1848 Samuel B. Eubanks

Samuel B. Eubanks b. abt 1848


Joseph Eubanks b. 1800– married to Harriet H. Dutart b. 1809–


Mary Eubanks Weatherby 1869–1932
Bicknell T. Eubanks 1876–
Frank L Eubanks 1878–
Abbie L Eubanks 1884–1919


William J. Eubanks 1830–1906
James T. Eubanks 1831–
Francis Asbury Eubanks 1836–1895
Abigail G. Eubanks 1838–1925
Elizabeth Eubanks 1843–
Sarah J. Eubanks 1845–1918
Samuel B. Eubanks 1848–1931
Ellen Eubanks 1851–


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