1989 – 11 Nov. Newsletter – GRF

Sections in this issue:

1) Family Lore Files Are Beginning to Bulge
(Ursula Rains Gowen m. to Wilfred Burleson Gowen, John Gowen m. to Martha Rebecca Ferguson, of Davidson Co., Dr. John Whittemore Gowen);
2) Whence came the name . . ? Gowen, Oklahoma
(Franklin Benjamin Gowen, attorney and president of Philadelphia & Reading Railroad, . . . named for Francis Innes Gowen);
3) Long Lost Cousins;
4) Dear Cousins

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Volume 1, No. 3 November 1989

1) Family Lore Files Are
Beginning to Bulge

The only lines that Ursula Rains Gowen left for posterity when she died in 1844 at Nashville was her grocery list:

“Get me a loaf of shuger, a bits worth of pensels, get 25c of celseigen magneibha [calcium magnesium?l, 25c of Pels horehound candy [cough drops?], 25c of honey, 25c of indigo [bluing], get some paper, get some selry [celery?]. Ursula Gowen.”

Since her kinsman, John Gowen was going to town to pay his taxes, she handed her list to him. Fortunately John Gowen was a “packrat.” He meticulously preserved all of his tax receipts, invoices, notes, paid bills, letters and a variety of documents.

Because of this, researchers almost a century and a half later were able, from these scraps of paper, to document several family relationships among the Davidson County Gowens.

After picking up the groceries, he accidently folded her grocery list inside his tax receipt and filed it away in his tin box. Today the contents of his box is being preserved by his grandson, Thomas Mason Gowen, a member of the Foundation’s Editorial Board of Manchester, Tennessee.

One of the prized documents of John Gowen is an invoice from J. McNichol, clothier of Nashville, covering his wedding attire purchased just before he was married February 3, 1848 to 16-year-old Martha Rebecca Ferguson. On January 22 he picked up “a blue-black coat, $11; 2 yds. of black cassimere $3; trimmings for pants, 37c; 1 pr. boots, $3;1 black cravat, $1.25 1 satin vest, $5 and 1 silk handkerchief, $1.25. On January 31 he returned to the store to buy “1 pr. white silk gloves, $1.”

In contrast, very little has been learned about Ursula Rains Gowen. All that is known, despite an intense research effort is that she was married July 26, 1826 to Wilfred Burleson Gowen in Davidson County and that she died there July 28, 1844.

A grandson, Dr. John Whittemore Gowen who was born in 1893, spent many years in a search for information about his grandparents. A very accomplished researcher, he was a genealogist for 50 years, a Phi Beta Kappa and an outstanding geneticist. He was a member of Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, National Institute of Health, Biometric
Society, American Genetic Association, American Academy of Arts & Sciences, Genetics Society of America and the Gerontological Society. Even with all his abilities and
credentials, when he died in 1967, he had found very little on his grandmother–not even her grocery list!

He did, however, find a lot of data on other members of the family in the middle Tennessee area–and did a complete abstract of the familia in tota from the 1790 census of the United States. His research papers and correspondence files have been deposited with Gowen Research Foundation, and other researchers can build on his efforts.

Family lore is sought on all the various surnames in the Soundex versions, regardless of spelling or whether pronounced with a long “o’ or a short “o.” Files already begun include Gawan, Goan, Goen, Goin, Goines, Goins, Goun, Gouwen, Govan, Goven, Gowan, Gowen, Gowin, Gowine, Gowing, Goyen, Goyn, Goyne and Guynes, plus plurals on each.

The Foundation would like to receive a biography and an ancestor chart from each member, along with whatever family research he is willing to share. Foundation mail is running heavy, and the gratifying way the organization has been endorsed by family members all over is very exciting. Preregistration of memberships for 1990 have already been received from across the United States, Canada and overseas.

2) Whence came the name . . ?
Gowen, Oklahoma

Gowen, Oklahoma formally came into existence January 13, 1894, however an unincorporated community composed of a few coalminer’s shacks on a railroad siding had existed there since the beginning of the intense coal mining activity in Eastern Oklahoma.

Because Franklin Benjamin Gowen, attorney and president of Philadelphia & Reading Railroad sought in 1870 to have the railroad buy up a controlling interest in some anthracite coal fields, the Oklahoma town’s name was destined. His unwise policy eventually resulted in bankrupting the Reading Railroad, but it provided a mindset for railroad management for years to come that dictated that a railroad must own a coal field.

Because of Gowen’s mistake, he was eventually deposed from the presidency. Later, on a trip to Washington to appear before the Interstate Commerce Commission on an anti-trust hearing, he committed suicide by firing a bullet into his brain.

Marvin W. Schlegel who wrote “Gowen, Ruler of the Reading–the Life of Franklin Benjamin Gowen, 1836-1889″ concluded that his suicide was not the result of any dread of the Commission, but merely a mental aberration that resulted from an intense, single-minded, constant dedication to rails and coal.

Francis Innes Gowen, nephew and law-partner of Franklin Benjamin Gowen, moved into railroad and coal mining management, after the suicide of his uncle. Following the panic
of 1893, the Choctaw Coal & Railroad Company was reorganized by its Philadelphia owners as Choctaw, Oklahoma & Gulf Railroad with Francis Innes Gowen as president.

Prior to that time, he was appointed, along with James W. Throckmorton, former governor of Texas as receivers to operate the defunct CC&RC. At the time of this reorganization, Gowen, Indian Territory came into being, named for Francis Innes Gowen.

The fortunes of the hamlet were intertwined with the coal industry, and when the market for anthracite hit bottom, Gowen, Oklahoma went with it. However, the town refused to die, and a handful of people still remained there March 13, 1922 when a devastating  tornado struck. In less than 60 seconds 11 residents were killed, 20 others injured and Gowen almost totally destroyed.

E. H. Smallwood, a survivor of the tornado, recalled that 17 homes, including his, were totally destroyed. He was returning from his coalbin with a scuttle full of coal when the twister hit.

As he entered the house, the chimney was lifted, disintegrated and dropped through the roof. Simultaneously the house exploded, and he and his wife were burned with hot coals and ashes flying from the fire.

Our iron bed was so twisted you couldn’t tell it was a bed, but my daughter had her little wooden wagon under the bed, and it didn’t get a scratch,” related Smallwood.

“We were having a meeting that night in the Baptist Church. Uncle Bill Lewis was doing the preaching, and I was handling the singing, but we never got there for church. When we finally were able to investigate, the church roof and walls were gone, but the pulpit was still there, and the bible on it was still open at the 15th chapter of Luke–and still dripping from all the rain.”

There was no FEMA in those days, but Gowen’s homeless survivors were assisted with provisions, clothing and shelter.

Dr. R. K. Pemberton, mayor of neighboring McAlester, Oklahoma made a plea through letters and area newspapers for donations to help the homeless. Farmers and miners from
McAlester, Hartshorne and Wilburton communities appeared with their teams and “fresnos” to scrape away the rubble and help in the rebuilding of Gowen.

“A lot of storm cellars were dug at that time,” stated Finas Sandlin who was a student in a small country school near Gowen at that time. The twister destroyed his family’s home and blew him 100 yards through the air, depositing him in a big pile of rubble.

Gowen survived the tornado and the depression which followed and retained its place on the Oklahoma map. Claud Franklin Gowen of Lamesa, Texas, noting the name speculated that Gowen, Oklahoma must have been named for a pioneer family of that area, perhaps who arrived while the county was still called Choctaw Nation–maybe some of his kinsmen.

Finally, in the 1940s, he had an opportunity to go to Gowen and begin his genealogical inquiry. He came up empty; the postmaster did not know how the town got its name, and even the old timers he visited were no help. He wrote home on a postcard, “Located Gowen, Oklahoma, but if the Gowens were ever here, they’re not here now.”

After the death of Claud Franklin Gowen, his son, Arlee Gowen solved the mystery while researching the family in Pennsylvania. “Dad would never have dreamed that the town
was named for a Philadelphia lawyer,” he reported.


Honor thy father and mother that it may be well with thee and that thou mayest live long on the earth.–Apostle Paul, AD62.


Misers aren’t fun to live with, but they make wonderful ancestors.–David Brenner, 1989.

3) Long Lost Cousins

Mail addressed to the following individuals has been returned by the Postal service marked “Undeliverable as Addressed.” Any reader knowing the current address of any of the
individuals below is requested to advise the Foundation of the necessary correction.

BRANS, GARY N. 7812 Royal Lane DALLAS TX 75230
BRASCH, MRS. LORA 4519 42nd St LUBBOCK TX 79413
BRUMMETT, MARY 2449 Polk Street EUGENE OR 97405
DALBY, MRS. LYNNE 1618 Eller Avenue LAKEWOOD OH 44107
DIXON, MRS. W. H. 301 Tanglewood Tl GONZALES TX 78629
FENDIG, JR., ALBERT 650 Beachview Drive ST. SIMONS IS. GA 31522
FISHER, DONALD A. 2548 Homewood Avenue COLUMBUS OH 43223
FRASIER, MRS. MARY L. 1223 West 3rd TYLER TX 75701
GEORGE, JOHN C. 3349 West 2nd Avenue CORSICANA TX 75110
GOEN, DIANE C. 4501 Druid Lane,#319 DALLAS TX 75205
GOEN, JEFF 2317 S.Pleasant Val. AUSTIN TX 78741
GOEN, JIMMY 892 Summit Street AUSTIN TX 78741
GOEN, ROBERT 2070 J.Dodgen Way NE MARIETTA GA 30060
GOINES, ANNIE 3959 Covington Hiway DECATUR GA 30030
GOINES, CAROLYN 4939 Oakdale Rd SE SMYRNA GA 30080
GOINES, ED & JUDY 2 Willow Cove LITTLE ROCK AR 72206
GOING, R. 781 Houston Mill Rd. ATLANTA GA 30329
GOING, JR., HILTON E. 2200-C Leah Cove AUSTIN TX 78731
GOINGS, CHARLES 1014 Santa Ynez Ave. ORLANDO FL 32807
GOINGS, RON & R. L. 380 Grimes Bridge Rd ROSWELL GA 30075
GOINS, BILL 7515 Geyer Spgs Rd LITTLE ROCK AR 72209
GOINS, BILLY W. 13627 Heinke Rd MABELVALE AR 72103
GOINS, CAL 625 E Lee Sherwood LITTLE ROCK AR 72209
GOINS, CARLINE 5868 Hunt Club Run NORCROSS GA 30071
GOINS, CLARENCE 2952 Barton Skyway AUSTIN TX 78746
GOINS, DAVE W. 700 Leisure Drive ARLINGTON TX 76010
GOINS, EDDIE 400 N. Industrial Dr WACO TX 76133
GOINS, JAMES LARRY 1421 N Shackleford R LITTLE ROCK AR 72211
GOINS, JERRY 210 Hamner LUFKIN TX 75901
GOINS, JOHN E. JR. 135 Gilbert Road FAYETTEVILLE GA 30214
GOINS, K. 2002 Regency Wds. NE ATLANTA GA 30327
GOINS, L. 128 Scenic View CtNW ATLANTA GA 30339
GOINS, LEE ANN 8500 Michael Ct LITTLE ROCK AR 72204
GOINS, OBIE L. 9525 27th Ave, NE OLYMPIA WA 98506
GOINS, RANCE 3301 Quincy Street PLAINVIEW TX 79072
GOINS, ROBERT 9024 Northgate Blvd. AUSTIN TX 78758
GOINS, ROMMER 2165 Rugby Avenue COLLEGE PARK GA 30037
GOINS, S. 3841 Kensington Road DECATUR GA 30030
GOINS, SANDRA 1211 Lakepoint Lane STONE MOUNTAIN GA 30083
GOINS, TERRY 508 E. Dessau Rd. AUSTIN TX 78753
GOINS, THOMAS J. 200 Chandler LUFKIN TX 75901
GOINS, V. 1118 W 21st LITTLE ROCK AR 72202
GOINS, V. G. 127 Mediterranean Ln LAWRENCEVILLE GA 30245
GOINS, JR., BENJAMIN 513 Devereaux LUFKIN TX 75901
GOWAN, ARNIE 3028 Richwood BEDFORD TX 76021
GOWAN, AUSTIN W. 27 Cedar Street SARANAC LAKE NY 12983
GOWAN, GLADYS 2460 E. Main St MESA AZ 85205
GOWAN, HUGH Northbrook I Apts JACKSON MS 39206
GOWAN, J. D. 4909 Ira Avenue DALLAS TX 75211
GOWAN, KAREN 1909 S Farmer Ave TEMPE AZ 85281
GOWAN, L. E. Mayo Road Bleeker PHENIX CITY AL 36867
GOWAN, M. B. 4401 Quail Run DALLAS TX 75238
GOWAN, MARLYN 609U Turner E. BRYAN TX 77801
GOWAN, MARTHA A. 850 Mallory ST. SIMONS IS. GA 31522
GOWAN, MILTON F. 756 Law Road JACKSON TN 38301
GOWAN, MRS. KATE Opelika Rd Smiths PHENIX CITY AL 36867
GOWAN, RICHARD E. 4615 Post Oak Place HOUSTON TX 77027
GOWAN, SUE 2930 E. Osborn Rd. PHOENIX AZ 85016
GOWAN, SUSAN J. 1844 E. 1st Place MESA AZ 85203
GOWAN, THOMAS 2424 S. Grandview Dr TEMPE AZ 85282
GOWANS, A. E. 2431 S. York DENVER CO 80210
GOWANS, ALVIN, JAY & SHER 2313 Galleria Drive DALLAS TX 75200
GOWANS, DARON 2505 Whisper Ridge DALLAS TX 75200
GOWANS, JERRY 3105 E. 12th Street DALLAS TX 75203
GOWANS, JOANN 1542 Bedford Road DALLAS TX 75212
GOWANS, LOUIS 1778 Ala Moana HONOLULU HI 96815
GOWANS, MITCHELL 4900 Locke Avenue DALLAS TX 75200
GOWANS, SANFORD 913 Stella Avenue DALLAS TX 75216
GOWEN, A. 913 Spotwoods Ave#B6 NORFOLK VA 23517
GOWEN, A. S. 4883 Roswell RDNE L1 ATLANTA GA 30342
GOWEN, ALBERT 5983 Parkedge Dr ST. LOUIS MO 63130
GOWEN, ALFRED 1357 Garner Ave, #39 SALINAS CA 93905
GOWEN, ALVIN L. 704 Jefferson Ave. E CASEY IL 62420
GOWEN, ANDY L. 1010 11th St West COQUILLE OR 97423
GOWEN, ANTHONY 740 32nd. St. East BROOKLYN NY 11210
GOWEN, ARCHIE L. 1311 3rd St WAUSAU WI 54401
GOWEN, B. J. 860 Arnold Avenue PLEASANT BEACH NJ 08742
GOWEN, B. J. 1051 Old Powder SP MABLETON GA 30059
GOWEN, B. L. 15 Thayer Road WALTHAM MA 02154
GOWEN, BARRY E. 2430 Cloudcroft Sq HERNDON VA 22091
GOWEN, BEN. W. 3026 Ogden Street S. ENGLEWOOD CO 80110
GOWEN, BILL 2158 Alta Vista Ave. MEMPHIS TN 38127
GOWEN, BOB 8508 E. 98nd. St KANSAS CITY MO 63138
GOWEN, BOB J. 4116 Mc Gee KANSAS CITY MO 64106
GOWEN, BRENE 1901 Kingston Drive SAVANNAH GA 31404
GOWEN, BRUCE 925 Doolin Street ANDERSON IN 46014
GOWEN, BRUCE G. 156 Park Street BURLINGTON VT 05401
GOWEN, BRUCE L. 1112 67th St DES MOINES IA 50311
GOWEN, BRUCE W. 115 Church North VIRDEN IL 62690
GOWEN, BURL L. 2447 Lincoln Street ANDERSON IN 46014
GOWEN, BURRY 410 2nd Street MARIETTA OH 45750
GOWEN, C. E. Rural Route 1 EVINGTON VA 24550
GOWEN, C. E. 8806 40th Avenue SW SEATTLE WA 98136
GOWEN, C. J. Highway 60 East AMHERST VA 24521
GOWEN, C. L. 115 Eichelberger St ST. LOUIS MO 63111
GOWEN, C. V. 805 3rd Street S FOLKSTON GA 31537
GOWEN, C. W. 2619 Thurloe RICHMOND VA 23235
GOWEN, CALVIN 323 Eaton Avenue LOCKPORT IL 60441
GOWEN, CALVIN F. 2201 W. Chilton St. CHANDLER AZ 85224
GOWEN, CARL E. 7339 Green Dale CTSW OLYMPIA WA 98502
GOWEN, CARL V. 301 Birch St, S. YUMA CO 80759
GOWEN, CHARLES R. 5930 Dillingham Ave. SHREVEPORT LA 71106
GOWEN, CHARLES T. 501 2nd Avenue LAUREL MT 59044
GOWEN, CLARENCE 655 Middle Street BATH ME 04530
GOWEN, CLARENCE E. 21326 Green Gate St SPRING TX 77379
GOWEN, CLAUDE B. Rural Route 2 GROVE OK 74344
GOWEN, CLIFTON 200 6th Street N FOLKSTON GA 31537
GOWEN, D. B. Buffingtn Rd. Rt. 5 ATLANTA GA 30349
GOWEN, D. C. Rural Route 1 INOLA OK 74036
GOWEN, D. G. 588 Orange Street ALTAMONTE SPG FL 32701
GOWEN, D. H. 9300 Treasure Hill LITTLE ROCK AR 72207
GOWEN, D. I. Broad Street CRAWFORDVILLE GA 30631
GOWEN, D. P. 521 Hazel Street MISSOULA MT 59801
GOWEN, DALE 660 Elmwood Drive NE ATLANTA GA 30306
GOWEN, DALE A. Highland Avenue R 3 GARDINER ME 04345
GOWEN, DALE E. 335 Sierra Vista Ln VALLEY COTTAGE NY 10989
GOWEN, DAROLD M. 3228 Clarkson St. S ENGLEWOOD CO 80110
GOWEN, DARRELL B. 7000 Buffington Rd. COLLEGE PARK GA 30037
GOWEN, DAVID 408 Glade S. BRYAN TX 77801
GOWEN, DAVID Rural Route 3 ARNOLD MO 63010
GOWEN, DAVID 512 Richardson Rt 6 ARNOLD MO 63010
GOWEN, DAVID B. 2277 Bryn Mawr Ln R6 YPSILANTI MI 48197
GOWEN, DAVID M. 5 Pheasant Lane ATTLEBORO MA 02703
GOWEN, DEWAYNE 33225 177th Pl SE R3 AUBURN WA 98002
GOWEN, DONALD W. 217 Kings Arm St. R4 ASHLAND VA 23005
GOWEN, DUANE 703 Abel Drive Rt 4 FESTUS MO 63028
GOWEN, E. A. Route 2 FARMINGTON MO 63640
GOWEN, E. L. 9228 Q. Avenue E HOUSTON TX 77012
GOWEN, EARL F. 5204 Lakepointe St DETROIT MI 48224
GOWEN, EDGAR A. 1506 Main Avenue GRAND JUNCTION CO 81501
GOWEN, EDWARD 407 Cresent Valley CLIFTON PARK NY 12065
GOWEN, EDWARD F. 2004 Fortune Road GLENSIDE PA 19038
GOWEN, ERNEST L. 83 Blodgett Avenue DUXBURY MA 02332
GOWEN, ERNEST L. 330 Bowdoin St # 613 DORCHESTER MA 02122
GOWEN, EVERETT L. 6731 Scott Street HOLLYWOOD FL 33024
GOWEN, G. 238 Labarre Road N METAIRIE LA 70001
GOWEN, G. Box 276 COLUMBIA KY 42728
GOWEN, G. 143 Branford Avenue GROTON CT 06430
GOWEN, G. 912 Palisado WINDSOR CT 06095
GOWEN, G. F. 29 Knollwood Rd. NT HARTFORD CT 06057
GOWEN, G. H. 3100 Central Ave W TOLEDO OH 43606
GOWEN, G. M. 1200 Henderson Ave. ROSSVILLE TN 38066
GOWEN, GARY A. 2627 Broadway Street BAY CITY MI 48706
GOWEN, GENE 661 Park Street N #2 SHAWNEE OK 74801
GOWEN, GEORGE 1409 Green Acres Rd METAIRIE LA 70003
GOWEN, GEORGE 116 Short Street BONNE TERRE MO 63628
GOWEN, GEORGE Route 2 Box 15 WENDELL NC 27591
GOWEN, GEORGE 755 Whitehall Road W STATE COLLEGE PA 16801
GOWEN, GEORGE B. 8916 Tupperville Pt. TAMPA FL 33614
GOWEN, GEORGE R. 1302 Colston St S BALITMORE MD 21230
GOWEN, GEORGE R. 17 Twin Oak Drive LEVITTOWN PA 19056
GOWEN, GEORGE W. 5933 QuailHollow RdA CHARLOTTE NC 28210
GOWEN, GERALD C. 9 Windward Road WEST DENNIS MA 02670
GOWEN, GERALD L. 759 Reed Ct, S, #A14 DENVER CO 80226
GOWEN, GLEN G. 82 Rhode Is Ave Cu PAWTUCKET RI 02864
GOWEN, GLENN 12047 Student Drive ORLANDO FL 32807
GOWEN, GREG 217 Demaree Drive R5 BARDSTOWN KY 40004
GOWEN, GREGORY Broxton Road Route 4 DOUGLAS GA 31533
GOWEN, GUY M. 806 Belvoir Hills CHATTANOOGA TN 37412
GOWEN, H. 2014 Columbia Pk S#4 ARLINGTON VA 22204
GOWEN, H. L. Highway 763 AMHERST VA 24521
GOWEN, H. L. Hillcrest Circle MADISON HTS. VA 24572
GOWEN, HAMMOND D. 2340 Roosevelt Ave. BERKELEY CA 94703
GOWEN, HARRISON D. 2608 Westover Sw#208 ROANOKE VA 24015
GOWEN, HARRY G. 741 Adams Ave #1012 MEMPHIS TN 38105
GOWEN, HERBERT 822 QueenAnn AvN#202 SEATTLE WA 98109
GOWEN, HORACE B. 13 Pleasant Street ATTLEBORO MA 02703


The best thing a man can do for his family when he is rich is to endeavor to carry out those schemes which he entertained when he was poor.–Henry David Thoreau, 1854.

4)  Dear Cousins

Kudos on two marvelous newsletters. Obviously a lot of time and work went into them, and I’m much appreciative of those efforts. Thanks to all involved.

The article on the Gowrie conspiracy was of special interest. As an unconfirmed descendant of Sir Rohert Logan of Restalrig, who paid a high price for his supposed involvement against the Ruthven brothers, I recently started my own research into the
conspiracy. If Landa Beth Sloan would like the services of this historical writer and researcher, I’m available. And I won’t be playing devil’s advocate, not necessarily, since I’m a Gowen, too. Martha Hix, 13531 Norland Drive, San Antonio, TX, 78232. 512/496-6621.

==Dear Cousins==

I received a copy of your September newsletter from my nephew, Don Going of Peachtree City, Georgia. I am a historian and a genealogy buff, and I have been tracing the family tree for years.

I have only considered “Going” as I felt this was headache enough–also I knew I had a first cousin who spelled his name “Goings.” I just thought he was one of the more stupid
members of the tree, ha! Your newsletter was very enlightening, and the search will be broadened. Please add my name to the mailing list. Rev. M. Lee Going, 2027 Clark
Station Road, Fisherville, KY, 40023.

==Dear Cousins==

Notice of Gowen Research Foundation appeared in the Houston Genealogical Forum. I think I might belong in your “family,” but as yet I haven’t found a solid connection.

My great-great grandfather was named Gowen Harris. From the first I have felt that Gowen might be a maternal name or possibly from Maj. John “Buck” Gowen who was active in the area of South Carolina where I have the first trace of Gowen Harris.

Gowen Harris is mentioned in the deed records of Spartanburg County, S.C. as early as 1804. He married Frances F. Sharp. They moved to Greenville, S.C, then on to Lawrence
County, Mississippi, then on to Opelousas, Louisiana. Fanny and some children stayed there while Gowen Harris went on to Brazoria, Texas where he died in March 1836. I hope that someone in the Foundation membership can help me and that this turns out to be a family connection. Beverly T. Smith 1807 Cooper Lake Road, Smyrna, Georgia, 30080, 404/435-7176.

==Dear Cousins==

I have just had a phone call from Miller Abbott Gowen in Geneva, Switzerland. When it was mentioned in the Foundation newsletter that he was underwriting the publishing of the Foundation manuscript, I wrote to him to express my appreciation for what he is doing. In my letter I mentioned that my daughter, Jimmie Dean Overstreet had just moved to Geneva from Paris and hoped that he might give her a call. He not only called my daughter, but took her to lunch and introduced his family–wife, two sons and a daughter–and a cousin who was visiting from Scotland.

In his call he mentioned that Jimmie Dean had found a house in Geneva, that her furniture had arrived and that Murdock, her golden retriever was extremely happy in Switzerland chasing swans.

I was interested in the mention of the Gowrie Tract in the September newsletter. My cousin George Brock, formerly with Union Camp Corporation of Savannah who now owns the Gowrie Tract, is familiar with the Tract which is located just south of here. I have written Union Camp Corporation requesting any information they might be able to supply regarding the early owners of Gowrie Tract. We’ll keep you posted. Hazel Dean Overstreet, Route 1, Box 938, Odom, GA, 31555. 912/586-6634

==Dear Cousins==

My husband’s g-grandfather Emanuel Nash married Sena Goins around 1900. Also his g-g-g-grandfather’s daughter, Keziah Nash married Phillip Goins in 1815 in Louisiana. I
would be glad to exchange what I have on the Goins if it would help someone else, and perhaps they could help me with some questions I can’t solve.

Do you have the article “American Families at Four Frontier Posts: Pensacola, Mobile, Natchez and Missouri” which appeared in “Genealogical Helper,” November 1983. These lists were written by French officers trying to write English in the Spanish idiom. One entry reads, “3 June-5 July, 1789, James Gown (Gowen?l. Another is “2 March 1792, Eduardo Gones [Edward [Goens”]. Della Ford Nash, 2515 NW 26th St, Oklahoma City, OK, 73107

==Dear Cousins==

Thank you for the Newsletter. It’s exciting to be in touch with a group researching the family. I have been researching the Cornish branch for a number of years, so it’s great to find that I am not alone with this work. I am seeking the origin of the Cornish Gowens and to compile a family tree of all the family living here in Australia. I have achieved this with the two largest families here, the descendants of Peter Goyne and Mary Ann Bowden Goyne, my group and Francis Goyne and Elizabeth Gribben Goyne of Tasmania.

I am enclosing my family tree. You will note where I have placed an asterisk the spelling changes from “Gowen” to “Goyne.” Initially I was working only in the Goyne/Goyen
names, and when I discovered the Gowen connection, I realized that I had much more work to do. Then I had to have heart surgery, so l have not yet been able to travel the two hours to the Melbourne Library and search through the close, patent and fine rolls for Gowen entries.

I have on my computer all the known descendants of Peter & Mary Ann Goyne, Francis & Elizabeth Goyne and John & Catherine Goyne; list of ships that brought Goyne individuals
out; various family trees and three sets of Cornish data. I’ll send you diskettes of this data. Robert J. Goyne, 523 Sutton St, Sebastopol, 3356, Victoria, Australia.

==Dear Cousins==

I was delighted to learn about Gowen Research Foundation and its goals. Thanks so much for the newsletters. Enclosed in my check for 1990 dues.

My first documented ancestor was David Goings and his wife Susannah [Williams?l Goings who lived in Giles County, Virginia after their marriage in 1803. There were 14 children and some of them moved on to Delaware County, Indiana after he obtained a land patent there in 1824. Later he returned to Virginia, riding horseback, to visit a daughter, Mrs. Jacob
Surface of Newbern, Virginia and another, Mrs. Rachel Burton in Pearisburg, Virginia where he became sick and died April 26, 1840.

David was one of those persons with swarthy skin and fine features [Melungeon?]. Some of his descendants resembled people of Afghanistan or India.

I will gladly share my information with other cousins interested in their heritage. Hazel M. Wood, 3772 Baker Street, San Diego, CA, 92117.

==Dear Cousins==

Need parents of Oscar Clayborn Goins who was bl830 Grainger Co, TN; m1858 Esther Reynolds, Chattanooga, TN, v1873 Murray Co, GA, m2 Nancy Florence Potter, d1903
Bradley Co, TN. I have Goins information on several families, Melungeon information, Civil War, Revolutionary War, War of 1812 and state military records. If anyone is interested ln writing to me for more information, I will answer all letters. Louise Goins Richardson, 2207 E. Lake Street, Paragould, AR.

==Dear Cousins==

Seeking parents and cs1840 & cs1870 of John M. Goins, bc1811 NC, m1833 Polly Clippard Lincoln Co, NC, m2 Uary — -, v1834 v1860 Cleveland Co, TN. David Goings, Box 585831,
Orlando, FL, 32858.

==Dear Cousins==

Seeking Martha Brister: m1822 Wiley Goings, Lawrence Co, MS. Would appreciate any information you might have on this individual. James E. Bristow, 1200 Cherokee, Arlington, TX 76012.

==Dear Cousins==

Seeking information on Frederick Gowen [Melungeon?], b1798 Patrick Co, VA, m1818 Nancy Comer Surry Co, NC [she b1799 NC, d1872 Gibson Co, IN], v1819 Patrick Co VA,
cs1820 Halifax Co, NC, v1822 cs1830 Patrick Co, VA, v1833 Lee Co, VA v1835 Pulaski Co, KY, CS1850 Adair Co, KY, w1872 d1872 Gibson Co, IN. Ch: William R, Polly, Allen, Larkin, Elizabeth G. and Frederick. Brenda Wood, Box 218, Chandler, IN, 47610.

==Dear Cousins==

Seeking family of Hester Salina Gowan/Gowin, Quaker, b1825 TN, mc1845 James Walter Harris, d1897 Rock Island Co, IL. Had family in PA as late as 1878. Any help appreciated.
Martha Hix, 13531 Norland, San Antonio, TX, 78212.

==Dear Cousins==

Can anyone identify “John Gowen, Esquire died in Baltimore. In a fit of derangement, he committed suicide,” and why was his death notice carried in the May 16, 1834 edition of
“National Banner & Daily Advertiser” of Nashville, TN?

Has anyone checked Baltimore newspapers for their version of his death? Mary Gowin Trostle, 4515 48th St, Lubbock, TX, 79414.

==Dear Cousins==

Need parents of Oscar Clayborn Goins who was bl830 Grainger Co, TN; m1858 Esther Reynolds, Chattanooga, TN, v1873 Murray Co, GA, m2 Nancy Florence Potter, d1903
Bradley Co, TN. I have Goins information on several families, Melungeon information, Civil War, Revolutionary War, War of 1812 and state military records. If anyone is interested ln writing to me for more information, I will answer all letters. Louise
Goins Richardson, 2207 E. Lake Street, Paragould, AR.

==Dear Cousins==

Seeking parents and cs1840 & cs1870 of John M. Goins, bc1811 NC, m1833 Polly Clippard Lincoln Co, NC, m2 Uary — -, v1834 v1860 Cleveland Co, TN. David Goings, Box 585831,
Orlando, FL, 32858.

==Dear Cousins==

Seeking Martha Brister: m1822 Wiley Goings, Lawrence Co, MS. Would appreciate any information you might have on this individual. James E. Bristow, 1200 Cherokee, Arlington, TX 76012.

==Dear Cousins==

Seeking information on Frederick Gowen [Melungeon?], b1798 Patrick Co, VA, m1818 Nancy Comer Surry Co, NC [she b1799 NC, d1872 Gibson Co, IN], v1819 Patrick Co VA,
cs1820 Halifax Co, NC, v1822 cs1830 Patrick Co, VA, v1833 Lee Co, VA v1835 Pulaski Co, KY, CS1850 Adair Co, KY, w1872 d1872 Gibson Co, IN. Ch: William R, Polly, Allen, Larkin, Elizabeth G. and Frederick. Brenda Wood, Box 218, Chandler, IN, 47610.

==Dear Cousins==

Seeking family of Hester Salina Gowan/Gowin, Quaker, b1825 TN, mc1845 James Walter Harris, d1897 Rock Island Co, IL. Had family in PA as late as 1878. Any help appreciated.
Martha Hix, 13531 Norland, San Antonio, TX, 78212.

==Dear Cousins==

Can anyone identify “John Gowen, Esquire died in Baltimore. In a fit of derangement, he committed suicide,” and why was his death notice carried in the May 16, 1834 edition of
“National Banner & Daily Advertiser” of Nashville, TN? Has anyone checked Baltimore newspapers for their version of his death? Mary Gowin Trostle, 4515 48th St, Lubbock, TX,


Membership cards are being presently mailed out to researchers on three continents.. Some mail has stacked up in the Foundation office but the staff expects to catch up soon. In time, all of your letters and transmittals will receive a reply or acknowledgement.

The Newsletter will continue to be mailed to every prospective member on the Foundation mailing list through the December issue, and an effort will be made to mail before the Christmas rush.

In this connection, if you concur in the objectives of the Foundation, this very moment would be a good time to clip [or reproduce] the membership coupon below and drop it in the mail–ahead of Santa Claus. Indicate the type of membership you prefer, and Linda McNiel, Foundation secretary will gratefully acknowledge your participation and issue your 1990 Membership Card.

Gowen Research Foundation Newsletter
Arlee Gowen, Editor
Linda McNiel, Circulation
Membership Application
Gowen Research Foundation
Phone: 806/795-8758 or 795-9694
5708 Gary Avenue
Lubbock, Texas, 79413
Fax: 806/795-9694
Internet: http://www.llano.net/gowen


NOTE:  The above information produced by the Gowen Research Foundation (GRF), and parts of the “Gowen Manuscript” they worked on producing.  It has tons of information – much of it is correct, but be careful, some of it is not correct – so check their sources and logic.  I’ve copied some of their information in the past researching my own family, only to find out there were some clear mistakes.   So be sure to check the information to verify if it is right before citing the source and believing the person who researched it before was 100% correct.  Most of the information I found there seems to be correct, but some is not.

Their website is:  Internet: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~gowenrf

There does not seem to be anyone “manning the ship” at the Gowen Research Foundation, or Gowen Manuscript site any longer, and there is no way to contact anyone about any errors.   The pages themselves don’t have a mechanism to leave a note for others to see any “new information” that you may have that shows when you find info that shows something is wrong, or when something has been verified.

Feel free to leave messages about any new information found, or errors in these pages, or information that has been verified that those who wrote these pages may not have known about.

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