1800 Sarah Going m. Thomas Noland – they lived in York Co, SC and Pickens Co, AL

Sarah Going b. abt. 1800 married to Thomas Noland
(Unk children)


Elijah Going and Docea Bland


Unknown at this point – it appears they may have had children, but still working on this part.  They were married at minimum from 1817 to 1823, and possibly as long as 1816 to 1829 (minimum 6 years, possibly 13 years).    Even if only 6 years, it seems likely there were children born of the marriage.


Drury B. Goyen (or Going) born abt 1805
Sarah Going born abt 1800

Family Search Tree: Sarah Going b. abt. 1800


Sarah Going was born about 1800.  Her parents are Elijah Going and Docia Bland Going.

Her father Elijah Going dies in 1807.

April 3, 1815 the York County, South Carolina courts appointed George Plaxco as her guardian.

Sarah Going was married some time in 1817 or before 1817 to Thomas Noland.

A March 25, 1817 distribution out of Elijah Going’s estate is noted in the guardian account in York County, SC.  George Plaxco received $487.57 “settlement” – from “Isaac Gowen, administrator of the estate of Elijah Goen”.  It appears to note a receipt regarding this $487.57 distribution paid to Thomas Nolin, Sarah Going’s husband.

1815 Sarah Goen has George Plaxco appt as guardian

1815 Sarah Goen has George Plaxco appt as guardian

1817 Sarah Goen settlement w George Plaxco guardian, Thos Nolin as husband of Sarah Goen

1817 Sarah Goen settlement w George Plaxco guardian, Thos Nolin as husband of Sarah Goen

Fredrick Tucker, a  longtime Going family researcher, uncovered and was able to share the following partial transcript of a petition to the Chester County, South Carolina courts in June 1823 that states in part:

“Chester County (SC) Equity Bill #105, frames 128-136, James Reid vs. John Plaxico and others.”  It is a writ of partition, with some of the papers dated 1823 but most are dated 1824.  The writing is very difficult to read.  This is an abbreviated transcription:

“South Carolina
Chester District
In Equity

To William McCreight, John Gilmore, John Bearden, Thos. Mc(illegible) and James McCluney or any three of them

Elisha Goyen died seized of one tract of land containing one hundred and fifty acres, lying and being in Chester District and State aforesaid and at the time of his death left Doshe Going his widow now the wife of John Plexico entitle by law to one third of the said Estate, Sarah Going now the wife of Thos. Nowlen, Drury Going the son of the deceased now a minor about seventeen years old, are each entitled to one half of the estate remaining two thirds and whereas a summons in partition has found requiring the said John Plexico and Sarah [sic] his wife to show cause if they could why a division and partition of the said land should not be made according to law.  And they have failed to do so or show cause…”

It appears to be dated “the third day after the second Monday in June Eighteen Hundred and twenty three and in the forty seventh year of the independence of the Unites States of America”.  https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3Q9M-C348-PSMC-X?i=554&cat=260591

This places her brother, Drury B. Going’s date of birth around 1805-1806.  It also verifies that Sarah Going is still married to Thomas Noland.

It appears that  Thomas Hughes Noland was the husband of Sarah Going.   Some time after 1823-24 Sarah Going appears to have died.

Thomas Hughes Noland remarries around 1824-1826 (at least by 1830) to Mary Ann McCracken.   If this is the same Mary Ann McCracken, in Newberry County, South Carolina, Mary Ann McCracken’s father, James McCracken, died in 1818 and his estate provided for her education. James McCracken’s probate paperwork indicates she is single and boarding at school starting in 1818 through at least 1822-23.

There are several Noland, Hughes and Going families in Tuscaloosa County, Pickens County, and Jefferson County, Alabama starting in the 1820s.

Thomas Hughes Noland moves to Pickens County, Alabama by 1830 and was living next to the Hughes and McCracken families.

1830 US Census in Pickens Co Ala w Thos Noland

1830 US Census in Pickens Co Ala w Thos Noland

1840 US Census in Pickens Co Ala w Thos Noland

1840 US Census in Pickens Co Ala w Thos Noland

Assuming this is the Thomas Noland that Sarah Going was married to in Chester County, South Carolina, it appears that there may possibly be some children of Thomas Hughes Noland that were born prior to 1824 (I have not seen anyone with a birth before 1825 as Thomas Hughes Noland’s child – but if one is found, then Sarah would presumably be the mother).  These would likely be the children of Thomas Hughes Noland and Sarah Going.  Those children born 1830 and after are definitely Thomas Hughes Noland’s and Mary Ann McCracken’s children.   At this point, I can’t be sure about any children born from 1825-1830, whether they are Sarah Going’s or Mary Ann McCracken’s – depending on when Sarah Going died or when Mary Ann McCracken married Thomas Hughes Noland.  Verification of the date of death of Sarah Going, or verification of when Thomas Hughes Noland actually married Mary Ann McCracken would help – additional research is needed to confirm.

Connections to the Noland, Hughes, and Going families:

1) Mary “Polly” Going b. 1787 married Thomas Hughes b. 1775 some time after 1810 in Chester County, SC (this is the daughter of Drury Going b. 1749).

2)  Jane E. Going b. 1813 (daughter of Job Going b 1772, granddaughter of Drury Going b. 1749) marries Benjamin Jolly Hughes b. 1804 some time by or before 1836.   Find a Grave site:  http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GSln=HUG&GSpartial=1&GSbyrel=all&GSst=3&GScntry=4&GSsr=2041&GRid=100638961&

3)  Sarah Going b. 1800 (daughter of Elijah Going b. 1770 and granddaughter of Drury Going b. 1749) married Thomas Hughes Noland b.  about 1816-1817 in the Chester County, South Carolina area.  (see above page).

A large number of Drury Going b. 1749’s children or grandchildren ended up in Pickens County, Alabama starting in 1823 through the 1850s.

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