Virginia – Warwick County – 1700s to early 1800s

1663 Oct 21: An attachment is granted Richard King against soe much of the estate of Arthur Gynn decd — (?) as shall be found to bee satisfactory for two thousand one hundred pounds of tob @ the (?) with this years levy in regain hee the said Gynn and departed out of this County privately and noe certaine place of residency knowne.
1663 Warrick County court order pages pg 1.

1663 Oct 21 Richard King is granted an attachment against est of Arthur Gynn in Warwick Co Va

1663 Oct 21: Thomas Hales hath a nonsuite granted him against John Giles and to bee paid by him fifty pounds of tobacco forthwith together with all costs and charges of suite att exec.  1663 Warrick County court order pages pg 1

1663 Oct 21 Thomas Hales granted a nonsuit agt John Giles in Warwick Co Va

1701-1728: Richard Goinge (or Goings) is listed as a member of a May Grand Jury in Warwick County, Virginia.
1701 to 1728 Warwick Co misc records pg 23

1701 to 1728 Richard Goinge on a grand jury in Warwick County Virginia


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