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THOMAS HARRISON b: ca 1750, Augusta County, Virginia
Thomas Harrison served as private, corporal and sergeant in Capt. Smallwood’s Company of the Regiment of Foot, commanded by Col. William Grayson, July-Sept 1777. Re-enlisted January 1778. Also served in Capt. Strothers Jones Company of Colonel Nathaniel Gist’s Regiment. Fought in the battles of Brandywine, Germantown, and Yorktown.
(Original papers, AGO, War Dept, The National Archives.)
Thomas Harrison married Hannah Dennis (1760-1830) on 7 April 1779 Their children included: Joseph, Thomas, James, Eleanor, Audley, Mary, and Alexander. Thomas’ children by first wife: John, Elizabeth, Mary and Hannah.
Thomas Harrison died at Tazewell Co., VA in 1815. Will probated August 1815.
–sources: History of Tazewell Co., VA 2 Vol., p 412 Annals of Southwest Virginia, Lee Preston Summers, 1929 Reg. of Marriages, Botetourt Co., VA 1770-1853
THEODORE HARRISON b: 1756, Chester, Conn.
Theodore Harrison enlisted 8 May 1775 at Saybrook, Conn., as a private in 9th Company, Capt. John Ely’s, 6th Conn. Regiment, Col. Samuel Parson commanding. Was discharged 18 Dec 1775. This company was raised on the first call for troops. Was from New London, Hartford and the present Middlesex Counties; remained on duty at New London until 17 June, when they were ordered by the Governor’s Council to the Boston Camps. Took post at Rozbury, in General Spencer’s brigade, where they remained until expiration of term of service, 17 Dec 1775.
He re-enlisted in Capt. Abraham Waterhouse’s Company, Col Parson’s Regiment for one year, March 1777. This Regiment was adopted as Continental, having been re-organized for service in 1776.
Re-enlisted 23 July 1780 in 4th company, 9th regiment commanded by Col Samuel B. Webb; discharged between 9-14 Dec 1780
Theodore Harrison served one or two tours in the Connecticut Militia. He was one of the soldiers who marched into New York City under General Washington, after its evacuation by the British.
(Original papers, Adjutant General’s Office, Washington D.C. & Hartford, Conn. Pension Clain S 13251)

Theodore Harrison m: Clotilda Wright (1753-1829) on 17 April 1780 at Saybrook, Conn. Their children included: Martha (m: Noah Butler); Samuel (b: 10 Mar 1795 m; Sally Latimer); James; Elizabeth (b: 22 Jan 1790 m: John Garlick); Julia (m: Dr. Henry Delamarter); Jared (b: 1796 m: Catherine Loveland; Lucy (m: James Dakins); Osmund (b: 9 Oct 1798 m: Diantha Griswold, (2) Prudence Griswold).
Theodore Harrison died in Wethersfield, Hartford Co., Conn on 20 May 1836.
New Eng. H.& G Register, Vol. 20 p 8; Vol 6 p 5; Vol 1 p 3
Five Generaltions Conn. Harrisons;
Saybrook Church Marriage Records;
Land deeds and Tombstone Inscriptions.




Edmund Harrison was born the 8th day of February 1769 in Rockingham Co., State of Virginia.
Mary Harrison, daughter of James and Mary Stinson (Stephenson), was born January 22, 1776 in Washington Co., TN.
Matty Harrison was born in Greenville, TN, Sept. 8, 1797.
Desdemoney (Desdemona) Harrison born in Greenville, TN March 10, 1799.
Abram Whiteside Harrison was born in Greenville, TN, Dec. 14, 1800.
Moses Harrison was born in Greenville, TN, Dec. 16, 1802.
Meriah Harrison was born in Barren Co., KY, December 11, 1805.
Matilday Harrison was born in Barren Co., KY, December 25, 1806.
Cynthia Harrison was born July 16, 1809 in Sparta, TN.
Francis Porterfield Harrison was born Feb. 11, 1811 in Sparta, TN.
James Stinson Harrison was born March 10, 1813 in Sparta, TN.
Lawson Harrison was born Aug. 18, 1815 in Franklin Co., IN.
Harriet Harrison was born Jan. 13, 1819 in the town of Brookville, IN.
Edmund Harrison was married to Mary Stinson, daughter of James, in Greenville, TN on the 8th of Nov. 1796.
Desdemoney Harrison was married March 29, 1818 to Jonathan McCarty in Brookville, IN. (General Jonathan McCarty was a State Congressman from IN.)
Maria (Meriah) Harrison was married July 3, 1827 to Wilson Berny in Connersville, IN.
Abram W. Harrison was married to —– —– Nov. 15, 1831 at Indianapolis, IN.
James S. Harrison married Nov. 26, 1836 to Eliza L. Strang.
Cynthia Harrison and Samuel Edsall were married Oct. 31, 1831 at Connersville, IN.
Harriet Harrison and George W. Kimberly were married February 2, 1837.
J. H. Sabin and Joan M. Kimberly were married March 20, 1860.
Mary Harrison died Aug. 24, 1863, aged 88 years.
Edmund Harrison died July 7, 1844.
Matty Harrison departed this life Sept. 1, 1798.
Lawson Harrison died April, 1856 in Des Moines, IA in the 41 year of his life.
Cynthia Edsall died Nov. 21, 1865 in Fort Wayne, IN.
Alfred Harrison died July 19, 1891 in Indianapolis, IN.
James Stinson Harrison died April 1, 1899, Washington, DC
Desdemoney McCarty died May 22, 1831, (Fort Wayne, IN).
Matilda Johns died —–, 1843.
Harriet Harrison Kimberly died March 1, 1886 in Chicago, IL, aged 67 years.
Joan Sabin died Sept. 28, 1873 in LaFayette, IN.
Lorie Sabin died July 25, 1873.
Austin W. Sabin died May 20, 1861.
Tighman Howard Kimberly died Sept. 6, 1859.
Joannah Margaret Kimberly, first child of George W. and Harriet Kimberly was Born May 26, 1838 in Jefferson Co., IN.
Edmund Harrison Kimberly, son of George W. and Harriet Kimberly, was born in Madison, IN on Dec. 1, 1839.
Morgan Neville Kimberly, son of George W. and Harriet Kimberly, was born in Madison, IN, January 25, 1842.
Matilda Harrison married Morgan Johns in Connersville, IN.
R. H. Harrison is buried in the McCarty family plot in the Oakland Cemetery in Keokuk, IA–Blk. 5, Lot 12. Tombstone Inscription reads: R. H. Harrison, Oct. 18th, 1861, age 42.
……. submitted by Mary M. Olsen, E. 9721 Archery Avenue, Spokane, WA 99206

BENJAMIN HARRISON – BIBLE RECORDS: https://sites.rootsweb.com/~harrisonrep/hhdocs/81DecHH.htm#BIBLERECORDS

BENJAMIN HARRISON and MIRIAM ALLEN his wife were married the 11th day of the 3rd month 1784.

Their children’s marriage: Latham Harrison (b. 29 Feb 1793) and Mary James were married 12 April 1809.

Benjamin Harrison
4 Jun 1761
Phebe Harrison
25 Feb 1810
Miriam Allen
15 Aug 1763
Mary Ann Harrison
23 Dec 1811
Latham Harrison
25 Feb 1785
Sarah Harrison
23 Nov 1813
21 Mar 1787
Isaac Harrison
2 Nov 1815
Ann Harrison
13 Jun 1790
Miriam Harrison
16 Dec 1817
Thomas Harrison
10 Oct 1796
Elizabeth Harrison
3 Feb 1820
Benjamin Harrison
11 Jan 1822
Latham Harrison
19 Apr 1824
John Harrison
21 Sep 1826
David Harrison
20 Jan 1829
Submitted by Audrey Casari, 4463 Hiawatha Dr. Cheboygan, MI 49721

JOSEPH HARRISON and PHERABA DUGGAN. Joseph b. Feb 1783 in NC.; Pheraba b. 13 Feb 1785 in NC. He died 6 Jun 1859 in GA. She died 20 May 1861 in GA.

15 Jun 1806
Elizabeth D.
16 Jun 1814
(Wm) Duggan
19 Mar 1808
Penelope G.
17 Dec 1815
9 Dec 1809
Nancy D.
15 Nov 1817
James Garrett
20 Aug 1811
Martha A.
5 Dec 1818
Sarah Fagan
25 Mar 1813
Thomas B.
14 Oct 1821
Jane Selina
20 Sep 1827
This record is found in a bible in the possession of the Rev. W.J. Harrison, Baytown, TX and has been contributed by Professor Hugh B. Johnson of Wilson, NC who reports that the family lived in Wash. Co., GA and may have originated in Tyrrell Co., NC. (From National Geographical society Quarterly).


(Taken from a paper written by Laura Newkirk Merwin of 8900 E. Jefferson #1420, Detroit, MI 48214 that she compiled for her Revolutionary War Ancestor.)

JOSEPH, son of CHARLES, was born in England in 1750 and married SARAH GILES in 1789 in MA. The earliest document of his war record is dated June 28, 1775, and he retired from the service November 1, 1783. He was commissioned a Captain on June 16, 1780. Albany, NY was the place of official commissioning, but he was already on duty at Fort Edward.

On February 2, 1786, he joined the St. Patrick Lodge of Masonry of Johnstown, NY. His name appeared on the lodge rolls until 1791. His life is a mystery to our family from this date until 1801. At some point prior to 1801 he had settled in Detroit, MI as he became a supervisor of the Township of Detroit in that year.

In March of 1802, Joseph Harrison petitioned for a tavern license. When it was renewal time in May, 1803, he declined the offer of the license. This was probably due to the fact that he was made coroner of the county in 1803.

An application to the Senate of March 30, 1803, had been made by Joseph Harrison and others to organize MI into a separate territory. This petition was referred to a special committee headed by Senator Worthington of OH, who reported to the Senate on Nov. 1 of that year. This effort failed . . . but in 1805 the petition was taken by Lewis Cass and the Michigan Territory became a reality.

The records of Zion Lodge #10 in Detroit show that Joseph Harrison had a Masonic burial on February 22, 1804.

Upon the death of her husband, Sarah Giles Harrison took the three minor children to her father’s home in Sandwich, Essex Co., Canada. After a period of five years, the family returned to Detroit to collect the children’s inheritance. By 1810, Sarah married a man by the name of Reynolds. She died in 1841.

All three sons fought in the War of 1812. LEONARD G. HARRISON (1792-1845), THE OLDEST WAS A SERGEANT UNDER Capt. Dequindre and Maj. Witherell. MARINUS HARRISON (1795-1849) was a private in Capt. Cullom’s Company 1813-14. CHARLES (1799-1887) was a sergeant in Capt. Joseph Vance’s Company and later served under Capt. Audrain until Nov. 30, 1815.

The families of the three sons of Joseph Harrison have mostly stayed in the County area until the last two decades. They settled in Detroit, Dearborn, Inkster and Wayne. Most of the earlier generations of the families are buried in the Union Chapel Cemetery in Inkster. Leonard and Marinus worked as laborers on the Fort built in Dearborn. Many purchases and sales of land in the Dearborn area are credited to Leonard and Charles.
Leonard Harrison married MARY HAYNES (HAYES) in 1815 and had seven or eight children. Marinus married HANNAH CHAMBERLAIN IN 1817 AND HAD TWELVE CHILDREN. Charles Harrison married LAURA CHAMBERLAIN in 1823 and had twelve issue.

Joseph Harrison is believed to have had two other children: JAMES who was born in 1790 and died in 1794, and SARAH who was born in 1793 and died in 1795. We have no information where the Harrisons were living at the time of the births and deaths of these latter two children.

p. 301: Will of JOHN HARRISON, 9 Jan 1761
Wife, Sarah;
Eldest son, James;
Sons, John, Andrew, Richard, and Isam;
Daughters, Mary, Ann, Martha, and Elizabeth;
Executors: John Chisum, my friend, and John Williams Daniel (my wife’s brother), and Sarah, my wife.
Witnesses: Joseph Collins, Francis Luck, and Thomas Greenwood

Bucks Co., PA 1677-1686
Arrivals, Marriages, and Early Wills
JAMES HARRISON, of Bolton, in the County of Lancaster, aged about 57 years, shoemaker, and ANN, his wife, aged about 61 years. Sailed from Liverpool for this province in the ship The Submission of Liverpool, the master James Settle, the 5th of the 7th month 1682, and arrived at Choptank in MD the 21st of the 9th month following, being brought thither through the dishonesty of the master and arrived at Apoquinemene in this province the 15th day of the 11th month following. Robert Bond came at the same time. AGNES HARRISON, his mother, came at the same time, aged 81 years. Ch: Phebe (HARRISON, dau of James), wife of Phineas Pemberton. Phineas Pemberton, aged 33 years, of Bolton, afsd, grocer, came at the same time with his wife, aged 23 years, and arrived at the same time as above in MD. Phebe his wife arrived a Apoquinimene in this province the 9th of the 3rd month, following 1683. Ch. Abigail b. 13th of 11th month, 1679, and Joseph b. 11th of 3rd month, 1681.

Edward Harrison and Son William of Virginia
Quoted from THE VIRGINIA GENEALOGIST, Vol. 16 (1972) p. 226-227

Sarah (Butler) Slaughter Harrison, the mother of Ezekiel Slaughter, was a daughter of Alice Butler of King William County. The name of her first husband is unknown. By him she had a son Ezekiel and a daughter Elizabeth who married Israel Whinfrey.

Her second husband was Edward Harrison of Henrico County who died in 1742. On the first Monday in April 1742 it was ordered “that Sarah Harrison, the Widow and Relict of Edward Harrison, Deceased be summonded to appear at the next Court…to declare whether she will take Administration of the Estate of her said dec’d Husband.” She relinquished her right on 3 May 1742. The inventory of Edward Harrison’s estate was dated 20 July 1742 and recorded in February 1746: “Appraised all the Estate of Edward Harrison both in Richmond Town and on his Plantation at Long Acre.” William Gray was administrator.

On 7 September 1750, William Harrison, orphan of Edward Harrison, chose Israel Winfrey as his guardian. He reached full age shortly thereafter for his will, dated 28 August 1753, described him as “late of the County of Chesterfield but now of Augusta County.” He gave to his mother Sarah Harrison for life 287 acres including the plantation where she lived, “to make of the Compliment out of another Survey thereunto adjoining known by the name of Long Acre.” To his daughter Molley Harrison he gave 187 acres after the death of his mother and including the plantation where she lived and to his wife Elizabeth during her widowhood, he gave “my Plantation at Long Accres with all the land not before lent to my Mother.”

A son was to be “Baptized William” and when his wife and mother died his estate was to go to William and Molly and “if both my children die under age and without issue the estate hereby given them reverts to my said mother and a Negro Tom was loaned to his wife. He mentioned that his half-brother, Ezekiel Slaughter had sold land in King William County to which he had a claim and also mentioned his uncle Samuel Butler and directed that 150 acres in Augusta County purchased from Col. John Buchanan be sold. “My half brother Ezekiel Slaughter and like brother-in-law, Israel Winfrey” were named executors but Winfrey declined to serve. When the will was submitted for proof George Reyner Turner and Mary Jennings, two of the witnesses, questioned “his proper senses” in Court. The inventory of his estate was recorded 22 Sept 1755 and listed Hagar and Tom with a notation they were in dispute and were not valued.

A year before William Harrison died he and his half-brother, Ezekiel took out land grants, both dated 16 November 1752. William received 787 acres in the counties of Chesterfield and Cumberland on the “Head of the lower Manakin Creek, the Head Branches of Swift Creek on both sides of Buckingham Road.” Ezekiel received in the counties of Chesterfield and Cumberland, 400 acres on the “South side of James River on the lower Manakin Creek”.

William Harrison of Chesterfield County, on 18 December 1752 sold 200 acres to John Dorram. The land adjoining Thomas Watkins, John James Dupe, Charles Clark and the said William Harrison. The witnesses were Ezekiel Slaughter Mary Moore and William Dorram.

In the will of Sarah Harrison, dated 22 January 1781, she gave to her grandson Fleming Wooldridge, a tract of 100 acres in Chesterfield County, “it being the tract whereon I now live.” To her grandson Harrison Wooldridge she gave a tract of land in Powhatan County of 187 acres.” This was the total amount of land she received from William Harrison which was to go to his children at her death and it appears that they had either released the land to her or that they were deceased without issue. Sarah Harrison gave to her son Ezekiel Slaughter, one shilling sterling. By 1781, he was living in Halifax County. She mentioned her daughter Elizabeth Winfrey, named her “well beloved Friend William Woodridge” executor, named William Wooldridge’s sons Fleming, Harrison, Edmund and William, and her granddaughter, Polley Wooldridge, “daughter of William Woodridge”. Since the land which came from the Harrisons was given to her Wooldridge grandchildren, it appears that her daughter, Mrs. Wooldridge was a child of Edward Harrison.

It is probable that there was another Slaughter daughter who married Crowley Howlett and died without issue. The will of Crowley Howlett of Chesterfield County, dated 2 November 1750, gave a tract of land and two Negroes to his “friend Ezekiel Slaughter,” together with his ready money, cattle and a bed. He loaned a negro Bob to “my loving Mother Sarah Harrison” during her life and after her decease he was to return to Ezekiel Slaughter.

–Sources: Deed and Will Books of Halifax, Cumberland and Chesterfield Counties. State of Virginia.

ZEBULON HARRISON of NEW YORK and VIRGINIA: https://sites.rootsweb.com/~harrisonrep/hhdocs/84junhh.htm#zebulon

JOHN HARRISON will in 1808 Greenville Co, SC:
I John Harrison of Greenville District & State of So. Carrolina being weak of body but of a perfect sound mind & memory and Calling to mind the Mortality of my body & that it is appointed for all men to die & more Especilly for the settling of Temporal affairs in this life, Revoking & Disanulling all other will or wills before made by me I do Constitute make & ordain this my last will & Testament In the manner & form following VIA. Item I land unto my loving Wife Mary Harrison the land & plantation whereon I now live With stock of all kind Household & Kitchen ferniture plantation utensils Money & all such things During her natural life or widowhood. Item I Give unto my son Thomas Harrison one shilling over and above that I have heretofore Given him To him his heirs & Assigns forever. Item I give to my son John Harrison one shilling over and above what I have heretofore given him to him his heirs & Assigns forever. Item I G to my son Samuel Harrison fifty Dollars to him & his heirs forever. Item I Give to my son Daniel Harrison one shilling to him & his heirs forever Item I Give to my son James Harrison the land and plantation purchased of Bridges bounded by a Conditional line to him & his heirs forever. Item I give to my son Benjamin Harrison the land & plantation whereon I now Dwell Bounded on the side between him & his brother James by a Conditional line & one horse to the value of sixty Dollars to him and his Heirs & assigns forever. Item I Give to my daughter Rachel Layden one shilling to her & her heirs forever. Item I Give all the rest of my Goods & Chatels to my two Daughters Susanah Hooper and Deborah Freeman to them and their heirs forever, the last articles given to my four younger children to be Receved by them at the Death or Marrage of my wife. And lastly I appoint my loving wife Mary
Harrison, James Harrison & Alsey Freeman to Execute This my last will & Testament in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & affixed my seal This Sixteenth day of January in the year of our Lord Eighteen Hundred and eight.
Signed sealed
and acknowledged
In presence of
Jeremiah Strother
John Duncan
William Hawkings
John Harrison (L. S.)
Probated May 2, 1808
D. Goodlett O.G.D.
Recorded in Will Book & Page 182-183
Apt. 4 File No. 236

RICHARD HARRISON will in Columbia County, Georgia 1822
Will Book “W” 1821-1839
Pages 53-57
Columbia County, Georgia
Recorded 14th December 1822.
In the name of God Amen.
I, Richard B. Harrison of the State of Georgia and the County of Columbia being sick and weak but of perfect and disposing mind and memory do make and ordain this instrument to be my last will and testament and touching and concerning such worldly goods with which it has pleased God to bless me in this life, I divise and dispose of them in the manner and form following, that is to say First I give and bequeath my negro woman named Sylvia and her three children named Law a negro boy, Arry, a negro girl and Caty a negro girl and their issue to my friend John Embree and his heirs forever.
Secondly I give and bequeath to my friend Berryman H. Embree one negro man named Arthur to him and his heirs forever.
Third I give and bequeath to my brother Berryman S. Harrison one negro man named Cain to him and his heirs forever.
Fourth I give and bequeath to my brother Tyrel C. Harrison one negro woman named sussy also one negro man named Hopewell and one negro woman named Jenny and her issue to him and his hairs forever. Fifth I give and bequeath to my beloved mother Betsy Harrison one negro woman named Suckey and her issue to her and her heirs forever.
Sixth I give and bequeath to my beloved nephew Sullivan Harrison one negro boy named Henry to him and his heirs forever.
Seventh I give and bequeath to my nephew Tyrel Harrison, son of Berryman S. Harrison and my nephew Richard H. Jones the tract of land whereon I now reside containing two hundred and nineteen acres be the same more or less.
Eighth I give and bequeath to my beloved niece Nancy Martin my part or portion of the Estate of my deceased brother Dinwiddie R. Harrison supposed to be six or seven hundred dollars to her and heirs forever.
Ninth. I give and bequeath to my young friend Charles Wilkinson one of the best horses I possess, also a good saddle and bridle and one hundred dollars in cash and also one tenth part of the crop of the present year.
Tenth. I give and bequeath to my old friend Thomas White one feather bed that __________ the one whereon I now lie to him and to his heirs.
Eleventh. My will and desire is that after paying the one tenth of the crop to Charles Wilkinson the balance to be then disposed of also my tracts of every description, household and kitchen furniture and everything also not already bequeathed for the express purpose discharging all my just debts.
Lastly. I nominate, constitute and appoint my nephew Berryman H. Embree and my nephew Richard H. Jones Executors for carrying into effect this my last will and testament.
Signed, sealed, pronounced
and declared by the testator
in the presence of us.
David Cooper
Jeremiah Rees
Thomas White
Richard Harrison
Columbia County Jeremiah Rees, Thomas White and Cooper, the three sub_____ being witnesses to the written will of Richard Harrison after being duly sworn deposeth and saith that they saw the testator sign seal and acknowledge the same as his last will and testament and that the testator of soung mind and memory at the time of signing the same and that they subscribed as witnesses to the same by the request and in the presence of the testator and in the presence of each other.
Sworn to open court
this 4th Nov. 1822.
S. Crawford, Clerk
David Cooper
Thomas White
Jeremiah Rees
Columbia County
By the Court of Ordinary for said county,
To all to whom these presents shall come, greeting. Know ye that on the 4th day of November in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred and twenty-two the last will and testament of Richard Harrison late of said county deceased was exhibited in open court and in common form of law proved and admitted to record a copy of which is hereinto annexed and administration of all and singular the goods chattels and credits of said deceased was granted to Berryman H. Embree and Richard H. Jones the Executors in and by said will named and appointed, they having first taken the oath and performed all other requisites required by law is by order of said court and by virtue of these presents legally authorized to administer the goods chattels and credits of the said deceased according to the terms and effect of the said will and testament and according to law. And it is hereby required to render a true and perfect inventory of all and singular, the goods chattels and credits of the said deceased and appraised and returned to this court according to law and to render a true and correct account to the said court of all actings and doings yearly and every year until the administration is fully completed. Witness the Honorable Billington M. Saunders one of the judges of the said court of ordinary this the fourth day of November in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty two.

ESTATE OF TERREL C. HARRISON: https://sites.rootsweb.com/~harrisonrep/hhdocs/84decHH.htm#p548

From DAR typed manuscript at Danville Public Library, Danville, VA. Bible now owned by Mrs. Harry Wooding, Jr. of Danville, VA.
…….Submitted by Felix Earle Luck, Box 369, Tabor, NJ 07878
Copied from the BIBLE OF WILLIAM HARRISON, SENIOR, great grandfather of Harry Wooding, Jr., on his mother’s (Coleman) side of the family.

“William Harrison, son of Robert and Anne, was born February 24, 1786.

Robert Harrison, son of Robert and Anne, was born ________.

John Harrison, son of Robert and Anne, was born April 6, 17__.

Josias Woodson, son of Robert and Anne, was born December 9, 17__.

Charlotte Harrison, daughter of Robert and Anne, was born June 8, 1792.

William Harrison Stone, son of Henry and Jane Stone, born October 29, 1796, at night.

Jane Payne Stone departed this life the 17th of November, 1796.

George Woodson Harrison was born November 28, 1789 on Saturday.

George Woodson Harrison departed this life on Wednesday night, being the 10th of August, 1791.

Robert and Anne Harrison were married December 9, 1784.

William Ware was born May 12, 1762.

Susanna Harrison Ware was born January 21, 1786. she was daughter of William and Susanna Ware. Susanna was named after her mother, who died soon after her birth.

William Harrison, Senior, born 29 of November 1739, died 25th January 1811.

Anna Harrison, his wife, born March 27, 1748.

Their children:

Robert Harrison was born June 29, 1765.
Susanna Harrison was born January 22, 1768 and departed this life Jan 29, 1786.
William Payne Harrison was born December 29, 1769.
Andrew Harrison was born October 7, 1772.
Ann Harrison was born September 16, 1774.
Jane Payne Harrison was born December 6, 1776 and departed this life Nov 7, 1796.
Anna Payne Harrison was born March 1778.
Mary (Polly) Dillard Harrison was born July 24, 1783.
Josias Payne Harrison was born February 24, 178_.
William Porter Harrison was born April 7, 1785.
Nathaniel Harrison was born September 7, 1787.

Anna Harrison, wife to Robert Harrison, was born November 12, 1766.

William Harrison son to Robert and Anna Harrison was born February 26, 1786.”

…..Date and name written on another page: Anna Payne Coleman, 1801.

Harry Wooding, whose family ended up with the Bible, was mayor of Danville, and married Mary Ella, dau. of Daniel Coleman, Jr. and his wife Margaret Eliza Ayres. Daniel Jr. was son of Col. Daniel Coleman and his wife, Anne Payne Harrison, dau. of William Harrison, who, with his wife Anna, dau. of Josias Payne, moved from Gooch-land County to Pittsylvania County, as did her father and other members of the family. William Harrison’s father, Andrew, and most of his family moved to Caswell Co., NC just across the state line.

Josias Payne and his wife Anna Fleming had several children, including John who m. Mary Coles (parents of Dolley Madison) and Robert, who m. Anne Burton and had Anne, who m. Robert Harrison, (her first cousin and son of William Harrison and Anna Payne.) Their son, William was the subject of the first Bible entry.

Col. Daniel Coleman and Anna Payne Harrison also had a large family, including the Anna Payne Coleman (b. 1801) of the last entry (on another page). Another son, Thompson Coleman, m. Sarah Leland Rawlins and had Sallie Ann, who m. her first cousin Felix Adolphus Luck, .. older brother James Clarence Luck was mayor of Danville. F. A. and J. C. Luck were sons of James Adams Luck and his wife Susan Harrison Coleman, dau. of Col. Daniel and Anna Payne Harrison Coleman.

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