1785 John Eubanks

John Eubanks b. abt. 1785


John Eubanks Sr 1760–1830 m. ?  (John Eubanks as father of John Eubanks b. 1785 is not confirmed yet by any deeds or wills, or any other direct evidence I know of.  It appears he is the father, but still investigating).  


Unk (will update)


John Eubanks Jr. b. abt 1785
James Eubanks b. abt 1793-1797 (This is possibly William Eubanks’ son, James Eubanks – must determine if there were two James Eubanks.  If there are not 2 James Eubanks, then this is most likely William Eubanks’ son).  
Joseph Eubanks b. abt 1800

Francis Eubanks b. abt 1800  (Possibly a son of John Eubanks – he moved to Carroll Co, MS prior to Joseph Eubanks – and according to US Census reports, is age to be an older brother of Joseph Eubanks).

(There are probably other children of John Eubanks who are siblings, but these are the ones that the US Census and taxrolls appear to point towards being his children).  


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