1916 John Randle Goyen married to Mary Louise Foote (Y2)

John Randle Goyen b. May 19, 1916 – 2006 married Mary Louise Foote (1917 – 2011), married in 1941.


William Leslie Goyen – born May 13, 1884 in Coles Creek, Miss. married 1st  Ruth Marie Stayton b. ? – d. Oct 30, 1930.  Married on July 2, 1912.


Kathryn Elouise Goyen b.
John R. Goyen Jr b.
William (Bill) Goyen
Marie Goyen
Carole Goyen


William Leslie Goyen (May 16, 1914 – May 30, 1915) – NFI
John Randle Goyen (May 19, 1916 – 2006)
Elouise Goyen  b. Jan 6, 1920 in Houston -1983
Glenn Goyen (March 8, 1922 – Oct 28, 1922) – NFI
Courtney Abell Goyen Oct 16, 1923 – 1992

John R. Goyen, Sr. was born in Houston, Texas in 1916.  His parents are William Leslie Goyen born 1884 and Ruth Marie Stayton.

John grew up in the Heights area of Houston, Texas.  He married Mary Louise Foote on May 24, 1941.  They had five children together.

John R. Goyen, Sr. was in the US Navy during World War II.  He served on the USS Bailey as a Gunner’s Mate.  He earned a bronze star during his service.  His ship served in the Pacific along the Aleutian Islands.  Among battles he was involved with were at sea west of Attu, at the landing of Tarawa, and the air engagement off of Tarawa.

He was a third generation Building Contractor in the Houston area.  He retired and traveled the US with his wife Mary Louise.  They spent the summers in Montana, and winters in Houston.  He died in 2006 at the age of 90.

John R Goyen grandpa w brother Courtney and sister Elouise (2)

John R. Goyen with brother Courtney A. Goyen and sister Elouise Goyen

Mary Louise Foote 1935 Rice University class photo

Mary Louise Goyen (maiden name Foote) yearbook photo.

Mary Louise and John Goyen on wedding day May 24, 1941

John R. Goyen Sr and Mary Louise Foote wedding

John Goyen Sr with Navy crew in WWII 3rd from left - USS Bailey

John R. Goyen Sr with Naval crew during World War II

John R and Courtney Goyen in uniforms

John R. Goyen Sr with brother Courtney A. Goyen during World War II

December 28, 2006 046

John R. Goyen Sr with Kathy

John Goyen Sr article about battles in WWII at Attu, air battle off Tarawa, and landing of Tarawa

Mary Louise Foote and John Randle Goyen


December 28, 2006 015

Mary Louise with her children and niece in 1952 at Nanny's

Mary Louise, sister Kathryn, and their families with Nanny and Alfred Foote in 1970 outside Catfish Kitchen

December 28, 2006 032

John R. Goyen, Sr. and Mary Louise (center front) with family at Lake Tahoe in 2003.


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