1782 Jeremiah Goyne b in South Carolina


Amos Goyen b. 1744 – d. 1785; m. Mary Ann Baxter 1779 (Mary Ann Baxter remarried to John Byrnes / Burns)


Annie Goins born about 1817


Amos Goyen Jr. b abt 1780
Jeremiah Goyen b abt 1782


Amos Goyne, Sr. married Mary Anne Baxter in Fairfield County in 1779. Their son Amos Goyne, Jr. was born there in 1780, and their son Jeremiah Goyne was born there in 1782.

(Note: Jeremiah Goyne appeared to be close to Drury Goyen b. 1749’s family.  He witnessed a land transaction in 1803 involving Isaac Going in 1803 and again in 1805 a transaction involving Job Going, Elijah Going and James Goyne – all children of Drury Goyen b. 1749.  

Jeremiah Goyne and James Goyne then appear in Robertson County, TN – see transactions below).

1803 Nov 25 – Isaac Going fr William Ray 122 acres, bk K, p 66
… we Frances Ray, Alexander Ray, Frances Ray Jr, Mary Ray, Elisabeth Ray and Sarah Ray of South Carolina and District of York and William Ray of the District of Chester South Carolina, in consideration of $100 paid by Isaac Goings of Chester District South Carolina … convey unto Isaac Goings all that land granted to Andrew Ray on June 2d 1794 containing 122 acres on the waters of Turkey Creek in Chester District … The said Andrew Ray decd intestate whereby we the said Frances Ray, Alexander Ray, Frances Ray jr, Mary Ray, Elizabeth Ray, Sarah Ray and William Ray heirs at law to the said tract of land, being the father, brothers and sisters of the said Andrew Ray decd … convey unto Isaac Going … Signed: William Ray, Frances Ray, Mary Ray, Alexander Ray, Francis Ray, Elizabeth Ray. Wit: Jeremiah Goyne, Robert Adams. Proved up in court by Jeremiah Going on April 14, 1804. Deed bk K, p 66. Chester County, South Carolina. https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3Q9M-CSKW-M3S9-8?i=354&cat=360823

1805 Jan 15 – James Gowen from Elijah and Sarah Gowen, – Sarah Goine adminx of Elijah Goine admnr of Drury Goine decd of Chester Dist, SC, in consideration of one shilling paid by James Goine, grant to James Goine two tracts of land on west side of Broad River in Union Dist. One tract on bank of Broad River on Hughes’ line, containing 259 acres, the other tract in Union Dist on Branches of Fannin Creek, adj Robert Smith’s line, containing 113 acres, Signed: Elijah Going, Sarah Going. Wits: Job Going, Jeremiah Going. Proved up on Jan 24, 1805 by Job Going. bk H, p 207 Union Co, SC

1806 Jan 25 – “Amos Gowen” was the addressee of a letter awaiting delivery in the post office at Nashville in a list which was published in the January 25, 1806 edition of the “Tennessee Gazette” published in Nashville.

1806 July 25 – “Amos Gowen” was a bondsman for the marriage of Joseph Underwood to Betsy Young July 25, 1806 in Sumner County, according to “Genealogical Abstracts from Tennessee Newspapers” by Sherida K. Eddlemon. pg. 30

1808 Sept 3 – Samuel Hendly Senr for $200 conveys to Jeremiah Goynes a tract of land containing 100 acres on the waters of Buzzard Creek, adj David Jones line, Joshua Hendly’s northeast corner, William Hendly’s corner. Signed: Samuel Hendly. Wits: Elizabeth Hendly, William Hendly, Sary Goyne. bk G, pg 87. Robertson Co, TN
https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3Q9M-CS4X-K9XT-Q?i=272&cat=234586 (Note: Unknown if Jeremiah Goyne was any relation to James Goyne– such as a cousin or uncle, but worth checking – since same spelling, and appears to arrive about same time as James Goyne – best guess is that Amos Goyne Sr b. 1744 and Drury Goyen b. 1749 were brothers – both lived in Fairfield Co, SC area during Revolution – both married women with last name of Baxter – possibly sisters).

1809 Sept 12 – On September 12, 1809 “Amos Gowen” served on a jury panel, according to Sumner County court minutes.

1810 July 7 – Amos Gowan served as bondsman for the marriage of Peter Winn and Patsey Hunley in Sumner County, TN. p. 45

1811 Dec 18 – Inventory of the amount of sales of the estate of Nicholas Conrad decd, James Goine is listed for $3.12.72. Will and Inv Bk 1, pg 410. Robertson Co, TN.

1812: “James Goin” and “Jeremiah Goin” were taxpayers in Robertson County, Capt. Gabriel Martin’s Company, in 1812, according to “Taxpayer List,” Roll 7, Tennessee State Archives. (Note: During this decade, James Going removed westward to Montgomery County). 1812 – Jeremiah Goin is number 23 and James Goin is number 54 in the Enumeration of the Company of Capt Gabriel Martin’s Company. County Ct Minute Bk 3, pg. 136. Robertson Co, TN https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3QS7-L9G1-X5WJ?i=591&cat=254836 ; https://search.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/sse.dll?indiv=1&dbid=4281&h=415555&ssrc=pt&tid=69705632&pid=34516710202&usePUB=true

1812 – Tennessee, U.S., Early Tax List Records, 1783-1895
Enumeration of the Company of Capt Gabriel Martin:
Name: Jeremiah Goin #23
Name: James Goin #54
Residence: Robertson, Tennessee
Ancestry.com. Tennessee, U.S., Early Tax List Records, 1783-1895 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations, Inc., 2013. This collection was indexed by Ancestry World Archives Project contributors.

1812 – War of 1812 Jeremiah Goyne is in Cheathams Detachment, Mtd Infantry, Tennessee Militia, pvt. https://www.fold3.com/image/308173895

1812 – U.S., War of 1812 Service Records, 1812-1815
Name: Jeremiah Goyne
Rank – Induction: PRIVATE
Rank – Discharge: PRIVATE
Roll Box: 84
Microfilm Publication: M602
Direct Data Capture, comp. U.S., War of 1812 Service Records, 1812-1815 [database on-line]. Lehi, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations Inc, 1999.

1812 – In the War of 1812, “Amos Goyne, sergeant,” served in the Tennessee Infantry under the command of Col. James Raulson and Capt. Mathew Neal, according to “Tennesseans in the War of 1812” by Byron and Samuel Sistler.

1812 Feb 7 survey – In consideration of Military service performed by Charles Johnson to the State of North Carolina warrant No 4626 dated Feb 9, 1797 and entered on Nov 13, 1809 by No 4095 is granted by the State of Tenn unto James Goyne assignee of the heirs of the said Charles Johnson a tract of land containing 68 acres (the residue of said warrant) in Robertson Co, TN on the Caney Spring Spring Branch of Red River bounded by James Forts line, surveyed on Feb 7, 1812, recorded Oct 10, 1814, bk L, pg 160. Robertson Co, TN  (Note:  Charles Johnson was a neighbor who shows up in Drury Goyen’s transactions back in South Carolina – this may be his son).

1814 Tenn land grant to James Goyne

1814 Tenn land grant to James Goyne

1814 Feb 14 On February 14, 1814, “Amos Goyne” bought Lot 17 in Cairo, Tennesseein Sumner County, according to “Sumner County, Tennessee Deed Abstracts, 1806-1817” by Joyce Martin Murray. 1814 Feb 14 – Amos Goyne from William Smith deed, lot no 17 in Cairo, Deed bk 6, p 436. Sumner Co, TN. William Smith to Amos Goyne for a lot in Cairo No 17, … for $100 paid by Amos Goyne of Sumner Co, TN, … I convey to the said Amos Goyne … all that lot of land …. in Town of Cairo and distinguished in the plan of said town by number 17 situate on the West side of Oak Street … Signed: W. Smith. Wit: Jacob C Cook, William Goodall.

1814 Nov 2 – By virtue of an Entry No 8060 dated May the 1st 1812 founded on a certificate warrant no 358 issued by the commissioner of West Tennessee for 1000 acres, I have surveyed for James Menes 65 acres of land lying in Robertson County on the waters of Red River beginning at two black oaks south west corner of a sixty acre survey made for Joel Vaughn on the North bounding of Jeremiah Goyne, running North one hundred and four poles to a stake thence West one hundred poles to a hickory, thence South one hundred and four poles to a stake in Goynes line, thence East with said line one hundred poles to the beginning. Surveyed Nov 2 1814. H Johnson DS Filed 14th Nov 1814. Signed James Vaughn, William Vaughn, SCC.  Series 03: Plats and Surveys – 1811. p. 329-330
Tennessee State Library and Archives; Nashville, Tennessee; Series Number: 03; Series Title: Plats and Surveys
https://www.ancestry.com/sharing/29861216?h=320826 (p. 329)
https://www.ancestry.com/sharing/29861136?h=b0fd4a (p. 330)

1814 Dec 28 to March 1815 – “Amos Goins, private,” was listed on the payroll of a company of Louisiana Militia commanded by Capt. William Watson of the 12th and 13th Consolidated Regiments in the service of the United States. His service was for the period: 28 December 1814 to March 1815, according to “Louisiana Genealogical Register,” Vol. 3.
Amos Goyne, Sergeant is listed in 3 Regt (Roulston’s) West Tennessee Mil. General Index Card.
brother Jeremiah Goyne is listed on the next page in Cheatham’s Detachment, Mtd. Infantry, Tennessee Militia War of 1812.
Warrant application: Full Name: Amos Goynes
Rank: Private; Service Year: 1812; State: Louisiana
Military Unit: LA militia, Capt. John Goynes, Capt. George, Col Abner Womack
Warrant Number: 50-63236; Rejected: TRUE
Comments: Lwr: If he cannot obtain a warrant for his services, it will be one of those hard cases; and where loss fall most heavily, he being very poor, as well as an ignorant old man, who does not appear to retain his memory as well as the uneducated do generally.
Conflict Period: War of 1812; Served For: United States of America

1815 July 28 – Provup done 1819 Jan 19 – Eli Lockart and Sally Lockart admin of Moses Lockart decd of Montgomery Co, TN to James Going, that James Going paid $400 to Moses Lockart on July 28, 1815, and bound himself to pay another $800 for title to 200 acres in Montgomery Co, TN on the Dry Fork of the Brushy Fork of the Piny Fork of the Little West Fork of Red River at William E Williams corner, Mary Young’s 400 acre tract, Minor’s line, . Registration done in Book I, pg 872 to court. Signed: Eli Lockert admin of Moses Lockert, Sally Lockart admin of Moses Lockart. Wits: C Johnson, Will L Brown. bk J, p. 944. Montgomery Co, TN. (Note:  The Lockarts were neighbors of Drury Goyen / Going back in South Carolina.  James Goyne’s brother, Job Going had married one of their daughters Rebecca Lockart – daughter of Aaron Lockart.  Moses Lockart and Eli Lockart were both children of Aaron Lockart in South Carolina).   https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3QS7-8924-PR4Y?i=481&cat=182323

1815 Dec 27 – James Goynes sells to Neal McNeal in consideration of $200 paid by William Knight sell unto Neal McNeal 68 acres of land on James Forts line. Signed: James Goyne. Wits: John Gardner, James Young, Elias Lawrence. bk L, pg 362. Robertson Co, TN https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3Q9M-CSQQ-JQQF-C?i=478&cat=234586

1816 Jan 29 – Amos Gowan from Alexander Graham deed, for $100 Alexander Graham conveys lot no 15 in Cairo, Sumner Co, TN, on West side of Oak Street … Signed: Alexander Graham. Wit: John Brown, John Hamilton. Deed bk 8, p 40. Sumner Co, TN.

1816 Sept: (Note fr researcher:  Jeremiah Goyne and his half brother, James Byrns were in Robertson County by 1807.  Jeremiah married but I have never been able to determine his wife’s name). The minutes of Red River Baptist Church [near the present site of Adams, Tennessee] for September 1816 state that “Brother and Sister J. Goyne were dismissed by letter.” Robertson County, Tennessee (Note: I know nothing of them after that date).

1817 Dec 1 – Amos Goyne to Stephen R Roberts, etal, deed, bk 8, p 325. Sumner Co, TN
… I Amos Goyne of Town of Gallatin, County of Sumner, State of Tennessee … for $100 dollars … convey to Stephen R Roberts of Sumner Co, TN, and Eli Talbot of Davidson Co, TN .. acting and known under the Stile of Roberts and Talbot … land in the Town of Cairo, to wit the north half of lot number 15 situate on the West side of Oak St on the SE corner of lot number 17 thence with said Street south two and one half poles and thence west ten poles to an alley, thence with the said alley north two and one halve poles striking the NW corner of lots number 17 … Signed: Amos Goyne. Wit: Matthew Johnson, Thos W Essex. deed, bk 8, p 325. Sumner Co, TN

1817 Dec 24 – On December 24, 1817, Amos Goyne was a bondsman in a marriage in Sumner County, according to “Sumner County, Tennessee Deed Abstracts, 1806-1817.” 1817 Dec 24 – Amos Goyne and James Pruett were bondsmen for the marriage of John Byrns and Polly Pruett by John Rutherford, in Sumner County, TN. pg. 71. https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3QS7-L93F-HSVT?i=173&cc=1619127&cat=239065

1818 Jan 3 – Amos Goyne to Samuel Lockhart deed bk 8, p 221. Sumner Co, TN.
… Amos Goyne is paid $600 by Samuel Lockhart for a deed of a lot in Cairo … conveying Lot No 17 in Cairo … on West side of Oak Street… Signed: Amos Goyne.Wit: John Brown, Wm Herndon. Sumner Co, TN.

1818 Sept 21 – Amos Goyne from Robert M Boyers etal, deed, lot, 3, bk 8, p 414.
… Robert Boyers and Nathaniel Prince … to Amos Goyne .. all of Sumner Co, TN … Amos Goyne paid $690 dollars … a lot in the Town of Gallatin, TN, being a part of lot No 1 in the SW square of said Town … coming 87 and 1/2 feet from the NE corner of said lott .. along Water Street … Signed: Boyers and Prince. WIt: Mason Avent. William Prince.

It is believed that he was married to Sophia Brashears about 1816, perhaps as her second husband. “Amos D. Gowen” received a military warrant for land in Rapides Parish. Later this warrant was purchased by Hiram D. Goyne, assumed to be a distant cousin.

1820 US Census – “Amos Goines” was enumerated in the 1820 United States census of Rapides Parish, Louisiana, living on Bayou Boeuf.
1820 US Census – Rapides, Louisiana – Name: Amos Goine
Home in 1820 (City, County, State): Rapides, Louisiana
Enumeration Date: August 7, 1820
Free White Persons – Males – 26 thru 44: 1 (b. betw. 1776-1794)
Number of Persons – Engaged in Agriculture: 1
Free White Persons – Over 25: 1
Total Free White Persons: 1
Total All Persons – White, Slaves, Colored, Other: 1

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