1779 Mary Catherine Chisholm b. abt 1779 m. James Massie

Mary Catherine Chisholm b. abt 1779 m. James Massie



  • William Henry Massie
  • John Massie
  • James Massie



1840 Jan 12 – Mary Chisholm – Ex a/c, bk 14, p 173-175. Albemarle County, Virginia
… The Estate of Mary Chisholm in Account with William Chisholm her Administrator
Jan 12, 1840 – To cash paid Tarlton Pace for crissing property – 2.50
Cash paid clerk’s fees – 3.00
cash paid J H Gilmer – attys fee – 5.00
cash paid R C Noel for advertising – 1.50
commission on 2500 amount receipts at 5 percent – $125.00
commissioners fee for settling this a/c – 3.00
balance due the estate this day – 2360.00
Nov 1, 1840 – Total: $2500.00
Aug 25, 1840 – By amt sale Priscilla and Betsy purchased by William Chisholm – 800.00
by amt sale Patience purchased by James Massie – 500
by amt sale Milley purchased by William H Massie – 600
by amt sale Lydia purchased by M Chisholm – 600
Total: $2500.00
1840 Nov 1 – by balance due the estate this day pr contra – $2360.00
By interest on same till date – $36.18
Pr & Int due estate 19th Feb 1841 – $2396.18
William Chisholm admr etc
— In A/C with James Massie and Mary his wife
1841 Feb 19 – to 1/6 of $2396.18 – bal on adm a/c this day – $399.36
— In A/C with Memucan Chisholm (Legatee)
1841 Feb 19 – to 1/6 of 2396.18 bal on admr a/c this day – $399.36
— In A/C with the six children of Elizabeth Hughes
1841 Feb 19 – to 1/6 of 2396.18 bal on admr a/c this day – $399.36
Commissioners office Feb 15th 1841
In obedience to the order of the County Court of Albemarle hereto annexed the undersigned commissioners has proceeded to settle the a/c of William Chisholm admr of Mary Chisholm decd and reports the foregoing as the resall of his investigation. The administrator prduced ample and satisfactory vouchers for each item of debit in the accounts and after allowing him the usual commission of 5 percent on his receipts, it is ascertained that the balance due from him to the estate on this day is 2396.18 acc which will more fully appear by reference to the account. The commissioner has also proceeded at the request of the administrator to state the legatee accounts. There were originally 6 legatees, to wit: Memucan, William, Brice, Isham, Mary wife of Massie, and Elizabeth wife of Hughes. The admr claims three interest in the estate: His own and those of Brice and Isham. He alleges that Brice transferred his interest to Isham by an instrument in writing, that Isham has since died and bequeathed it to him. Upon this hypotheses he is entitled to one half of the Estate.
Each of the other distributees is entitled to $399.36 as per distributee a/c’s Mr Hughes having died and left 6 children, each of her children is entitled to 1/6 of this sum or $66.56. The children of Elizabeth Hughes are said to be William H Hughes, Nancy Hughes, Polly Chiles, Susan Wheat, Patsy Barker, and Sally Hughes. All which is respectfully submitted.
Signed: Th. Wood, Commr.
At a Court held for Albemarle County 1st March 1841 this account and report was returned into court and ordered to be.
And at a Court held for said County 5th Aprl 1841.
No exceptions being filed thereto the same was ordered to be recorded. Teste: Ira Garrett, CC.

1850 Nov 1 – Chisholm to Massie, Deed of Trust. Albemarle County, Virginia
… between John B Chisholm of the first part and John Massie of the second part and William Chisholm of the third part … whereas the sd John B Chisholm justly owes the sd William Chisholm the sum of 1200 dollars due by bond dated the 15 Nov 1849 … debt the sd John B Chisholm wishes to secure the payment of this indenture therefore … in consideration fo the premises and the further consideration of 1 dollar in hand paid by the sd John Massie to the sd John B Chisholm … John B Chisholm … doth grant … unto the sd John Massie .. all his interest in his fathers estate (the late Memucan Chisholm) consisting of the following slaves to wit, Maria and her 5 children, Chaney, Pauline, Catherine, Billy and Lucy and her 4 children, Randolph, Sarah, Micajah and her infant girl, and Judy and their future increase … if the said John B Chisholm shall well and truly pay to the sd William Chisholm … the above mentioned debt … before the 15th of May next then this indenture to be null and void …
Signed: John B Chisholm
Wit: A Hancock, Francis Vasseur, Fantum M Wells.
Unrecorded deeds for future proofs, 1785-1896. Albemarle County, Virginia

1854 June 5 – William Chisholm – Inventory, bk 24, p 130. Albemarle County, Virginia
… made on the 5th day of June 1854 … do make the following appraisement of the Personal Estate of the late William Chisholm
(list of negroes – Sam age 35, Banly age 20, David age 17, (Betsy age 25, Tom age 6, Louisa age 2 – one family), Silla age 65, Margaret age 16, Angelina age 8, Maty age 14).
(Household & Kitchen furniture – itemized)
(List of Horses and Stock – itemized)
(Tools – itemized)
Given under our hands this 8th day of July 1854: Ro. Hill Carter, Geo. C Gilmer, Robert Gentry, John O Massie, Exor.
(Recorded July 15, 1856)

1854 June 5 – William Chisholm – Will, bk 22, p 517. Albemarle County, Virginia
… I William Chisholm of the County of Albemarle … ordain this to be my last will and testament …
… 1. I give … to my niece Nancy Hughes my negro girle Margaret and her future increase …
… 2. I give … to my neice Sarah Hughes my negro girl Mary and her future increase .. .
… 3. I give … all my personal property of all kinds except my slaves to my said neices Nancy & Sarah jointly and equally in absolute estate with right of survivorship.
… 4. I give … to my said neices Nancy and Sarah Hughes all my slaves so long as the said Nancy and Sarah or either of them shall live and after their death to the three sons of James Massie my brother-in-law, to wit, William Henry Massie, John Massie, and James Massie to be equally divided between them.
… 5. I give … all my lands to my said neices Nancy and Sarah Hughes so long as they or either of them shall live with reversion in fee to three above named children of my brother-in-law James Massie, William Henry, John & James Massie.
… 6. I appoint as the executor of this my last will & testament my nephew John Massie of Albemarle.
In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand this 9th day of December 1846 …
Signed: William Chisholm
Wit: Frank G Ruffin, Th. J Randoph, B J Shepherd.
… At a Court held for Albemarle County 5th June 1854 this instrument of writing purporting to be the last will and testament of William Chisholm decd was this day produced into Court and proved by the oaths of Thos. J Randolph and Frank G Ruffin and ordered to be recorded. Teste, Ira Garrett, CC.

1854 Sept 26 – Hughes/Massie/Chisholm – Agreement, bk 24, p 25. Albemarle County, Virginia
… This agreement made and entered into this 26 day of Sept 1854 between John O Massie as Executor of the Last Will and Testament of William Chisholm decd in his own right, William H Massie and James T Massie of the first part, and Nancy T and Sarah T Hughes of the second part … John O Massie in his own right and as executor of William Chisholm decd, William H Massie, and James T Massie have agreed that the said Nancy and Sarah Hughes shall have and hold free from the claim or demand of the said John O Massie in his own right and as executor afsd and of the said William H & Jame T Massie and free from all claim or demand of creditors of the said William Chisholm dec’d, the following property … the negro woman Margarette and Mary, being the negroes specially bequeathed by said Chisholm to the sd Nancy and Sarah Hughes, also all the personal property of every kind …. by the said William Chisholm …. and the said John O Massie executor as afsd agrees to pay all the debts of the said William Chisholm decd, and in consideration of the premises the said Nancy and Sarah Hughes from their uncle William Chisholm, being the parts coming to the said Nancy and Sarah Hughes out of the Estate of their Grandmother Mary Chisholm, said amount to be ascertained by reference to a report of commissioner T Wood …. to be deducted from the half to be paid by the said Nancy and Sarah Hughes, the value of a horse saddle and bridle which was left to Nancy Hughes by her uncle Isham Chisholm and which was never paid to her. It is further agreed by and between the parties above named that the messrs Massie shall choose one person and the Missrs Hughes shall chose another, that these two shall choose a third, these three shall with the County surveyor come upon the Land which was occupied by William Chisholm decd and divide the same unto two equal portions, in value, that the Missrs Hughes shall have that portion upon which is situated the dwelling and out houses and they shall have a fair proportion of timberland, the part so assigned to Sarah and Nancy Hughes shall be theirs in fee simple and the Messrs Massie shall take presently the part taken allotted to them, so that instead of the Messrs Hughes taking a life estate in the whole land as under the Will of their uncle they are entitled to, they shall take a fee simple interest in one half and the said Messrs Massie instead of taking a remainder in the whole real estate shall take a present Estate in one half thereof. It is further agreed that the Report of the persons selected to divide the land together with the survey shall be recorded in the Clerks office of Albemarle County …
…. further agreed … shall divide the land shall also divide the negroes left to the Messrs Hughes for life and the Messrs Hughs shall take absolutely 1/2 thereof in value, which half shall embrace same and the negro woman Betsy and her two children, the other half shall be taken by the Messrs Massies. If the negroes cant be divided equally in value, then the division shall be as nearly equal as probible, and if the Messrs Hughes get the lot of the most value they shall in money make the Messrs Massie equal of if the share of the Massies shall be most valuealbe then they shall in money make the Missrs Hughes equal.
… The same Gentlemen who are to divide the land and negroes shall afix the value of the horse, saddle and bridle left the Miss Nancy Hughes by her uncle Isham and which value is to be deducted from the parts of the debt to be paid by Miss Nancy and Sarah Hughes.
… and as the heirs at law of the Catherine Massie and the heirs at law of Elizabeth Hughes own ___ each of the tract of land occupied by William Chisholm.
… It is further agreed amongst the said parties that the shares of Messrs Massie heirs shall be cut off on the corner of the tract known as Jones Tract and the Messrs Massie will save harmless the Missrs Hughes from all claim or claims of the heirs of the said Catherine Massie.
… It is also agreed that whatever interest is owned by the Missrs Hughes in the claim of the heirs at law of Elizabeth Hughes shall be cut off adjoining the land allotted to the Messrs Hughes.
… It is further agreed that the Messrs J T Bardsdale and Robert Richardson or either of them shall for the value of the negroes.
… Witness the following signatures and seals the day and year above written.
Signed: John O Massie, William H Massie, James T Massie, Nancy T Hughes, Sarah T Hughes
Wit to J O Massie & Nancy & Sarah Hughes: R T W Duke
Wit as to William H & James T Massie: James Massie
(Survey: Following page in book: https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3QS7-99P7-9G6Q?i=16&cat=279536 ).

1854 Dec 16 – William Chisholm – Division, bk 24, p 22. Albemarle County, Virginia
… Whereas the late William Chisholm died seized and possessed of certain real estate in the County of Albemarle having devised the same to Sally T Hughes and Nancy T Hughes for life with remainder over to John O Massie and others and whereas by a written agreement entered into the 26 day of Sept 1854 between the said life tenants and remaindermen, it was agreed that the life tenants instead of a life interest in the whole estate should take a fee simple interest in a portion of it surrendering to the remaindermen an immediate interest and possession of the remainder of the tract according to the terms of the above … agreement. Now we the undersigned, two of whom were chosen by the parties and the third taken as umpire by virtue of the foregoing agree … proceeded on the 16 day of December 1854 to make a division and allotment of the lands belonging to the Estate of the said William Chisholm decd by the metes and bounds expressed in the plat hereto annexed which is to be considered attached to and forming a part of this report.
… To the Messrs Massie – Lot No. 1 – containing 98 acrres to which they were entitled as heirs and distributees of Catherine Massie decd who owned an undivided 1/6 part of the tract except in 91 acres purchased of G Gilmer
… To the Messrs Massie – Lot No 3 which with 2 roads and 28 perches lying at A in the annexed diagram contains 232 acres and 28 perches, which we assign to them as their portion of the estate under the foregoing agreement, embracing also 1/3 of 1/6 or 32 and 2/3 acres owned by John O Massie in his own right, but by consent connected with and constituting a party of the said 232 acres and 28 perches.
… To the Messrs Hughes – Lot No 2 containing 351 and 1/4 acres which embraces their portion of the estate of William Chisholm decd together with 5/6 of 1/6 or 83 and 1/3 acres owned in their own right but by consent attached to and forming a part of the said 351 and 1/4 acres.
Given under our hands this 16th day of December 1854.
Signed: W Timberlake, S A Hart, George C Gilmer.
(Survey: Following page in book: https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3QS7-99P7-9G6Q?i=16&cat=279536 ).
(Recorded July 4, 1856)

1868 Dec 12 – Nancy Chisholm – Inventory, bk 27, p 367. Albemarle County, Virginia
… A List of property belonging to the Estate of Mrs Nancy Chisholm decd and appraised by John O Massie, J T Marshall & J Q Rhodes, commissioners appointed by the county court to appraise said property.
(Itemization of stock)
In the Clerk’s office of Albemarle County Court 12 Dec 1868 this inventory and appraisement of the Estate of Nancy Chisholm decd was this day returned into the said office and admitted to record. Teste: Ira Garrett, CC.