woods, Orange Co, NC.  Deed of sale, witness James Woods.  Register of Orange County, North Carolina Deeds 1752-1768 & 1793.  By Eve B. Weeks

69) 1763 Nov 21 – Alexander Gowens: (a free negro); Sale of Slave to Betty Wise. Charleton, SC

70) 1764 Granville Co, NC
Jas. Gowen, James Lunceford 2 white
Thomas Going and Moses Going 2 white
Joseph Going and James Harrison mulattoe 1 white 1 mulattoe
Edward Going and Edward Going 2 mulattoe
Yancey’s List ( part missing)
Gowen, Joseph 1-0-0-0
Gowen, William 1-0-0-0
List of Robert Harris
John Cape and William Gowen 2-0-0-0

71) Jos. Gowen 2 insolvent
James Gowen 2 insolvent
http://lumbeeindiansandgoinsfamily.blogspot.com/2007/12/granville-county-nc-early-records.html ; http://www.freeafricanamericans.com/Granville.htm

72) 1764 frame 274, William Going, Money Going 2 Goochland Co Va
frame 281, Moses Going List Will Tyler 2
frame 295, Going, Wm 2
Going, Moses 2
Going, Aaron 1
Going, George 1

73) 1764 May – Moses Going was sued by Robert Smith for 30 shillings in May 1764; Goochland Co, Va. http://www.freeafricanamericans.com/Gibson_Gowen.htm

74) 1764 May – In 1764 May until the May 1765 court session,  Alexander Going, and John Going are both involved in separate court cases in Orange County, NC.  – McCaul, Lytle & Co. vs ALEXANDER GOING – T.A.B. (personal quarrels);  Thomas Moore vs JOHN GOING – Case.  Orange County, North Carolina Abstracts of the Minutes of the Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions of Sept 1752 – August 1766.  Page 102; Court of May 1764.  By Ruth Herndon Shields.  Orange Co, NC.  (This may possibly be John Going, Jr.). http://ourberryfamily.com/berry/21207.htm , http://lumbeeindiansandgoinsfamily.blogspot.com/2008/02/orange-county-nc-early-records.html

75) 1764 May 15 – On May 15, 1764, William Going was granted 311 ½ acres in Orange County, North Carolina. [Eve B. Weeks, “Register of Orange County, North Carolina Deeds, 1752-1768,” & 1793, Heritage Papers, 1984] William Gladden conveys the full 623 acres of his tract to William Gowen and to Alexander Going.  Gladden conveys 311 and 1/2 acres of land to William Gowen recorded in 1764, and then the transaction with Alexander Going for 311 and 1/2 acres of land is recorded in 1765.

1764 May William Gladen sells 311 and a half acres to William Gowen in Orange Co NC deeds registry


1764 William Gladden sells 311 and a half acres to William Going in Orange Co NC 1765 William Gladden sells 311 and a half acres to Alexander Going in Orange Co NC

1779 roberts to ingram land that was william goings from gladen 311 acres

John Going appears in Orange County in May 1765 Court Records. [Folio 383] [Shields, op cit. (This may be John Going Jr or Sr here).

76) 1764 June – Moses Going acknowledged a debt of 14 pounds, 10 shillings to Messrs. William Pryor and William Merriwether in June 1764. Goochland Co, Va. http://www.freeafricanamericans.com/Gibson_Gowen.htm

77) 1764 June 5 –  Thomas Gown applied for a 100 acre bounty grant in the upper Savannah River valley in Belfast township June 5, 1764, according to the records of the Charleston Treasurer. He re­ceived 35 pounds from the treasury in 1764.

78) 1764 July – Aaron Going gave a deed of trust to Thomas Underwood. It was proved in court by George Gowen.

79) 1787 May 16: “Aron Going” received 410 acres in the County of Guilford “on the head of Matrimony Creek a branch of the Dan River and on Paw Paw Creek of Mayo River” bounded by the lines of Samuel Gates, near Hamilton’s line, from the State of North Carolina May 16, 1786, according to Rockingham County Deed Book A, page 33. Rockingham Co, NC.  https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3QSQ-G98Q-SSWJ?i=14&cat=161485

80) 1764 July 22 – Henry Going m. Susannah Freeson; Goochland Parish – Douglas Register of marriages. Henrico Co, Va

81) 1764 Aug – Page 109; Court of Aug. 1764 Aug – Robert Lytle v. Alexander Going  &  ALEXANDER GOING vs WILLIAM GOING – Petition.  Orange County, North Carolina Abstracts of the Minutes of the Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions of Sept 1752 – August 1766.  By Ruth Herndon Shields

82) (removed)

83) 1764 Sept – Moses Going acknowledged a debt of 15 pounds, 12 shillings to Adams and Thomas Underwood in September 1764 [Orders 1761-5, 145, 151, 158, 228-9, 327, 334, 369, 424]. Goochland Co, Va.

84) 1764 Sept – Aaron Going was living in Louisa County on 19 May 1763 when he mortgaged his household goods to Thomas Underwood of Hanover County for 36 pounds currency by deed proved in Goochland County in September 1764 [DB 8:422; Orders 1750-57, 84; 1757-61, 429; 1761-65, 429]. Louisa Co, Va – Aaron Going living in Hanover Co, Va – Thomas Underwood living. http://www.freeafricanamericans.com/Gibson_Gowen.htm

85) 1764 Oct 20 – Indenture made 20 October 1764 between Ambros Harwell and Margret his wife of Brunswick County and Eward (sic) Sanders of Lancaster County, for five pounds, sells to Edward Sanders, one Tract or parcell of Land lying and being in the County of Brunswick Containing by Estimation one Hundred & Twenty five Acres, it being part of a Tract of Land Thomas Bull the Twelfth day of January one Thousand Seven Hundred and forty six and bounded as followeth: Beginning at a branch thence a Strait Course to a Croner Shrub White Oak thence South sixty Six degrees West ninty eight poles to Ralph Jacksons line thence along his Line North Seven degrees Est (sic) Eighty poles to his Corner red oak thence along the said Line East four degrees West Seventy Six poles to his Corner red oak thence along the said Jacksons line fifty two Degrees west fifty four poles to the Ready Creek thence up the said Creek as it mainders (sic) to the Beginnig (sic). Signed Ambros Harwell and Margret Harwell (bhm). Witnesses: Joel Threwitts, nathaniel Green, swan Prichard. Court 25 February 1765, Indenture was acknowledged by Ambros Harwell and Margret the wife of the said Ambros personally appeared in Court & having been first privly Examined as the Law Directs freely & Volunterily Relinquihsed her Right of Dower. page 22-24. Brunswick Co., Va. http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~vabrunsw/deeds/brundb8.htm

86) 1764 Nov 9 – William Gowen – 300 acs on both sides of Pocket Cr. Cumberland, NC. Cumberland Co., NC. http://www.nclandgrants.com/grant/?mars=  1764 Nov 9 – Crown to WILLIAM GOWEN, 300 ac in Cumberland on both sides of the Pocket (?) Cr. (Patent Bk 17, p 116, #7448) (Hofmann, Margaret M. Colony of NC, 1735-1764, Abstracts of Land Patents, Vol 1, 1982, p 527). Moore Co, NC  http://lumbeeindiansandgoinsfamily.blogspot.com/2007/11/moore-county-nc-early-records.html

87) 1765 William Burford’s District
William Going Molatto not listed 2
County Line district by James Yancy
Joseph Gions 1, 0
Wm. Gions 1,0
Granville Co, NC

88) 1765 William Goin 2 Goochland Co Va
Berry Going 1
frame 318, Moses Going 1
William Going List, Wm Money Going 2

89) 1765 – About 1765 James Gowen was married to Mary “Polly” Keating, believed to be age 15. The bride’s surname is undocumented, but there are indications that her name was Keating. The marriage apparently took place in Beaufort District in the southern tip of the state. They lived on the Combahee River at a settlement then called Combahee Ferry. Beaufort Dist, SC

90) 1765 Joseph Gowen fr William Gowen in Granville Co NC (Book H p. 28)

91) 1765 Jan 26 – 81-(133) Richard Rains of Brunswick Co to Gray Briggs of Dinwiddie Co. 26 Jan 1765. £105. A mortgage for 307 acres which sd Rains purchased from (Thomas Gowen, Joseph Peebles, George Clayton, John Bailey, William Woodward, Lewelling Wmson, Joseph Wmson, Robert Gee Jr., Sd Briggs, Edward Adams, James Adams, Richard Atkins, Reuben Bennitt, Joseph Blayton, Bunell Claiborne, Francis Coleman, Samuel Coleman, Joshua Cook, Samuel Craft, Thomas Craft, William Duglas, Charles Edwards, H. Garrott, Robert Garrott, Henry Gee, Charles Golestone, Benjamin Harrison, Jr., John Hilton, Judith Jones, Tomas Jones, Solomon King, Richard Lanier, Richard Littlepage, William Lucas, Bernd. Major, Frizell McTier, James Proctor, Joseph Proctor, Robert Proctor, Moses Quarles, Richard Rains, Henry Rawlings, William Rawlings, Josiah Reams, John C. Robinson, Peter Simmons Jr, Thomas Steagall, John Tankersly, Roger Tillman, Littleberry White, David Wiggons, Joseph Williamson, John Wood, Gray Briggs). Proved 30 May 1765. N. Edwards DCC. Brunswick Co, Va. http://www.freeafricanamericans.com/revolution.htm

92) 1765 Jan 31: 100 acres to John Gowen vol 13, pg 265. Craven Co, South Carolina. (Index shows 1765, but actual record shows 1775)    https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3Q9M-CSLV-PS8Y-H?i=467&cat=284315

93) 1765 Feb – Page 119; Court:  James Lesslie v. Alexander Going – Orange Co, NC
Orange County, North Carolina Abstracts of the Minutes of the Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions of Sept 1752 – August 1766.  By Ruth Herndon Shields

94) 1765 Feb 15: GROIN, ANN, PLAT FOR 100 ACRES ON BROAD RIVER.  Series: S213184 Volume: 0007 Page: 00485 Item: 02 Names indexed: FARAR, BENJAMIN; GROIN, ANN; TROUP, JOHN Document type: PLAT Locations: BROAD RIVER, South Carolina.

94a)  1765 March 20 Michael Gawin of North Carolina of the County of Baute conveys to David Gawin of County of Henrico for 40 pounds a parcel of land containing 400 acres of land in Henrico County, at the corner of William Harolows first survey. Signed: Michael Gawin. Wits: David Bowles, John Thompson, John Gawin. Proved up April 1, 1765. Henrico County, Virginia 1750 to 1767 p 915.

95) 1765 May – Court: jury, May 1765, Granville, North Carolina, USA.  William Gowen, Joseph Gowen and John Gowen were included in a jury panel in May 1765, according to Granville County Court minutes.” Granville Co, NC

96) 1765 May – Page 126; Court – John Williams Esq. v. Alexander Going – Orange Co, NC.  Thomas Moore vs JOHN GOING -Case.  Orange County, North Carolina Abstracts of the Minutes of the Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions of Sept 1752 – August 1766.  By Ruth Herndon Shields

97) 1765 May – Page 127; Court  – Abner Nash, Esq. v. Alexander Going – Orange Co, NC. Orange County, North Carolina Abstracts of the Minutes of the Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions of Sept 1752 – August 1766.  By Ruth Herndon Shields

97a)  1765 May Adam Sims v Thomas Going, Jackson, and Howell for debt Order Bk 9 pgs 126, 127 Brunswick Co, Va

98) 1765 June 21: GROIN, ANN, LAND GRANT FOR 100 ACRES ON BROAD RIVER.  Series: S213019 Volume: 0012 Page: 00362 Item: 000 Names indexed: GROIN, ANN Document type: LAND GRANT Locations: BROAD RIVER, South Carolina.

98a)  1765 July Adam Sims v. Thomas Going, William Clack, Mark Jackson debt judgment for Pltf, Order bk 9, pg 335 Brunswick Co, Va.

99) 1765 July 15: GROIN, ANNE, MEMORIAL FOR 100 ACRES ON BROAD RIVER. Series: S111001 Volume: 0006 Page: 00504 Item: 004 Names indexed: GROIN, ANNE Document type: MEMORIAL Locations: BROAD RIVER, South Carolina

100) 1765 Aug: Deed: Alexander Going 300 acres to John Thomas. Orange Co, NC.  August Court 1765 p. 111.  http://ourberryfamily.com/berry/pictures/1765_alex_sale_300_ac_to_thomas_proved.jpg

101) 1765 Aug – Deed:  Alexander Going 311 ½ acres from William Gladden proved by Moses Hollis – Aug Court 1765 p. 120.  Orange, NC

101a)  1765 Aug Ct William Clack v Thomas Gowen continued to next ct Order Bk 9, pg 432 Brunswick Co Va

102) 1765 Aug 7: William Gowen of Granville County, North Carolina, in consideration of the good will and affection I have to my son Joseph Gowen of Granville County, in the province aforesaid . . . grant 350 acres bounded by land of Gowen, Wits: Stephen Jett, James Davenport. Signed: William Gowen. Proved up by James Davenport in August Court 1765. Deed Book H, page 28-29. Granville County, North Carolina.
https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3QS7-99C5-6C2W?mode=g&i=23&cat=360398 A sheriff’s sale took another 350 acres of his land for debt February 5, 1767, according to Granville County Deed Book H, page 226.” Granville Co, NC.

103) 1765 Aug 13 – Page 42;  William Golden (Gladden) to Alexander Going 311 1/2 acres.  Deed of sale, witness Moses Hollis.  Register of Orange County, North Carolina Deeds 1752-1768 & 1793.  By Eve B. Weeks

104) 1765 Aug 13 – Page 39; Aug. 13 1765; ALEXANDER GOWING to John Thomas, 300 acres; Deed of sale, witness (blank).  Register of Orange County, North Carolina Deeds 1752-1768 & 1793; By Eve B. Weeks. Orange Co, NC.

105) 1765 Aug 13 – Page 42; Aug. 13 1765; William Golden (should be Gladden) to ALEXANDER GOING, 311 ½ acres; Deed of sale, witness Moses Hollis; Register of Orange County, North Carolina Deeds 1752-1768 & 1793; By Eve B. Weeks. Orange Co, NC

106) 1765 Sept 21 – 329-(12) William Guynne & his wife Elizabeth of St Andrew Parish in Brunswick Co to Thomas Brooks of sd parish. 21 Sep 1765. £70 VA. 200 acres which was part of a 400 acre tract, joining Ingram, Hagood, Johnson & Maclin, & which had formerly been a patent to Thomas Singleton who…….(Note from Tracy Hutchison- I do not have the next page). Brunswick Co , Va.   http://www.freeafricanamericans.com/revolution.htm

107) 1765 Sept 22 – 210-(359) James Goin & wife Amy of Meherrin Parish in Brunswick Co to Peter Solomon of sd parish. 22 Sep 1765. £20 VA. 150 acres which is part of the tract where sd James Goin now lives & was patent to him 23 May 1763, on the south side of Meherrin River & on Spring Branch, joining George Renn (Wren), Henry Cook, sd James Goin, sd Peter Solomon, John Massey, William Massey. Witnesses omitted. Proved 22 Sep 1766. N. Edwards Jr DCC. Brunswick Co, Va.

107a)  1765 Oct 30 William Clack Gent v. Thomas Gowen damages for plaintiff Order bk 10, pg 28, Brunswick Co Va

108) 1766 Box CR 44.601.20 1766 gives alphabetical summary only:
Goin, Joseph 2
Gowin, Thomas 1
Gowing, Joseph 1
Gowin, Edward 1
Gowin, Reps 1
Memo of those as has not listed with John Pope
Joseph Gowin (Mullattoe, has a wife and other Family not listed)
Edward Gowin (Mullattoe, has a wife &c not listed)
Granville Co, NC
http://lumbeeindiansandgoinsfamily.blogspot.com/2007/12/granville-county-nc-early-records.html , http://www.freeafricanamericans.com/Granville.htm

109) 1766 frame 353, John Going 2 Goochland Co Va
Moses Going 1

110) 1766 May – Deed: proof 248 acres, May 1766, , Orange, North Carolina, USA.  Alexander Going 248 acres to Roger Adkinson proved by Alex’r Going May Court 1766 p. 130. Orange Co., NC.  http://ourberryfamily.com/berry/pictures/1766_alex_sale_248_ac_to_adkinson,_proved.jpg

111) 1766 May 13 – Deed: Alexander Going 248 acres to Roger Adkinson – Orange Co, NC. proved by Alex’r Going May Court 1766 p. 130
http://ourberryfamily.com/berry/pictures/1766_alex_sale_248_ac_to_adkinson,_proved.jpg  1766 May 13 – Alexander Going; Page 45; May 13 1766; ALEXANDER GOING to Roger Adkinson, 248 acres; Deed of sale, witness ALEXANDER GOING; Register of Orange County, North Carolina Deeds 1752-1768 & 1793; By Eve B. Weeks
Orange Co, NC. http://lumbeeindiansandgoinsfamily.blogspot.com/2008/02/orange-county-nc-early-records.html  (Note: This record indicates that Alexander ‘Going’ Jr. had reached the age of majority. Thus, he was born prior to 1745).

111a)  1766 July 29 James Kuter v Drury Gowing continued to next ct, Order bk 10, pg 50, Brunswick Co, Va

112) 1766 Aug – Page 141; Court – John Williams Esq v. Alexander Going – Orange Co, NC.  Orange County, North Carolina Abstracts of the Minutes of the Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions of Sept 1752 – August 1766.  By Ruth Herndon Shields

113) 1766 Aug 5: Daniel Gogning 250 acres of land on the Waters of the Saludy – Petition of land from South Carolina Council. South Carolina.

113a)  1766 Sept 22 James Going and wife Amy to Peter Solomon deed, Order bk 10, pg 153, Brunswick Co, Va

114) 1766 Nov 4: William Goging 100 acres of land on the Saludy or Little River – Petition of land from South Carolina Council.  Plat drawn with it on Browns Fork of Rabaurn branch, all sides vacant. Certified 28 Jan 1767. Craven Co, South Carolina.

115) 1766 Nov 28 – 293-(505) Robert Gwaltney of Meherin Parish in Brunswick Co to Drury Gowing (Goen) of sd parish. 28 Nov 1766. £5 VA. 50 acres which was part of a patent to Thos Burnett & laid off by John Burrow & conveyed by sd Thomas Burnett to sd Robert Gwaltney, on the south side of Meherin River, joining ad Robert Gwaltneys Spring Branch. Wit: Burrel Sims, Thos(xo)Burnet, Samuel( ) Sexton. Proved 27 Apr 1767. N. Edwards Jr DCC. Brunswick Co, Va

116) 1766 Dec 3 – Joseph Gowen survey 250 acs of land next to John Easley’s and also bounded by Joseph Gorson, survey on North side of the Tyger River in Craven County, SC. SC Land Trans – Craven County, SC. The Tyger River basin is in area running between Spartanburg, Greenville, and Union SC.   http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107088  (Easely is name of Anne Gowen Easely’s husband).

117) 1767 List of Philips Pryor
Joseph Gowen, Presley Harrison John Cunningham, Minor Cockram 4w, 0B
list of John Pope (white, Black male, Black female)
Thomas Gowin 2-0-0
Moses Gowin 1-0-0
Joseph Gowin 0-2-0
Edward Gowin 0-1-0
Edward Gowin Jr.0-1-0
Separate List later in reel, Philip Pryors List
Joseph Gowen, Prisly Morrison, John Cunningham, Minor Cocer? 4 white
Granville Co, NC

118) 1767 William Goins
1755-1786 NC Taxpayers
1767, Cumberland Co, WM GOINS.
Cumberland Co, NC

119) 1767 Phil Going list 1 Goochland Co Va
frame 19, William Going list, William Going Do 2
frame 52, William Going, Philip Going

120) 1767 David Gowing a List of Tithables Taken by Hamon Critz, Gent, for the Year 1767. Pittsylvania Co, Va  1767 – David Gowing Tax Record, 1767, , Pittsylvania, Virginia, USA.  First List of Tithables of Pittsylvania County, Virginia Tax Records, Year 1767, p. 318. 3 Tithes, Land 272 . Pittsylvania Co, Va.

121) 1767 – Joseph Going Listed as a “taxable” in James Bunch’s Trinity Parish household in 1767. Trinity Parish, Va.

122) 1767 Joseph Gowin to Isaac Winfree in Granville Co NC (Book H Letter G p. 359)

123) 1767 – Drury Going married in Camden District to 17 yr old Sarah “Sallie” Baxter (need citation) (No cite for this:  she was born in 1750 in Granville County (later Orange County, later Caswell) Camden, SC.

124) 1767 Aaron Lockhart – plat for 100 acres in Craven County, SC – on Turkey Creek, a branch of Broad River, all sides vacant land. Craven Co, SC http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=101068

125) 1767 – “William Gowin” owned land “adjoining Terrence Ryley on Popeshead Run and Rattlesnake Branch,” according to Northern Neck Deed Book B, page 79, as reported in “Patents and Northern Neck Grants of Fairfax County, Virginia.” This land was regranted in 1767 to George Mason, with 19 “surplus” acres, according to Northern Neck Deed Book O, page 89. Fairfax Co, Va

126) 1767 Jan 6 – Some time between 1765 – 1767 William Goyne moves from Orange County, NC, to the Craven District, South Carolina – in what will be Fairfield County, SC on the border of Chester County, SC – on Wateree Creek.   He receives a 300 acre grant.

(Plat#) S213184000900095 Colonial Plat Books (copy series) 8 Bit Gray 300 dpi Scanned by Judith Smith


127) 1767 Jan 15 – William Going survey of 300 acres of land on the N prong of the Wateree Creek, bounding S on Rick Tidwell’s land, SC Land Trans – Craven Co – Wateree Creek. 1767 Jan 15: GOING, WILLIAM, PLAT FOR 300 ACRES ON WATEREE CREEK.  Series: S213184 Volume: 0009 Page: 00095 Item: 01 Names indexed: CANTEY, JOSEPH; GOING, WILLIAM; TIDWELL, RICHARD; TROUP, JOHN.  Locations: WATEREE CREEK Document type: PLAT.  South Carolina.
http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=100733(Image)  http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=100733

Series: S213184 Volume: 0015 Page: 00020 Item: 02.  Names indexed: EASELEY, JOHN; ELLIOTT, THOMAS; GOWEN, JOSEPH; TROUP, JOHN; WOFFORD, JAMES
Document type: PLAT Locations: CRAVEN COUNTY; TYGER RIVER, South Carolina.

129) 1767 Feb 23 – George Mason, Thomason Ellzey, John Barry, John Hollis, John Solomon, George Washington, John Barry, Thomas Ford, James Scott, Elijah Williams, Peter Wagoner, Grafton Kirk, Sarah Jackson, Elizabeth Davis Sexton, Grafton Kirk, Samuel Littlejohn – Sexton, Doctor James Nesbett, John Solomon, John Ryley, Samuel Russell, Absalom Reid, John Hollis, William Gardner, George W. Fairfax. Pohick Church – in Lorton, Virginia
Truro Parish Colonial Vestry Book, Truro Parish, Va. http://www.pohick.org/vestrybook.html p. 116, 117,

129a)  1767 March 25 Edmund Wilkins v Drury Going for debt due by account dismd neither party appearing, Order bk 10, pg 263 Brunswick Co, Va

129b)  1767 April 27 Robert Gwaltney to Drury Gowen an indenture of sale recorded Order bk 10, pg 281, Brunswick Co, Va

130) 1767 May 8 – “Thomas Going and James Going were mentioned in a deposition given by Charles Griffith in Fairfax County May 8, 1767, according to “Patents and Northern Neck Grants in Fairfax County, Virginia” by Beth Mitchell.
“The deposition of Charles Griffith, aged 70 years or thereabouts of Loudoun County, formerly of Stafford County, now called Fairfax County, taken between John Carlyle, plaintiff and Charles Alexander, defendant, the 8th day of May 1767.
The deponent, first being sworn for the Defendant, Charles Alexander, saith that:
“About 43 years ago I was Overseer for one Phillip Noland. Maj. Robert Alexander, grandfather to the present Charles Alexander, came up from Boyeshole . . . and the said Noland then told Alexander that one Robertson, the Goings, and several others had surveyed and taken-up land within his great Patent, upon which the said Alexander, seeming angry, swore . . . but this Deponent further saith that when Noland told Maj. Robert Alexander that the Goings were taking and surveying his, the said Alexander’s land, he, the said Alexander, replied to the said Noland that he had a great mind to turn the Molatto [sic] rascals off his land . . . and this Deponent further saith old Col. Mason, father to the present one, John Straughan, Richard Wheeler, Thomas Chapman, Peter Guin and several other old Standards whose names he does not at present recollect to him, this Deponent, that the beginning of Alexander’s land was opposite the said Mason’s Island, upon the mouth opposite a branch and that from that branch it ran into the woods two miles.
He, this Deponent, further saith that he well remembers he was at a Race in the same year where the Goings were [who then had running horses] and that the old people were talking about the Goings taking up Alexander’s land and selling it to Thomas and Todd which land the old people then said was in Alexander’s back line or at least the greatest part. He well remembers that at the same time the old people said as soon as Alexander should make a survey, they would find it was Alexander’s land and they would loose the greatest part of it, at the same time this Deponent saith the people were laughing and said if it were not for Alexander’s land the Goings had sold to Thomas and Todd they, the said Goings would not be so lavish of their money of which they seemed to have a great plenty at that time, being asked by the Pltf. at what time it was that he rode with Mr. Hugh West when he was Deputy Sheriff. He says that it was in the year 1726 or 1727 as well as he remembers . . . He says that Tom Going confessed that Robert Alexander held that said line, but he was of the opinion that he would not be allowed to hold more than his papers mentioned, the Deponent says that James Going told Pearson of it and had it not been for the Speeches and Pearson and some of the Neighbors concerning the back line of Alexander, they would not have sold their rights. This conversation he says happened some years after Pearson shewed the aforesaid back line and he remembers that Going asked Pearson how he came to possess himself of some of the same kind of land and Pearson told him that he was safe in purchasing as the man was able to make him whole in case it should be taken from him . . . ”
The deposition was transcribed in “Land Records of Long Standing, Fairfax County Virginia, 1742-1770” By Ruth and Sam Sparacio. The deposition is revealing for several reasons:
1726 or 1727
1. It locates Thomas Going and James Going living on their 1,215 acres of land on Four Mile Creek adjacent to Alexander land. It shows that they were not living on the land on Spout Run, for it was separated from Alexander land by that of Ousley. It suggests that James Going was still living with his parents, and probably was the youngest son. It also suggests that the other two brothers, John Going and William Going were not living with their parents at that time.
2. Alexander’s reference to “mulatto rascals” raises the question: Was he speaking in anger, or was he actually describing skin color?
“Thomas and Todd” mentioned by the deponent owned 1,215 acres of land in Stafford County on Four Mile Creek adjoining the land of Robert Alexander on August 3, 1719 which was land “formerly surveyed for Thomas, James, John and William Goins,” according to “Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants, 1694-1742.”
Fairfax Co (formerly Stafford Co), Va.
(Shows the Goings, including James, lived near John Straughan – who took in 10 yr old orphaned William Gowen as an apprentice in 1737 – possible family relationship?).
http://www.lva.virginia.gov/chancery/case_detail.asp?CFN=013-1811-021 (Link to Library of Virginia – Chancery Court: Pendleton v. Alexander case of 1811 – depositions were transferred into this case from 1767 depos:
(p. 1-18: Petition, Answer, and costs sheet on 1809 case).
(p. 19-35: Additional Answers filed by Charles Alexander and wife Francis Alexander).
(p. 57-79: Various depositions taken in 1767 re case and land)
(p. 79-82: Charles Griffith’s deposition on May 8, 1767 is page 79 through 82 of link);
(p. 87: David Thomas’ depo on April 9, 1768 re Thomas Going)
(p. 94-96: Indenture of Parthenia Dade – daughter of Alexander – for land in dispute – describes one landmark as “Goings Gut” in description).
(p. 97-104: Indenture in 1771 Mouth of Goings Gut landmark in sale of property by Dade)
(p. 110-113: Lee Massey depo in Alexander case, depo taken in 1809 mentions Going Gut)
(p. 121-122: 1748 Act creating City of Alexandria – starts with sixty acres of land).
(p. 163-164: 1809 survey mentioning Going’s Gut).
(p. 176: 1767 Carlyle v Alexander case with judgment in 1771) – Admiral Seekright against Charles Alexander
(p. 178-185: Petition describing dispute in 1809 case description of allegations, Goings Gut again referenced).
(p. 187-189: 1776/77 Lee Massey release regarding the disputed land)
(p. 198-203: 1767 Pleadings in case against Charles Alexander and minutes of court and motion)
(p. 205-210: 1810 interrogatories and answers of George Griffin).
(p. 214-216: John Alexander’s questions and answers to depo Qs in 1809).
(p. 223-225: Record of case in 1771 and judgment against Charles Alexander).
(p. 226-227: Deed of Charles Alexander in 1778 re land with Prothenia Dade (Robert Alexander’s daughter)
(p. 228-229: Dick deed in 1790 re land).
(p. 230-233: 1790 and 1809 deeds re land in dispute).
(p. 234-237: Alexander case drawings of surveys done).
Background of case (from what the Plaintiff’s pleadings indicate):
The Alexander family had received a 6000 acre plot of land from Theodorick Bland in
In 1748 an Act was passed to create the city of Alexandria – starting with 60 acres of land. The city was a success. As it grew, the land around it became more valuable.
Charles Alexander inherited much of the rest of the land back in 1735.
In 1735 Robert Alexander died. He had a 6000 acre tract in the area. He left 400 acres of this land to his daughter Porthenia Alexander, who later married Dade and then Massey.
Around 1766, Charles Alexander tried to rent to tenants on parts of the land that were outside the bounds of the tract. Admiral Seekright/Carlyle filed suit against Charles Alexander and received a judgment against him to eject Charles Alexander’s tenants (and him as well) who were illegally on Admiral Seekright’s land, and established where Alexander’s line should be. The judgment also included damages against Charles Alexander of one shilling, plus costs of 50L.121, plus 15,372 lbs of tobacco. Charles Alexander was attempting to claim land beyond the bounds of the plat, and claiming that land belonged to him. John Carlyle also won his case against Charles Alexander, establishing a “line” where the Alexander land ended.
In what appears to be a legal maneuver to overturn the prior cases against him (and gain access to land beyond his line), Charles Alexander then filed multiple other suits of ejectment in other courts against other tenants who were actually clearly on his land. In these other suits, it appears these courts in 1786 did not know of the prior cases establishing the line, and they went along with what Charles Alexander said his line should be (which was beyond the line that the courts in 1771 said his land should be).
Porthenia Alexander never received a deed for her inheritance of 400 acres. Her mother, Sarah, had a “life estate” on the 400 acres until she passed away. When she did pass away, Porthenia asked for her deed to her inheritance. Charles Alexander, the heir at law to the estate, did not want to give her one. When he finally did, he gave her a deed to land that was beyond the line of the tract – Charles Alexander claimed this was part of the estate. Porthenia filed suit to get land that was actually on the estate.
The part of the case involving Thomas Gowing’s land involved the land he had sold to Evan Thomas and Todd. Since the Gowing’s purchased the land around 1710, and sold it to Thomas and Todd in 1719, and then Thomas and Todd lived there for a time after, part of the claim appears to be that of “adverse possession” – that the Alexanders never claimed this land as theirs until after Alexandria became successful and the land became more valuable. Charles Alexander tried to produce witnesses to say that Robert Alexander was indeed running tenants on the said land, and that Gowing, Thomas, Todd, and others knew it. Charles Alexander seems to be arguing that even if his plat did not run to the area in dispute, that he ran tenants on that land for such a long time, and that everyone knew it, so therefore he is the owner by adverse possession.
The jury found against Charles Alexander – they heard the evidence, and must not have believed those witnesses that were saying that the Alexander family openly showing ownership of the land in dispute. From the evidence, it appears just the opposite. Others had lived on the disputed lands since 1710 or before, and continued to do so up until the 1760’s – when Charles Alexander decided to make a move on land outside the bounds of his tract.

131) 1767 May 12 – Page 49; May 12 1767; JOSHUA GOING to Henry Bremer, 156 acres; Deed of sale, witness Thomas Horn.  Register of Orange County, North Carolina Deeds 1752-1768 & 1793; By Eve B. Weeks. Orange Co, NC

132) 1767 June 15: William Going survey for 300 acres. South Carolina.

133) 1767 June 23 – Va Bedford Co, Virginia Deed Book C-3.  By Ann Chilton
Page 121, WOODWARD, RANDLE, Deed from Randle Woodward to William Goings
84 Acres on West Side of Orrick’s Cr.  Wit. Isham Talbot, Thos. Overstreet, Geo. Smith
Rec. June 23, 1767 Teste Ben Howard CBC.  Bedford County, Va.

133a)  1767 July 29 James Kuter v Drury Gowen continued to next ct date, Order bk 10, pg 427, Brunswick Co, Va

134) 1767 Aug 7 – Priscilla Gowing marries William Wright; Kingston Parish Register. Gloucester Co, Va

135) 1767 Sept 5 – 0-87: George Mason of Fairfax Co. Esq. has 250 A. formerly granted Col. George Mason his Father dec’d 20 Jan. 1724. Tract descended to him as son & Heir at Law of said George Mason dec’d. Resurv. by Mr. John Hough shows only 218 A. in said tract on Little or Lower Falls of Potowmack R. adj. Thomas Going patent now said George Mason, Col. Thomas Lee now Col. Philip Lee. 5 Sept. 1767. p. 192. Fairfax Co., Va.


136) 1767 Sept 8 – 0-89: George Mason of Fairfax Co. Esq. has 653 A. as son & Heir at law of Col. George Mason dec’d formerly granted Thomas Going 8 Dec. 1708 who sold to Col. Mason. Resurv. by Mr. John Hough shows 19 A. surplus . Grant to said George Mason 672 A. on Potowmack R. below the Falls adj . Thomas Owsley, Daniel Jennings, where R. is narrower on the Maryland shore. 8 Sept. 1767. p 193. Fairfax Co., Va.

136a)  1767 Sept 20 James Kuter v Drury Gowen cont till next ct Order bk 10, pg 492, Brunswick Co, Va.

136b)  1767 Sept 29 Harrison and Jones v Thomas Gowen and Thomas Jackson who removed from county, recd judgment Order bk 10, pg 483 to 484, Brunswick Co Va p1

137) 1767 Oct 7: Joseph Gowin of Granville County, North Carolina to Isaac Winfree same, 350 acres in Granville County, bounded by William Gowin’s old line. Wits: John Cunningham. Signed: Joseph Gowin. Proved up by John Cunningham in the November Court 1767.  p. 359-361. Granville County, North Carolina.

138) 1767 Nov 20 – John Hollis
tithe contributions
Pohick Church – in Lorton, Virginia
Truro Parish Colonial Vestry Book
Truro Parish, Va.
http://www.pohick.org/vestrybook.html – p. 126-127

139) 1768 deposition of David Thomas regarding Howson Patent, involving the Gowing’s land:  The deposition of David Thomas aged seventy odd taken in an ejectment depending in the county court of Fairfax between John Carlyle Gent Plt and Charles Alexander Deft.
He this depont being sworn for the Deft says that John Lilliard lived westward of the mouth of long branch that empties itself into four mile run near Chubb Mill and that he settled that place about forty odd years ago. He further says that Lilliard told him that when he did pay rent he was to pay it to Majr. Robert Alexander grandfather to the present Charles Alexander for the house and plantation he held westward of the mouth of long branch aforesaid.
The deponent further says that there was a house on the side of a hill to the westward of Lilliards tenement in which house one Vines lived forty odd years ago. The deponent says that Lilliards tenement and Vines’s were settled seven or eight years before Evan Thomas’ family settled on four mile run the deponent says that one John Wildonon came over from Maryland about forty five or six years ago with an intention of taking up land and he remembers that one old Benjamin Talbert used to be often at captain Simon Pearsons about the time that Wildonon came over to take up land.
The deponent says that he heard the said Pearson tell one Going that he had been taking up land which he thought had been taken up before, the said Thomas Going having first told Pearson that he the said Going had been taking up land. The deponent further says that Evan Thomas’s family’s plantation and Vines’s plantation were different plantations and were some distance apart. The deponent being asked by the Plt whether he knew that the land Going had been taking up was in that neighborhood answers he does not know.
Being asked further by the Plt whether Lilliard paid rent to Robert Alexander says he does not know for that Lilliard run away a year or two after he had settled on the aforesaid plantation. He further says that Thomas’s family were not interrupted as he knows of after their settlement on four mile run and that he understood by the said family’s conversation that they pretended to hold as far as the long branch. The deponent further says that he knows nothing about Lilliards paying rent to Robert Alexander, only what Lilliard himself told this deponent about the affair and further saith not.
David Thomas
This witness attended two days; Fairfax Sct; This deposition was taken in the presence of the parties this 9th April 1768 certified under our hands. ; John West and Wm. Adams.

140) 1768 Luke Gowin and William Allin pay 2 tithes in Loudoun Co, Va

141) 1768 – “John Going, one tithable” appeared in the 1768 tax list of Rowan County in the Dan River District, according to “Some Colonial Tax Lists of Rowan County, North Carolina, 1768-1775” by Jo White Linn, Sherburne Laughlin and Ransom McBride. Their compilation was published in “North Carolina Genealogical Society Journal,” Vol. 8, February 1982.  Rowan Co, NC.

142) 1768, pp.4-9 Robeson Co NC Mulatoes: Isom Skipper, Arthur Lamb, Simon Cox & Adam Ivey, William Wilkins, Rasses Goen, Thomas Cairsey, Junr., Aaron Drake, Ishamel Chevers & wife, Cannon Cumbo & wife, James Carter & son Isaac, James Lowery & wife: Jas Hunt & William Jones, Cudworth Oxendine, James Clarke & wife, Cooper Clarke & wife, Jas. Doyal & wife & Arthur Evans, John Wilson, Solomon James, Moses Walker & wife, Thomas Russel, Isaac Lamb & son Needham, Daniel Wharton & wife & Son Richard Wharton, Isaac Johnston, Jacob Lockliar & wife, Joshua Perkins & two sons & wife, William Sweat & son Benj., Joseph Ivey, Major Lockliar, Joshua Braveboy & son Lewis, Solomon Johnston Junr. & wife, Thomas Sweat, Gilbert Cox, Peter Cairsey & son David, Richd. Jones & wife, Thomas Cairsey Senr., Moses Skipper.  Robeson Co, NC  http://www.freeafricanamericans.com/robeson_tax.htm

143) 1768 Goochland Co Va
frame 62,
Wm Going, Wm Going Jnr 2
frame 69,
Moses Going 1

144) 1768 list of John Pope
Thomas Gowin, John Gowin, Alston Hopkins 3 tithes
Moses Gowin [torn]
Joseph Gowin his Nat (Nathaniel) 2
Granville Co, NC

145) 1768: James Gowen, John Keating, and John Ohear are appraisers of the estate of James Clark, deceased, with Margaret Clark, administrator. records in Charleston, South Carolina.  https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:939L-J6QD-WM?i=186&wc=MP5M-JWG%3A190562801%2C190562802%2C190713501%2C190560104&cc=1911928

146) 1768 Philip Going was married about 1768 to Judith Potter.

147) 1768 Feb 2: William Gray of Granville County, planter, of North Carolina to Moses Jewel alias Gowin of same. One hundred acres of land located on the south side of Tarr River and both sides of Midle Creek. Bounded by Ballingers line, Sheppards line, and Samuel Ware.  Wits: John Pope, Crafford Pope. Signed: William Gray. Proved up by John Pope on Jan 18, 1769. (Book H p. 481) Granville County, North Carolina.

148) 1768 March 1: Daniel Gogning petitions for 250 acres on Sandy River, Certified March 6, 1770. Granted April 7, 1770. Recorded May 26, 1770. (also spelled Daniel Goyning) Berkley County, South Carolina.

149) 1768 March 1: William Gogwig petitions for 100 acres in Craven Co, South Carolina.

150) 1768 March 14 – On March 14, 1768, William Hatsel sold the land he had purchased from William Going .  William Hatsel of Mecklenburg County to Martin Phillips of Mecklenburg County for 50 pounds, a certain tract of land in Mecklenburg on both sides of the Long (Great) Branch that makes out of Allen’s Creek, bounded by John Going, new lines, John Ruffin, about 100 acres. Signed: William Hatsel. Witness: none. The deed was acknowledged by William Hatsel and Christiana Hatsel, his wife. Recorded in Deed Book 1, p. 547. Mecklenburg County, Virginia Deeds, 1765-1771, 1990. Mecklenberg Co, Va.  (Note:  The John Going mentioned in the above deed was John Going, Sr., as John Going, Jr. had moved to Orange Co., North Carolina by 1765).

150a)  1768 April 25 inventory of appraisement of effects of estate of James Clarke decd, administatrix is Margaret Clark. Wits: John Keating, John O’Hear, James Gowen. South Carolina

151) 1768 June 11 – 0-155: Alexander Gowen of North Carolina 461 acres on Pohick in Fairfax Co. Surv. William West. Adj . Col. Carter. 11 June 1768. p. 197. Land: grant 461 acres, 11 Jun 1768, , Fairfax, Virginia, USA. 461 acres of waste and ungranted land on the branches of Pohick surveyed by Wm West, and touching a corner of Col Carter’s land.  Fairfax Co, Va.  (Note:  This appears to possibly be Alexander Gowen Jr – son of Alexander Gowen).

152) 1768 Aug 2 – Land Plat for Robert Baglie, 100 acres in Craven County, on the South side of the Broad River, bounded N Westerly by Timcock Cannon’s land, and S Easterly by land granted to Ann Gowen. All other sides vacant  http://battleofcamden.org/1773sc.jpg   (map) Craven County, SC; Fairfield Co, SC (present day).

Series: S213184 Volume: 0013 Page: 00103 Item: 03.  Names indexed: BARLEY, ROBERT; BAYLIER, ROBERT; CANNON, SIMCOCK; GOWEN, ANN; LEIGH, EGERTON; WOFFORD, WILLIAM.  Document type: PLAT. Locations: BROAD RIVER; CRAVEN COUNTY, South Carolina.

153a)  1768 Oct 24 James Kuter v Drury Gowing continued to next court, Book 11, pg 13, Brunswick Co Va

154) 1768 Oct 26 – Moses Kirkland; Found guilty of assault – fined L 200. Charlestown, SC.

155) 1768 Dec 2 – James Gowing; 1768 – 1769 Freeholders; Submitted by Dennis Hudgins; James Gowing is listed:  A list of polls/voters of the Brunswick County Freeholders, for the House of ; Burgesses was returned to Nathaniel Edwards, Jr. on 10 January 1769, taken ; from a poll dated 2 December 1768. The list of voters is contained in Brunswick County Deed Book 9 pages 279-290. Each person was allowed two votes and these were listed according to their choices of the four candidates, as was done in 1748 [See The Southside Virginian Vol XI No. 1]. The following list is in apparent voter order, followed by the sequence number they appear in, within each candidates list
487-(279) “A Poll Taken for Nathanie Edwards Jun’ at an Election of Burgeses for the County of Brunswick the 2nd Day of December 1768.” Included in the list of names is James Gowing. Brunswick Co, Va.  1768 Dec 2 – James Going votes in House of Burgesses; Va. Election of Burgeses for the County of Brunswick the 2nd Day of December 1768.” Brunswick Co, Va. http://www.freeafricanamericans.com/revolution.htm

158) 1769 Summary list from microfilm white/ Black/ Carriage wheels
Thomas Gowen 3/0/0
Moses Gowen 2/0/0
William Gowen 1/0/0
Edward Gowen 0/1/0
Granville Co, NC

159) 1769 Goochland Co Va
frame 106,
William Going, Samuel Going 2
frame 106,
Robert Page…William Going…6
frame 109,
Philip Going 1
William Going 3
Berry Going wart served
John Going summoned on wit
Moses Going 1

160) 1769 Feb 22 – William Going and his wife Elizabeth convey land to William Gladden – (St. Mark Parish) – this is sold out of the grant of 300 acres situated on a branch of the Wateree Creek – paid 150 pounds for 150 acres on the upper part of the tract. Craven Co, St Mark Parish, Wateree Cr., SC. (Map shows the Wateree Creek (not river) to be between the Broad and Saluda Rivers – what is likely future southern part of Fairfield Co, SC. http://battleofcamden.org/1773sc.jpg ).
http://www.ken-shelton.com/Fairfield/Deeds/Deed_G/Deed_G_0038a.tif  –  William Going and his wife Elizabeth, convey 1/2 of his grant to William Gladden – 150 acres (Gladden who had conveyed land to William Going when they were in North Carolina). Fairfield County, SC.

1769 William Goyne to Gladden 150a in SC 1 1769 William Goyne to Gladden 150a in SC 2 1769 William Goyne to Gladden 150a in SC 3 1769 William Goyne to Gladden 150a in SC 4 1769 William Goyne to Gladden 150a in SC 5 1769 William Goyne to Gladden 150a in SC 6 1769 William Goyne to Gladden 150a in SC 7


161) 1769 May 1: Alexander Gowens of N Bartholows Parish in South Carolina, a carpenter sells a slave named Primus to Betty Wise.  Signed: Alexr. Gowen. Witnessed by Charles  Roberts. Proved up by Charles Roberts on May 24, 1769 who states . . . he was personally present and did see the within named Alexander Gowen a free negro sign seal and as his act and deed deliver the within instrument of writing  to Mrs Betty Wise . . . Recorded in Charleston, SC. May 26, 1769. Colleton County, South Carolina.

162) 1769 May 5 – Cumberland Co: Crown to Conner Doud and Cornelius Tyce, 200 ac in Cumberland on both sides of Pocket Cr, joining WILLIAM GOWANN. (Patent Bk 20, p 483, #1887) (Hofmann, Margaret M. Colony of NC, Vol 1, op cit). Cumberland Co, NC.  http://lumbeeindiansandgoinsfamily.blogspot.com/2007/11/moore-county-nc-early-records.html

162a)  1769 June 27 John Robinson v Drury Gowing case continued Book 11, pg 79, Brunswick Co, Va

163) 1769 July 4 – 1769 July 4 Inventory and appraisement of chattles of Joseph Wood late of St Davids Parish . . . Thos Gowing balance of act dated July 4, 1769 4.4. . . . Isaac Lockhart act dated Nov 1 1769. Inventory and appraisal of Joseph Wood decd’s estate signed June 16, John Newham, Jolley Webby, John Jameson. St Davids Parish, South Carolina.  https://www.fold3.com/image/305705251
(Click each image to enlarge) St Davids Parish, South Carolina:

163a)  1769 July 25 James Kuter v Drury Gowing continued to next court, Book 11, pg 117, Brunswick Co Va

163b)  1769 July 25 John Robinson v Drury Gowing continued Book 11, pg 132, Brunswick Co, Va

163c)  1769 Aug 29 James Keeter v Drury Gowing continued to next court, Book 11, pg 150, Brunswick Co Va

163d)  1769 Aug 29 James Keeter v Drury Gowing the petition is dismissed, Book 11, pg 404, Brunswick Co Va

163e)  1769 Aug 29 John Robinson v Drury Gowing continued Book 11, pg 156, Brunswick Co, Va

163f)  1769 Sept 26 John Robinson v Drury Gowing continued Book 11, pg 190, Brunswick Co, Va

164) 1769 Sept 27: GOING, WILLIAM, LAND GRANT FOR 300 ACRES IN CRAVEN COUNTY. Series: S213019 Volume: 0018 Page: 00510 Item: 000. Names indexed: GOING, WILLIAM. Document type: LAND GRANT Locations: CRAVEN COUNTY. South Carolina.

165) 1769 Oct 3 – Joseph Gowen survey for 300 acres in Craven County on N side of Tyger River and bounded on N side by Thomas Fletcher’s land. (Likely in Union Co, SC in modern times per map location: http://battleofcamden.org/1773sc.jpg ). Craven Co., SC.

165a)  1769 Oct 27 John Robinson v Drury Gowing judgment against defendant Book 11, pg 208, Brunswick Co, Va

166) 1769 Nov 4 – 75-(107) Peter Solomon & his wife Mary of Sussex Co to Lewis Solomon Jr of same. 4 Nov 1769. £10 VA. 150 acres in Meherin Parish & on the south side of Meherin River, bounded as by deed from James Gowen to sd Peter Solomon & is part of the patent to sd James Gowen & is the land where Lewis Solomon the elder now lives. Wit: Lewis Solomon, George Wrenn, David Mason, Penny Hurst. Proved 22 Jan 1770 & again 25 Mar 1771. P. Pelham CC
Brunswick Co., Va.

167) 1769 Nov 14: GOING, WILLIAM, MEMORIAL FOR 300 ACRES ON WATEREE RIVER, CRAVEN COUNTY. Series: S111001 Volume: 0008 Page: 00538 Item: 001.  Names indexed: GOING, WILLIAM; TIDWELL, RICHARD. Document type: MEMORIAL Locations: CRAVEN COUNTY; WATEREE RIVER. South Carolina.

168) 1770- James Gowen, appeared on the 1770 tax list of Gloucester County, according to “Records of Colonial Gloucester County.” Gloucester Co, Va.

169) 1770, pp.24-46 Molatoes: Isaac, Jno., Eliza & Hannah Hayes, John Combow, John Johnston & wife, Titus Overton & wife, John Bullard & Gutridge Lockelier, Benja. Lamb, Simon Cox, Gilbert Cox & James Percey, Cannon Cumbo, James Carter Senr. & Junr. & Isaac Carter, Frederick Goan & wife, John Waldon, Adam Ivey, John Phillips, Isaac & Needham Lamb, Arthur Lamb, Wm Wilkins, Charles Oxendine, Elisha Sweeting, Sarah & James Sweet, Daniel Wharton & wife, David Braveboy, Peter Causey & son David, Joseph Clark, Ishmael Cheeves, James Doyel & Wife, Thos. Groom, John Hammons, Richd. Jones & wife, Solomon James, Solomon Johnston & wife, Solomon Johnston Junr. & wife, Major Locklier, James Lowry & Wm Jones, Jacob Lockleer, John Lockleer & wife & son Wm. http://www.freeafricanamericans.com/robeson_tax.htm

170) 1770 Goochland Co Va
William Going’s list
Saml Going 2
Wm Money Going 1

171) 1770- James Going on Tho Goalder’s roll, Mary Gowen with 200 acres appeared on the 1770 tax list of Gloucester County, according to “Records of Colonial Gloucester County.” Gloucester Co, Va.

172) 1770 – Alexander Going; Census: rent rolls, 1770, , Fairfax, Virginia, USA. Fairfax Co, Va.  http://search.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/sse.dll?db=vacen&h=32844708&indiv=try&o_vc=Record:OtherRecord&rhSource=3566

173) 1770 – birth of Joseph Going (approx) Rev. Arthur Hamilton Taylor, a Presbyterian minister who researched the Goins families in Hancock County, Tennessee and who assisted them economically, showed the birthplace of Joseph Goins as Albemarle County, Virginia. (Likely son of first Joseph Going). William P. Grohse, Sneedville historian, reported that he was the son of Joseph Goins, Sr. who fought in the Revolutionary War and was wounded in battle. Albemarle Co, Virginia

Series: S136002 Box: 088A Item: 0180A ignore: 000
Document type: JUDGMENT-ROLL. South Carolina.

175) 1770 Jan 12 – Edward Gowing (free negroe) purch date)(Indenture made on Jan 12, 1770) Edward Gowing (free negroe) purchased from Colin Forbiss – both of Craven County, SC – 200 acres that had been granted to Colin Forbiss – situated on the branches of the Little River on the North side of Broad River in Craven County bounded SouthWest on lands laid out to David Tenatate and all other sides vacant land – for 125 pounds paid by Edward Gowing (affid on Nov 26, 1790)
Witnessed by Jacob Gibson, and William Morris. Map shows this to be in what is present day. Fairfield Co, SC.
http://battleofcamden.org/1773sc.jpg (Map 1773)
Craven County, SC
http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107497 )

Series: S213184 Volume: 0016 Page: 00174 Item: 01  Names indexed: BREMAR, JOHN; FLETCHER, THOMAS; GOWEN, JOSEPH; WOFFORD, JAMES  Document type: PLAT Locations: CRAVEN COUNTY; TYGER RIVER, South Carolina.

177) 1770 March 4 – Molly Going – born, Philip Going – father, Judith Potter – mom
Father: Philip Going
Mom: Judith Potter
Christened: 1770 May 27
1770 March 4- Molly Gowen, was born March 4, 1770 in Goochland County. She was baptized May 27, 1770, according to “The Douglas Register,” page 87. Goochland Co, Va.

178) 1770 May 1 – Land Plat survey done for John Gowings in Craven County, 200 acres on Little Peedee and Drowning Creek on Ash Pole Swamp, bounded Northwesterly by Mr Shackelford, and bounded Northeastwardly by Thomas Tinkley.  Looking at map – this would be in modern Dillon County, SC: http://battleofcamden.org/1773sc.jpg
Craven Co, SC. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=103633

179) 1770 May 16 a survey for John Gowings is done for 200 acres on the fork of the Little Pee Dee and Drownding Creek on Ash Pole Swamp, bounded by Mr. Shackleford and Thomas Finkley.   Series: S213184 Volume: 0011 Page: 00452 Item: 01. Names indexed: BREMAR, JOHN; FINKLEY, THOMAS; GILES, HUGH; GOWINGS, JOHN; SHACKELFORD Document type: PLAT Locations: ASHEPOLE SWAMP; CRAVEN COUNTY; DROWNING CREEK; PEE DEE RIVER, South Carolina.




180) 1770 May 30 – Page 56 – Deed Book 3, Page 285; 30 May 1770, ALEXANDER GOWEN of Orange to John Dismukes of same, fifty six pounds five shillings, 311 ½ acres, on both sides of Moons Cr., granted William Gladden 7 June 1761, Gladden to GOWEN 7 April 1762, (no description); signed ALEXANDER (x) GOWEN: witness John Hamilton, Hugh Armstrong, Ephriam Dismukes; proved July Term 1770 by Armstrong. {Ed. note: no record of this deed in the surviving deeds from the Granville Land Office. Orange County, North Carolina Records, Vol. III; Deed Book 3 Abstracts; By William D. Bennett, C.G. Orange Co, NC. http://lumbeeindiansandgoinsfamily.blogspot.com/2008/02/orange-county-nc-early-records.html

181) 1770 June 5: George Gogings (Goging) petitions for 250 acres on Burk River on branch called Beaver Dam Branch, adj to James Williams. certified June 13, 1770. Granted Feb 22, 1771. Recorded April 6, 1771. Craven County, South Carolina.

182) 1770 July 20 –  Va Bedford Co. Will Book 1 1759-1787.  Will Book 2 1787-1803.  By Ann Chilton.  Page 171 WILL OF ROBERT ALLEN.  July 20, 1770.  Wife: mentioned, no name. Daughters: Betty, Anny, Lucy.  Exec; wife, daughters and son-in-law William Handy
Witnesses: John quarles, John West, William Going.  Recorded: March 22, 1773. Bedford County, Va.

183) 1770 Jul 21 – Deed Book 10, Brunswick County, Va Deed Books – Vol 5 1770-1775. Abstracted by Dr. Stephen E. Bradley, Jr. 7-(8) Nicholas Brewer and his wife Sarah of Meherin Parish in Brunswick Co to William Brewer (son of the sd Nicholas Brewer). 21 Jul 1770. Deed of gift to their son and 5s Va. 200acres in Meherin Parish which was part of a patent to Nicholas Brewer 5 Jul 1751, joining a branch, George Renn (Wrenn), James Gowing, Carters Creek, John Brewer, Nicholas Brewer Jr., Wits: Charles Powell, Thomas Brewer, Nicholas Brewer Jr., Proved 27 Aug 1770. Edwd Fisher C
Brunswick Co, Va. http://lumbeeindiansandgoinsfamily.blogspot.com/2008/06/brunswick-county-va-early-records.html

184) 1770 Nov 3: GOWINGS, JOHN, LAND GRANT FOR 200 ACRES IN CRAVEN COUNTY. Series: S213019 Volume: 0021 Page: 00267 Item: 000.  Names indexed: GOWINGS, JOHN.  Document type: LAND GRANT Locations: CRAVEN COUNTY, South Carolina.

185) 1770 Nov 25: William Going and Elizabeth his wife of the Parish of St Mark, convey to William Gladden of Parish of St Marks 150 acres which was one half of the 300 acres granted on Feb 22, 1769, Witnessed by John Smith Jr. and John Smith Sr. Signed by William Goen. Recorded  March 1, 1792 in Fairfield Co, South Carolina.

186) 1771 List of William Mitchel
frame 197, John Holland Junr list: Will, Hager, Isbell, Joseph Tylor 5
frame 200, David Grantum List Merrear, Suck 3
George Going list 1  http://www.freeafricanamericans.com/goochcolonial.htm

187) 1771 Thomas Gowin 2 unk Granville Co NC.
Moses Gowin 1 unk
John Gowin 1 unk
Edward Gowin 1 unk
Joseph Gowin 2 unk

188) 1771 -List of Granville Co Militia.
Company of Capt Sol. Alston, dec’d.
Capt Sol. Alston now dead, returned by his Lt Sol. Fuller. (Clark, Walter. Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of NC, The State Records of NC, Vol XXII, p 162, 1907). Granville Co, NC.

189) 1771 Sept 7 – list of insolvents for 1762 taxremaining in arrears as of
7 Sept. 1771
Michael Gowen 2
Edward Gowen 3
Joseph Gowen 1
Granville Co, NC

190) 1771 – The 1771 Pay Roll of “Capt Nathaniel Hart’s Company of the Orange County Regiment of Militia that were in the late expedition against the Insurgents of this Province.”
Name No. Days
Daniel Gwin 73
Hugh Gwin 73  [Walter Clark, “The Colonial Records of North Carolina,” Vol. 17, p. 416)  Orange Co, NC

192) 1771 Jan 4: GOWING, JOHN, MEMORIAL FOR 200 ACRES ON LITTLE PEE DEE RIVER, CRAVEN COUNTY.  Series: S111001 Volume: 0010 Page: 00299 Item: 002
Names indexed: FINKLEY, THOMAS; GOWING, JOHN; SHACKLEFORD. Document type: MEMORIAL Locations: ASHEPOLE SWAMP; CRAVEN COUNTY; DROWNING CREEK; LITTLE PEE DEE RIVER.  South Carolina. 1771 Jan 4: John Gawing (Gowing)recd 200 acres on the Fork of the Little Pee Dee and Drowning Creek, on Ashepole Swamp, bounded by  Shacklefrd, Thomas Finkley. Certified May 16, 1770. Granted Nov 3, 1770 Recorded Jan 4, 1771. Vol 10, pg 299. Craven Co, South Carolina.  http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/RecordDetail.aspx?RecordId=146543

193) 1771 Jan 22 Inventory and appraisement of Benjamin Smith decd, with James Gowan on a note for 300 in South Carolina. Inventory Book Y, 1769-1771.

194) 1771 April 23 – William Gowen is a witness in a Woodward v. Woodward court case. Bedford County, Va:

1771 Va Bedford Co Wm Gowen as wit in Isaac Woodward v Randolph Woodward case

195) 1771 July 8 – Henrico Parish Vestrybook – entry: pg. 145 (see link below). To the Church Wardens, for William Going for taking Shadrach Vaughan, Orphan, as apprentice, and indemnifying them from any farther charge in bringing up the said child. 250pounds. Henrico Parish, Va. http://www.mesarfhc.org/books/Vestry%20Book,%20Henrico%20Parish/975.5453%20K2.pdf p. 145

196) 1771 Aug 9: James Gowin listed as a debt of inventory of estate of John Graves, decd on Fold3. South Carolina.

197) 1771 Oct 3 –Thomas Going, Sr, Thomas Going, Jr, Moses Going and John Going were listed as soldiers in a Granville County militia company commanded by Capt. Sol Alston October 3, 1771. Granville Co, NC

198) 1771 Nov 5 – Land Plat Survey done for William Long/Lang bounding South on John Morris land and Gladden’s land, West on William Hills, and East on Drury Gowen’sland; On the North of the Wateree Creek; Map shows this to be just south of the Broad River – and north of Wateree Creek: http://battleofcamden.org/1773sc.jpg
Likely in Fairfield Co, SC in future.  1771 Nov 26: LANG, WILLIAM, PLAT FOR 200 ACRES ON WATEREE CREEK.  Series: S213184 Volume: 0016 Page: 00282 Item: 02.  Names indexed: BREMAR, JOHN; GLADDEN; GLASCOCK, WILLIAM; GOWEN, DRURY; HILL, WILLIAM; LANG, WILLIAM; MORIS, JOHN. Document type: PLAT Locations: CRAVEN COUNTY; WATEREE CREEK, South Carolina.

199) 1771 Dec 23: GOWEN, JOSEPH, LAND GRANT FOR 300 ACRES IN CRAVEN COUNTY.Series: S213019 Volume: 0024 Page: 00539 Item: 000.  Names indexed: GOWEN, JOSEPH.  Document type: LAND GRANT Locations: CRAVEN COUNTY, South Carolina.  1771 Dec 23: Joseph Gowen recd 300 acres on N side of Tygar River bounded by Thos Fletcher, cert on Sept 3, 1771, granted Dec 23, 1771, witnessed by James Wofford on March 21, 1772. Recorded Feb 2, 1773. Craven Co, South Carolina.

200) 1771 Dec 30 – This Indenture made this 30th day of December One thousand seven hundred and seventy one, Between David Going of the County of Pittsylv’a and Colony of Virginia and George Deathrage of the County Surry and province of North Carrolina Witnesseth that the said David Going for and in Consideration of the sum of fifty Pounds Current money of Virginia to him in hand paid by the aforesaid George Deathrage the Receipt whereof he doth hereby acknowledge and himself therewith fully satisfy & contented and paid hath granted bargained and sold aliened Released and Confirm’d and by these presents for himself his heirs and assigns doth grant bargain sell alien release and Confirm to the said George Deathrage his heirs and assigns forever one certain Tract or parcell of land Containing two hundred and seventy acres (270) lying and being in the County of Pittsylvania on both sides of Russels Creek a branch of Mayo and Bounded as followeth to wit, Beginning at a red oak John Hunters line thence his line south sixtyfive degrees west Crossing the Creek one hundred and sixty six poles to a white oak thence new lines South fifteen degrees East – ninetytwo poles to a great poplar north Eighteight degrees East Crossing two Branches. three hundred and forty poles to a white oak north fifteen degrees West Crossing the Creek one hundred and twentytwo poles to a white oak on a branch north Eighty degrees west one hundred and eighty poles to a possimon tree on a branch south thirty degrees west sixteen poles to the first Station. Together with all houses Gardens Orchards fences Woods Underwoods Waters and Watercourses thereon Standing Groing and being with all profits Comodetys Advantages and appurtenances so the same belonging or any ways appertaining Also the Reversion and Reversions Remainder and Remainders thereof and of every part and parcel thereof, To have and to hold the said Tract of land with all and Singular the appurtenances unto the said George Deathrage his heirs and assigns to the only Proper use and behoof of him the said George Deathrage his heirs and assigns forever and the said David Going for himself and his heirs the said Land and Premises with their and every of their appurtenances to the said George Deathrage his heirs and assigns shall and will Warrant and forever Defend by these Presents against all person or Persons whatsoever having or Lawfully Claiming any right on Title in or to the same or any part or parcel thereof and the said David Going for himself and his heirs doth grant Covenant and agree to and with the said George Deathrage and his heirs in maner and form following Viz. that he the said David Going at the time of the sealing and Delivery of these presents is and Stands (_____) of and Indefensible Estate in fee simple of and in the Premises and that he hath Good and Lawfull right and othority to sell and Convey the same in manner and form aforesaid and that the same shall forever remain to the said George Dearthrage his heirs and assigns freely and Clearly Exonerated and Discharged of and from all manner of former bargains seals Titles of Dowry and all other rights and Estates whatsoever In Witness the said David Going has hereunto set his hand and fixt his seal the day and year above Written.  David Going L.S.  Signed Sealed and Delivered In the Presence of John Deatheradge, David Marley, Thomas Rogers
p. 48 Memorandum That on the 30th Day of December 1771 Peaceable & Quiet Possession and Seizen of the within Granted Land and premises was made and done and Delivered by the within named David Going unto the within named George Deatherage according to form and Estate of the within written Deed (signed) David Going . In Presence of us John Deatherage, Thos Rogers, David Mosley.  Pittsylvania Co, Va.  1771 Dec 30 –DB3, p. 46 – Extracted from – Pittslyvania County, Virginia Deed Books 1, 2 and 3 – Abstracted and Compiled by Lucille C. Payne and Neil G. Payne.  Pittsylvania Co, Va.

201) 1771 – Deed: Daniel Gowin 270 acres to George Deathrage, 1771, Pittsylvania, Virginia, USA. Daniel Gowin of Pittsylvania Co., VA to George Deathrage of Surry Co., NC, 270 acres in Pittsylvania Co., VA., on Russel Cr a branch of Mayo in current Patrick Co., VA (about 61 mi west of Moons Creek and Dan River in Caswell Co., NC). Signed: David Going. Wits:  John Deathrage, Thomas Rogers, David Mosley.  Proved up May 29, 1773.  Pittsylvania Co., VA. Deed Book 3, p. 48. Pittsylvania Co., Va.

202) 1772 – Census: rent rolls, 1772, , Fairfax, Virginia, USA. http://search.ancestry.com/search/db.aspx?dbid=3578&enc=1
Virginia, Compiled Census and Census Substitutes Index, 1607-1890; Name:  Alexander Gowin; Fairfax Co, Va.

203) 1772 Tillotson Parrish pmt to Moses Going a poor person

204) 1772 – Land Plat Survey done for William McCluney in Camden District – 100 acres, bounded North by James Johnston’s land, bounded S. by Adam McCool’s land. All other side’s vacant. Camden Co, SC

205) 1772 – Land Plat for Adam McCool – in Craven County – 100 acres – near Broad River on W side, N side land by Richard Hughes, all other sides vacant. Craven Co, SC

206) 1772 Land Plat for Adam McCool – Craven County – 250 acres – NE side of Broad River, and a branch of the Little Turkey Creek, including the Lotus Fields, all sides vacant lands. Map shows this area in Chester Co, SC – close to Union and York: http://battleofcamden.org/1773sc.jpg Craven Co, SC

207) 1772 Feb 2 – John Gowen received a royal grant of 100 acres.  The survey order was given February 2, 1773, according to”South Carolina Archives, Colonial Plats,” Volume 16, page 173:  “South Carolina, Ninety Six District Pursuant to a pre­cept from under the hand and seal of John Bremar, Esquire, Deputy Surveyor General dated February second day, 1773, I have admeasured and laid out unto John Gowan a plantation or tract of land containing one hundred acres situate lying on the North side of Tyger River bounded Eastwardly by Daniel Bush’s land, Northward by vacant land, Westwardly by Tyger river and hath such shape, form and marks as the above plat rep­resents.  Given under my hand this 20th day of March, 1773. Andrew Thompson, Deputy Surveyor” Map shows this to be future Spartanburg County: http://battleofcamden.org/1773sc.jpg 96th Dist, SC

208) 1772 March 13 – James Gowen, carpenter, and Sarah his wife, formerly Sarah Beamor post bond to John Stanyarne, planter, for 65 pounds Condition of bond is James Gowen and Sarah his wife to do everything to observe and fullfill the above sale between John Stanyarne and Mary Beamor (eldest sister to Sarah – wife of James Gowen). Signed by James Gowen and Sarah Gowen, both with their mark “X”. Signed in presence of witness Patk Coil. Proved up by Patrick Coil on March 18, 1772. Recorded June 11, 1772.  Deed Book 3X pg 275. Colleton County, South Carolina.  1771 Dec 14: Mary Beamor, seamstress grants to John Stanyarne of John’s Island a release granted and released for 65 pounds 130 acres to John Stanyarne. Signed by Mary Beamor – “M” her mark. Witnessed by Wm Sams and Elizth Sams Proved up on Dec 14, 1771 in Colleton Co, SC by William Sams.  GOWEN, JAMES AND WIFE TO JOHN STANYARNE, BOND.  Series: S372001 Volume: 03X0 Page: 00275 Item: 000. Names indexed: GOWEN, JAMES; STANYARNE, JOHN. Document type: BOND. South Carolina.

209) 1772 March 21:  JOSEPH GOWEN, MEMORIAL FOR 300 ACRES ON TYGAR RIVER, CRAVEN COUNTY. Series: S111001 Volume: 0011 Page: 00171 Item: 002  Names indexed: FLETCHER, THOMAS; GOWEN, JOSEPH  Document type: MEMORIAL Locations: CRAVEN COUNTY; TYGER RIVER, South Carolina.

210) 1772 Aug 17 – John Goan received 150 acres Barkley County in the fork between the Broad River and the Saludy on a small branch of the Tyger River called Comets Branch and bounded SE by land laid out for James Atterson, and part to Ambrose May, and NE by Moses Kirkland, and NW by Ralph Jackson, and part SW by vacant. Map shows this to be very close to where the Broad and Saludy split – likely either modern day Lexington or Richland County, SC – about 15-20 miles east of Wateree Creek area : Series: S213184 Volume: 0016 Page: 00117 Item: 01 Names indexed: BREMAR, JOHN; GOAN, JOHN; JACKSON, RALPH; KIRKLAND, MOSES; MAY, AMBROSE; OTTERSON, JAMES; PEARSON, ENOCH  Document type: PLAT Locations: BERKELEY COUNTY; BROAD RIVER; SALUDA RIVER; TYGER RIVER, South Carolina.
(Image)   http://battleofcamden.org/1773sc.jpg Berkely Co., SC

211) 1772 Sept 1 – James Gowen plat for 300 acres in Prince Williams Parish, SC – bounded on all sides by vacant land.  Prince Williams Parish, SC. Map shows this to be in either Hampton Co, or Beaufort Co, SC:

212) 1772 Sept 7: JAMES GOWEN, PLAT FOR 300 ACRES IN PRINCE WILLIAMS PARISH.  Series: S213184 Volume: 0016 Page: 00171 Item: 02  Names indexed: BREMAR, JOHN; FORSTER, ALEXIUS MADOR; GOWEN, JAMES  Document type: PLAT Locations: PRINCE WILLIAM PARISH, South Carolina.

213) 1772 Oct 14: Jacob Gowen listed on account books of estate of Robert Weaver, decd late of Mass Bluff, taken in Charleston, South Carolina.

214) 1772 Oct 20: JOHN GOAN, LAND GRANT FOR 150 ACRES IN BERKLEY COUNTY. Series: S213019 Volume: 0026 Page: 00719 Item: 000  Names indexed: GOAN, JOHN Document type: LAND GRANT Locations: BERKELEY COUNTY, South Carolina

215) 1772 Oct 30: HOLMAN, THOMAS, PLAT FOR 1,000 ACRES ON SALKEHATCHIE RIVER.  Series: S213184 Volume: 0017 Page: 00045 Item: 01 Names indexed: BREMAR, JOHN; FORSTER, ALEXIUS MADOR; JAMES GOWEN; HOLMAN, THOMAS; ODINGSALE, CHARLES Document type: PLAT Locations: GRANVILLE COUNTY; SALKEHATCHIE RIVER, South Carolina.

216) 1772 Nov 19: JAMES GOWEN, LAND GRANT FOR 300 ACRES IN PRINCE WILLIAMS PARISH.  Series: S213019 Volume: 0027 Page: 00273 Item: 000.  Names indexed: GOWEN, JAMES.  Document type: LAND GRANT Locations: PRINCE WILLIAM PARISH, South Carolina.


218) 1772 Dec 16: BAILEY, ROBERT, MEMORIAL FOR 100 ACRES ON BROAD RIVER, CRAVEN COUNTY.  Series: S111001 Volume: 0012 Page: 00037 Item: 003  Names indexed: BAILEY, ROBERT; CANNON, SIMCOCK; ANN GOWEN, Document type: MEMORIAL Locations: BROAD RIVER; CRAVEN COUNTY, South Carolina.

219) 1772 Dec 17: JOHN GOAN, MEMORIAL FOR 150 ACRES ON TYGAR RIVER, BERKLEY COUNTY.  Series: S111001 Volume: 0012 Page: 00041 Item: 004 Names indexed: GOAN, JOHN; JACKSON, RALPH; OTTERSON, JAMES; RAY, AMBROSE  Document type: MEMORIAL Locations: BERKELEY COUNTY; BROAD RIVER; SALUDA RIVER; TYGER RIVER, South Carolina. 1772 Dec 17: John Goan recd 150 acres Vol 12, pg 41. Berkley County, South Carolina.

220) 1773 Prince Edward Co titheables with Thomas Gowing.

221) 1773 Moses Gowing in Tillotson Parrish, Buckingham County, Va – recd payment per the vestrybook.

222) 1773 – Nathaniel Gowen and Robert Locklear were arrested in Granville County in 1773, but were released upon paying “their prison charges” when no one appeared to press charges. Granville Co, NC.

223) 1773 Several persons signed a petition for the partition of the north part of Orange County. Among them were Alexander Gowen, Sr, Alexander Gowen, Emos [Amos] Gowen, Daniel Gowen and John Gowen, according to “The Colonial Records of North Carolina, 1771-1775,” Vol. 9, by Sanders.  “Petition from inhabitants of Orange County concerning county boundaries; Sanders, James; Et Al. 1773, Volume 09, Pages 809-810. [From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.] Orange Co, NC.  1773 Amos Goyen joined other members of his family in signing a petition for the partitioning of Orange County, according to “Colonial Records of North Carolina, 1771-1775” Volume 9. His signature was written “Emus Gowen,” suggesting that it was written for him. Orange Co, NC.  (Note: William ‘Going’, son of John and Mary [Keith] ‘Going’ of Lunenburg / Mecklenburg Couny, Virginia, did not sign the 1773 petition. Evidently, he had moved from that area of Orange County, North Carolina prior to the date of the petition).   http://www.genealogy.com/forum/surnames/topics/guynes/246/ ,
http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~gowenrf/gowenms005.htm , https://goyengoinggowengoyneandgone.com/1744-amos-goyen/

224) 1773 abt: 1773 Sales of sundries belonging to the Estate of Doctor Alexander Fitzgerald decd – . . . John Keating for som Pewter . . . John Keating 2 jars and honey . . . John Keating chairs . . . John Keating for books . . . John Keating for cups . . . James Gowen for bowls . . . James Gowen decanters . . . signed by Joseph Dobbins executor. South Carolina.  https://www.fold3.com/image/305704716

225) 1773 Jan 19 William Going recd a warrant for 150 acres of land on both sides of Bryars Creek of Broad River near above John Kirkconell’s land. 1774 Sept 5, a survey was done for the said 150 acres, on both sides of Wards Creek of first Broad River joining the land he lives upon on the lower side. Packet 1132. Tryon County, North Carolina.    http://www.nclandgrants.com/grant/?mars= , https://goyengoinggowengoyneandgone.com/1733-william-goyne/

226)  1773 Feb 2 – William Gowan, Junior received 100 acres on the South Fork of the Pacolet River, bound on all sides by vacant land. District 96, North Carolina, USA.  “William Gowen District 96, South Carolina. Dist 96, SC.

227)  1773 Feb 23: JAMES GOWEN, MEMORIAL FOR 300 ACRES IN PRINCE WILLIAMS PARISH.  Series: S111001 Volume: 0012 Page: 00115 Item: 001  Names indexed: GOWEN, JAMES  Document type: MEMORIAL Locations: PRINCE WILLIAM PARISH, South Carolina.

228) 1773 March 20 –John Gowan received 100 acres on Tyger River. Bounded E by Daniel Bushs land, W by Tyger River, and N by vacant land.  Series: S213184 Volume: 0016 Page: 00173 Item: 02 Names indexed: BREMAR, JOHN; BUSH, DANIEL; GOWAN, JOHN; THOMSON, ANDREW  Document type: PLAT Locations: NINETY SIX DISTRICT; TYGER RIVER, South Carolina.

Series: S213184 Volume: 0015 Page: 00157 Item: 02 Names indexed: BREMAR, JOHN; FLATCHER, THOMAS; JOSEPH GOWAN; THOMSON, ANDREW  Document type: PLAT Locations: BROAD RIVER; CRAVEN COUNTY; TYGER RIVER, South Carolina.
http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107455 (Image)

230)  1773 April 4: Jacob Going owes estate of William Middleton, deceased. Admin is Martin Middleton. Wits: William Middleton Jr, Gidn Gibson, and Gidn Gibson Jr. South Carolina.

231)  1773 April 10: The deposition of Alexander Gowin of lawfull age taken at the house of Mr. John Dix in the County of Pittsylvania the tenth day of April 1773 in a suite . . . . now depending and undetermined in the County Court of Halifax between John Mayo of the County of Cumberland, plantr and William Armstrong of Pittsylvania County, deft. . . .
This deponant deposeth and saith that to his certain knowledge Mr. James Terry acted as agent for the above sd. John Mayo in full to that part of his estate that lay in Orange County, North Carolina for many years beginning about the year 1759 and continued untill the sd. Mayo sold his land and estate in that County and further saith not . . .
Alexander (his “A” mark) Gowin.  Pittsylvania County, Virginia. http://www.lva.virginia.gov/chancery/
This day came Alexander Gowin before me and made oath to the trouth of the above deposition certified under my hand this 10th day of April 1773.

1773 Alexander Gowin testimony presented in 1786 case of Armstrong v Mayo in Halifax Co Va marked snip

232)  1773 April 24: William Middleton Sr. left a sizeable estate (worth about 4,000
pounds not counting land), inventoried and appraised by William
Middleton, Jr., Gideon Gibson, Sr., and Gideon Gibson, Jr. on April 24,
1773. An interesting list of debtors to the estate includes:
Wm Alston due the Estate for Pork……55″–“-
Gideon Gibson Sr Note to the Estate…157”–“-<—————————–
George Gibson due to the Estate……..26”–“-<—————————–
John Berry by Acct due the Estate…….5”–“-
Jordan Gibson Sr. Acct……………..17”–“- <—————————-
Benj. Blackmans acct…….96/3
Peter Keighleys acct…….25/
Isaac Nevils acct……….L 5
Thomas Brewintons acct…..60/
Frederick Jones acct…… L 10
Jacob Goings acct dues said Estate……7″10″- <—————————-
South Carolina  https://www.fold3.com/image/305704196


234)  1773 May 4: WILLIAM GOWAN, PLAT FOR 100 ACRES ON PACOLET RIVER. Series: S213184 Volume: 0016 Page: 00182 Item: 03 Names indexed: BREMAR, JOHN; GOWAN, WILLIAM; THOMPSON, ANDREW. Document type: PLAT Locations: CRAVEN COUNTY; PACOLET RIVER, South Carolina.

235)  1773 May 22 – William Going was a witness to a writ in the Court of Tryon County, North Carolina concerning land on Ward’s Creek, according to “Deed Abstracts of Tryon, Lincoln & Rutherford Counties, 1769-1786,” Deed Books A and AD by Brent H. Holcomb. Subsequently, other records connected William Going with land on Ward’s Creek and First Broad River in the area that became Rutherford County. William Going records gave his wife’s name as Hester. Tryon Co, NC  https://goyengoinggowengoyneandgone.com/1733-william-goyne/

236)  1773 May 26 – DB 3, p. 245 – LANKFORD from GOING – Deed, 26 May 1773. David GOING and Martha his wife of County of Pittsylvania in Colony of Virginia of one part and Henry LANKFORD of County and Colony aforesaid of other part……..Sum of £10 Current money of said Collony …….Land on west Side Russells Creek…..near said Creek on hill Side….in old line…..27 acres. Wit: James LYON, Robert X (the mark of) HINTON, Obediah X (his mark) HUTSON; Rec: 27 May 1773 David GOING L.S; Extracted from – Pittslyvania County, Virginia Deed Books 1, 2 and 3 – Abstracted and Compiled by Lucille C. Payne and Neil G. Payne; Pittsylvania Co, Va.

237)  1773 June 21 Israel Morris conveyed 100 acres of land located near Thorne Gap on the south side of the Piney Mountain between Dry Run and Pass Run to Michael Going in what was then Frederick County (or Dunmore).  The transaction is noted in a 1792 court case Robert Scott v Michael Going and John Watts etc suit re land in Shenandoah Co Va.  http://www.lva.virginia.gov/chancery/

238)  1773 July – Court: Thomas Dudley v Alexander Gowing, Jul 1773, Pittsylvania, Virginia, USA. Image and transcript courtesy of Beth Carruth; The defendant being summoned and not appearing (altho solemnly called) the Plaintiff by his Attorney produced his proved Account for Three pounds fifteen shillings Judgment is therefore granted him against the said defendant for the same with Costs.” Pittsylvania, Va

239)  1773 Sept – Court: Alexander Gowing v Zechariah Waller, Sep 1773, Pittsylvania, Virginia, USA. Transcription and images courtesy Beth Carruth; The defendant being Summoned and not appearing (although solemnly called) the Plaintif made Oath to his Account for Two pounds two shillings ~ Judgment is therefore granted him against the said defendant for the same with Cash. September Court 1773 Court Records Book 2, p 253-254″ Pittsylvania, Va

240)  1773 Oct 18 – Va. Will/Probate – Brunswick County, Virginia Will Books – Volume 2, Will Book 4, Pt 1 – Return.  Brunswick County, Virginia Will Books – Volume 2, Will Books 4 and 5 (in part) 1761-1780, Abstracted by Dr. Stephen E. Bradley, Jr., Will Book 4, Pt 1; 143-(193) Account 1773 for the estate of Jno Underwood dec’d by James & Betty Solomon.Named: David Adams, Jno Ballard, Peter Brooks, Sarah Brooks, Clack Courtney, Crawford & Co, Jno Doby, Nathl Edwards, Wm Edwards & Co, James Goen, Richard Hay Jr, Richard Massey, Thomas Massey, William Massey, Jno Peeblees; Noted was the sheriff of Mecklenburg. Audited by David Mason, Alexr Watson. Returned to Court 28 Feb 1774. 141-(191) Will of Thomas Underwood – 18 Oct 1773 – 24 Jan 1774; “very sick and Weak in Body” . . . To my wife Elizabeth – all my estate during her lifetime or widowhood & afterward then the sd land to my son[s] William & Sammons Underwood; William’s to join the lower line of Tomlin’s Run, Harrison, Second Branch, Drury Going, & all above that branch to belong to my son Sammonds. Ex. Friend Richard Hay, my wife; Wit. Edward Freeman, Richard Mason, Avey Mason; Probate indicates that sd Elizabeth Underwood refused to qualify, that sd Richard Hay qualified with David Sills & Richard Mason his securities. Brunswick Co, Va.

241) 1774 – Census: rent rolls, 1774, Fairfax, Virginia, USA.  http://search.ancestry.com/search/db.aspx?dbid=3578&enc=1
Virginia, Compiled Census and Census Substitutes Index, 1607-1890; Name:Alexander Going. Fairfax Co, Va

242) 1774 Moses Gowing recd payment from Tillotson Parrish in Buckingham Co as a poor person per vestrybook

243)  1774 Jan 11 – 511-(201) Drury Goin of Meherring Parish in Brunswick Co to Pheby Smith of sd parish. 11 Jan 1774. £5. 50 acres on the south side of Meherring River, joining Edward Freeman, Wall, Thomas Underwood, Spring Branch. Wit: Edward Freeman, Elizabeth Underwood, John Burnett. Brunswick Co., Va.

243a)  1774 Jan 24 An indenture of bargain and sale between Drury Going of the one part and Pheba Smith of the other part was proved by the oaths of Edward Freeman, Elizabeth Underwood and John Burnes witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded. Order bk 12, pg 492. Brunswick Co Va.

244)  1774 May – Court: Alexander Gowing v George Lumkin, May 1774, Pittsylvania, Virginia, USA.  Transcription and image courtesy Beth Carruth; In Trespass on the Case; The Plaintif having departed this life this Suit Abates; May 1774. Court Records Bk 2 p394″. Pittsylvania, Va.  (Note:  First indication that Alexander Gowing has died).

245)  1774 July The King vs. Wm Going; recognizance; Philemon Bracket bound in £100 to prosecute; x; x. Tryon County, North Carolina crown docket July 1769-April 1776. p. 31

246)  1774 July The King vs. William Going; assault; true bill; John Lusk, John Stanford; not guilty p defendt – principle bound in £20 security – subpeona for John Lusk for the pros.  Tryon County, North Carolina crown docket July 1769-April 1776. p. 32

247)  1774 August – William Going is listed in the Bedford County, Virginia militia during Lord Dunmore’s War.  Bedford Co, Va.

1774 Aug William Going militia in Bedford Co, Va Lord Dunmores War

248)  1774 August – Thomas Gowen appeared in Granville County Court in August 1774, according to court minutes. Granville Co, NC

249)  1774 Aug 19 – John Gowen 100 acres in Craven County. – The land lay in a part of District 96 in February 1773 which was in Craven County at the time of the grant which was dated, according to”South Carolina Archives, Royal Grants,” Volume 32, page 205.  Later the land was located in Greenville County, South Carolina.  The grant was recorded in Greenville County Deed Book 32, page 205.
“South Carolina, George the Third, by the Grace of God, of Great-Britain, France and Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith, and so forth, To All To Whom These Presents shall come, Greeting: Know ye, that we of our special Grace, certain Knowledge and mere Motion, have given and granted, and by these Presents, for us, our heirs and successors, Do Give and Grant unto John Gowen, his heirs and assigns, a plantation or tract of land containing One hundred acres situate in Craven County, bounding East on Daniel Bush and West on Tyger River, And hath such shape, form and marks, as appear by a plat thereof, hereunto annexed:  Together with all woods, underwoods, timber and timber-trees, lakes, ponds, fishings, waters, water-courses, profits, commodities, appurtenances and hereditaments whatsoever, thereunto belonging or in anywise appertaining: Together with privilege of hunting, hawking and fowling in and upon the same, and all mines and minerals whatsoever; saving and reserving nevertheless, to us, our heirs and successors, all white pine trees, if any there should be found growing thereon: And also saving and reserving nevertheless to us, our heirs and successors, our heirs and successors, one tenth-part of mines of gold and silver only: To have and to hold the said tract of One hundred acres of land and all and singular other the premises hereby granted unto the said John Gowen, his heirs and assigns for ever, in free and common foccage, the said John Gowen, his heirs and assigns yielding and paying therefor unto us, our heirs, and successors, or to our Receiver General for the time being, or to his Deputy of Deputies for the time being, yearly, that is to say on the twenty-fifth day of March, in every year, at the rate of three shillings sterling, or four shillings proclamation money for every hundred acres, and so in proportion according to the number of acres, contained herein; the same to commence at the expiration of two years from the date hereof.  Provided always, and this present Grant is upon condition, nevertheless, that the said John Gowen, his heirs or assigns shall and do yearly, and every year, after the date of the presents, clear and cultivate at the rate of three acres for every hundred acres of land, and so in proportion to the number of acres herein contained; And also shall and do enter a minute or docket of these our letters patent in the office of our Auditor-General for the time being in our said Province within six months from the date hereof: And upon condition, that if the said rent hereby reserved, shall happen to be in arrears and unpaid for the space of three years from the time it shall become due and no distress can be found on the said lands, tenements and hereditaments hereby granted: or if the said John Gowen his heirs or assigns shall neglect to clear and cultivate yearly and every year at the rate of three acres for every hundred acres of land, and so in proportion, according to the number of acres contained, or if a minute or docket of these our letters patent shall not be entered in the office of our Auditor-General for the time being, in our said Province, within six months from the date hereof, that then and in any of these cases, this patent Grant shall cease, and determine and be utterly void.  Lands, tenements and hereditaments hereby granted and every part and parcel thereof, shall revert to us, our heirs and successors, as fully and absolutely, as if the same had never been granted.
Given under the Great Seal of our Said Province. Witness the Honorable William Bull, Esquire, Lt. Governor and Commander in chief in and over our said Province of South-Carolina, this Nineteenth Day of August Anno Dom. 1774 in the Fourteenth Year of our Reign. [L.M.S.] Williams Bull; Signed by his Honor, the Lt. Governor in Council And hath thereunto a plat thereof annexed, representing the same certified by John Bremar, Deputy Surveyor-General. May 20, 1773.  Thomas Winstanley, GCC”Series: S213019 Volume: 0032 Page: 00205 Item: 000 Greenville Co., SC   http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/RecordDetail.aspx?RecordId=71015

250)  1774 Oct The King vs. Wm Going; recognizance; x; Philemon Brackett bound in £100 to prosecute; x; x. Tryon County, North Carolina crown docket July 1769-April 1776. p. 33

251) 1774 Oct The King vs. Wm Going; assault; true bill; John Lusk, John Stanford; not guilty —principle bound in £20; plea withdrawn – submitted and fined /ld and cost – fees paid to A M A M. Tryon County, North Carolina crown docket July 1769-April 1776. p. 34

252)  1774 Oct 3 and 4: William Going of Craven Co, SC, and Elizabeth his wife, to Jasper Rodgers of same, for 500 pounds SC money, 300 acres in Craven County, adj. Richard Tidwell, granted 27 Sept 1769 to said William Going. William Going (H)(LS), Elizabeth Going (X)(LS),  Wit: Benj. Cook, John Turner. Proved in Camden District by the oath of John Turner before John Gaston, JP., 6 Dec 1779. Recorded  31 Dec 1779. (Fairfield) Craven Co, South Carolina.

253)  1774 Nov 23 – “Thomas Gowin” was a purchaser at the estate sale of James McGehee, deceased, November 23, 1774, according to Granville County Will Book 1, pages 114 and 115. Granville Co, NC

254)  1774 Dec 8: WILLIAM GOWAN, LAND GRANT FOR 100 ACRES ON PACKOLET RIVER.  Series: S213019 Volume: 0034 Page: 00286 Item: 000  Names indexed: GOWAN, WILLIAM Document type: LAND GRANT Locations: PACOLET RIVER, South Carolina.

255)  1775 James Goyne was married about 1775 to Heather O’Brien, according to the research of Margaret Frances Goynes Olson, a descendant of Corpus Christi, Texas. James Goyne removed to Camden District, South Carolina and served there as a Revolutionary soldier in a militia company commanded by Capt. John Smith in the regiment of Col. John Winn, according to “Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files” abstracted by Virgil D. White. Camden Dist, SC

256)  (1775 to 1782): Goings in the Revolution:  https://goyengoinggowengoyneandgone.com/revolutionary-war-goings-in-the-revolution/

257)  1775 Jan The King vs. William Going; Recognce.; x; Philemon Bracket bound in £100 to prosecute; x; Discharged. Tryon County, North Carolina crown docket July 1769-April 1776. p. 37

258)  1775 Jan 6 – Land purchased by Aaron Lockart of Chester County SC paid by John Lockart (100 pounds), 100 acres on Leigh’s branch, on NE side of the Broad River, and another 100 acre tract adj. to Markley. 1798 Aug 20 – Elijah Going as witness to transaction in 1798 involving same property. Wit by – Chas Gillmore, and Elijah Going. Chester Co., SC

259)  1775 Jan 28: FLETCHER, THOMAS, MEMORIAL FOR 250 ACRES ON TYGER RIVER, CRAVEN COUNTY. Series: S111001 Volume: 0013 Page: 00261 Item: 003  Names indexed: FLETCHER, THOMAS; JOSEPH GOWAN Document type: MEMORIAL Locations: BROAD RIVER; CRAVEN COUNTY; TYGER RIVER, South Carolina.

260)  1775 Jan 31: JOHN GOWAN, MEMORIAL FOR 100 ACRES ON TYGER RIVER, CRAVEN COUNTY.  Series: S111001 Volume: 0013 Page: 00265 Item: 004 Names indexed: BUSH, DANIEL; GOWEN, JOHN Document type: MEMORIAL Locations: CRAVEN COUNTY; TYGER RIVER, South Carolina

261)  1775 Feb – Alexander Going – probate inventory
Estate: Inventory Alexander Going, Feb 1775, , Orange, North Carolina, USA.  citing: Orange County Records at the NC State Archives, Raleigh July 2012
Inventories Sales & Accounts of Estates, in 24 Volumes : First Volume (1756-1785) p. 297
An Inventory of the Estate of Alex’r. Gowing Dec’d. which is as follows
A Negroe Fellow Sam, 1 Ditto Bob, a Negroe Woman Luce, 1 Ditto Sary, a Negroe Boy Will, a Negroe Girl Hannah, a Negroe Boy Frank, 5 head of Horses, 29 head of Cattle, 48 head of Hoggs, 12 old Sheep & 5 lambs, 5 Feather Beds & Furniture & about 30 cc new Feathers, 5 Bedsteads & bords, 3 potts, a Dutch Oven, 1 pan, a small Skillet, 2 Dishes, 12 plates, 5 Basons, 9 porringers, 20 spoons, a pr. Spoon moulds, 1 Earthen Dish, 20 Earthen plates, 12 Bowls, 2 Tin potts, 34 Cups & Sawsers, 1 Coffee Pott, 2 Cannisters, 10 Mugs, 1 Quart Tin, 9 Bottles, 2 Jugs, 1 looking Glass, 5 Viols, a small (Gilt) Trunk, 2 Tables, 5 Chairs, 8 Knives, 11 Forks, 1 pair money Scales, 2 Razors, 1 Strop & Hone, 1 Mans Saddle & Bridle & Saddle Bags, Womans Saddle, 1 Rifle Gun, 1 pr (Stalyards), 1 xCut Saw, 1 foot Adze, 2 Drawing Knives, 4 Augers, 1 Chisell, 1 Small Still, 1 old Waggon & Gears, 7 Bells, 5 Axes, 3 Wedges, 10 Hoes, 1 Shear & (Colter), 2 Clovises, 5 plow hoes, 2 pr Shears, 1 (spice) morter & pessell, 1(Inkstand), 1 Linen Wheel, 1 Woollin Wheel, 3 pr Cards, 1 Sayne (seine?), 1 Bar Iron & Heaters, 2 Sifters, 5 (pails), 1 Churn, 22 Geese, 24 Ducks, 21 old Barrels, 2 Curry Combs & 3 Brushes, 1 pr. Candle Snuffers, 5 Books, a large quantity Meat, a parcel old Tobacco, 1 Loom, Slay & Harness, 7550 cc of Tob’o Inspected, a large quantity of Corn, 70 or 80 Barrels, 15 Bushels, Oats, 77 Bushels Wheat.
A true Inventory returned by Sophia Going Adm’x.
Orange County, February Court 1775. The above Inventory was returned in open Court and ordered to be Recorded.  Test.
From Orange County Records at the NC State Archives, Raleigh July 2012
Inventories Sales & Accounts of Estates, in 24 Volumes : First Volume (1756-1785) p. 297
Orange Co, NC
1775 May 2 – Alexander Gowing – estate sale
Estate: Sale Alexander Going, 2 May 1775, , Orange, North Carolina, USA
citing: Orange County records at the NC State Archives in Raleigh July 2012 – Inventories Sales & Accounts of Estates, in 24 Volumes : First Volume (1756-1785) ) p. 305-307
“Transcription of “Acct of Sales of the Estate of Alex’r Going decd. May 2d 1775″
Buyers: Daniel Going, Jas. Gulaspey, Kennoday, John Going Jun, Sophia Going, James Galaspey, Alexander Going, Henry Dixon, James Sanders Sen, Robert Terry, Saml. Robertson, John Cannoday, Thomas Rogers.
Orange County May Co 1775. The above acct. of Sales was returned in open Court and ordered to be Recorded.  Test.
From Orange County records at the NC State Archives in Raleigh July 2012
Inventories Sales & Accounts of Estates, in 24 Volumes : First Volume (1756-1785) ) p. 305-307” Orange Co, NC

262)  1775 Feb 9: THOMAS GOWEN, MEMORIAL FOR 200 ACRES ON COOSAWHATCHIE RIVER.  Series: S111001 Volume: 0013 Page: 00298 Item: 001 Names indexed: GOWEN, THOMAS; LEGARE, ISAAC; MIDDLETON, SARAH; WILKINSON Document type: MEMORIAL Locations: COOSAWHATCHIE RIVER; CYPRESS CREEK, South Carolina

263)  1775 Feb 28 – William Gowing 150acr both sides of Wards Cr of First Broad River. Tyron Co, NC  https://goyengoinggowengoyneandgone.com/1733-william-goyne/ ,

263a)  1775 March 2 William Gowing recd 150 acres, grant no 227, bk 26, pg 228, packet 1182, located on both sides of Wards Creek First Broad River. Tryon County, North Carolina.

264)  1775 March 18 – William Long memorial for 200 acres on Wateree Creek – adj: Drury GowenWilliam Gladden, William Hill, William Long, and John Morris.  Series: S111001 Volume: 0013 Page: 00398 Item: 002 Names indexed: GLODEN, WILLIAM; GOWEN, DRURY; HILL, WILLIAM; LONG, WILLIAM; MORRIS, JOHN Document type: MEMORIAL Locations: CRAVEN COUNTY; WATEREE CREEK, South Carolina

265)  1775 March 18 – William Long memorial for 200 acres on Wateree Creek – adj: Drury Gowen, William Gladden, William Hill, William Long, and John Morris. Wateree Cr., Craven Co, SC

266)  1775 May 2 – Daniel Going, Sophia Going, John Going Jr, Alex Going – purchasers at estate.  Acct of Sales of the Estate of ALEXR GOING decd. Persons purchasing from the estate were:
James Galaspey
Henry Dixon
James Sanders Sen
Robert Terry
Saml Robinson
Jas Sanders Jun
John Cannaday
Thomas Rogers
Total amount: L676.16.4 Henry Dixon D.S. Orange Co May Co. 1775. The above Acct. of Sales was returned in open Court and Ordered to be Recorded. Orange Co, NC


268)  1775 June 20: WILLIAM GOWAN, MEMORIAL FOR 100 ACRES ON PACOLET RIVER. Series: S111001 Volume: 0013 Page: 00516 Item: 003 Names indexed: GOWAN, WILLIAM Document type: MEMORIAL Locations: PACOLET RIVER, South Carolina

269)  1775 Oct 20 – 1775 Oct 20: Roll of Capt Darius Dalton’s Company of Volunteer Militia.  Addressed: To the Honorable Council of Safety/Charles Town
Prince Williams Parish–20th October 1775
Gentlemen, We whose names are under written; having formed ourselves into a Company of Volunteers, either to Act as Horsemen or Footmen, in  defence of our Liberties & Country, which so loudly calls upon us for so doing; do with due submission — petition the Honorable the Council of Safety, to grant unto us Commissions for Our Officers which we have chosen by a Majority of Votes, Vizt . . . Darius Dalton Capt., Charles Browne first Lieut, Joseph Ainger second Lieut, & James Gowen third Lieut under the names of the Swift & Bold – for which we shall be thankfull –
We are with respect –
P.S. As we have sent a boy down with this, by whom the Commissions ay be sent} Gentlemen/ Yr Most humble servants:
John Cockran, Darius Dalton, Saml Jones, Charles Browne, Thos Marshall, Joseph Ainger, George Farrar, James Gowen, Richd Keating, Isaac Hirde, Josiah Tilley, Francis Thos Greene, Stephen Swan, James Francis Dalton, James McKewn, Joseph Dopson, Nathl Tilley, Jacob Auton, Francis Chosolme, John Barlow, Joseph Alexander, Andw McCarley, William Harvey, Richd West, Thos Stone, John Bonueu, James Stone, John Gatch, John Ferguson, John Russell, Wm Smith, Benja Deau, Florence Dunnovant, John Malkin, Wm Murray, John Allen, John Keating, Daniel Ellis, Andw Fornea, Seth Prior, James Miscampbell, John Stoney, John Swinney, John Lesur, Cornelius McCartey, Turner Myrick, John Pescotte . . 54 – Saml Fletcher, John Roberts, Robert Anderson, Moses Grainger, Peter Boizell, John Adam Eirick, Phillip Ulmer 30.
Endorsed: Capt Charles Brownes Volunteer Company of Dragoons– Commissions granted the 28th October 1775.  From the private collection of A.S. Salley, Jr. See The Sunday News, Charleston, S.C., March 12, 1899.  The South Carolina Historical Magazine 3 and 4, pgs 82-83.
( Note: Among the signatures were those of Richard Keating and John Keating, believed to be brothers-in-law to James Gowen. Several Keating individuals appeared in the records of the Charleston-Combahee Ferry area during that period. “Alexander Broughton, 2nd son of Capt. Nathaniel Broughton, was married to Mary Jones Keating, widow of Maurice Keating,” according to “South Carolina Historical Magazine.” “Mr. Matthew Keating, a native of Ireland, 26 years of age, died on Saturday last after a short illness,” according to a report in a Charleston newspaper published “Wednesday, August 26, 1807.”) Prince William Parish, SC.

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