2002 – 02 Feb Newsletter – GRF

Sections in this issue:

1) John Whittemore Gowen;
2) Shadrach Going;
3) Dear Cousins

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Gowen Research Foundation
Electronic Newsletter

February 2002;  Volume 5 No. 2

1)  John Whittemore Gowen

John Whittemore Gowen, only child of Charles Hays Gowen and Gertrude Whittemore Gowen, was born in Evinston, Florida September 5, 1893. He was a grandson of John Jones Gowen and Amanda Malvina East. He lived for a short time in Memphis, Mississippi and three years in Amherst, New Hampshire. He attended grammar school and high school in Arlington, Massachusetts. From 1911 until 1915 he attended the University of Maine at Orono. He received his B.S. degree in 1914 and an M.S. degree in 1915.

From 1915 to 1917 he attended Columbia University, New York City where he received a Ph.D. in 1917. He was married in that year to Marie Helena Stadler, also a geneticist. From 1917 until 1926 he was head of the biological laboratory at Maine Agricultural Experiment Station. From 1926 until 1937 he was a professor of genetics at Iowa State College and an associate member of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research. In 1964 he became a professor of radiology and radiation biology at Colorado State University, Ft. Collins, Colorado. At his death September 14, 1967 his home was located there at 1430 West Oak Street.

His obituary appeared in the September 16, 1967 edition of “Boulder Weekly News” which stated that “Dr. Gowen died Thursday after suffering a stroke a day earlier. He was known for his studies on inherited resistance to diseases and radiation. He had been a professor of radiation, biology and genetics at Colorado State University since retirement from Iowa State University in 1964.”

He was a member of the National Institute of Health, the Biometic Society, the American Genetic Association, Institute of Mathematical Statistics, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Zoological Radiation Research Society, Genetics Society of America, Gerontological Society, Sigma Xi, Phi Kappa Phi and Phi Beta Kappa, according to “Who’s Who in America” in 1968.

Children born to Dr. John Whittemore Gowen and Marie Helena Stadler Gowen include:

Helen Marie Gowen born in 1925
Elaine Stadler Gowen born about 1928

Helen Marie Gowen, daughter


2)  Shadrach Going

Shadrach Going was born about 1725 of parents unknown, probably in Hanover County. The county was formed in 1720 from New Kent County, the residence of Mihil Gowen when he died. Shadrach Going was married about 1748, wife unknown, probably in Hanover County. It is believed that he was married three times.

He continued to live in Hanover County in November 1757 and in 1760 when sons David Smith Going and Laban Going were born. By 1765, he had removed to Halifax County, Virginia. Halifax County was formed in 1752 from Antrim Parish of Lunenburg County.

In the May 1765 Court session “Shadrack Going” & Peter Rickman were indicted by the Halifax County grand jury “for concealing each one Tithable.” In the August 1766 Court term charges against “Shadrack Going” were dismissed by the Grand Jury, according to Minute Book 5, [Part 2], page 358.

Shadrach Going purchased June 3, 1768 from Lewis Jenkins of adjoining Pittsylvania County, Virginia 387 acres of land located on both sides of Polecat Creek for £35, according to Halifax County Deed Book 7, page 223. The land was “bounded by Echols, Robert Walton, Anderson and Main Creek. Witnesses to the deed were Thomas Lovelace, George Combs, Bebajah Parker and William [X] Mays. Shadrack Going had the document recorded August 18, 1768.

On October 4, 1780, in Halifax County, “Shadrack Going,” “David Going” and Peter Wilson witnessed the will of Stephen Wilson. The will was proved June 20, 1782 “by two witnesses [unnamed].” Shadrach Going appeared in the 1782 tax list of Halifax County with 12 in his family. “Shadrack Going,” with 10 members in his household, appeared in the 1785 census of Halifax County, along with John Going, four members and David Going, four members, assumed to be his sons.

On a deed recorded November 17, 1785, “Shadrack Going” sold 451 acres on Pole Cat Creek to Henry Hobson. This may have included the land he purchased from Lewis Jenkins in 1768.

Pittsylvania County, Virginia was formed in 1766 with land from Halifax County. Henry County, Virginia was formed in 1776 with land from Pittsylvania County. Patrick County, Virginia was formed with land from Henry County, Virginia in 1790.

Shadrach Going was first mentioned in Patrick County, Virginia records when he bought 1,000 acres June 11, 1792 on both sides of the Little Dan River from John Marr for £500 pounds, a lot of money for that time, according to Donna Gowin Johnston, researcher of Casper, Wyoming.

The plantation of Shadrack Going was the scene of a jury inquest held to determine the cause of death of Nathan Going, believed to be his son, according to Patrick County Will Book 1, page 53. The inquest was dated November 9, 1793, according to Lela C. Adams in “Abstracts of Wills, Inventories and Accounts, Patrick County, Virginia:”

“Inquisition taken at the plantation of Shadrack Going before Edward Tatum, a commissioner. The body of Nathan Going then and there lying dead. One Robert Hall on Saturday, 21 September last, on the plantation of Jacob Lawson mortally wounded the said Going on the head with a weeding hoe and broke the skull of Going through the rage and passion of Robert Hall.

Jurors: Jonathan Hanby, foreman, Obadiah Hudson, Isaac Pennington, Aaron Rea, Harberd Smith, Warham Easley, William Easley, Thomas Collings, William Collings, Anthony Collings, John Wilson and Richard Davidson.”

Shadrack Going posted bond and was appointed administrator of the estate of Nathan Going December 10, 1793, according to Will Book 1, page 6. The estate of “Nathan Goings” was appraised at 25 pounds, 8 shillings and 10 pense” by Obadiah Hudson, John Rea and James Taylor and returned to the court May 23, 1794, according to Will Book 1, page 22. The estate consisted of “4 notes amounting to £24.2.3, hammer, gun and rasp, Total: £5.8.10.”

On November 4, 1793 Shadrack Going administered the estate of Nathan Going who had been “killed by being struck in the head with the eye of a weeding hoe by Robert Hall on the plantation of Jacob Lawson.” Thomas Ward and Joshua Adams were his bondsmen. Edward Tolman, John Hanby and Nathaniel Smith were appointed to settle the estate.

In 1797, “Shadrach Going, Sr, Joseph Going, John Going, James Going, Zeph Going, Shadrack Going, Jr, David Going, Laban Going, William Going and Isaac Going” appeared as taxpayers in Patrick County, Virginia.

June Smith, Foundation Member transcribed the Going individuals listed in the early tax lists of Patrick County which was formed in 1790 from Henry County.

In 1800, “Shadrach Going, Joseph Going, Isaac Going, Benjamin Going, Labon Going, Caleb Going, William Going, James Going, Martin Going, Obediah Going, Jacob Going and David Going” appeared as taxpayers in Patrick County.

In 1801, “Shadrach Going, John Going, Obediah Going, Caleb Going, Laberne Going, Isaac Going, Johnson Going, David Going, James Going, John Going on the Dan River, Benjamin Going, William Going and Joseph Going” were on the Patrick County tax list.

In 1802, “Shadrach Going, William Going, Benjamin Going, John Going on Dan River and Benjamin Going appeared on the Patrick County tax list.

In 1803, “Shadrach Going, Johnson Going, John Going, William Going, Sr, Laban, Benjamin Going on Dan River” were recorded as taxpayers.

In 1804, “Shadrach Going, William Going, William Going, Jr, James Going, Benjamin Going, John Going, Obediah Going and Johnson Going” were taxpayers in Patrick County.

In 1805, “Shadrach Going, James Going, John Going, John Going, Jr, William, Abidiah Going, Benjamin Going were taxpayers in Patrick County.

In 1806, “William Going, William Going, Jr, John Going, Obadiah Going, Benjamin Going, James Going and Stephen Going appeared on the Patrick County tax rolls.

In 1807, “Hezekiah Gowing, Obediah Going, James Going, William K. Going, Stephen Going and Barbrezel Going” appeared as Patrick County taxpayers.

In November 1803, “Shadrack Goine” sold 48 acres of his 1,000 acres to his grandson, Shadrack Beazley for a “valuable consideration.”

The will of Shadrack Going, dated June 4, 1805, was filed in Patrick County Will Book 1, pages 80-81 and abstracted in “Abstracts of Wills, Inventories and Accounts, Patrick County, Virginia:”

“Will of Shadrack Going, being sick and weak . . .

Legatees: to my beloved wife, Hannah one feather bed, furniture, kitchen furniture, ‘youse’ of one sorrell mare and possession of my house and her support out of my plantation during her natural lifetime and at her death her bed, furniture, etc. to be ‘ekwil’ divided between Jerushe & Keziah Going.

The plantation whereon I now live on both sides of Little Dan River to my beloved son Obediah, also my hackle and one sorrell stud, mare and colt. His mother is to have the use of the mare when she wishes. Also to him bed, furniture, plantation working tools, 4 head cattle, all hogs in order to support himself and mother.

To beloved daughter Keziah Going, 1 rone horse, saddle, bridle, 1 cow, bed and furniture.

To Rebecca Going, daughter of Fanny Going, wife of Edmond Bowlin, one cow.

To the following beloved sons, 5 shillings each, to wit: John Going, David Smith Going, James Going, Claborne Going, Solomon Going, Shadrack Going and Caleb Going.

To daughter Fanny Bowlin, wife of Edmund Bowlin, 5 shillings.

To daughter Hannah Beazley, wife of Thomas Beazley, 5 shillings.

My upper plantation on the south side of Little Dan River I have already given to Shadrack Beazley, son of Thomas Beazley, by deed.

Executors: William Carter and William Burge.

Witnesses: David P—-, William Coomer, H— Adams.
Will returned to December Court, 1805.”

On March 27, 1806, William Carter posted bond and received the administration of the estate of Shadrack Going. He made a return to the court in March 1806. In the May 1806 term of the court he returned the inventory of the deceased: “5 books, household items and livestock, Total: $289.13.” Appraisers were Nathaniel Smith, James L. Gaines and Samuel Hanby, Jr.

Quoting from Patrick County Deed Book 3, page 87:

“State of Tennessee}
County of Grainger}

“Whereas Shadrack Gowing, late of the county of Patrick . . . possessed land in said county lying on Little Dan River, containing 912 acres and also possessed of a considerable personal estate . . . whereas Shadrick Gowing had the following children, Jerusha, John, David Smith, James, Fanny, Claiborne, Leaborne [Laban], Kesiah, Shadrake [Shadrach], Hannah, Obediah, and Caleb. . . . sons John, James, Caleb, Claiborne, Shadrick and Leaborne . . . appoint Henry Howell of the County of Grainger . . . their true and lawful attorney . . . to sue . . . Obediah Gowing for settling the property unfairly and submitting a will which was not Shadrack Gowing’s will.

July 24, 1806 John Gowing James Gowing
Caleb Gowing Claiborne Gowing
Leaborne Gowing Jerusha Gowing
J. J. Jack, Leaborne Gowing, Henry Howell”

It is interesting to note that Jerusha Going signed the instrument with her brothers, but was not mentioned in the document. “Shadrack Gowing” was mentioned in the document, but did not sign it. “Leaborne [Laban] Gowing, one of the plaintiffs, also signed as a witness.

On March 31, 1808 “Jerusha Gowing and Kesiah Gowing, heirs of Shadrack Gowing, dec’d, gave a quit claim deed to their interest in the estate to Gabriel Hanby, Sr. On August “Obediah Going of this county sells to Gabriel Hanby 1,200 acres on the Little Dan River for $1,600 whereon Shadrick Going, deceased lived.” The deed was witnessed by William Carter, Thomas [X] Beasley and John Tatum.

Patrick County Deed Book 3, page 83 records an apparent settlement of the dispute dated October 30, 1807:

“I, Henry Howell, attorney for John Going, James Going and Laborne [no last name] have this day by virtue of my power compromised all manner of dispute about the will of Shadrack Going, dec’d and so hereby for the above named persons transfer all their right and rights unto a certain tract of land to Gab’l Hanby and for which land a suit was brought in Patrick Court to set aside a second will, as witness my hand and seal.

Witnesses: Henry Howell
Nat’l Claiborne,
Fleming Saunders”

On February 20, 1812, James S. Gains and Obediah Goin, “heir at law of Shadrack Goin, dec’d exchanged land on the west side of the Goin line on Thomas Beazley’s corner,” according to Patrick County Deed Book 3, page 530. Witnesses were John Tatum, Thomas Beazley and William D. Gaines.

Following is the list compiled by Donna Gowin Johnston of the known children of Shadrack Going/Gowing:

John Going born about 1749
David Smith Going born November 21, 1751
Laban Going born in 1757
Daniel Going born about 1760
Hannah Going born about 1763
Caleb Going born about 1765
James Going born about 1769
Solomon Going born about 1771
Claiborne Going born about 1773
Shadrack Going, Jr. born about 1775
Obadiah Going born about 1776
Nathan Going born about 1777
Fanny Going born about 1781
Rebecca Going born about 1783
Jerusha Going born about 1787
Keziah Going born about 1789


3)  Dear Cousins 

My g-g-g-grandfather was Fields Hoff who was married to Elizabeth
Gowen in Cooke County, Texas about 1851? There were apparently 3 or 4 children, but I have record of only my g-grandfather Richard Fields Hoff who was born about 1855 in Cooke County.

About 1867 Fields Hoff abandoned his family and disappeared. Eliza-
beth Gowen Hoff, along with her mother moved north into Oklahoma Territory and lived near the community of Thackerville [or Courtney].

There she was remarried, husband’s name possibly Jones/Johns. During
Cheyenne Autumn of the late 1880s when the Indians chose to raid the
white settlers, the homestead was attacked by a small raiding party.
Elizabeth was killed when a brave ran her through with a lance. Elizabeth’s mother mounted a pony and with a shotgun, rode up to the brave that had just killed her daughter, and emptied both barrels into him.

I need information on Fields Hoff and the Gowen family of Cooke County
Texas, as well as any information on Elizabeth Hoff’s second husband and any family they may have had.

Evelynne Ritter
Guthrie, Oklahoma
TO: Whom It May Concern,
I was wondering if anyone has proof of the Marriage of ; JACOB GARRETT & ANN GOING. Both of Buckingham county, Virginia. They would have married about 1860 in Buckingham, county. We have 3 possible wives for Jacob, I don’t know if he was married more than once, or not. The three names are Mildred Cherry, Ann Going, and Clemantine (?). Jacob’s daughter was Margaret Jane Garrett, born in Nelson county,Va., on Sep. 1, 1849. She married William Thomas Cash. The marriage date of 1860 of Jacob Garrett, tells me that he was married more than once, unless this date is incorrect. As his daughter Margaret Jane Garrett was born before this. Thanks for your help!
Deborah Skiscim
Hello Gowen researchers,

New to the list.
Seeking a Charles GOWEN b. Feb.18/1819 London, England. Possible father George Gowen?

Charles married in 1855 to Anne E. ANDERSON b.1828 __?

Children of Charles Gowen & Anne Anderson;

Katherine Elizabeth Gowen b.1857 California, USA, married Frederick Shields REVELY in Victoria,B.C. Canada (1877)

Charles Napier Gowen b. June 2/1856 California, married 1878 to Margaret SHAW

Caroline Anne Gowen b. July 22/1860, married 1889 Victoria,BC to Joseph H. TWAIN

Flora Ellen Gowen b. 1862, married 1880 to Charles Villers COOPER

George Nelson Gowen b. Oct.19/1862 Canada, married 1888 Victoria,BC to Sarah Annie BAKER

Agnes Maria Gowen b. Sept.9/1865, married 1885 to Frederick CARNE

Frederick August Gowen b. Nov.26/1867, married 1902 to Elizabeth MICHELL in Victoria,BC

Mary Emma Gowen b. Apr.21/1871, rest unknown.

Anyone seeking this family?

Kind regards,
Gloria Wallin
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First I would like to say your website has been very helpful to me. My Grandmother’s name was Eliza Goins. She said she was Cherokee and Black dutch. I believe now she was a melungeon. From everything that I have read her family fits that description. They lived in the Graysville Tenn. area for several generations, which is a known melungeon town. They also looked very much like Indians, with wavy black hair and brown eyes. Some of them are very dark skinned. My mother told me the first time she met my grandmother she thought she was black. I have several pictures that your foundation might be interested in. I am attaching a picture of my great grandfather Arch Goins. His parents were James and Melvina Goins. I think James parents were Granville and Polly Goins. I have had a problem logging in. Do I have to send in an application first?

John Harrison
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Judd Burton
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==Dear Cousins==



NOTE:  The above information produced by the Gowen Research Foundation (GRF), and parts of the “Gowen Manuscript” they worked on producing.  It has tons of information – much of it is correct, but be careful, some of it is not correct – so check their sources and logic.  I’ve copied some of their information in the past researching my own family, only to find out there were some clear mistakes.   So be sure to check the information to verify if it is right before citing the source and believing the person who researched it before was 100% correct.  Most of the information I found there seems to be correct, but some is not.

Their website is:  Internet: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~gowenrf

There does not seem to be anyone “manning the ship” at the Gowen Research Foundation, or Gowen Manuscript site any longer, and there is no way to contact anyone about any errors.   The pages themselves don’t have a mechanism to leave a note for others to see any “new information” that you may have that shows when you find info that shows something is wrong, or when something has been verified.

Feel free to leave messages about any new information found, or errors in these pages, or information that has been verified that those who wrote these pages may not have known about.

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