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July 2001
Volume 4 No. 7

1)  NORTH CAROLINA [25 April 2001]

In September 1753, ALEXANDER ‘GOING’ [3], youngest son of WILLIAM [2] and CATHERINE (—) ‘GOING’ of Stafford Co., Virginia, first appeared in the records of Orange Co., North Carolina.

September 1753, Court of Orange Co., Deed of gift from James Muse Sr. to James Muse Jr. for negroes, hogs, horses, cattle, beds & furniture, etc. Wit: ALEXANDER GOING. Folio 11, p. 21. (Ruth Herndon Shields, Orange Co., NC Abstracts of the Minutes of the Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions of Sept. 1752 – Aug. 1766, Southern Historical Press, 1991)

While ALEXANDER ‘GOING’ [3] had acquired land in Orange Co. prior to the dates on the following deeds, these deeds give the location of his land.

14 Jan 1758, surveyed. Abstract No. 3904. Grant Book Pg. No. 407. 25 Jul 1760, ALEXANDER GOWING, 248 acres in Orange Co. in the Parish of St. Matthews on the north side of Dan River, joining Mayoes line and the courses of the said river. Original Record: /signature/. Wits: W. Churton, Henry Cool (?). Examined by: Tho. Jones and W. Churton. Sworn Chain Carrier: Moses Hollis, Enoch Robinson. Sherd Haywood D Sur. Patent Book 14. (Margaret M. Hofman, The Granville District of North Carolina, 1748-1763, Abstracts of Land Grants, Vol. II, 1987)

15 July 1760, Abstract No. 3897. Grant Book Pg. No. 405. Lord Granville to ALEXANDER GOING, 600 acres in Orange Co. in the Parish of St. Matthews on both sides of Hogan’s Creek. Original Record: /signature/ Wits: Jas Watson, Willm Nunn. Examined by Tho Jones and Richd Vigers. Surveyed 10 February 1757. Sworn Chain Carrier: Wm Armstrong, Notley Holis. Sherd Haywood, Deputy Surveyor. Patent Bk. 14. (Ibid)

WILLIAM ‘GOING’ [4], son of JOHN [3] and MARY (Keith) ‘GOING’ of Lunenburg Co., Virginia, moved to Orange Co., North Carolina by 6 July 1762. WILLIAM [4] had previously sold his 100 acres, gift of his parents, while still living in Lunenburg Co., Virginia. WILLIAM [4] had bought the 100 acres deeded to his brother, JOHN JR [4], by their parents for 40 pounds, and sold it in the following transaction.

6 July 1762, WILLIAM GOING of Orange Co., North Carolina to Francis Norvell of Lunenburg Co., Virginia, 45 pounds, 100 acres, Lunenburg Co., Great Branch of Allen’s Creek, adjacent Wm Sandefur. Signed: WILLIAM (W) GOING. Recorded: 6 July 1762. Deed Bk. 7, pp. 302-04. (June Banks Evans, Lunenburg Co., Va., Deed Book 7, 1760-1761, Bryn Ffyliaid Pubs, NO, La., 1990)

In November 1763, WILLIAM [4] and ALEXANDER [3] ‘GOING’ were sued in the same Orange Co., North Carolina Court. WILLIAM’s [4] case is filed in Debt Folio 116 and ALEXANDER’s [3] in Case Folio 123. (Ruth Herndon Shields, op cit)

On 15 May 1764, WILLIAM GOING [4] was granted 311 ½ acres in Orange Co., North Carolina. (Eve B. Weeks, Register of Orange Co., NC Deeds, 1752-1768, & 1793, Heritage Papers, 1984)

JOHN ‘GOING’s [4] name first appeared in Orange Co., North Carolina in May 1765 Court Records. (Folio 383) (Shields, op cit) He is identified as JOHN ‘GOING’ JUN in the 1775 estate records of ALEXANDER ‘GOING’ [SR][3]. [See below.]

The following record indicates that ALEXANDER ‘GOING’ JR [4] had reached the age of majority. Thus, he was born prior to 1745.

13 May 1766, Grantor: ALEXANDER GOING; Grantee: Roger Adkinson, 248 acres. Witness: ALEXR GOING. (Weeks, Register of Deeds, Orange Co., NC, op cit)

The following record identifies two ‘GOINGs’ who likely were the sons of ALEXANDER ‘GOING’ SR [3].

The 1771 Pay Roll of “Capt Nathaniel Hart’s Company of the Orange Co. Regiment of Militia that were in the late expedition against the Insurgents of this Province.”
Name No. Days
(Walter Clark, The Colonial Records of NC, Vol. 17, p. 416)

The 1773 Petition for the Partition of the Northern Part of Orange Co., North Carolina includes the following signers:
(William L.Saunders, The Colonial Records of NC, Vol. 9, 1771-1775, 1890, p. 809)

In the above petition, ALEXR SENR [3] probably was the father of ALEXR [JR] [4], DANIEL [4], and EMOS [Amos] [4]. Most likely, JOHN [JR] [4] was the son of JOHN [3] and MARY (Keith) ‘GOING’ of Lunenburg/Mecklenburg Co., Virginia.

WILLIAM ‘GOING’ [4], son of JOHN [3] and MARY (Keith) ‘GOING’ of Lunenburg/ Mecklenburg Co., Virginia, did not sign the 1773 petition. Evidently, he had moved from that area of Orange Co., North Carolina prior to the date of the petition.

Following is the first sighting of WILLIAM ‘GOING’s [4] name in Tryon/Rutherford Co., North Carolina records.

19 January 1773, Tryon Co., 592. WILLIAM GOING, 150 acres on both sides of Bryars Creek of Broad River near above John Kirkconnell’s land. Warrant 1133. SS 588. (Miles S. Philbeck, Tryon Co., NC Land Warrants, 1768-1774, 1987)

On 5 September 1774, a plot of land was surveyed for WILLIAM ‘GOING’ [4] on Ward’s Creek in Tryon/Rutherford Co. Chain bearers were: William and John Brackett. This was an original land survey. This land was granted to WILLIAM ‘GOING’ [4] on 2 March 1775. (Bulletin of Genealogy Society of Old Tryon Co., NC, Vol. XXVII, May 1989)

In February 1775, a true inventory of the estate of ALEXANDER GOING [3] decd. was returned to the Court of Orange Co., North Carolina. The inventory was signed by SOPHIA (x) GOING, Admr. (William Daub Bennett, Orange Co. [NC] Records, Vol. 13, 1758-1785, 1994, pp. 130, 135 & 136)

On 2 May 1775, the Account of Sales of the Estate of ALEXANDER GOING [3] decd., in Orange Co., North Carolina, included the following names.

(Bennett, op cit)

These estate records are reasonable proof that SOPHIA ‘GOING’ was ALEXANDER ‘GOING’ SR’s [3] widow, and ALEX ‘GOING’ [4] was his son. DANIEL ‘GOING’ [4] likely was ALEXANDER ‘GOING’ SR’s [3] son as well. Obviously, ‘JOHN GOING’ JUN [4] was not a son of ALEXANDER ‘GOING’ SR [3], but was most likely the younger son of JOHN [3] and MARY (Keith) ‘GOING’ of Lunenburg/ Mecklenburg Co., Virginia.

After ALEXANDER ‘GOING’ SR’s [3] death, members of this family group dispersed. ALEXANDER ‘GOING’ JR [4] went to live near his first cousin WILLIAM ‘GOING’ [4] in Rutherford Co., North Carolina. ALEXANDER JR [4] later joined his brothers and cousins in Fairfield Co., South Carolina. DANIEL ‘GOING’ [4] and his family moved to Fairfield Co., South Carolina. It is reasonable to conclude that JOHN ‘GOING’ JR [4] and his family also moved to Fairfield Co., for several of his sons served in the Fairfield Co., South Carolina militia in the Revolutionary War.

The following deed identifies WILLIAM ‘GOING’s [4] wife.

23 August 1779, WILLIAM GOING of Rutherford Co., planter & wife HESTER
to Samuel Stockton of same, planter, for 3000 pounds. WILLIAM GOING [seal], HESTER [x] GOING. (Brent H. Holcomb, Deed Abstracts of Tryon, Lincoln & Rutherford Cos. [NC], 1769-1786, Deed Book A, AD, 1977)

The following tax record shows ALEXANDER ‘GOING’ JR [4] living with or near his first cousin WILLIAM ‘GOING’ [4] in Rutherford Co., North Carolina.

The 1782 Rutherford Co., North Carolina Tax List, Capt. Whitesides’ Co.
Land Negroes Horses Cattle Assess
WILLIAM GOING 350 a 0 2 3 93 pds
ALEXANDER GOING 0 0 1 3 13 pds
(File No. LP 46.1, NC Archives; also Brent H. Holcomb, 1782 Tax List of Rutherford Co., NC, NPD)

We have researched related families in our efforts to establish the lineage of WILLIAM GOYNE [4] of Wilkes/Warren Co., Georgia. For that reason, we have deemed it important to determine the location of WILLIAM’s [4] home in Rutherford Co., North Carolina, the road system of that area, and the location of the boundary between Rutherford and Lincoln Cos., North Carolina.

In 1779, Rutherford and Lincoln Cos., North Carolina were formed from Tryon Co. in the following manner.

“The County of Tryon shall be divided into two distinct Counties, by a Line beginning at the South Line, near Broad River, on the dividing ridge between Buffalo Creek and Little [First] Broad River, thence along said ridge, to the Line of Burke thence along said Line unto the Old Cherokee line, thence due West course into the top of a dividing ridge between the Eastering and Westering Waters, thence along said ridge unto the old line Claimed by South Carolina, and all that part of the said County which lies on the East side of the said line shall be called, and known by the name of Lincoln Co. and all that part of the County which lies on the other or West side thereof, shall be called and known by the name of Rutherford County.” (David Leroy Corbitt, The Formation of the North Carolina Counties, 1663-1943, Raleigh: Division of Archives and History, NC Dept. of Cultural Resources, 1987 [1950], p. 138)

Buffalo Creek is to the east of the dividing ridge, and First Broad River is to the west of the dividing ridge. First Broad River trends south-southwest to its juncture with Broad River, while Ward’s Creek trends southwest to its juncture with First Broad River in a large curve of that river.

The following deed gives the approximate location of WILLIAM ‘GOING’s [4] home.

29 November 1784, WILLIAM GOING of Rutherford Co. to Mark Brown of same, for 24 pounds … 150 acres on both sides of Ward’s Creek, below the land he lives on … WILLIAM GOING (seal), HASTER GOING (seal). Wit: Uel Lamkins, Benj Bricket [Bracket] (B), Abraham Cobb (S). (Holcomb, Deed Abstracts, op cit, pp 470-71)

WILLIAM ‘GOING’ [4] lived on Ward’s Creek, northeast of its juncture with First Broad River, near or on the east-west public road, and near where Ward’s Creek crosses the Lincoln Co. line. [From “A Map of the Province of South Carolina” drawn between 1772 and 1776. The map includes portions of Tryon Co. [later Lincoln and Rutherford Cos.], North Carolina from the Catawba River westward to the mountains.]

The 1816 Will of WILLIAM GOYNE [4] of Warren Co., Georgia lists two daughters by the names of REBECCA DICK [5] and ALICE KING [5]. The following records identify two families with those surnames living as neighbors in Lincoln Co., North Carolina. Perhaps these were WILLIAM GOYNE’s [4] daughters.

20 March 1783, GEORGE DICK of Lincoln Co. to Joseph Aker of same, for 18 pounds … 66 acres on waters of Killians Creek adjacent DICK’s old line, part of a grant to said DICK 19 June 1772…. Recorded: January Term 1783. Vol. 2, pp. 639-640.

11 January 1785, Robert Knox of Lincoln Co., to John Boggs, for 87 pounds specie … land on branches of Killians Creek, at an old corner of William Cathey’s land, adjacent Seiths, Kinkaid, 160 acres … granted Thomas Yeats, 22 December 1765 & conveyed to William Crocket 6 March 1761 & to WILLIAM KING 2 July 1774, to Robert Knox 7 October 1775 … Robert Knox (seal), Wit: James Johnston, Benjamin Armstrong. Recd: October Term 1785. Vol. 2, p. 787.
(Brent H. Holcomb, Deed Abstracts of Tryon, Lincoln & Rutherford Cos., NC, 1769-1786, p. 109 & p. 122, 1977)

The 1782 Tax List of Rutherford Co., North Carolina lists JOHN KING and SAMUEL KING. (NC Tax Payers, 1679-1790, Vol. 2, 1987, pp. 114-115) Perhaps these were members of the family ALICE GOYNE [5] married into.

WILLIAM GOYNE [4] of Wilkes/Warren Co., Georgia married second AGNES ‘NANCY’ STRODER in Wilkes Co., Georgia. In 1799, two of NANCY’s brothers traveled from Wilkes Co., Georgia to Lincoln Co., North Carolina to be married. This suggests that the STRODER family had lived in Lincoln Co., North Carolina prior to their move to Wilkes Co., Georgia. We suppose that WILLIAM GOYNE [4] knew the STRODER family in North Carolina prior to their move to Georgia.

ALEXANDER ‘GOING’ JR [4] moved from Rutherford Co., North Carolina by 1785, as he was not listed on the 1785 Rutherford Co. Tax List.

1785 Tax List, Rutherford Co., North Carolina:
WILLIAM GOING: Land 150 acres; White poll=1
(Brent H. Holcomb, 1785 Tax List of Rutherford Co., NC (Partial), 1974)

South Carolina records confirm that ALEXANDER JR [4] moved to Fairfield Co., South Carolina. [See South Carolina part of this paper.]

ALEXANDER ‘GOING’ JR [4] returned to Rutherford Co., North Carolina by 1795 as seen in the following record.

31 October 1795, Rutherford Co., North Carolina, James Huddleston of Rutherford Co. to ALEXANDER GOING of same, 100 pounds, 200 acres on Ward’s Creek granted to said Huddleston 9 July 1794. Witness: John Huddleston, John Smith. #1708. 23 April 1796. Deed Book O, p. 160. (Bulletin of the Genealogy Society of Old Tryon Co., Vol. XXII, Nr. 3, August 1994, p. 136)

The following record indicates that WILLIAM ‘GOING’ JR [5] had reached the age of maturity by 1785, thus he was born before 1764.

8 July 1785, Benjamin Bracket of Rutherford Co., planter, & Ann to Edward Francis of same, for 40 pounds … 200 acres both sides of Ward’s Creek, including the mouth of Coxes Creek & his own improvements … granted to said Bracket 25 July 1774 … Benjamin Bracket (seal), Wit: WILLIAM GOINGS SR, WILLIAM GOINGS JR. (Holcomb, Deeds Abstracts, op cit, pp. 440-41)

On 14 July 1785, WILLIAM GOING JR [5] married POLLY GRIFFIN in Rutherford Co., North Carolina. Bondsman: WILLIAM GOINGES [4]. (Record: 086 01 103, NC Marriage Bonds, NC Dept. of Cultural Resources, Division of Archives & History)

On 14 July 1788, WILLIAM ‘GOING’ [4] resigned from road maintenance duty in Rutherford Co., North Carolina, suggesting that he was preparing to move. This is proof that WILLIAM [4] lived on or near the public road. Old maps depict this road as an east-west road that crossed Ward’s Creek near the Lincoln-Rutherford Co. line.

WILLIAM GOING comes into open court & resigns being Overseer of the Public Road & appoints William Lewis Queen overseer in his place. To have the same hands and distance of road as said GOING. (Rutherford Co. Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions, 14 July 1788)

Following is the last record of WILLIAM ‘GOING’ [4] in Rutherford Co., North Carolina.

1 October 1788, WILLIAM GOING to Benjamin Bracket for 20 pounds tract of 100 acres on middle fork of No Business Creek. Land was granted to said GOING by Patent dated 5 January 1786. Recorded 10 August 1792. Nathaniel Tracy, James Shepard. (Deed Book I, p. 104 (or 409). No. 954.

Evidently, WILLIAM ‘GOING’ [4] moved from Rutherford Co., North Carolina soon after he sold this land. Along with many other property owners, much of WILLIAM ‘GOING’s [4] land was taken for non-payment of taxes. The following describes the economic conditions of that time.

“The depreciation of currency during the [Revolutionary] war was a matter of grave concern. By December 1781, its value had declined by 725%. While the tax levy was placed as low as possible, many inhabitants found it impossible to pay even the small amount levied. Many of Rutherford County’s substantial citizens pled insolvency when approached for taxes during the next two years. On July 17, 1783, the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions of Rutherford County ordered David Miller, Collector of Public and County Taxes for 1782, to receive from the inhabitants the tickets for clothing for the eighteen months men in place of hard money. The law provided that any citizen furnishing clothing and supplies to certain troops should have the goods valued by the sheriff or other designated person, and tickets or due bills issued for them, which were to be redeemed in payment for taxes. No explanation occurs as to why Miller refused to accept the tickets.” (Clarence W. Griffin, County Historian of Rutherford Co., History of Old Tryon & Rutherford Cos., NC, 1730-1936, 1937)

Records of the sale of WILLIAM ‘GOING’s [4] confiscated property read as follows.

14 July 1791, Robert Irvin Esq., High Sheriff of Rutherford Co. to David Miller of same, per execution against WILLIAM GOING for 12 pounds, 15 shillings recovered by Joseph Carpenter, 200 acres at the head of a branch of Ward’s Creek including the head of the second fork on the south side of Stoney Creek run, ½ of a tract originally granted to David Miller and WILLIAM GOING, also 100 acres on Bryer Creek, also an entry of 200 acres on No Business, also ½ of 500 acres entered by Spruce McCoy and WILLIAM GOING on the head of ____ Creek. David Miller became high bidder-20 shillings. Wit: John Irving, L. Moor. 27 May 1793. Deed Book J, p. 33. (Bulletin of the Genealogy Society of Old Tryon Co. [NC], Vol. XXII, No. 1, Feb. 1994)

14 July 1791, Robert Irvin Esq., Sheriff of Rutherford Co. to David Miller as highest bidder at 20 shill, one-half tract of original grant of David Miller & WILLIAM GOING on head of a branch of Ward’s Creek including the second fork on the south side Stoney Creek, joining GOINGs & Macay’s line, also the other tract of 200 acres entered by Spruce McCay & WILLIAM GOINGS lying on Stoney Run including the head of Stoney Run and running down for complement; also one-half tract of 500 acres entered by Spruce McCoy & WILLIAM GOINGS on head of Crooked Run begin at Moses Moor’s line. Recorded 27 May 1793. John Irvin, L. Moore. Deed Book J, p. 35. No. 1029. (C. H. Davis, op cit, p. 67)

WILLIAM ‘GOING’ [4] lived in Rutherford Co., North Carolina from the winter months of 1772-73, until after 1 October 1788. Typically, in that day a person moved after he had gathered his crops, and arrived at his new location in time to plant the next year’s crops. Georgia tax records indicate that WILLIAM GOYNE [4] arrived in Wilkes Co., Georgia after the 1789 tax list was prepared, and before the 1790 tax list was prepared.
End of Part 2.

Name of Passenger Residence Arrived Age
1. Adalbert Gowin Yadriele, Austria 1910 33
2. Andras Gowin Sawlocze, Austria 1907 36
3. Andr’e Gowin Paris 1901 30
4. Andreas Gowin Seybusch 1904 33
5. Anna Gowin Indianapolis, Ind 1920 24
6. Appolonie Gowin Paris 1901 21
7. Chojs Gowin Korono, Russia 1907 22
8. Enoch Gowin Washington, D.C. 1921 38
9. Gerti Gowin 1893 28
10. Gier Gowin Korono, Russia 1907 26
11. Herman Gowin 1921 19
12. Karolina Gowin Zabtocie, Austria 1909 22
13. Kath’a Gowin Glowazewa 1893 20
14. L.A. Gowin 1896 39
15. Marie Gowin Sawlocze, Austria 1907 58
16. Marya Gowin Pewel, Austria 1914 21
17. Osip Gowin Simsnoritzy,Russia 1910 23
18. Pater Gowin Korono, Russia 1907 2
19. Pawel Gowin Glowochan 1900 36
20. Richard Gowin San Luis, Cuba,W.I.1920 22
21. Robert Sloan Gowin 1903 37
22. Rudolf Gowin Zablocze, Austria 1913 25
23. Simon Gowin 1924 27
24. Tomasz Gowin Yadriele, Austria 1910 27
25. Uljana Gowin Grodno, Russia 1907 18
26. Wasyly Gowin Sokotowa, Russia 1913 18
27. Yozsef Gowin 1896 32



NOTE:  The above information produced by the Gowen Research Foundation (GRF), and parts of the “Gowen Manuscript” they worked on producing.  It has tons of information – much of it is correct, but be careful, some of it is not correct – so check their sources and logic.  I’ve copied some of their information in the past researching my own family, only to find out there were some clear mistakes.   So be sure to check the information to verify if it is right before citing the source and believing the person who researched it before was 100% correct.  Most of the information I found there seems to be correct, but some is not.

Their website is:  Internet: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~gowenrf

There does not seem to be anyone “manning the ship” at the Gowen Research Foundation, or Gowen Manuscript site any longer, and there is no way to contact anyone about any errors.   The pages themselves don’t have a mechanism to leave a note for others to see any “new information” that you may have that shows when you find info that shows something is wrong, or when something has been verified.

Feel free to leave messages about any new information found, or errors in these pages, or information that has been verified that those who wrote these pages may not have known about.

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