Family letters often reveal information regarding family history that can help piece together relationships. This page is a link to the letters and/or transcripts of those letters that help piece together our family history.

1.  William W. Goyen’s letters:

a)  W. W. Goyen’s July 31, 1851 letters to cousin Adeline McCluney and sister Elvira Docia Going (Goyen).

b)  W. W. Goyen’s September 4-9, 1851 letters to cousin Adeline McCluney and sister T. Elizabeth Going.

c)  W. W. Goyen’s May 9, 1864 and June 7, 1864 letters to daughters and wife during Civil War, found on his body during the Civil War and delivered to his wife, Sarah Martha Bell Goyen.

d)  Multiple Transcribed Letters from Wiseman, Bell, and Ware families

2.  Thomas Baxter Going’s letter to his brother William Going in March 1879.   (Link: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~gowenrf/nl199206.pdf )

This letter discusses relationship to Drury Going b. 1749, his birth year, death date, and other family relations of Thomas Baxter Going – son of Isaac Going, and grandson of Drury Going b. 1749.