1777 James Goyne m. Elizabeth Cook of Chester Co, SC and Montgomery Co, TN (Y1)

James Goyne b. 1777 married Elizabeth Cook

(Y1) YDNA Group


Drury Goyen and Sarah “Sallie” Baxter

Children born to James Goyne and Elizabeth Cook Goyne include:

John C. Goyne 1810–1870 (confirmed in land transactions)
Thomas Baxter Goyne 1820–1888 (NOT confirmed – this is a guess – Thomas B. Goyne is close to Drury Goyen b. 1749’s family, but it is uncertain which person is his father).
Martha Cordelia Goyne 1821–1897 (confirmed in will)
Elizabeth A. Going 1823–1850
Isaac Newton Goyne 1826–1867 (confirmed in will)
James Robert Going abt 1828–1850 (confirmed in will)


1) Martha Going born about 1768 – d. Aug 19, 1813,  (Married 1790 to – Larkin “Asa” Tindall (d 1841)- moved to Warren County, Ga).
2) Elijah Going born in 1770 – d. 1807 (Chester, SC)
3) Job Going b. Sept 5, 1772 Chester, SC-d. April 23, 1834, Tuscaloosa Co, AL m. Rebecca Lockert – of Aaron and Sarah Miles Lockert
4) Isaac Going born April 28, 1775 (Chester, SC) – (Married on Aug 21, 1804 to Rebecca Palmer)
5) James Goyne born in 1777
6) Sarah Baxter Going born 1786
7) Mary Going born in 1787
8) Rebecca Going born about 1789
9) Thomas Baxter Going born in 1795

Family Search Tree Online: James Goyne b. abt. 1777


James Goyne, son of Drury Goyen and Sarah “Sallie” Baxter Going, was born in 1777.  He was married to a woman named Hughes about 1801.  Children born to them are unknown.

Another report shows him married to Elizabeth Cook, sister to Robert Cook who was married to Sarah Baxter Going, his sister Elizabeth Cook was the daughter of Josiah Cook, Sr. and Mary Watson Cook who had eight children, according to his probate papers in Chester County, South Carolina.  His estate was probated in 1797 by Mary Watson Cook, administrator.

In 1811 Mary Cook, Robert Cook and Nancy Cook sold their interests in the inheritance to Josiah Cook, Jr.

David Scott wrote:

“In South Carolina in a case of dying intestate, the right to inherit, if there were no children or spouse, was first to the parents, if deceased, then to the siblings.  In 1858 Josiah Cook Jr. died.  In his probate file was a will written in 1857 by a nephew and signed by him that left the following:  (See Josiah Cook Jr’s will here – naming Elizabeth Going as his sister:  https://search.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/sse.dll?indiv=1&dbid=9080&h=18536&ssrc=pt&tid=69705632&pid=322077916807&usePUB=true

To Nephew Chelsea Robbins                                $              1500
To Brother Robert Cook                                                         1000
To Sister Elizabeth Goins                                                    1000
To Sister Nancy Parks                                                              700
To Nephew Wm. M. Robins                                                    700
To Nephew Robert Cook                                                         700
To Nephew Smith Cook                                                           300

My Nephew, Chelsea Robins, administrator.
Will dated 3rd Aug 1858
Admitted to court October 1858:

Since the Nephew Chelsea Robbins had written the will, Josiah’s Sister Nancy Parks contested the will and demanded proof that the will was really that of Josiah.  She stated that had he died intestate, he would have the following heirs:

Mrs. Nancy Parks of Chester County
Robert Cook
Mrs. Elizabeth Goins [widow] of Alabama;
Smith Cook of Union District
Robert Cook and Mrs. Rachel Winn, both of whom moved westward some years ago and their residence is not known.

It appears that Josiah had been married, his wife was deceased and there was no issue.  The Robins nephews were probably nephews on his wife’s side of the family. Chelsea Robins in 1858 may not have realized there had been a sister who was married to Minor Winn who moved out of state between 1801 and 1810.  In 1810 Sampson Cook and son Robert Cook were living in Union County, South Carolina.”

James Going received a disbursement from his father’s estate July 17, 1802 in the amount of 80 pounds, 14 shillings.

Going, Drury 1 appt execs and sales receipts for estate

Going, Drury 1802 accounting pmts Pg 360 of book B Chester SC marked names

Going, Drury 1807 itemization of accounts paid so far on estate Chester SC marked names

Shortly afterward, James Going removed to Robertson County, Tennessee, probably about 1807.  “James Goyne” and wife Elizabeth Goyne were “received by letter” June 18, 1808 by Red River Primitive Baptist Church, according to “The Warren Family of Trigg County, Kentucky.”

1808 Sept 3 – Samuel Hendly Senr for $200 conveys to Jeremiah Goynes a tract of land containing 100 acres on the waters of Buzzard Creek, adj David Jones line, Joshua Hendly’s northeast corner, William Hendly’s corner. Signed: Samuel Hendly. Wits: Elizabeth Hendly, William Hendly, Pary Goyne (or Jery Goyne possibly). bk G, pg 87. Robertson Co, TN
https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3Q9M-CS4X-K9XT-Q?i=272&cat=234586  (Note:  Unknown if Jeremiah Goyne was any relation to James Goyne- such as a cousin or uncle, but worth checking – since same spelling, and appears to arrive about same time as James Goyne).

1811 Dec 18 – Inventory of the amount of sales of the estate of Nicholas Conrad decd, James Goine is listed for $3.12.72. Will and Inv Bk 1, pg 410. Robertson Co, TN.

James Goin” and “Jeremiah Goin” were taxpayers in Robertson County, Capt. Gabriel Martin’s Company, in 1812, according to “Taxpayer List,” Roll 7, Tennessee State Archives.  During this decade, James Going removed westward to adjoining Montgomery County.  In this location, the scribes began to record his surname as “Goyne.”  1812 – Jeremiah Goin is number 23 and James Goin is number 54 in the Enumeration of the Company of Capt Gabriel Martin’s Company. County Ct Minute Bk 3, pg. 136. Robertson Co, TN  https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3QS7-L9G1-X5WJ?i=591&cat=254836

1812 Feb 7 survey – In consideration of Military service performed by Charles Johnson to the State of North Carolina warrant No 4626 dated Feb 9, 1797 and entered on Nov 13, 1809 by No 4095 is granted by the State of Tenn unto James Goyne assignee of the heirs of the said Charles Johnson a tract of land containing 68 acres (the residue of said warrant) in Robertson Co, TN on the Caney Spring Spring Branch of Red River bounded by James Forts line, surveyed on Feb 7, 1812, recorded Oct 10, 1814, bk L, pg 160. Robertson Co, TN  (Note:  Charles Johnson was a neighbor who shows up in Drury Goyen’s transactions back in South Carolina – this may be his son).

1814 Tenn land grant to James Goyne

1814 Tenn land grant to James Goyne

1815 July 28 – Provup done 1819 Jan 19 – Eli Lockart and Sally Lockart admin of Moses Lockart decd of Montgomery Co, TN to James Going, that James Going paid $400 to Moses Lockart on July 28, 1815, and bound himself to pay another $800 for title to 200 acres in Montgomery Co, TN on the Dry Fork of the Brushy Fork of the Piny Fork of the Little West Fork of Red River at William E Williams corner, Mary Young’s 400 acre tract, Minor’s line, . Registration done in Book I, pg 872 to court. Signed: Eli Lockert admin of Moses Lockert, Sally Lockart admin of Moses Lockart. Wits: C Johnson, Will L Brown. bk J, p. 944. Montgomery Co, TN. (Note:  The Lockarts were neighbors of Drury Goyen / Going back in South Carolina.  James Goyne’s brother, Job Going had married one of their daughters Rebecca Lockart – daughter of Aaron Lockart.  Moses Lockart and Eli Lockart were both children of Aaron Lockart in South Carolina).   https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3QS7-8924-PR4Y?i=481&cat=182323

1815 Dec 27 – James Goynes sells to Neal McNeal in consideration of $200 paid by William Knight sell unto Neal McNeal 68 acres of land on James Forts line. Signed: James Goyne. Wits: John Gardner, James Young, Elias Lawrence. bk L, pg 362. Robertson Co, TN https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3Q9M-CSQQ-JQQF-C?i=478&cat=234586

“James Goyne” appeared as the head of a household in the 1820 census of Montgomery County.  The family was recorded as:

1820 US Census w James Going in Montgomery TN

1820 US Census w James Going in Montgomery TN

James Goyne      white male             26-45
white female          26-45
white female          10-16
white male               0-10
white female            0-10
white male               0-10
white female            0-10″

1825 July 2 – James Goyne for $395 sells to David Brodie land on the waters of Piney Fork of the Little West Fork of Red River and bounded by Plantation where Goyne lives, and Benj Wilkins field. Signed: James Goyne. Wits: Lewis C Taylor, Francis Baker, Jacob Garrett. bk L, p. 116. Montgomery Co, TN.   https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3QS7-8924-5VY?i=65&cat=182323

1825 Dec 27 – Heirs of Isaac Garrett including – James Bonduvant and wife Cloe, Edmund Garrett, William Casey and wife Elizabeth, Thomas Thomas and his wife Polly, Isaac Garrett, Edwin Killebrew and wife Susan, Ashail Sally and wife Nancy, Jacob Garrett, Joshua Killebrew and wife Virginia, Pleasant Garrett of on part, and James Goyne of the other part, convey to James Goyne 148 acres in exch for $660, land bounded on the Barron Fortk of the Little West Fork of Red River, and bounded crossing the Barron Fork, Asahail Sally’s line, Jacob Garretts corner, being part of a tract conveyed by James Lockert to Isaac Garrett decd. Signed: Virginia A Killebrue, Cloe Bondurant, Elizabeth Cager, Isaac Garrett, Joshua R Killebrue, Pleasant B Garrett, Jacob Garrett, Edwin L Killebrue, James Bondurant, WIlliam Cayer, Asahail Salley, Thomas Thomas, Polly Thomas, Susan Killebrue, Nancy Salley. bk L, p. 139  (Note:  The Lockarts were neighbors of Drury Goyen / Going back in South Carolina.  James Goyne’s brother, Job Going had married one of their daughters Rebecca Lockart – daughter of Aaron Lockart.  James Lockert was a son of Aaron Lockart).  https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3QS7-8924-52Z?i=76&cat=182323

1828 March 20 – Elisha H Palmer and Lewis D Palmer of Christian Kentucky sell to James Goynes a negro woman named Anurca and her child Henry for $375. Signed: W H Palmer, Lewis D Palmer. Wit: Jacob Garret. Will Bk. E, pg 276. Montgomery Co, TN. https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:2:77TK-93NM?i=479&cc=1909088&cat=253894

1829 March 23 – John Blakeny to James Goyne for $240 a tract of land on both sides of Barrin Fork adj Abrose Davis, John Wilson, Goynes line, Burgess Pools line, containing 63 acres. Signed: John Blakeney. Wits: Wm Dann, John W Harrell, Kendal Dann. bk L , p 543. Montgomery Co, TN. https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3QS7-8924-5ZS?i=282&cat=182323

James Goyne owned two slaves and three members of the family were engaged in agriculture.  James Goyne reappeared as the head of a household in the 1830 census of Montgomery County.  The family was recorded as:

1830 US Census w James Goyne in Montgomery TN

1830 US Census w James Goyne in Montgomery TN

“Goyne, James      white male             50-60
white female          40-50
white male             15-20
white female          15-20
white male             10-15
white female            5-10
white male               5-10
white female            5-10
white male               0-5”

1831 Feb 15 – James Goyne to Tobias Blakeney for $294, conveys land in Montgomery Co, TN on West side of the Barrin Fork of the Little West Fork of Red River bounded by John Wilson’s line, Ambrose Daniel’s line, near Goyen’s house, estimation of 48 acres. Signed: James Goyne. Wit: Wm Dane, David McMonny. bk M, p 343. Montgomery Co, TN. https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3QS7-8924-57N?i=486&cat=182323

1833 Oct 11 – James Goyne for $41 conveyed to Beverly Averett land on both sides of Barron Fork of Little West Fork of Red River adj John Wilson, Avery’s corner, containing 11 acres. Signed: James Goyne. Wits Wm Davie, Robert Reeves. bk N, p 332. Montgomery Co, TN.  https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3QS7-L924-59BY?i=171&cat=182323

1833 Oct 11 – James Goyne for $104 conveyed to Harvey Dennis land on the Barron Fork of Little West Fork of Red Reiver adj Ambrose Davis, Asahel Salley, and Beverly Awbry, containing 31 and 1/4 acres. Signed: James Goyne. Wits: Wm Davie, Robert Reeves. bk N, p 333. Montgomery Co, TN.

1834 Sept 30 – Harvey Dennis for $150 conveys to John C Goyne land on both sides of Barron Fork of the Little West Fork of Red River adj William Davis, Asahel Salley, and others – bounded by William Davie’s, Sally’s line, containing 31 and 1/4 acres of land. Signed: Harvey Dennis. Wit: Wm Davie, Jacob Garrett. bk O, p225 Montgomery Co, TN. https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3QS7-L924-5SZG?i=400&cat=182323  (Note:  James Goyne’s son John C Goyne receives 31 and 1/4 acres of  land back from Harvey Dennis about 1 year after James Goyne conveys it to Harvey Dennis).

1836 Jan 2 – John C Goynes for $150.00 conveyed to William Davie 31 and 1/4 acres, on both sides of Barron Fork of the Little West Fork of Red River adj William Davie, Asahel Salley, and others – bounded by William Davie’s, Sally’s line. Signed: John C Goyne. Wits: Jacob Garrett, Asahel Sallie. bk P, p. 173. Montgomery Co, TN.

1836 Montgomery Tenn tax list w James Goyne

1836 Montgomery Tenn tax list w James Goyne

1837 Oct 12 – James Goyne conveys to William M Briggs for $1144.00, land adj William Davie, Asahel Sallie, and other on the Barren Fork or the Little West Fork of Red River, containing 143 acres, on Jeffries’ line, Edward Rives line, Lallie’s line, William Davie’s line, Burgess Pool’s line. Signed: James Goyne. Wits: John Burnham, Thos Rives. bk R, p. 152. Montgomery Co, TN.  https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3QSQ-G924-56MP?i=363&cat=182323

1838 June 1 – James Goyne’s will is filed in Montgomery County, Tennessee.  James Goyne had written the will on March 12, 1837 . . . since he died shortly after, he may have had an illness and was preparing for his death.   https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:2:77TK-97XW?i=425&cc=1909088&cat=253894

1838 James Goyne will in Tenn probated in Ala

1837 James Goyne will in Tenn probated in Ala in 1838

The will of “James Goyne,” written March 12, 1837, was filed in Montgomery County:

“Montgomery County, Tennessee}
March 12th day, 1837         }

The last will and Testament of James Goyne of said County and State:

1st. My will is that all my just debts be paid out of my perishable property and that my executor sell off enough of said property to do so.

2nd. My will is that my wife, Elizabeth Goyne have all the rest and residue of my estate during her natural life, upon the following terms:  That is to clothe, raise and school my three children that is underage, Martha Caroline, James Robt. and Isaac Newton Goyne, and to give to each of said non age children, if the interest of said estate is sufficient to do so, the same amount that I have heretofore given my other children that is of age, reference to a written obligation between myself and said children of age will fully show.  But if the interest of my estate is not sufficient to give the non age children as above, that at the death of my wife they be made equal out of the principal of my estate, and then at the death of my wife as above, that if any remain, that it be equally divided between all my children.

3rd. My will is that my wife have liberty to sell any part or all of my Estate, either real or personal, with exception of the negroes that belong to my estate, to wit: America, Henry, Ned & Siller, and the increase of said America and Siller, but that my wife keep them during her life and then dispose of as above stated by sale or division among all my children.

4th & Lastly.  My will is and I do hereby appoint my wife, Elizabeth Goyne, my lawful Executrix to this my last Will and Testament.  In witness whereof I do here-unto set my hand and seal the day and date first written.  The said Executrix is released by me from security.

Signed, sealed & delivered and                        James Goyne
Acknowledged in presence of:
William Davis         Jurat 2 April 1838
John T. Bell             Jurat 6 May 1838

I, Saml McFall, Clerk of the County Court of Montgomery, do certify that the foregoing is a true copy of the last will and testament of James Goyne, dcsd. as recorded in my office in Book H, page 93 & 94 and that said will was duly proven in open court according to law and ordered to be recorded.  In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of our said court at office in the Town of Clarksville this 21st day of June 1838 and 62nd year of the Independence of the United States.
Samuel McFall, clk”

1838 July 24 – In less than a month later, the will was also filed in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama, according to Tuscaloosa County Will Book 1, page 119, which covered the period of 1821-1855, according to “Index to Alabama Wills, 1807-1870.”  This indicates that the widow Elizabeth Goyne removed to be near other family members in Alabama and filed the will to show ownership of slaves that she brought there.   https://www.ancestry.com/interactive/8799/007651236_00225/2676798?backurl=https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/69705632/person/34477827554/facts/citation/203606192924/edit/record#?imageId=007651236_00291

Elizabeth Gowen” was married to John Simpson July 7, 1850, according to Tuscaloosa County Marriage Book IIIA, page 99.

Elizabeth Cook Goyne received an inheritance of $1,000 from the estate of her brother, Josiah Cook, Jr, according to Chester County, South Carolina Will Book 4, page 348-349.  His will was dated August 11, 1858.  Isaac Going of Union District South Carolina had written a letter to his nephew Alfred Elijah Going February 3, 1857 in which he stated, “Tell Joseph Cook that his old Uncle Josiah Cook is yet living and very rich without heirs, that he should do well to visit us next summer.”

Children born to James Going and Elizabeth Cook Going include:

John C. Going                                                        born about 1815
Martha Caroline Going                                        born about 1821
James Robert Going                                             born about 1824
Isaac Newton Going                                              born about 1828

John C. Going, son of James Going and Elizabeth Cook Going, was born about 1815, probably in Robertson County.  He appeared in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama where he participated with his mother in a real estate transaction.

Martha Caroline Going, daughter of James Going and Elizabeth Cook Going, was born about 1821, probably in Robertson County.  She was mentioned as being “non age” in the will of her father written in 1837.  She was brought to Tuscaloosa County, Alabama by her mother about 1838.  “Martha Goyne” was married to James Edwards July 23, 1857, according to Tuscaloosa County Marriage Book 4, page 256.

The identity of James Goyne of Robertson and Montgomery Counties, Tennessee has been a puzzle. He and his wife Elizabeth are seen in the minutes of Red River Baptist Church, of Robertson County.

This James’ will was filed in Montgomery County and less than a month later registered in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama. Conclusive proof has been found that this James was the son of Drury Going of Chester County, South Carolina. His wife’s maiden name was Elizabeth Cook. She was the sister of Robert Cook who married Sarah [Baxter] Going, a sister of James Goyne. Elizabeth [Cook] Goyne’s identity has been confirmed in the August 11, 1858 will of her brother, Josiah Cook of Chester District, South Carolina. She was willed $1,000.50 Their three minor children were named in James’ will. One other, John C, was named in a land transaction with his mother in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama. Perhaps, the other Goynes in Tuscaloosa County records of the late 1830s and in the 1840s were the children of James and Elizabeth [Cook] Goyne.

James Goyne Ancestry.com page:  http://person.ancestry.com/tree/69705632/person/34477827554/facts

1853 Jan 15 – Isaac N Goyn conveys to Wm Crawford the W 1/2 of Northwest 1/4 and SE quarter of Northwest quarter, and W 1/2 of NW 1/4 and SE 1/4 of NW 1/4 of Section 36, Township 20, Range 5 East, in Carroll Co, MS … Signed: Isaac N Goyn. Wit: David Evans. Deed bk K, p 701. Carroll Co, MS

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