1776 Francis William Gowan b. 1776 in Ireland, lived in Queens Co, NY

From GRF Newsletter March 1998:

Francis William Gowan was born in Ireland in 1776, probably
in Queens County, according to the research of Jewel Ann
Lorenz Dunn, a descendant who lived in Olympia, Washington
in 1990. Queens County was organized as an Irish shire in
1556, but was later renamed County Leix in the Province of

Austin William Gowan, a descendant of Wilmington, New York
who has researched the family since 1963, suggests that “he
was a son of Samuel and Jane Gowan.”

“Francis William Gowing” was married April 28, 1806 to Anne
Wilkinson at St. Peter’s Church, Marybere, Queens County,
according to the church register. “Ann Wilkinson, daughter
of William and Mary Wilkinson, was baptized 6 December
1789,” according to “The Register of St. Patrick, Dublin,
Ireland,” edited by J. H. Bernard, 1907, Dublin. It is
believed she had a brother, George Wilkinson who influenced
many of the family to emigrate to America.

Francis William Gowan became a weaver in Clonsaughy, Queens
County and the father of 12. He lived in a thatched-roof
house containing 11 weaver’s looms, apparently utilizing his
large family to develop a cottage industry.

Children born to Francis William Gowan and Anne Wilkinson
Gowan include:

Margaret Gowan born about 1807
Mary Gowan born about 1809
Joshua Gowan born about 1812
William Gowan born about 1814
Catherine Gowan born about 1815
Joseph Henry Gowan born about 1818
Ann Gowan born about 1820
Charles Gowan born April 10, 1822
Richard “Jerry” Gowan born about 1825
Hannah Gowan born about 1828
Eliza Gowan born May 6, 1830
Elijah Gowan born September 4, 1833