Alabama – Marion County

From Gowen Manuscript:

James A. Goins was born January 10, 1858 in Marion County. He was married November 23, 1876 to Elizabeth Hamer, accord­ing to “Once Upon a Time” by David Michael Hall. He died November 28, 1928 in Chambers County, Al­abama and was buried in Fortson Cemetery, ac­cording to Mrs. Oscar T. Jetter, a daughter. Eleven children were born to James A. Goins and Elizabeth Hamer Goins, and all were living in 1928 when he died.

William Franklin Hamer, believed to be a brother to Eliza­beth Hamer Goins, was born November 3, 1857 in Harris County, Georgia. He was married to Mary Ethel Goins March 28, 1906 as his third wife. Following his death she was remarried, hus­band’s name Jetter. She was married for the third time to a man named Sturkie, according to “Once Upon a Time.”

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