1996 – 09 Sept Newsletter – GRF

Sections in this issue:

1) Foundation Electronic Library Established on the Internet;
2) Frederick Gowen Denied Pension For Revolutionary Service;

All Gowen Manuscript Pages and Newsletters:   https://goyengoinggowengoyneandgone.com/gowen-research-foundation-pages-and-info/

Volume 8, No. 1 September 1996

1)  Foundation Electronic Library Established on the Internet

Ten thousand pages of Gowen lore now await researchers on the Internet. The entire Gowen Manuscript is currently being placed in Cyberspace where researchers around the world can have immediate access to its resources and do it in real time.

Family historians in the Foundation’s Electronic Library learned early to check more than one spelling of their surname when doing their research. Donna Gowin Johnston, Editorial Boardmember reported at the Nashville research conference that the Gowen surname is misspelled more often than any other surname encountered. She reported that the Foundation Manuscript contains data on the surname in 52 spelling variations. [so far]

Careless clerks, phonetic spelling and illiteracy have produced legal records in American courthouses dealing with these sur-names:

“Gawan, Gawans, Gawen, Gawens, Gawin, Gawins, Gawn, Gawne, Gawnes, Goain, Goains, Goan, Goane, Goans, Goen, Goene, Goens, Goin, Goines, Going, Goings, Goins, Gouen, Gouens, Gowain, Gowan, Gowane, Gowanes, Gowan, Gowans, Gowen, Gowene, Gowens, Gowin, Gowine, Gowing, Gowins, Gown, Gowne, Gownes, Gowyn, Goyen, Goyens, Goyne, Goynes, Goynne, McGowan, McGowen, McGowin, O’Gowan, O’Gowen and O’Gowin.”

Researchers quickly find that if you are interested in any of the above, you have to take notes on all of the above. Thus, this anomaly that plagues those in pursuit of the Gowens and the Goins, makes it imperative that these researchers cooperate in pooling their knowledge in a huge data bank, like the Founda-tion. Thus each member is benefitted by the work of all.

In addition to the Foundation Manuscript, the Web Site includes all of Foundation Newsletters, including those out of print, for browsing or downloading.

“Melungia, Land of the Melungeons” is a new feature, being offered for the first time on the Internet and on the Electronic Library. It is composed of articles written about this mysterious race of swarthy people who populated Appalachia during the colonial period of America. The Foundation has pioneered in the research of the origin of this dark-complexioned people who claimed Portuguese ancestry.

A pool of Melungeon authorities, including Dr. N. Brent Kennedy, Vice-Chancellor of Clinch Valley College of the University of Virginia; Evelyn McKinley Orr, Omaha, NE, chairman of the Foundation’s Melungeon Research Team;

Jack Harold Goins, Rogersville, TN; and Donna Gowin Johnston, Casper, WY are members of the Melungeon Research Team.

Additional members of the Foundation’s Melungeon Research Team include James R. Callahan, Nashville, IN, chairman of the Editorial Board; Dr. William Moreau Goin, Detroit, MI; Ruth Johnson, Kingsport, TN; Louise Goins Richardson, Paragould, AR; Dr. Fernanda Rodrigues, Suffolk University, Boston, MA and others.

Additionally Dr. Kennedy, author of “The Melungeons: the Resurrection of a Proud People” is the head of the Melungeon Documentary Film Team which has received a grant from the Turkish government and is currently filming in Turkey. Members of this team include:

Michael Abram, M.D, Cherokee, NC, Susan Abram, B.A, Cherokee Heritage Museum, Cherokee, NC; Tomas Atencio, Ph.D, University of New Mexico; Khalid Awan, M.D, University of Virginia; Scott Collins, Ed.S, Sneedville, TN; Tom Costa, Ph.D, University of Virginia; Chester DePratter, Ph.D, South Carolina Institute for Archaeology and Anthropology, Columbia, SC;, Robert Elston, Ph.D, Louisiana State University Medical Center; Charles Faulkner, Ph.D, University of Tennessee, Knoxville; and G. F. “Nick” Fielder, Ph.D, Tennessee State Archaeologist, Nashville, TN.

Other members of the documentary committee include: Eloy Gallegos, M.A, Knoxville; Robert Gilmer, M. D, Abingdon, VA; Jack H. Goins, Rogersville, TN; Amy Hahn, Ph.D, Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC; Ahmad Y. El-Hassan, Ph.D, University of Ontario; Benita Howell, Ph.D, University of Tennessee, Knoxville; Richard Jantz, Ph.D, University of Tennessee, Knoxville; Ruth Johnson, Kingsport, TN; Anouar Majid, Ph.D, University of New Eng-land; Ralph Miner, Jonesville, VA; Joan Kirchman Mitchell, Ph.D, University of Alabama; Evelyn McKinley Orr, Omaha, NE; Horace Rice, Ed.D, Madison Hts, VA; Fernanda Rodrigues, Ph.D, Boston, MA; Robert Seay, Newport, TN:

Sayyid Muhammad Sayyid, Ph.D, Washington, DC; Frederick Taylor, Ph.D, Georgia State University; Nelson Vieira, Ph.D, Brown University; George Waters, M.D, Indianapolis, IN; Jack Williams, B.A, vice-chancellor, University of Tennessee, Knoxville and Arlee Gowen, B.A, Foundation president.

A fourth feature available on the Foundation Home Page is “Dear Cousins Message & Query Center.” This is composed of research communications received in the Foundation office via U.S. Mail, E-mail, Faxes, FidoNet, America Online, Prodigy, Compuserve, GEnie, Microsoft and other online services.

A search program has been installed to speed up the work of the researchers using the Electronic Library on the Internet. A user may utilize it to make a global search in all sections of the library simultaneously for his ancestor–in lightning speed.

The screen will display the names of all of the files in the library in which his ancestor is mentioned. The researcher may search for names, geographic locations and time periods and download the findings to his own computer for study.

All researchers have free, unlimited access to “Dear Cousins” and the Foundation Newsletters. The Foundation Manuscript and “Melungia, the Land of the Melungeons” are “closed stacks” in the Electronic Library and are available to members only. Members are ushered into the “closed stack” area after replying with their names and ID numbers. ID numbers are provided to members by the Foundation office upon request. The Web Site is accessed at “http://www.llano.net/gowen.” Online E-mail requests and inquiries should be addressed to “gowen@llano.net.” Faxes should be transmitted to 806/795-9694.

The non-profit Foundation was organized in 1989 with a grant from Miller A. Gowen, of Geneva, Switzerland, and its membership has now spread across the United States and Canada. Additionally it has overseas members in Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand who are researching the surname. Memberships in the Foundation begin at $15 a year. Membership blanks and additional information may be downloaded from the Web Site or requested from Gowen Research Foundation, 5708 Gary Avenue, Lubbock, Texas, 79413-4822, 806/795-8758.

2)  Frederick Gowen Denied Pension For Revolutionary Service

Frederick Gowen, son of James Gowen, was born about 1766, probably in Brunswick County, Virginia. When Greensville County was organized in 1783, Frederick Gowen was a resident of the new county. William Powell paid tax for him in 1787 in Greensville County, according to “The 1787 Census of Virginia,” page 779.

“Frederick Goen” secured a marriage bond in adjacent Mecklenburg County March 9, 1789 to marry Susey “Sookie” Chavous, according to Mecklenburg County, Virginia Mar-riages, 1785-1850.” . Henry Chavous, Sr, father of the bride, gave consent. Robert Singleton, James Stewart and Belar Chavous witnessed his letter of consent. Security was Frederick Ivey, and Phillip Cox was the minister. Henry Chavous, Sr. was the head of a large, prominent “free colored” family in Mecklenburg County. Children born to Frederick Goen and Susey “Sookie” Chavous Goen are unknown.

Frederick Gowen purchased 250 acres “on the east side of Blue Wing Creek” in Person County, North Carolina September 16, 1793, according to Person County Deed Book A, page 147. He sold 124 acres of this land July 6, 1801 to Edmund Going, regarded as his nephew, while a resident of Mecklenburg County, according to Person County Deed Book C, page 290.
“Frederick Goen” secured a marriage bond December 29, 1800 to marry Mary Brandon according to Mecklenburg County, Virginia Marriages, 1785-1850.”. They were married January 1, 1801 by William Richards, minister. Security was Ephriam Ivy. The minister’s return showed the name of the groom as “Frederick Gowen.” The bride was regarded as a daughter of William Brandon and Elizabeth Brandon, a free colored family of Mecklenburg County.

“Fedrick Gowen” paid tax on “1 poll” in the 1805 Person County tax roll in “Capt. Street’s Company.”

Frederick Gowen, “free colored” enlisted in Revolutionary ser-vice in the Virginia Continental Line in Brunswick County, according to “Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files” abstracted by Virgil D. White who stated that he lived in the part of the county that became Granville County, North Carolina after the Revolutionary War.

“Fred Gowen, free colored male” was listed in the 1830 census of Lauderdale County, Alabama, page 206, as the head of a household:

” Gowen, Fred free colored male 55-100
colored female 55-100
colored male 24-36
colored female 24-36″

On March 21, 1838, Frederick Gowen of adjoining Lawrence County made an application [No. R4167] for a Revolutionary War pension in a “non-military capacity.” The pension was rejected, according to “Report on Rejected and Suspended Pensions Reported to Congress” in 1852. The report was printed in “Revolutionary Soldiers in Alabama.”




I learned of the Foundation on America Online. I am just beginning research on my husband’s name, McGowan, and the information given to me by relatives is spotty, and I am not too sure of its accuracy. The first name I have is Bridget O’Flaenerty McGowan who had two children, Nancy McGowan who was married to Workman and Patrick T. McGowan was married to Catherine Condon. Their first child, Terence Francis McGowan was born June 22, 1898 in New York. He was my husband’s grandfather. Thank you for any help you can give. Brenda McGowan, 770 Regateo Dr, Hemet, CA, 92543.

==Dear Cousins==

I have traced one branch of my family back to Nathan Goins, regarded as the son of John Goins and Billie Driver Goins. Nathan Goins was born in the 1820s in Tennessee, in what was then known as Cherokee Nation, in Hamilton County. From there, his family removed to Arkansas and then on to what is now Gore, OK. I have found records where “Goins” was rendered as “Gowen.” Can the Foundation or its members assist me in this research? Roy L. Edgar, 175 Allspice Ct, Springboro, OH, 45066, 513/748-2999.

==Dear Cousins==

I have inherited the Goin research of my grandfather, Varion E. Goin. His third wife, Anna Lee Davis Goin survives, but in a care facility in a diminished mental capacity. I had expressed an interest in his family history records so they came to me. Interspersed with the records were the Foundation Newsletters going back to the first edition. I am enclosing a list of missing editions which I understand that you supply to new members. Will you please forward those to me and advise the cost. My membership is enclosed.

Being inexperienced in genealogy, I have not fully grasped the significance all of the wealth of family information and documentation that has been handed down to me. I have not yet discovered the filing system used by my grandfather and am having difficulty making rhyme or reason of his data. I understand that a research team has been organized within the Foundation among the descendants of Thomas Goin of Brunswick County, Virginia and Claiborne County, Tennessee. I would like to make contact with these team members and offer the benefit of my grandfather’s research in exchange for their guidance in how to proceed. Marilyn Morton, 5827 NE 14th Avenue, Portland, OR, 97211-4238. Welcome, Marilyn. The missing Newsletters have been forwarded to you, no charge. Any that remain missing can be downloaded from the Foundation web site on the Internet. You will be hearing from your cousins.

==Dear Cousins==

Peggy A. White of Hopkinsville, KY gave your address to me after she saw my query on Goin/Gowin in “Family Puzzlers.” My ancestor, Sarah A. E. Fulp[s] was bc1838 in NC, according to census records. Andrew Fulp/Phelps and Martha J. Goin/Gowin may have been her parents. They were married by William Lewis, J.P. December 5, 1837 in Claiborne County, TN, I believe.

Sarah A. E. Fulps was married to George C. Fuller in Maury County, TN December 23, 1855. Do you or any of the Foundation members have any records on these individuals? Virginia Harmon Barnes, 101 Country Cove Drive, Clinton, MS, 39056.

Foundation records show that Martha J. Gowen was married to Andrew Phelps December 5, 1837 by Samuel Wilson, J.P, recorded in Claiborne County, TN Marriage Book 2, page 3. David C. Gowen was married October 26, 1854 to Priscilla H. Fuller in Carroll County, TN [near Maury County].

==Dear Cousins==

The opening night of the Nashville Research Conference for the Gowen family was fun, friendly and a great way to meet new cousins. Donna Gowin Johnston is to be commended for devising such a clever contest. It was a marvelous way of meeting new family members. The evening ended with a warm and comfortable feeling. I now have a large collection of cousins and many happy memories.

Thanks to my cousin, Don Lee Gowen of Decatur, Alabama, I had the privilege of visiting the grave and cemetery of my g-g-grandfather, James Burns Gowen. I am delighted to have the photographs you sent. With warm appreciation and sincere thanks for a well planned reunion. Elizabeth Hale Morfitt, 353 Westmoreland Dr, Idaho Falls, ID, 83402.

==Dear Cousins==

This past month I had a double treat!! I was anxious to read the “rest of the story” about my uncle, Cmdr. Joseph Henry Gowan. I thought Pat did an excellent job of research; also it was nice to see my late father, Frank Maxwell Gowan given credit for his contribution. I knew that Pat & Mary Ellen Gowan had run into George William Gowan at Arlington Cemetery, but what a delight to see George’s article about their chance meeting. My first cousins made a major impact on in the August Newsletter.

I am enclosing my check for $40 for the Nashville Conference tapes. Since I could not attend, this will help soothe my disappointment and sense of loss. Thank you for all the hard work you do in bringing us the wonderful family stories in the Newsletter. Mary Jo Gowan Bray, 5719 E. Aster Dr, Scottsdale, AZ, 85254, 602/948-6554.


Arlee Gowen, President-Editor
Chan Edmondson, Vice President Nancy Hargesheimer, Vice President
Linda McNiel, Secretary Bonnie Gowen, Treasurer
Miller Abbott Gowen, Director Phillip Alan Gowan, Director
Foundation Offices: 5708 Gary Avenue, Lubbock, Texas, 79413-4822, 806/795-8758
Fax: 806/795-9694


NOTE:  The above information produced by the Gowen Research Foundation (GRF), and parts of the “Gowen Manuscript” they worked on producing.  It has tons of information – much of it is correct, but be careful, some of it is not correct – so check their sources and logic.  I’ve copied some of their information in the past researching my own family, only to find out there were some clear mistakes.   So be sure to check the information to verify if it is right before citing the source and believing the person who researched it before was 100% correct.  Most of the information I found there seems to be correct, but some is not.

Their website is:  Internet: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~gowenrf

There does not seem to be anyone “manning the ship” at the Gowen Research Foundation, or Gowen Manuscript site any longer, and there is no way to contact anyone about any errors.   The pages themselves don’t have a mechanism to leave a note for others to see any “new information” that you may have that shows when you find info that shows something is wrong, or when something has been verified.

Feel free to leave messages about any new information found, or errors in these pages, or information that has been verified that those who wrote these pages may not have known about.

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