1993 – 04 April Newsletter – GRF

Sections in this issue:

1)  Daniel Goins of Washington County, Virginia;
2)  Dear Cousins.

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Volume 4, No. 8 April 1993

1)  Daniel Goins of Washington County, Virginia

Prepared from Research Developed
By Loraine Tieman
2617 W. Columbine, Phoenix, Arizona, 85029

Daniel Goins, born about 1741 of parents unknown, was one of the
earliest residents of Washington County, Virginia which was
organized in 1776-77 with land taken from Montgomery and
Fincastle counties. Daniel Goins found himself a resident of
Russell County when it was formed from Washington County in
1785. He continued in that area about 1786 when a son, Isham
Goins was born. When Lee County was formed in 1792 in the
extreme western tip of Virginia from Washington and Russell
Counties, Daniel Goins again found himself in a new county.

Daniel Goins was a resident of Rose Hill, Virginia in Lee County
about 1786 when his son, Isham Goins was born. A “white male,
60-70,” regarded as Daniel Goins appeared in the 1830 census of
the household his son, Isham Goins in adjoining Claiborne County,
Tennessee. He reappeared in the household in the 1840 census as
a “white male, 70-80.”

Isham Goins was married November 15, 1802 in adjoining
Claiborne County, Tennessee to Susan “Sookie” Bratcher who was
born there about 1787 to James Bratcher and Sarah “Sally” Sharp
Bratcher. In 1817 they lived at Jellico, Tennessee in Campbell

He appeared in the 1818 and 1823 tax lists of Campbell County.

The household of “Isham Goin” was enumerated in the 1830
census of Campbell County, page 226. “Isham Goin” reappeared
as the head of household in the 1840 census of Campbell County,
page 305.

“Isem Goin” was enumerated as the head of Household 538-631 in
the 1850 census of Campbell County:

“Goin, Isem 64, born in Virginia
Susan 63, born in Virginia
Isem 26
Martha 19”

Children born to Isham Goins and Susan “Sookie” Bratcher Goins
are believed to include:

William Goin born April 11, 1804
Canada Goins born about 1805
Daniel Goin born about 1807
John Goins born August 17, 1817
Isham Goins born about 1824
Martha Goins born about 1831

“William Goin”, regarded as a son of Isham Goins and Susan
“Sookie” Bratcher Goins, was born April 11, 1804. He was married
about 1824, wife’s name Lucitha. Lucitha Goin was “small, an
Irish orphan raised by an old woman,” according to the research of
Jo Maxine Faulkner Stufflebeam, a descendant of Ft. Worth,

William Goin was the head of a household in the 1830 census of
Campbell County, page 222, adjacent to Isham Goin and Canada
Goin. The household of “William Goin” reappeared in the 1840
census of Campbell County, page 311.

William Goin was enumerated as the head of Household 634-646
in the 1850 census of Campbell County:

“Goin, William 46
Liesitha 46
Alvis 18
William 10
John 8
Elizabeth 5
Anna 3
Sweat, Benjamin 15”

William Goin later removed to Fannin and Clay County, Texas.

His wife, Lucitha Goin was born in South Carolina September 14,
1814, according to “Cemeteries of Clay County, Texas” by
Walter Speakman. She died there March 4, 1892.

William Goin was a tall man and died after being thrown from a
horse. The research of Mrs. Stufflebeam shows the children of
William Goin and Lucitha Goin as:

James Goin born about 1825
Irene Goin born about 1827
Mary Goin born October 8, 1829
Alvis Goin born about 1832
William Goin born about 1840
John Goin born about 1842
Elizabeth “Betsy” Goin born about 1845
Catherine “Annie” Goin born about 1847
Matilda Cida Goin born August 29, 1850

Canada Goins, regarded as a son of Isham Goins and Susan
“Sookie” Bratcher Goins, was born about 1805, probably in
Campbell County [then Claiborne County]. He was married there
about 1828. “Canada Goin” was the head of a household in the
1830 census of Campbell County, page 225, adjacent to “Isham
Goin” and “William Goin.”

Daniel Goin, regarded as the son of Isham Goins and Susan
“Sookie” Bratcher Goins, was born about 1807. He was married
about 1833 to Elizabeth Peverly [Peberly?] who was born in
Tennessee about 1816. She is regarded as a sister of Isabelle
Peverly who was married to John Goins, brother to Daniel Goin.

Daniel Goin was recorded as the head of Household 1076-634 in
the 1850 census of Claiborne County:

Children born to Daniel Goin and Elizabeth Peverly Goin, according
to descendants, Rev. Richard Goins of Ottumwa, Iowa and
Jeraldine Marie Brandon Webb of San Clemente, California,

James Madison Goin born in April 1834
Benjamin Franklin Goin born October 31, 1835
Granville G. Goins born February 28, 1838
Bluford Goin born about 1839
Harrison G. Goin born about 1841
Harvey Goin born about 1843
William Goin born about 1845
John Goin born about 1846
Sarah A. Goin born about 1847
Taylor Goin born about 1851
Mary Goin born about 1855

John Goins, son of Isham Goins and Susan “Sookie” Bratcher
Goins was born August 17, 1817 in Tennessee, probably Campbell

He was married about 1833 to Isabelle “Issey” Peverly, regarded as
a sister to Elizabeth Peverly who was married to William Goin,
brother to John Goins. Isabelle “Issey” Peverly was born at Clear
Creek, Kentucky in Bell County. They were married in Whitley
County, Kentucky and remained there at Meadow Creek, Kentucky
in December 1834. By 1836 John Goins had removed his family
to Campbell County.

“John Goin” was enumerated as the head of a household in the
1840 census of Campbell County, page 305, adjacent to “Isham
Goin.” “John Goin” reappeared in the census of 1850 of Campbell
County as the head of Household 440-616:

Isabelle “Issey” Peverly Goins died June 5, 1880 and was buried in
Brier Creek Cemetery near Dow, Kentucky in Whitley County.

John Goins died February 20, 1885 at Jellico and was buried
beside his wife.

Children born to them include:

Calestine Goins born December 20, 1834
Andrew L. Goins born November 20, 1836
Preston Goins born April 29, 1838
Elizabeth A. Goins born September 21, 1840
Isham Goins born November 10, 1842
Creed F. Goins born April 18, 1844
Summerfield Goins born March 16, 1846
Martha Goins born April 9, 1848
John W. Goins born August 24, 1850
Margaret Goins born November 7, 1852
Nancy I. Goins born April 29, 1854

2)  Dear Cousins

I am certainly in shock from your letter received today. But I
accept your invitation to speak about my research in Cornwall on
the Goyen/Gowen family at the Research Conference in Houston
in May ’94. I will be meeting Robert and Brian Goyen April 15 in
Australia for a two-month visit and will coordinate my presentation
with theirs.

There is no need to be concerned about my travel expenses as I
don’t have to come very far. I also have relatives near Houston
[Devers], and they have a reunion every June–so two birds as we
say. Billie June Salmond, 530 East Woodland Lane, Bountiful,
UT, 84010.

==Dear Cousins==

Being a descendant of Ursula Gowen who was m1705 to
Richard Cowling in St. Agnes Parish, Cornwall, I was interested to
find the family of William Goyen in the 1900 census of Marquette
County, MI.

William Goyen, b1846 “in England” had been married to
Katherine Goyen for 33 years. He had come to the USA in 1865
and was an “iron ore miner.” [St. Agnes Parish in Cornwall was a
mining center and furnished miners and mining experience not
only to the United States, but to Australia and South Africa as

Katherine Goyen, born in Kentucky, was the mother of 12,
seven still living. Six, Arthur T, 19; Robert C, 16; William H, 22;
Edward, 14; Albert S, 10 and John F, 8, of the seven were still living
in the Goyen household along with eight boarders and a servant.
I thought some of Foundation members would be interested
in this family. Gladys M. White, Box 523, Quinnesec, MI,

==Dear Cousins==

I am presently doing research on my family and learned recently
that some of my surnames are among the top Melungeon
surnames. I have Mullins, Moore and Myers that I am tracing and
would be glad to correspond with anyone who is on a parallel
track. My Mullins came to Tennessee from North Carolina and
possibly Virginia prior.

Joseph Mullins b1700s VA; Burl Mullins b1790 NC, moved to
Grainger Co, TN, then Jefferson Co, TN, then Bedford Co, TN.
Burl Mullins moved on to Howard Co. and Jackson Co, MO. His
son [or gson] William Maston Mullins is my g-grandfather.

I am very interested in your Foundation and in the Melungeons.
Debbie Lee Woolf, 9421 Kimbrough Ct, Stockton, CA, 95209.

==Dear Cousins==

My subconscious just put together a connection. Tell the
researchers looking in Goochland County, VA, Bedford County,
VA and Madison County, KY to compare their data on William
Gowen and his wife Anastasia Sullivan Gowen, mc1755. I believe
they are the same individuals in all three locations–despite the fact
that she is listed as “Anna Statia Gowen” and “Honesty Gouwen”
in Goochland, “Anester Going” in Bedford and as the head of a
household in the 1820 census of Madison.” Virginia Easley
Demarce, 5635 N. 25th Road, Arlington, VA, 22207.

==Dear Cousins==

I am enclosing a check to “elevate” my membership. When
each Newsletter arrives, there is always something that sends me
back researching. I love researching, and I love history, so I have
enjoyed digging into the theories on the Melungeons–Phoenicians,
Carthagenians, Portugal, Spain, the Moors and lately the Catawba
Indians. My personal theory is that the Melungeons were a
combination of Juan Pardo’s Portuguese soldiers and Catawba

My great uncle William Tanner Caldwell, grandson of William
J. Goyne, b1819, GA, had Melungeon characteristics. He had
olive skin, straight black hair, dark eyes and aquiline features.

Family tradition declared the Goynes to be “part French, part
Indian. My sister inherited the Melungeon genes in our family.

We plan a vacation in June in northwestern South Carolina, and
we hope to get in some research while there as well as to visit the
Catawba Indian Reservation. I am enclosing some of my research
for the Foundation Library, and will perhaps have some more for
you upon return. Also I am enclosing some clippings from the
“Houston Chronicle” written by Leon Hale [classmate of Arlee
Gowen at Texas Tech, School of Journalism, class of ’43].

I have a Long Lost Cousin, Trudy Hester, Rt. 8, Box 138-B,
Longview, TX, and later 1329 Panners Pl, Billings, MT, 59105
with whom I used to collaborate on the Goyne research. She is
also a descendant of William J. Goyne and would swim the
Buffalo Bayou to get to the Houston Conference in ’94 if she knew
about it. Can you help me find her again?

The Newsletters are always interesting, and I re-read them
frequently. The work you are doing is SO appreciated! Gwen
Caldwell Quickel, Box 806, Lake Jackson, TX, 77568.

==Dear Cousins==

It was exciting to learn about Gowen Research Foundation
while researching in the Idaho State Library! My membership is
enclosed. I am interested in linking and sharing information that I
have about the Goins family.

My ggg-grandfather was William Goins who married Kiza
Sinkler [St. Clair?]. Their children are: Margaret Goins who
married c1856 Daniel Goins in Moore or Randolph County, NC;
Duncan Goins who died in 1862 in NC in Civil War; Edward D.
Goins, a Civil War vet of NC 30th Inf. Regt, emigrated to OR in
1874, m1 Mary Jane Wicker in IN, m2 Clara Butcher in OR; Reed
Goins, my ancestor m1869 Harriett Pridgeon, emigrated to OR;
Thomas Goins m1867 in Nash, NC to Elizabeth C. Pridgeon;
Richard Goins; George Goins, lived in MS; Colon Goins; William
Baxter Goins m1873 in KS to Sarah Wood; Salley Goins d1876
IN; Alice Goins d1925 Brazil, IN unm; and Joseph Goins, killed in
Brazil, IN in 1893.

My questions are: Does anyone know the parents of William
Goins b1814 NC? Assume his parents were Edward Goins and
Celia Cofer Goins. Edward Goins reported as “a man of culture
and a noted teacher and educator, supposedly fought in the War of
1812. Any information on any of the above will be greatly
appreciated. Cheryl Allen, 9857 W. Alliance, Boise, ID, 83704,

==Dear Cousins==

I have every issue of your publication since its first edition, and
I have recommend the Newsletter to other Going/Gowen family

The article in the March issue entitled, “Horrible Gowan
Family Event Recorded in Salem, Kentucky” was a real surprise.
This kind of nonsense has no place in a genealogical publication. I
wonder how many other subscribers were as disappointed as I in
your lack of consideration for the family surname and in your
general lack of good taste.

If the piece had been true, it would have been acceptable;
because it is fiction, it degrades your publication with its one line
“surprise” ending; a total insult to the reader.

Many of your readers send in material that would be more
interesting reading. They mention sending in accounts of their
family histories in “Dear Cousins.” My suggestion is that you print
more of these and that you use a byline with each article. We wish
to read about real people and to contact real people in our mutual
family research. Rosemary Dunne, Box 687, Amherst, VA,

Upon reflection, we concur. Apologies to the very large and
respected Gowan family. We wish now that the author had
chosen the surname McGillicuddy “to protect the innocent.”

==Dear Cousins==

I wanted to express my appreciation for the “Family Research
Directory” which I downloaded from the Electronic Library last
night. I am very excited about this book which you edited. Our
local LDS is having our annual research workshop next month, and
I am doing a class on what your type of online resources offer.

I sat down and scanned your list of surnames. and boy, are you
right; “some of them are yours!” There are so many–over 3,000
surnames other than “Gowen”–that I am going to compose a form
letter to let people know about your outstanding service. I noticed
many surnames that friends of mine are researching, and I shall
share this downloaded file with them. I wanted to tell you how
valuable this file is and to thank you for making it available to
researchers nationwide. Wendy Dolphy, Box 636, Janesville,
CA, 96114, 916/253-3502.

==Dear Cousins==

While researching an unusual plant which my son James
Madison Calavan III had grown, I discovered it to be “Cupressus
Goveniana.” “Manual of Cultivated Plants” written by Dr. Liberty
Hyde Bailey reveals that “it was named for James Robert
Gowen, secretary of the Royal Horticulture Society, 1845-1850.”
Have you any information about this distinguished member of the
family? E. Clair “Cal” Calavan, 5550 Montero Rd, Riverside,
CA, 92509.

Thanks, Dr. Calavan. We have nothing on James Robert
Gowen on the computer here, but your query is being passed
to the “Corpus Gowenus” “out there.”

==Dear Cousins==

Thanks very much for publishing my request for information
on my Goins ancestors. I was overwhelmed with the amount of
data that you and various members sent. With this I was able to
correct a number of mistakes in my records.

My line of Goins lived in Hancock County, TN. Alfred Goins
was in the 1870 census with wife Hanna and family. In 1880 he
appeared with his second wife Malvina. My grandfather, Thomas
Goins. age 18, appears there. Any additional data would be most
welcome. Pat Goins Rice, 300 Cooper Run Rd, Shepherdsville,
KY, 40165.

==Dear Cousins==

Ocean Springs Genealogical Society will be featuring the
Melungeons at our June meeting with information we have
gathered, including the research the Foundation is doing. We were
wondering if Foundation members would be willing to provide
photocopies of photographs or drawings illustrative of the
Melungeon features. We would be glad to pay any costs involved.
Thanks for keeping me informed of the Foundation’s progress. I
mention the Foundation from time to time in my genealogy
column. Regina Hines, 158 Lafayette Circle, Ocean Springs,
MS, 35964.

==Dear Cousins==

I am doing research on “Melungeons and Choctaws–Their Fur
and Tapestry Quilts” for our Fourth Annual Carson County Quilt
Show in September 1993. We could produce a similar quilt show
in conjunction with the 1994 Conference in Houston, if there is
enough interest.

I can prepare fabric blocks for the Houston attendees to affix
their signatures and addresses for inclusion in a Goins/Gowen
Family Quilt. Perhaps we could display several family quilts in
subsequent conferences as well. Will you please help me contact
all the “Quilting Cousins” who would be willing to share their
family stories and quilting heritage. Brenda LeGrand, Box 505,
Panhandle, TX, 79068









Gowen Research Foundation Newsletter
Arlee Gowen, Editor
Linda McNiel, Circulation

Gowen Research Foundation Phone: 806/795-
8758 or 795-9694
5708 Gary Avenue E-mail:
Lubbock, Texas, 79413 Internet:


NOTE:  The above information produced by the Gowen Research Foundation (GRF), and parts of the “Gowen Manuscript” they worked on producing.  It has tons of information – much of it is correct, but be careful, some of it is not correct – so check their sources and logic.  I’ve copied some of their information in the past researching my own family, only to find out there were some clear mistakes.   So be sure to check the information to verify if it is right before citing the source and believing the person who researched it before was 100% correct.  Most of the information I found there seems to be correct, but some is not.

Their website is:  Internet: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~gowenrf

There does not seem to be anyone “manning the ship” at the Gowen Research Foundation, or Gowen Manuscript site any longer, and there is no way to contact anyone about any errors.   The pages themselves don’t have a mechanism to leave a note for others to see any “new information” that you may have that shows when you find info that shows something is wrong, or when something has been verified.

Feel free to leave messages about any new information found, or errors in these pages, or information that has been verified that those who wrote these pages may not have known about.

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