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Gowen Research Foundation
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August 2001
Volume 4 No. 8

[25 April 2001]

In the North Carolina portion of this paper we saw where WILLIAM ‘GOING’ [4] lived on or near the east-west public road, close to the Lincoln-Rutherford Co., North Carolina line. WILLIAM [4] was assigned duty to maintain portions of that road, which duty he resigned on 14 July 1788. We have taken this to mean that WILLIAM [4] was preparing to move from that area. Finding that WILLIAM [4] had forfeited much of his property due to non-payment of taxes further confirms this conclusion.

The observant reader will have noted that the Collector of Public and County Taxes in North Carolina had the latitude to be lenient with tax collection during those turbulent years. However, David Miller, Collector of Taxes for Rutherford Co., North Carolina, declined to be lenient in WILLIAM ‘GOING’s [4] case. The reader will also note that the man who bought much of WILLIAM’s [4] forfeited land was none other than David Miller. Miller was later removed from office.

In the previous part of this paper we gave evidence that WILLIAM GOYNE’s [4] two daughters probably married in Rutherford Co., North Carolina, and lived in adjacent Lincoln Co. after their marriages. We also noted that WILLIAM GOYNE’s [4] second wife’s family probably lived in Lincoln Co., North Carolina prior to their move to Wilkes Co., Georgia. We have not found a grouping of these same names in the Fairfield Co., South Carolina area. This is circumstantial, but reasonable evidence that WILLIAM ‘GOING’ of Rutherford Co., North Carolina and WILLIAM GOYNE of Wilkes/Warren Co., Georgia were the same person.

By private correspondence, Mr. Frank Parker Hudson of Atlanta, Georgia provided the Wilkes/Warren Co., Georgia tax information presented in this paper, except where otherwise noted. Mr. Hudson is an eminent authority on early Georgia tax law, and how it was applied in the social structure of Georgia. Mr. Hudson limited his report to the early ‘GOINGs’ of Wilkes/Warren Co. He identified the free-persons-of-color with a ‘GOING-sounding’ surname. According to Mr. Hudson’s assessment, none of the persons mentioned in this paper were free-persons-of-color. Tax records indicate that when WILLIAM GOYNE [4] first arrived in Wilkes Co., Georgia, and for a few years thereafter, he lived near MOSES ‘GOING,’ a free-person-of-color from Virginia. WILLIAM may have rented land from MOSES before purchasing his own land. In Mr. Hudson’s tax records the two letters identify the militia district, and the sequential numbers identify the individual within that district. (Contributed by Timothy D. Hudson.)

WILLIAM ‘GOING’ [4] first appeared in the tax records of Wilkes Co., Georgia in 1790. WILLIAM [4] probably arrived in Georgia after the 1789 tax list was prepared, but before the 1790 tax list was prepared. By our estimates, WILLIAM [4] was about age 58 in 1790.

In 1790 WILLIAM ‘GOING’ [4] lived in Capt. Lucas’ District [LL-20], and was charged with one poll. This indicates that WILLIAM [4] had no adult male children living with him, and owned no land in the state of Georgia.

In 1791 WILLIAM ‘GOING’ [4] lived in Capt. Hubbard’s District [LL-60], and was charged with one poll.

In 1792 WILLIAM ‘GOING’ [4] lived in Capt. Hubbard’s District [LL-68], and was charged with one poll.

WILLIAM ‘GOING’ [4] was not found in the tax records of Wilkes Co., Georgia in 1793.

In 1793 JESSE ‘GOING’ lived in Capt. Hubbard’s District [LL-3], and was charged with one poll.

In 1794 WILLIAM ‘GOING’ [4] lived in Capt. Hubbard’s District [LL-9] in newly formed Warren Co., Georgia. He was charged with one poll, and paid 1 shilling, 9 pence. (Hudson, op cit, and Ruth Blair, State Historian and Director, Georgia Department of Archives & History, Some Early Tax Digests of Georgia, 1926)

In 1796 JOHN ‘GOING’ [5] [son of WILLIAM [4]] lived in Capt. Turner’s District. He was listed as a defaulter. (Augusta Chronicle, 29 Jan. 1797, p. 2, col. 4)

In 1796 DRURY ‘GOING’ [5] [son of WILLIAM [4]] appeared in the tax records of Wilkes Co., Georgia. He lived in Capt. Turner’s District [MM-7], and owned 100 acres of land.

In 1797 WILLIAM ‘GOING’ [4] lived in Capt. Turner’s District [MM-49], and was charged with one poll. Other ‘GOING’s living in Capt. Turner’s District in 1797 were:
DRURY [5] [MM-65]
HARDY [5] [MM-140] “Widow” was written by his name.
JOHN [5] [MM-32]
WILLIAM JR [5] [MM-111]

All of the above were sons of WILLIAM GOYNE [4], except HENRY [MM-38]. We consider HENRY [MM-38] to be the son of JOHN ‘GOING’ JR [4], and the grandson of JOHN [3] and MARY (Keith) ‘GOING.’ [See South Carolina part of this paper.]

In 1797 JAMES GOYNE [5] appeared in the records of adjacent Hancock Co. We consider that JAMES was the son of JOHN ‘GOING’ JR [4], and the grandson of JOHN [3] and MARY (Keith) ‘GOING.’

Early 1797, Hancock Co., Amount of sales for the estate of Meredith Price, brought from p. 137; buyers: …JAMES GOYNE…. (Hancock Co., Georgia Records, pp. 165-166 in The Georgia Genealogy Magazine, Winter 1974, p. 141)

Summer 1797, Hancock Co., Inventory of estate of William Minor Junr late dec’d … JAMES GOYNE…. (Hancock Co., Georgia Records, pp. 232-24 in The Georgia Genealogy Magazine, Winter 1974, p. 143)

In 1799 WILLIAM ‘GOING’ [4] lived in Capt. Turner’s District [MM-135]. He owned 100 acres on Lick Creek that joined Meshack Turner. This land had been originally granted to Isaac Stokes. This is the first land purchased by WILLIAM [4] in Wilkes Co.

The 1799 List of Defaulters in Wilkes Co., Capt. Turner’s District, included DRURY GOYNE [5] and WILLIAM GOYNE JR [5]. (Augusta Chronicle, 12 April 1800, p. 2, col. 3)

The names of JAMES GOYNE [5] and his oldest son JOHN [6] appear in the following Hancock Co. record.

1802 Tax Returns of Capt. William’s District, Hancock Co., Georgia:
JOHN GOYN and JAMES GOYN-no entries except tax of 31 ½ cents each.
(1802 Tax Returns, Records of Hancock Co., verified by the Nancy Hart Chapter, DAR, Milledgeville, GA, Georgia Society DAR, 1940-42)

GOINs who entered the 1803 Land Lottery in Wilkes Co., Georgia were:
DRURY [5] 2 draws
WILLIAM JR [5] 1 draw
JOHN [5] 2 draws
(Early Records of Wilkes Co., Ga., Bk. 1)

The 1805 Tax Records of Warren Co., Georgia, Capt. T. Mullins District, p. 97, list:
WILLIAM GOYING [4] poll 1. Acreage: 35 acres quality #2; 35 acres quality #3. Grantee [sic]: Felps. Joiner: Aikins. (Blair, op cit)

In the 1805 Land Lottery, Warren Co., Georgia, WILLIAM GOYNE [4], held Registration No. 993, and drew two blanks.
(1805 Land Lottery, p. 130)

The 1805 Land Lottery, Capt. Young’s District, Wilkes Co., Georgia lists:
DRURY GOIN [5] 2 draws
JOHN (Bitnose) GOYNE [5] 2 draws
(Early Records of Wilkes Co., Ga., Bk. 1)

Qualifications for both the 1803 and 1805 Land Lotteries were the same:
One draw=free white and age 21, paid taxes and had been in the state 12 months.
Two draws=same as above, plus had a wife and a child.
(Early Records of Wilkes Co., Ga., Bk. 1)


WILLIAM GOYNE [4] married AGNES ‘NANCY’ STRODER in Wilkes Co., Georgia as his second wife. This excursus seeks to identify the STRODER family, and determine where they lived prior to moving to Wilkes Co., Georgia.

The following information is abstracted from photocopies of original documents provided by Nancy (Strawder) Bruce of Columbus, Georgia.

ISABELLA SCHRODER made her Will on 6 October 1793 in Wilkes Co., Georgia. She named her four sons: ALEXANDER, JOHN, WILLIAM and MAGNUS; her four daughters: AGNESS, ISABEL, MARGARET and ESTHER; her son in law THOMAS THOMAS; and her granddaughter ISABEL THOMAS. She signed her name ISABELLA (X) SCHRODER.

Family members making purchases from ISABELLA SCHRODER’s estate on 10 April 1794 were:

Nov ye 12th 1796. Recd of Henry Thompson Five pounds one shilling & 10 p Sterling With Interest it being in full of my part of the Estate by Me.

Test Wm ? Going Alexander Schroder

Nov ye 12 1796 Recd of Henry Thompson Five pounds one Shilling & 10 p Sterling it being in full of my part of the Estate by Me.
. his
Alexander Schroder WM ? GOING
Jean Nancy ? Going

WILLIAM’s mark on the above documents appears to be an embellished W.

By lining out her maiden name and replacing it with her married name in the following document, NANCY gave a clue that she and WILLIAM [4] had recently married.

November 16, 1796
Received of Hen Thompson five pounds one shilling and ten pence in full of my part of Isbel Schroders Estate By Me.

Test her her Agness ? Schrod [lined out] Goeing Isbel x Shroder
Mark mark

On 12 January 1799, WILLIAM STRODER married Dorcas Scarborough in Lincoln Co., North Carolina. (Original record, NC Archives)

On 30 March 1799 ALEXANDER STRODER married Catharine Wills in Lincoln Co., North Carolina. (Original record, NC Archives)

ALEXANDER STRODER signed his Lincoln Co., North Carolina marriage document with a distinctive A. The A in ALEXANDER’s signature on his marriage document is identical to the one on his mother’s estate documents, thus proving that this is the same individual.

ALEXANDER STRODER was enumerated in the 1800 census of Lincoln Co., North Carolina on page 829. Living nearby were the Burrel Wills family on page 832, and the Peter Scarborough family on page 850. This is compelling evidence that the STRODER family had lived in Lincoln Co., North Caroline before moving to Wilkes Co., Georgia.

WILLIAM STRODER returned to Wilkes/Warren Co., Georgia after his marriage in Lincoln Co., North Carolina, where he appeared in records with members of WILLIAM GOYNE’s [4] family.

We suppose WILLIAM GOYNE [4] knew the STRODER family while living in the Lincoln/Rutherford Co. area of North Carolina.


WILLIAM GOYNE [4] made his Will on 4 January 1816 in Warren Co., Georgia. It was probated on 1 September 1817. He named his sons JOHN, DRURY, WILLIAM, HARDY, HIRAM and TYRA; and daughters REBECCA DICK and ALICE KING. He named grandsons JOHN and MOUNT HERMON, sons of HARDY. His widow was given use of the estate during her widowhood. Afterward, the estate was to go to his son HIRAM. (Judge Lucy Bryant of Warren Co. photocopied this fragile document for us.)

The following document identifies NANCY GOYNE as executor of WILLIAM GOYNE’s [4] estate.

9 Sep 1817, Warren Co. WILLIAM GOYNNE: Inventory & Appraisement of Personal Property. Appraisers: Noah Kelsey, Nelson Gunne, Allen Andrews: Total $493.77: Inventory of sale of property as ordered by Will: Executor: NANCY GOYNNE: Total: $110.00. (Daniel Nathan Crumpton, Warren Co., Georgia, 1793-1900, Genealogy II. 1993, p. 267)

NANCY was taxed on the land WILLIAM [4] left to her in his will.

1818 Warren Co. Tax List, Capt. Roger’s District, No. 159:
NANCY GOINE widow; 87 acres; 3rd quality land; Warren Co.; Grantee [sic]: Felps; Water Courses: Ogeechy; Adjoineers: Gunn; Tax: 13 cents, 0 ½ mills.
For LETTICE STROTHER, widow, 33 acres 3rd quality land; Warren Co.; Water Courses: Ogeechy; Adjoiners: Kelsey; Tax: 4 cents, 9 ½ mills.
(Blair, op cit)

Lettice [Letitia] Strother was the widow of Shadrach Strother. Their relationship to NANCY (Stroder) GOYNE has not been determined.

NANCY (Stroder) GOYNE was last seen in Georgia records in the 1830 census of Taliaferro Co. [formed from Warren Co. in 1825]. Apparently, she moved with her older son HIRAM DAVIS GOYNE [5] to Houston Co., Georgia, and later to Union Parish, Louisiana. After HIRAM’s [5] death in February 1852, NANCY lived with her grandson HENRY BRADFORD TYRA GOYNE [6] in Union Parish, Louisiana. NANCY received $50 support payment each six months from the Union Parish government. The termination of those payments in 1867 marks her death at age 99. Her grave has not been located.

JOHN ‘Bitnose’ GOYNE [5] was the oldest of WILLIAM [4] and HESTER’s children. He lived in Jefferson Co., Alabama, where he died in 1839. His wife’s name was NANCY.

DRURY GOYNE [5] was last seen in the 1830 census of Upson Co., Georgia.

WILLIAM GOYNE JR [5] has not been traced.

HARDY GOYNE [5] was seen in the 1832 Gold Lottery living in the 602nd Militia District of Taliaferro Co., Georgia. Soon after that date he moved to Hancock Co., Georgia where he and his second wife CATY were members of Island Creek Baptist Church.

Evidence suggests that WILLIAM GOYNE’s [4] two daughters, REBECCA and ALICE, were married in North Carolina, and lived in Lincoln Co., North Carolina after their marriages.

HIRAM DAVIS GOYNE [5], son of NANCY, was born in 1799 in Warren Co., Georgia. He married in Warren Co. to MARY ‘POLLY’ ALLEN on 4 January 1818. He moved to Houston Co., Georgia where he married a second time to SUSAN LUPO on 28 September 1837. He then moved to Union Parish, Louisiana. HIRAM died intestate in Union Parish on 2 February 1852. His grave has not been located.

TYRA ALEXANDER GOYNE [5], son of NANCY, was born in January 1804 in Warren Co., Georgia. His wife’s name was MARY W. TYRA moved to Coffee Co., Alabama by 1860. He died in Coffee Co. on 3 December 1883. TYRA and MARY, and several of their children, were buried in the Goyne Cemetery located in the woods south of Wesley Chapel Methodist Church in Coffee Co. Others were buried in the Wesley Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery.

End of Part 3



NOTE:  The above information produced by the Gowen Research Foundation (GRF), and parts of the “Gowen Manuscript” they worked on producing.  It has tons of information – much of it is correct, but be careful, some of it is not correct – so check their sources and logic.  I’ve copied some of their information in the past researching my own family, only to find out there were some clear mistakes.   So be sure to check the information to verify if it is right before citing the source and believing the person who researched it before was 100% correct.  Most of the information I found there seems to be correct, but some is not.

Their website is:  Internet: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~gowenrf

There does not seem to be anyone “manning the ship” at the Gowen Research Foundation, or Gowen Manuscript site any longer, and there is no way to contact anyone about any errors.   The pages themselves don’t have a mechanism to leave a note for others to see any “new information” that you may have that shows when you find info that shows something is wrong, or when something has been verified.

Feel free to leave messages about any new information found, or errors in these pages, or information that has been verified that those who wrote these pages may not have known about.

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